Thoroughly Unveiling the Mystery of Pure Titans! Exploring Their Reasons for Eating Humans and Weaknesses in “Attack on Titan”


The Pure Titans are the countless giants symbolizing “Attack on Titan.” Their impactful movements and expressions, as they voraciously consume humans, have made them the trauma-makers of the series.

This article thoroughly explains the true nature and weaknesses of Pure Titans. We will delve into their ecology, including actual appearances of Pure Titans in the series.

*Please note that this article contains significant spoilers for “Attack on Titan.”

Basic Overview and Characteristics of Pure Titans in “Attack on Titan”

Pure Titans, also known as Mindless Titans, are predominantly giants ranging from 3m to 15m in size. They first appeared as beings that devoured most of humanity. Their physique is mostly similar to that of human males, and they lack reproductive organs.

Pure Titans primarily act on the instinct to hunt and kill humans, showing no interest in anything else. They do not digest humans but instead regurgitate them. Their teeth seem specialized for tearing humans apart, possessing far more teeth than humans.

They mostly have expressionless faces and do not understand human language. Despite their large size, they are lighter than they appear and possess incredible vitality and regenerative abilities.

The Difference Between Mindless Titans and Aberrants

Aberrants are Titans with unusual behavior. Examples include those who charge through obstacles without avoiding them and those who ignore nearby humans to target larger groups from afar. These are classified as Aberrants. They are considered threats in outside-the-wall explorations due to their unpredictably fast movements.

Initially, the “Nine Titans,” like the Colossal Titan and Female Titan, were treated as Aberrants inside the walls due to their unique appearances and behaviors. However, they are, in fact, different entities from Aberrants.

Weakness of Pure Titans

The weakness of Pure Titans is the nape of their neck, a vertical 1m by 10cm area. Regardless of the Titan’s size, this part is their sole weakness, and cutting it leads to the Titan’s demise.

While there are exceptions, Pure Titans require sunlight for activity. Therefore, they are almost inactive at night or in dark places, which can also be considered a weakness.

The True Identity of Pure Titans! The Conditions for Transformation into a Titan

Conditions and Identity for Titan Transformation

The true identity of a Titan is an Eldian who has absorbed the spinal fluid of a Titan. The people of Ymir, descendants of the first Titan-transformed girl, Ymir Fritz, inherit her genes and face persecution outside the walls.

Eldians living in the powerful nation of Marley, when sentenced to “paradise dispatch” for some crime, are injected with Titan spinal fluid produced through “Titan Science” into their napes. This process transforms Eldians into Pure Titans, doomed to wander outside the walls.

Additionally, an Eldian who ingests the spinal fluid of one of the nine inheritor Titans of the Fritz royal family can be transformed into a Pure Titan at the will of the inheritor’s “scream.” In this case, they become special Pure Titans who can follow the orders of the screamer and remain active even at night.

Explaining Why Titans Eat Humans

While the reason Pure Titans eat humans is not explicitly stated in the series, Pure Titans can revert to humans by consuming one of the nine inheritor Titans. It’s theorized that their mindless nature drives them to instinctively seek the possibility of returning to human form through consumption.

Additionally, since the era of Ymir Fritz, the ability to inherit powers through consumption might have ingrained the instinct to eat humans.

Why Do Some Pure Titans Speak?

The Ilse-Eater, who consumed Ilse Langnar, and Connie Springer’s mother retained some semblance of their human consciousness after transforming into Titans, likely due to their strong emotions prior to transformation.

It seems maintaining self-awareness for long periods is difficult for Titans, suggesting that they can speak only under certain conditions, such as facing someone they deeply cared about as humans.

How Can a Pure Titan Return to Human Form?

To revert back to human form, a Pure Titan must consume one of the nine inheritors of the Titans. By consuming an inheritor of the Nine Titans, they inherit that Titan’s unique abilities and memories, and are able to return to their human form. However, the inheritors of the Nine Titans die 13 years after their inheritance.

Another method is the complete eradication of the power of the Titans from the world. In the final episode, the curse of Ymir Fritz is lifted, and with the defeat of Eren, all the Titans on Earth are able to return to human form.

List of Pure Titans in “Attack on Titan”


Ymir, a graduate of the 104th training corps, was an orphan living in Marley about 60 years ago. After being sent to Paradis Island as a Pure Titan, she wandered there for 60 years until she accidentally devoured Marcel Galliard, the inheritor of the Jaw Titan, who had landed on the island for the “Operation to Reclaim the Founding Titan.”

Thereafter, she infiltrated within the walls and lived as a human.


The Titan that devoured Ilse Langnar, known as the Ilse-Eater, was originally a high-ranking member of a cult that revered Ymir (of the 104th training corps) as a deity. Mistaking Ilse for Ymir, the Ilse-Eater prostrated itself before her, addressing her as “Lady Ymir.”

However, unable to resist its instincts, it ended up eating Ilse, serving as a significant foreshadowing in the story.

Dina Fritz (Carla-Eater)

Dina Fritz, Zeke Yeager’s mother and Grisha’s former wife, was turned into a Pure Titan and sent to Paradis alongside Grisha. The Titan that devoured Eren’s mother Carla, known as the Carla-Eater, was revealed to be Dina in Titan form. She was the trigger for Eren’s vow to exterminate the Titans, known for her exposed gums and sinister smile.

When Dina in Titan form contacted Eren, she was suddenly attacked and eaten by other Titans. This was due to the activation of the “Coordinate” power triggered by the contact between Dina, a royal family descendant, and Eren.

In the final episode, it was revealed that a future Eren manipulated Dina in Titan form to intentionally have Carla eaten.

Connie’s Mother

The residents of Ragako village were turned into Pure Titans due to the gas containing Zeke’s spinal fluid. One of them was Connie Springer’s mother.

Originally having difficulty walking, Connie’s mother transformed into a Titan with exceptionally short limbs and was found lying on her bed. Her attempt to speak to Connie, saying “We…come…” was memorable.

Martin Springer

Martin is Connie’s younger brother. He and his sister Sunny went missing during the incident that transformed Ragako village’s residents into Titans.

Among the Titans that surrounded the Scout Regiment at Utgard Castle, two Titans were seen playfully interacting. As the Titans from Ragako village were deployed in this battle as Zeke’s pawns, these two were likely Connie’s siblings, Martin and Sunny.

Pure Titans in “Attack on Titan” Were a Treasure Trove of Foreshadowing!

Looking back, it becomes apparent that the Pure Titans carried various foreshadowings within “Attack on Titan.” For those who want to delve deeper into the world of “Attack on Titan,” I highly recommend revisiting the story with a focus on the Pure Titans. You might discover new layers and connections you missed the first time!

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