Why Do Stars Dwell in Both of Ruby’s Eyes in Oshi no Ko? Did Her Fall into Darkness and Vengeful Heart Cause It?


Aqua and Ruby, the twin children of Hoshino Ai, appear in Oshi no Ko. Their trademark is the stars dwelling in their eyes – originally, a star dwelled only in Ruby’s left eye, but after her fall into darkness, stars came to dwell in both eyes. Just what caused her fall into darkness that led to stars in both eyes? This article will explain in detail the trigger behind Ruby’s fall into darkness that made stars appear in both eyes, her feelings toward Gorou, and more.

Who is Ruby in Oshi no Ko?

Ruby, the heroine of the hit manga Oshi no Ko, has become hugely popular as the daughter of legendary idol Hoshino Ai. Just who is Ruby? First let’s check out the work details of Oshi no Ko and Ruby’s profile, past life, personality, and ability as an idol.

Oshi no Ko Work Information

Oshi no Ko Overview

Oshi no Ko is a manga written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, serialized in Weekly Young Jump since issue #21 of 2020 and still running. Aka Akasaka, the writer, is known for manga like ib: Instant Bullet and Kaguya-sama: Love is War, and is active in illustration, character design, and more beyond manga.

Aka Akasaka serialized Kaguya-sama: Love is War from May 2015 to November 2022, overlapping with Oshi no Ko for the exceptionally rare feat of two concurrent weekly serializations, garnering huge buzz.

The Oshi no Ko artist Mengo Yokoyari is known for manga like Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou and Kuzu no Honkai. She is also active as an illustrator, mainly under the online handle Yori, creating illustrations for Vocaloid music.

This dream team came together when Aka Akasaka read Mengo Yokoyari’s short manga Kawaii, thinking she was the only one who could draw Oshi no Ko’s once-in-a-millennium idol Hoshino Ai. Akasaka then recruited Yokoyari to illustrate Oshi no Ko. At the time, Yokoyari readily accepted despite being focused on improving her art. This led to the birth of absolute ace B-Komachi idol Hoshino Ai. Oshi no Ko also runs weekly on Thursdays in the webcomic site Shonen Jump+ a week behind the print release.

As of January 2023 it has 10 compiled volumes in print. Volume 1 from July-September 2020 was the best selling volume 1 during that period in Japan. As of March 2022 the series has sold over 1 million copies, becoming a huge hit. The TV anime adaptation also started in April 2023.

Oshi no Ko Plot Summary

Country obstetrician Gorou Amemiya, going by Gorou, has his beloved but inactive idol Hoshino Ai appear before him pregnant with twins. Gorou promises to fully support her confidential childbirth, but right before she gives birth, Gorou is killed by her stalker Ryousuke.

When Gorou next awakens, he has reincarnated as Hoshino Aqua, Ai’s newborn son. Aqua’s twin sister Hoshino Ruby was a patient in Gorou’s past life who discussed their love of Ai together. The two support Ai who concealed her pregnancy to resume her idol activities, gaining a life raised by her side.

Ruby’s Profile

Though known affectionately as “Ruby,” the Oshi no Ko heroine’s full name is Hoshino Rumie. She is the younger twin sister of Hoshino Aqua, with the stage name “Ruby.” Like her mother Ai’s signature trait, Ruby has stars in her eyes, with twinkling stars in both eyes unlike Aqua’s single star.

Ruby is a first-year student in the entertainment department at Youtou High School. While attending high school, she revived her late mother’s legendary idol group B-Komachi and is active as an idol alongside Kana Arima and Mem Chotto. She aims to become an idol like her late mother Hoshino Ai.

Ruby’s Past Life

Like her twin brother Aqua, Oshi no Ko heroine Hoshino Ruby is a reincarnatee. In her past life, Ruby was a girl named Sarina. She was a patient at the hospital where the obstetrician Gorou Amemiya, now known as Aqua, worked, and an idol otaku who admired Hoshino Ai.

Ruby’s Personality

Unlike the composed Aqua who keeps emotions hidden, Ruby has a very bright, rapidly shifting expressive personality. She is proactive and acts immediately when resolved, but also acts without considering consequences.

Aqua dotes on Ruby to an almost siscon level as her precious twin, while Ruby is also quite brocon. She seems sensitive about Aqua’s relationships with women, getting sulky seeing him friendly with girls on the reality show he stars in, Only Starting a Serious Relationship Now!

Ruby’s Idol Ability

Ruby’s late mother was the legendary B-Komachi idol Hoshino Ai. How is Ruby’s own ability as an idol, having inherited Ai’s blood? It appears she has firmly inherited Ai’s gifts – her idol skill is very high.

