Who is the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY? Investigating Theories about the Mastermind and the Anime Voice Actor


In “SPY×FAMILY,” there exists a mysterious assassination organization known as Garden. Yor, one of the members of Garden, receives her assignments from an individual known as the “Manager.” The Manager is an enigmatic and intimidating figure, and there is considerable interest in his true identity. This article delves into the identity of the Garden Manager, closely associated with Yor, and explores theories about the mastermind behind his actions. Additionally, we will provide insights into Junichi Suwabe, the voice actor who brought the Garden Manager to life in the SPY×FAMILY anime.

Who is the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY?

The Garden Manager in “SPY×FAMILY” is a mysterious character who assigns assassination missions to Yor. Because his true identity is unknown and he appears to be a sinister figure, readers often describe him as “scary.” So, who exactly is the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY, and what is his relationship with Yor? This article aims to thoroughly explore the identity of the Garden Manager, theories about the mastermind, and details about the members associated with Garden.


  • Overview of SPY×FAMILY

SPY×FAMILY is a manga by Tatsuya Endo, serialized on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+. While predominantly a comedy with a light-hearted tone, SPY×FAMILY also features intense battles and serious scenes depicting war. The first season of the SPY×FAMILY TV anime was broadcast in 2022, followed by a second season the next year. Additionally, the franchise has expanded to include a musical, a theatrical film, and video games.

  • Synopsis of SPY×FAMILY

Twilight, a spy from the West, needs to form a family for a mission. Assuming the identity of a psychiatrist named Lloyd, he adopts a child named Anya from an orphanage. He then acquires a wife, Yor, completing their disguise as a family. Unknown to each other, their true identities are “spy,” “telepath,” and “assassin.” They continue their lives under the guise of a normal family while hiding their real selves.

Profile of the Garden Manager

The Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY is characterized by his dark skin and long, white hair. He is always wearing a hat and is found in a large garden-like area when meeting with Yor. While talking to Yor, he meticulously tends to the plants, indicating his routine involvement in gardening. The Manager’s name, age, and place of birth are all shrouded in mystery, with no information about his true identity being disclosed.

Up to volume 12 of the original work, the Manager is depicted as someone who seems to be at the top of the Garden organization. However, given that the true nature of the Garden organization is still unclear, it’s uncertain whether the Manager is indeed the top official. According to the official SPY×FAMILY guidebook, the Manager is described as a person who appears to be the “commander” of Garden. This description leaves open the possibility that there might be someone higher up in the hierarchy.

The True Identity and Mastermind Theories of SPY×FAMILY’s Garden Manager

The Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY remains an enigmatic figure whose true identity is elusive. Many are curious about who the Garden Manager really is, and there are theories suggesting he might be the mastermind. Here, we will explore and summarize theories regarding the true identity of SPY×FAMILY’s Garden Manager and the speculation around him being the mastermind.

Is the Garden Manager Scary?

Initially, the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY was only heard over the phone, making his first physical appearance in Volume 7, Chapter 44 of the manga. His unique appearance led to many readers finding him “scary.” The reason for this perception is not solely his looks. Despite appearing calm, his inscrutable demeanor adds a layer of eeriness. This mysterious aura contributes to why he is often regarded as frightening.

Is the Garden Manager Lloyd’s Father?

Lloyd’s father was featured in episodes from Lloyd’s childhood. He went to the border of the East and West for work and never returned, possibly dying in a war that broke out soon after his departure. However, his body was never found, and his death was never depicted.

It’s conceivable that he faked his death and went to the East. But then, why would Lloyd’s father, originally from the West, be in the East, defending it as part of Garden? One theory is that if Lloyd’s father was originally an Eastern spy, it would explain Lloyd’s exceptional abilities as an inherited trait.

Furthermore, a scene where Yor sings a lullaby to Lloyd suggests the Garden Manager could be Lloyd’s father. After accidentally knocking Lloyd unconscious, Yor sings a lullaby his mother used to sing, a song not strange to either Eastern or Western cultures, indicating the possibility of the Garden Manager teaching Yor the lullaby if he is indeed Lloyd’s father, hinting at dramatic developments ahead.

Is the Garden Manager Melinda?

Some speculate that Melinda, Damian’s mother and Donovan Desmond’s wife, is the Garden Manager. Despite differing genders and appearances, this theory arises from their similarly intimidating expressions.

Melinda usually carries a gentle smile but can suddenly turn terrifying, a trait seemingly shared with the Garden Manager. Yor, accustomed to danger, was visibly startled by Melinda’s fierce look, suggesting if Melinda was the Garden Manager, her aura could be immensely intimidating.

