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Originating from South Korea, “Solo Leveling” is a novel fantasy battle action series that follows the protagonist, once ridiculed as humanity’s weakest, as he levels up like in a game, challenging monsters and dungeons. This article will spoil and introduce the synopsis, characters, and highlights of “Solo Leveling,” a manga that has garnered numerous positive reviews for its engaging content.

What is Solo Leveling?

“Solo Leveling,” a popular manga from South Korea, features a protagonist derided as “humanity’s weakest weapon” who levels up in a game-like manner to tackle monsters and dungeons. Below, we’ll spoil and introduce the synopsis up to Volume 6, major and minor characters, the fascinating appeal, and reviews and evaluations of “Solo Leveling.”

Overview of Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling,” a fantasy battle action manga by Chugong, h-goon, and DUBU (REDICE STUDIO), is presented as a webtoon. In Japan, it’s available on the “Piccoma” app, which caters to smartphones with manga and novels. As of January 2021, there have been 125 episodes on Piccoma and six volumes published.

Settings and Terminology in Solo Leveling

In “Solo Leveling,” “Gates” refer to portals that connect the real world with alternate dimensions, with “Dungeons” existing on the other side. These dungeons are inhabited by monsters known as “magical creatures,” and individuals tasked with hunting them are called “Hunters.”

The goal of Hunters is to prevent monsters from emerging out of the Gates into the real world by defeating the dungeon bosses and sealing the Gates within seven days before they fully open. Gates are classified from high ranks S to E, with the difficulty level sharply increasing from B-rank Gates upwards. However, S-rank Gates rarely open, and even if they do, the scarcity of S-rank Hunters and their low success rate in clearing these dungeons is well-noted. Special Gates also exist, where once entered, contact with the outside world is cut off until the boss is defeated or a dungeon break occurs.

“Awakened Beings” refer to individuals who have gained powers upon awakening, with their given abilities generally fixed, barring exceptions. Hunters, also known as Awakened Beings, earn rewards by hunting monsters in dungeons. Although a Hunter’s stats are determined at the time of awakening, protagonists like Sung Jin-Woo can undergo reawakening to level up and achieve higher ranks than initially possible.

At a critical moment, Sung Jin-Woo is presented with a game-like interface, allowing him to become a “player” and earn rewards by completing daily quests. Rewards include skills and items to enhance abilities, offering a game-like experience to strengthen oneself. Moreover, leveling up by defeating monsters is possible, with the color of a monster’s name indicating its strength relative to the player, adding an exciting aspect to monster battles unique to “Solo Leveling.”

Solo Leveling Manga Synopsis Spoilers

The story of “Solo Leveling,” known for its game-like story progression that many find intriguing, is a unique fantasy battle action that diverges from traditional battle narratives with its original world and unpredictable developments, captivating readers. Here, we’ll spoil and introduce the synopsis of “Solo Leveling,” highlighting the thrilling exploits of its fascinating characters.

Volume 1 Synopsis Spoilers

The story retraces from a deadly battle between the protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, and three giant monsters, to a scene where Hunters gather to participate in a raid. The team, including Sung Jin-Woo, who is mocked as “humanity’s weakest weapon,” Jin-Ho, who has returned to being a Hunter, the healer Junghyeok, and the C-rank Hunter team leader Mabuchi, along with 18 members in total, ventures into the raid dungeon.

Towards the end of the dungeon, the team discovers a double-layered dungeon hiding the boss. Deciding to proceed, they reach the boss room’s door. While Mabuchi deciphers an inscription, Jin-Woo senses an ominous atmosphere, and as one of them touches the door, giant statues begin their assault. Thanks to Jin-Woo’s quick realization, casualties among the allies are minimized, but there are still injuries and deaths, with Mabuchi losing an arm and the team left powerless against the statues.

In this critical moment, Jin-Woo discerns a pattern in the statues’ attacks and, based on the deciphered text, figures out how to tackle the challenge, successfully clearing the first commandment “Worship the God.” However, they stumble on the second commandment “Sing the praise of God,” resulting in the death of a Hunter who attempted to perform a hymn.

Volume 2 Synopsis Spoilers

Failing the second commandment and facing the statues’ onslaught, Jin-Woo notices a statue playing an instrument and instructs his teammates to take refuge beneath it. After successfully clearing the second commandment, they rush towards the altar in the room’s center. Entering the altar triggers blue flames to spread, opening the door while simultaneously causing the statues to approach.

Realizing that the statues do not move as long as they are watched, Jin-Woo instructs everyone not to avert their eyes and wait for the flames to diminish. However, unable to withstand the fear, one of them attempts to escape, leading to successive departures. Jin-Woo, determined to save his comrades, decides to sacrifice himself, facing attack from three giant monsters.

At the brink of death, a mysterious pop-up appears before Jin-Woo, and following a heavenly voice, he chooses to become a player. Awakening in a hospital bed, he learns about his situation from the Hunter Association’s monitoring division. A game window-like pop-up, visible only to him, appears, allowing him to earn experience points and level up by completing daily quests.

Using a key obtained from a daily quest to enter an instance dungeon, Jin-Woo is forced into battle with the boss, seeking a way to escape.

Volume 3 Synopsis Spoilers

In a moment of crisis, Sung Jin-Woo faces a surprise attack from the beast monster, the Lykan Gorgon. Overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, Jin-Woo dodges Lykan’s attacks and counters, utilizing a sword discarded by Jin-Ho to defeat the Lykan. Beginning to understand the game-like level-up system, Jin-Woo alone defeats dozens of Lykans, earning the title “Wolf Slayer” and acquiring a return stone.