She has Ai’s looks, an essential for a loved idol, and dance sense. She also has natural acting talent, expected to thrive as an actress too.

Sadly, her one weak point seems to be subpar singing ability. She proposed competing with Mem Chotto over who would be the ace of New B-Komachi, but their skills were about equal, with superior singer Kana Arima becoming ace instead.

Despite this singing weakness, starting at small agency Strawberry Productions, many sensed Ruby’s potential for success as an idol. With such high skill, like her mother she possesses charisma drawing eyes her way.

Why Stars Dwell in Both of Ruby’s Eyes in Oshi no Ko

Hoshino Ruby, who appears in Oshi no Ko, is the daughter of legendary idol Hoshino Ai. While Hoshino Ai had stars dwelling in both eyes, her daughter Ruby originally only had a star dwelling in her left eye. However, when Ruby fell into darkness, stars came to dwell in both eyes, but what exactly triggered her fall into darkness that led to stars in both eyes? Next let’s examine the reasons stars came to dwell in both of Ruby’s eyes in Oshi no Ko.

Ruby Had a Star Dwelling in Her Left Eye

As mentioned previously, while Ruby’s mother Hoshino Ai had stars dwelling in both eyes, her daughter Ruby had a star dwelling in just her left eye. Incidentally, Ruby’s twin brother Aqua had a star dwelling in his right eye. Ai had stars in both eyes, but since Ruby and Aqua are twins, it is theorized Ai’s stars were split between them, with each having a star dwelling in only one eye.

Reasons Stars Came to Dwell in Ruby’s Eyes

Reason 1: Discovering Gorou’s Corpse

The first reason stars came to dwell in both of Hoshino Ruby’s eyes in Oshi no Ko is “discovering Gorou’s corpse.” Originally only having a star dwelling in her left eye, at a certain point stars came to dwell in both of Ruby’s eyes. This dual dwelling was triggered by a certain fall into darkness. The trigger for that fall into darkness was Hoshino Ruby discovering the corpse of Gorou, who she had loved and harbored feelings for since her past life.

In her past life where she died of an incurable disease, even after being reborn as Ruby she continued secretly harboring feelings for Gorou. While longing to “see him again” and awaiting the day they would reunite, in Chapter 77 contained in Volume 8 of Oshi no Ko, Ruby visited Miyazaki with the New B-Komachi members. There she discovered Gorou’s corpse.

Reason 2: Her Vengeful Heart After Falling into Darkness

The second reason stars came to dwell in both of Hoshino Ruby’s eyes in Oshi no Ko is “her vengeful heart after falling into darkness.” Ruby, who had loved Gorou dearly in her past life as Sarina Tōdōji, fell into darkness from the shock of learning Gorou had been murdered. This fall into darkness triggered the stars dwelling in both of her eyes.

However, unlike the cheerful, bright star that had shone in her left eye, the stars changed into black, sinister lights. When a mysterious girl in Miyazaki told her “the real culprit is someone else,” it triggered Ruby’s fall into darkness and ignited her vengeful heart, leading to the stars dwelling in both eyes.

【The Scene with Stars in Both Eyes of Ruby, Your Favorite Character】

In “Your Favorite Character,” Hoshino Ruby initially had a star only in her left eye, but it wasn’t until the moment of her descent into darkness that stars appeared in both eyes. So, what exactly is the scene in which the darkened Hoshino Ruby has stars in both eyes? Let’s check out some of the scenes where Hoshino Ruby has stars in both eyes, starting with the following:

Scene with Stars in Both Eyes 1 – Episode 79:

In Episode 79, which is included in Volume 8 of “Your Favorite Character,” Hoshino Ruby discovers the body of Goro, who had been missing for 16 years. Ruby had loved Goro since the time when she was Tenjouji Sarina, before being reborn as Hoshino Ruby. Discovering the body of her beloved Goro was a significant shock.

Realizing that Goro, whom she loved, had died, and that he had been killed by someone, Hoshino Ruby descended into darkness, swearing vengeance, saying, “I will definitely find and kill them.” It’s in this scene that black stars first appeared in Hoshino Ruby’s eyes.

Scene with Stars in Both Eyes 2 – Episode 80:
The second scene in which Hoshino Ruby has stars in both eyes is in Episode 80, also from Volume 8. In this episode, the characters visit Aradachi Shrine before returning from Miyazaki. Aradachi Shrine is known for its blessings related to entertainment, matchmaking, and traffic safety, so everyone offers their prayers there.

