Manga “Bakuhon in this Wonderful World!” Spoilers and review! The “Konosuba” spin-off is getting an anime!


Bless This Wonderful World! is a spin-off of the popular work “Bless This Wonderful World! is a spin-off of the popular work “Bless This Wonderful World! It focuses on one of the main characters, Megumi, and shows her various charms. In this article, we will introduce the full story of “Bakkaen wo Kono Fabulous Sekai Sekai ni Bakkaen! This article introduces the full storyline of “Bakunin Sekai Bless this Wonderful World! The story will be explained with spoilers, so if you are wondering what the story is about, please check it out.

Bakuhon in this Wonderful World!”Volume 1 and 2 (episodes 1-8) spoiler review


One year before Kazuma and the Dame Goddess were reborn in another world, the village of Red Devil, where the “Red Devil Tribe” lives, boasting high intelligence and magical power. Megumi, who was at the top of her class at school, dreamed of mastering the explosive magic that she had longed for. Explosion magic is generally regarded as “joke magic” because it is not practical for the amount of magic power it consumes. Even so, Megumi never gives up. One day, there was an uproar in her village when the seal of an evil god was broken, and Megumi finally mastered explosion magic. When the commotion calms down, she decides to embark on an adventurous journey.

The Red Devil Tribe full of chuunibyou was so surreal that I couldn’t help but giggle. Not only Megumi, but also Yunyun, Komekko, and other characters are all cute and cute.

Bakuhon in this Wonderful World!”Volume 3 and 4 (episodes 9-16) spoiler review


Megumi sets out on a journey to meet the woman who inspired her to pursue her love of explosive magic. Her first destination was Alcanretia, a city of water and hot springs. There, Megumi, who had been at a loss to find a job, meets the Aksids, who believe in Aqua, the goddess of water. While being pushed around by the oddballs, she obtains information that the man of her dreams may be in a town called Axel, as well as the cost of a carriage to Axel. However, when she tried to form a party with adventurers in Axel, Megumi, who could only use explosive magic, ended up being excluded. No matter how powerful her attacks are, if she can only use one shot a day and can’t move afterwards, she is not needed in a party. ……

The Axis clergy are too rich in character. Overall, it was comical and enjoyable, but I felt sorry for Megumi that she couldn’t quite make the party. ……

Bakuhon in this Wonderful World!”Review of Volume 5 (Episodes 17-20) Spoilers [Final Volume].


While Megumi struggles to become a respectable adventurer, a higher level demon, Horst, appears in Axel. A team is formed in the town to defeat the enemy, but then a “beautiful arc priestess with light blue hair” emerges. Megumin and everyone else begins to search for her with all their might. However, in the end, they were unable to find her, and Megumi and her friends succeeded in defeating the horst by joining forces. Megumi once again vows to prove to the world that she is the strongest of them all. It will be a little while before she joins the party with Kazuma and her friends. ……

I liked that it was a compact 5-volume book and a quick read. For those who like Megumi, it is not to be missed.

Bakuhon in this Wonderful World!”TV animation will be broadcast from April 2023!

The anime version of “Bakufu no Sekai ni Bakufu Wo Bakufu! will be adapted into an anime, which will be broadcast from April 5, 2023. As in the main story, “Bless This Wonderful World! the main character Megumin will be played by Takahashi Riyo. Toyosaki Aioi as Yunyun and Naganawa Maria as Komekko will also continue to play the roles. In the PV that has already been released, beautifully animated and powerful explosive magic can be seen. Expectations are high for the full-length movie!

The film is about a young man who is a member of a group of people who are trying to make a living in a world that’s full of flames. Spoiler alert for the synopsis.

In this article, we have spoiled the entire synopsis of “Bakuhakuen wo Kono Wonderful Sekai ni Bakuhakuen! The anime will start airing in April 2023. The five-volume work is compact, so Megumin fans should check it out!

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