However, when Melinda first met Yor, she expressed concern for Damian, an unnecessary act if she were the Garden Manager. Additionally, Melinda’s maternal connection to Damian is evident from their interactions, making it highly unlikely for her to be the Garden Manager.

Does the Garden Manager Have Ties to the Secret Police?

SPY×FAMILY features an organization known as the “Secret Police” or “State Security Service,” tasked with spying and citizen surveillance. While feared for their harsh interrogations, their goal aligns with Garden’s: to protect the East.

Is there a connection between the Garden Manager and the Secret Police? Although there’s no direct interaction shown, their aligned interests suggest a possible collaboration, such as the Secret Police outsourcing certain eliminations to Garden.

Could the Garden Manager Be the Mastermind?

While Donovan Desmond has been portrayed as a potential mastermind since the story’s beginning, WISE’s surveillance of him doesn’t confirm his status as the true mastermind. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Garden Manager were revealed as the actual mastermind, potentially setting up a future confrontation as the story progresses.

The Anime Voice Actor for SPY×FAMILY’s Garden Manager

So far, we’ve discussed the true identity and mastermind theories surrounding the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY. Next, let’s look at the voice actor cast for the role of the Garden Manager in the anime. In the SPY×FAMILY anime, Junichi Suwabe provides the voice for the Garden Manager. Suwabe is a veteran voice actor who has portrayed a variety of characters throughout his career.

Junichi Suwabe’s captivating baritone voice perfectly matches the mysterious aura of the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY. But who is Junichi Suwabe, and what kind of characters has he portrayed in the past? Let’s take a closer look at Junichi Suwabe’s profile, including his career and notable roles in anime.

Profile of Junichi Suwabe

Junichi Suwabe, the voice of SPY×FAMILY’s Garden Manager, was born on March 29, 1972. His publicly disclosed height is 173 cm (about 5’8″), weight is 57 kg (about 125 lbs), and his blood type is A. Suwabe originally had a passion for movies and was a member of a film production club in high school and college. He dreamt of becoming a film director but gave up on the idea after realizing the difficulties of making a living in film production.

After trying out various jobs related to movies and music, Suwabe entered the Haikyo Voice Actors Studio. He then started working as a voice actor with the Tokyo Actor’s Consumer’s Cooperative Society, beginning with narration jobs. He gained fame with the role of Keigo Atobe in “The Prince of Tennis,” which led to a significant increase in anime voice acting roles. Since then, Suwabe has voiced many popular characters and received the 17th Seiyu Awards’ Tomiyama Kei Award in 2023.

Notable Roles of Junichi Suwabe

As mentioned, Junichi Suwabe is well-known for his role as Keigo Atobe in “The Prince of Tennis.” Let’s explore other characters he has voiced. In the 2000s, he voiced characters such as Archer in “Fate/stay night,” Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in “BLEACH,” and Undertaker in “Black Butler.”

Entering the 2010s, he took on roles including Daiki Aomine in “Kuroko’s Basketball,” Jae-ha (the Green Dragon) in “Yona of the Dawn,” Shota Aizawa in “My Hero Academia,” and Leone Abbacchio in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.” More recently, he has voiced characters like Hell in “Chimimo,” Eita Tsukimi in “Blue Lock,” and Lygner in “Frieren at the Funeral.”

The Purpose and Strength of SPY×FAMILY’s Garden Manager

While the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY is often described as “scary” and rumored to be the mastermind, he does not kill people indiscriminately. The Garden Manager has a noble purpose, for which he carries out purges. Here, we delve into what this noble purpose is and also discuss his strength.

The Purpose of the Garden Manager

The purpose of the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY is to keep the world beautiful. It’s unclear whether he refers to the entire world or just the East when he talks about “the world.” However, given that his targets for purging are those who could potentially harm the East, it can be inferred that he wishes to maintain the beauty of the East. The specific nature of the “beautiful world” he desires has not been detailed.

The Garden Manager assigns Yor to assassinate individuals engaged in treasonous acts, indicating his desire for peace in the East. His comment to Yor that “the work of the Garden is the same as that of soldiers” suggests a patriotic love for the East. While the overall purpose of the Garden organization remains unclear, it is evident that the Manager personally acts with the East’s interests at heart.

The Strength of the Garden Manager

As someone who gives orders in SPY×FAMILY, the Garden Manager does not appear on the field, so his true level of strength is unknown. A glimpse of his strength is seen in Chapter 44 when he suddenly attacks Yor to check if her skills have dulled.

Yor is able to dodge the attack, which was incredibly sharp, but it’s assumed that the Garden Manager was not trying to defeat her since the attack wasn’t made with full force. If the Garden Manager were to fight seriously, it’s likely that even Yor would be no match for him. This is because it was the Garden Manager who raised Yor as an assassin. Should he engage in combat with his full capabilities, he is expected to demonstrate strength beyond Yor’s.