During this visit, the darkened Hoshino Ruby makes a wish, saying, “May I be able to find the one who killed Mama and Sensei.” Her eyes are shown with black stars during this scene.

Scene with Stars in Both Eyes 3 – Episode 84:

The third scene in which Hoshino Ruby has stars in both eyes is in Episode 84, which is included in Volume 9 of “Your Favorite Character.” In Episode 84, it becomes apparent that Hoshino Ruby is actively working to uncover the truth behind the murder of Hoshino Aoi.

Hoshino Ruby reaches out to Ikko, the former president of Strawberry Productions, in her quest for answers. Despite Ikko’s initial warning for her to stay away, Hoshino Ruby, determined for revenge, with black stars in her eyes, coldly declares, “I won’t let you get away until I find the man who killed Mama.”

Will Ruby’s Stars Return to One Eye?

Hoshino Ruby originally had a star in her left eye, and she gained stars in both eyes when she descended into darkness. The question arises whether the stars in both eyes will return to just one eye. There is speculation that this might happen, as indicated by an interview with future Ruby.

Stars in the Eyes of Other Characters

Apart from Hoshino Ruby, there are several other characters in “Your Favorite Character” with stars in their eyes. Hoshino Ai, Ruby’s mother, had stars in both eyes. In contrast, Ruby’s twin brother, Hoshino Aqua, had a star in his right eye.

Additionally, Kurokawa Akane, a talented actress affiliated with “Theatrical La La La,” was seen with stars in her eyes when portraying Hoshino Ai. However, these stars seem to appear only when she is portraying Hoshino Ai and not under normal circumstances.

Is It a Genetic Trait?

The presence of stars in the characters’ eyes is believed to have a genetic basis, as Hoshino Ruby and Hoshino Aqua are the children of Hoshino Ai, who also had stars in her eyes. Furthermore, it is speculated that KamiKi Hikaru, who is closely linked to Hoshino Ruby and Hoshino Aqua and is believed to be their father, has some connection to this genetic trait.

Meaning of Eye Colors – White and Black Stars

In “Your Favorite Character,” characters with stars in their eyes exhibit two variations in eye color: white stars and black stars. White stars are associated with characteristics like “charisma,” while black stars tend to appear when characters harbor negative emotions or seek vengeance, symbolizing “negative emotions.”

Please note that this translation is based on the information provided, and the context may vary depending on the specific details and nuances of the manga or anime series.

Is Ruby, the favorite character, the lead actress in the movie “15 Years of Lies”?

In “Oshi no ko,” there is a movie called “15 Years of Lies,” directed by Taishi Gotanda, who has been taking care of Hoshino Aqua since she was a child. Rumor has it that in this movie, “15 Years of Lies,” Hoshino Ruby was selected as the lead actress. But what is the truth behind this? Next, let’s check the sequence of events in which Hoshino Ruby from “Oshi no ko” was chosen as the lead actress in the movie “15 Years of Lies.”

What is the movie “15 Years of Lies”?

In “Oshi no ko,” there is a movie called “15 Years of Lies” that plays a role in the story. What kind of movie is “15 Years of Lies”? Investigating “15 Years of Lies,” we found out that Taishi Gotanda is the director of this movie.

During an interview about “15 Years of Lies,” Taishi Gotanda, the director, was asked about the question, “I heard that the main cast members have been under your guidance since they were children.” In response, Taishi Gotanda said, “I’ve been watching those kids since they were in diapers, so they’re like grandchildren to me.” This led to speculation that Hoshino Aqua and Hoshino Ruby might be appearing in “15 Years of Lies.”

“15 Years of Lies” is a movie that hasn’t revealed much about its content yet. However, in Chapter 110 of “Oshi no ko,” it was revealed that the movie “15 Years of Lies” is based on the events involving Hoshino Ai.

Ruby’s Role in “15 Years of Lies”

As mentioned earlier, during an interview about “15 Years of Lies,” director Taishi Gotanda’s comment, “I’ve been watching those kids since they were in diapers, so they’re like grandchildren to me,” led to speculation that Hoshino Aqua and Hoshino Ruby might be appearing in “15 Years of Lies.”

Subsequently, it was believed that Hoshino Ruby had been chosen to play the role of her mother, Hoshino Ai, in the movie “15 Years of Lies.” In fact, Hoshino Ruby and Kurokawa Akane were scheduled to appear in the movie “15 Years of Lies,” but the leading candidate for the role of Hoshino Ai was Shiranui Frill.