Delving into SPY×FAMILY’s Garden

What is Garden?

Detailed information about the Garden in SPY×FAMILY has been scarce. However, according to the informant Frankie, Garden operates under government orders. The rumors about Garden suggest it’s an organization that has been active for a long time, indicating it could be quite ancient. If it is indeed manipulated by the government, it would be easy to bury the assassinations carried out by Garden in darkness.

Yor, when explaining her job, mentions that “the shop gathers information on the enemies,” though it’s unclear what “the shop” refers to. It’s presumed that “the shop” is led by the Manager. It appears that within Garden, roles are clearly divided, with some gathering intelligence and others, like Yor, executing assassinations.

Although primarily an assassination organization, Garden will undertake other tasks as necessary. In the luxury cruise ship arc of SPY×FAMILY, Yor was assigned a bodyguard job by the Manager. She was tasked with protecting the daughter of Mafia boss Orca Gretcher. After Orca’s father was killed in an internal dispute, Orca became a target for the new boss.

Garden, having deep connections with Orca’s father, decided to help Orca seek asylum in a third country. The Manager, in explaining the bodyguard job to Yor, used “we,” indicating that besides the Manager, there are others of equal or higher standing within Garden. The internal structure of Garden remains unclear, but it can be inferred to be a substantial organization.

The Relationship Between Garden and Apple

SPY×FAMILY features psychics and a psychic dog, such as Anya and Bond. It’s highly likely that Anya and Bond were subjects of a research project known as “Project Apple.” Like Garden, Apple’s true nature is shrouded in mystery, with little information available.

As of Volume 12 of the manga, there’s no depiction of any direct connection between Garden and Apple, leaving their relationship entirely unknown at this point. If Anya was indeed a subject of Project Apple, it implies that the project uses innocent children as experimental tools.

This method diverges from Garden’s principle of not harming unrelated civilians. While both Garden and Apple operate for the East, their ideologies and methods seem to significantly differ.

The Relationship Between Garden and WISE

Garden is tasked with eliminating spies and traitors within the East, making it an adversary to WISE, which deploys numerous spies in the East. Twilight refers to WISE as “urban legend,” suggesting that WISE might not be aware of Garden’s existence. However, it’s possible that only field agents like Twilight are uninformed, and the higher-ups could be aware of Garden.

Although Garden and WISE belong to different nations, they share the goal of improving the world. Under certain circumstances, they could become allies and cooperate. The future development of the relationship between Garden and WISE depends on how the story unfolds.

Members of Garden

The full extent of SPY×FAMILY’s Garden has not been revealed, and as of Volume 12 of the original work, only three members have been introduced. The known members of Garden are the Manager, the Director, and Thorn Princess (Yor). Here, we summarize information about the Director and Thorn Princess, aside from the Manager.

  • Member 1: The Director

The Director is a city hall employee where Yor works. His name is Matthew McMahon, and Yor refers to him as “Director-san.” It’s unclear whether “Director,” his title at city hall, is also his codename within Garden. The Director seems to serve as Yor’s superior within both the city hall and Garden contexts. During the luxury cruise ship bodyguard job, he provided Yor with instructions while communicating with headquarters.

He quickly notices and addresses any conflicts or hesitations that arise within Yor. The Director possesses high combat ability, providing precise support to Yor at assassination sites. He is adept at handling tasks such as disposing of bodies, carrying out missions coldly and efficiently. Despite being a professional who doesn’t let personal feelings interfere with work, he has shown kindness, like allowing Yor time to spend with her family.

  • Member 2: Thorn Princess

Thorn Princess is Yor’s codename as an assassin. Normally a gentle and kind woman, Yor becomes merciless once she assumes her Thorn Princess persona. She started working for Garden to support her younger brother, Yuri, after losing her parents at a young age. The manner in which Yor and the Garden Manager met has not been disclosed in the story.

For Yor, the Garden Manager is like a mentor who taught her the ways of survival. She views her work for Garden as a noble job protecting the country. It is inferred that Yor has been taught the art of killing by the Garden Manager from a young age, receiving indoctrination akin to brainwashing.

Summary of the Garden Manager’s Identity in SPY×FAMILY

We have summarized various aspects concerning the Garden Manager in SPY×FAMILY, including theories about his true identity, mastermind speculations, and the anime voice actor. The Garden Manager is a character shrouded in mystery, with neither his name nor age known, leading to various theories about who he really is. The organization known as Garden itself is also enveloped in mystery, and how it intersects with the lives of Loid, Anya, and others remains to be seen. The future actions of Garden are undoubtedly one of the highlights to look forward to in SPY×FAMILY.

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