However, Shiranui Frill herself wished for Hoshino Ruby to play the role of Hoshino Ai in “15 Years of Lies.” Originally, Hoshino Ruby was reluctant to appear in a movie involving her estranged sister, Hoshino Aqua, and was hesitant about her role in “15 Years of Lies.”

However, after learning from Kurokawa Akane that her brother, Hoshino Aqua, was seeking revenge against the mastermind who killed Hoshino Ai through the movie “15 Years of Lies,” Hoshino Ruby began to think positively and believed that she was the only one who could play the role of Hoshino Ai. As a result, in the individual auditions among Hoshino Ruby, Kurokawa Akane, and Shiranui Frill for the role of Hoshino Ai, Hoshino Ruby was chosen for the role.

The Contents of the DVD Addressed to Ruby by Ai at 15

Earlier, it was mentioned that the reason Taishi Gotanda, the director of “15 Years of Lies,” chose to make a movie centered around Hoshino Ai’s case was related to a DVD addressed to the children that Hoshino Ai entrusted to him before her death. This DVD had messages for “Onii-chan” (Hoshino Aqua) and “Ruby,” and it was speculated that its content was related to the movie “15 Years of Lies.”

However, the actual content of the DVD addressed to Ruby, who is now 15 years old, remains undisclosed. This is because Hoshino Aqua, Ruby’s older brother, has not revealed the existence of the DVD to her. Therefore, only Taishi Gotanda, the director of “15 Years of Lies,” and Hoshino Aqua himself are aware of the contents of the DVD that Hoshino Ai left for the children.

Gotanda Taishi commented that Hoshino Aqua was being overly protective by not telling Ruby about the DVD’s existence. This has led to speculations that the content of the DVD was significant enough to jeopardize Ruby’s position or had some other profound impact.

Cute Moments of Hoshino Ruby

Hoshino Ruby, a character in “Oshi no ko,” is known for her exceptional cuteness, and there are several moments in the series where her charm shines through:

  1. The Moment She Got Caught Egosing: One adorable moment is when Hoshino Ruby is caught trying to post about a bad-tasting drink she bought at a convenience store on social media. She wanted to post it as a joke, but she was advised against it by Kanami Arima, who warned her about egosurfing. However, when Ruby vehemently denied that she engages in egosurfing, Arima took her phone and checked her search history, revealing her searches for phrases like “Hoshino Ruby is cute.” Ruby’s embarrassed reaction was quite cute, and this scene endeared her to readers.
  2. B-Komachi’s First Stage: Another cute moment is when Ruby, as a member of the idol group “New B-Komachi,” prepares for their first stage performance. She initially feels nervous, but once she steps onto the stage, her nervousness vanishes, and she enjoys the performance wholeheartedly. Her dedication and adorable stage presence charmed both the idol fans in the story and the readers.
  3. Expressing Her Desire to Meet Goro: A touching and cute moment is when Ruby, who has been carrying feelings for Goro (Hoshino Aqua’s past life), expresses her desire to meet him again. Despite Goro rejecting her advances when they were younger, Ruby still believes in the promise they made and wishes to see him once more. Her genuine longing and innocent affection make this scene heartwarming.

Public Perception of Hoshino Ruby

In the world of “Oshi no ko,” Hoshino Ruby initially had a reputation for being somewhat “invisible” or “background” due to her reserved nature and quiet personality. Some readers found her unremarkable at first, but as the story progressed, she gradually won over more fans, and many readers became avid supporters of Hoshino Ruby.

Ruby’s unique charm as a character known for her cute, earnest, and hardworking nature eventually endeared her to a considerable portion of the fanbase. Her efforts and her naturally endearing qualities made her a popular character within the series.

In particular, the dynamic between Hoshino Ruby and her twin brother, Hoshino Aqua, drew a lot of attention and affection from readers. Some readers even hoped for a romantic relationship between the two characters. Given Ruby’s unyielding feelings for Goro from her past life and her positive character development, many readers looked forward to her growth and future in the series.

Overall, Hoshino Ruby, a character known for her cuteness and charming personality, has garnered a significant following among “Oshi no ko” readers.

Summary of the Reasons Why Stars Inhabited Both of Ruby’s Eyes in “Oshi-no-ko”

In “Oshi-no-ko,” we have introduced the reasons behind why stars resided in both eyes of Hoshino Ruby. Initially, Ruby had stars in only one of her eyes, but this changed due to her descent into darkness. However, after being freed from this darkness, the stars returned to just one eye. The captivating sparkle of the stars in her eyes adds to the charm of Hoshino Ruby, making “Oshi-no-ko” a globally renowned work. Be sure to check it out!

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