Aiming for further level-ups, Jin-Woo ventures deeper into the dungeon, battling new monsters and feeling his growth. Encountering the Swamp’s ruler, the Blue Poison Fang Kasaka, marked orange indicating equality in strength, Jin-Woo engages in a boss battle. Despite initial disadvantages, he reads the enemy’s pattern and secures victory. Upon returning to the real world, an emergency unfolds at the station, with the Self-Defense Forces directing civilians due to monsters invading from an opened Gate. Low-rank E and D Hunters struggle against the monsters, but Jin-Woo neutralizes the enemy’s defenses and leads a collective attack to defeat the boss. Later, he joins a C-rank dungeon raid led by Ukyo Hayato, along with other low-rank Hunters, entering the dungeon.

Inside, Jin-Woo deduces the presence of insect-type monsters from numerous holes, alerts his teammates, and counterattacks the enemy’s surprise assaults. Meanwhile, Ukyo’s group encounters unusually defeated monsters, hinting at an ominous atmosphere sensed by Jin-Woo.

Volume 4 Synopsis Spoilers

Jin-Woo’s apprehension proves accurate as he and Kenji Moroboshi fall into Ukyo’s trap, sealed at the boss’s entrance. Struggling to secure an exit, the boss awakens due to the impact of breaking a hole. Ukyo’s team intended to use Jin-Woo and Moroboshi as bait for the boss while they transport Mana stones. If transporting Mana stones proved difficult, they planned to sell Moroboshi’s equipment, having investigated his background.

Meanwhile, Jin-Woo and Moroboshi face off against a spider-type boss, with Jin-Woo wielding the weapon acquired from the Kasaka battle. Despite overwhelming speed, accumulated fatigue and the boss’s acid secret technique pose challenges. However, Jin-Woo uses system rewards for recovery, activates the sword’s special ability, and exploits the boss’s weakness to emerge victorious, opening the boss room’s entrance.

The Ukyo group, astonished by the unexpected scene, assumes Moroboshi’s involvement and orders Jin-Woo’s assassination. Choosing to confront Ukyo’s group, Jin-Woo completes an emergency quest by eliminating them. Ignoring Ukyo’s pleas, Jin-Woo delivers the final blow and claims the quest rewards.

As the Hunter Association’s surveillance division, Inukai, receives reports of eight Hunters’ deaths, including Ukyo’s, and Jin-Woo’s survival, Hoshino proposes Jin-Woo become a Guild Master, offering substantial rewards. Jin-Woo accepts under certain conditions. In Washington, USA, S-rank Hunter Ukyo Masato, hearing of his brother Hayato’s death, plans revenge against Jin-Woo and Hoshino.

Volume 5 Synopsis Spoilers

After acquiring a key to an S-rank dungeon as a quest reward, Sung Jin-Woo tests his mettle by infiltrating an S-rank instance dungeon to face off against the hellish gatekeeper, Cerberus. However, finding himself completely overmatched and amidst blaring alarms, Jin-Woo senses the presence manipulating him as a player. By fully leveraging the level-up system, he manages to overcome Cerberus, deciding to return stronger before proceeding further.

Meanwhile, Do-Mon from the Hunter Association’s Monitoring Division is offered a hefty sum for an assassination and is urgently summoned by the association while Mabuchi is training in the dojo. Arriving at the designated location, Jin-Woo, Junghyeok, and substitute prisoners gather, with B-rank Hunter Do-Mon also slated to accompany them. With the convicts striving for sentence reduction, the group reaches the dungeon’s depths and encounters a three-way fork.

Jin-Woo, Junghyeok, and Mabuchi choose the left path; Jin-Ho and another take the middle; Do-Mon and the substitutes take the right. Do-Mon ends up killing Jin-Ho and a convict at the dead end. While Mabuchi and Junghyeok struggle, Jin-Woo confronts Do-Mon to protect them. Recognizing Jin-Woo as a reawakener, Do-Mon relishes the battle but soon becomes unsettled by Jin-Woo’s unfathomable strength.

Jin-Woo, deciphering Do-Mon’s skills, gains the upper hand and wins. Proceeding alone to clear the dungeon, he defeats the boss and exits, only to find Inukai waiting, who advises Jin-Woo to leave Japan due to the threat of an S-rank Hunter seeking vengeance for the death of Ukyo Hayato.

Junghyeok expresses his intent to retire from hunting to Jin-Woo, while Moroboshi forms a team for a C-rank dungeon. At an auction for dungeon participation rights, Moroboshi secures all rights, with Byakko Guild’s Shido investigating Moroboshi and scouting Jin-Woo after determining he’s a reawakener.

Volume 6 Synopsis Spoilers

As Jin-Woo clears C-rank dungeons with Moroboshi, a job change quest appears, and he receives a scout offer from Byakko Guild’s Shido, leading to a negotiation. Entering the job change quest dungeon, Jin-Woo battles monsters, including heavily armored knights. Despite not being individually strong, the relentless wave of monsters fatigues him.

Beyond a heavy door lies a throne, and the Knight Commander, Igrit, appears. With a name shaded in dark red indicating formidable strength, Jin-Woo finds himself powerless against Igrit’s superior attack, defense, and speed. However, at the moment of the final strike, Jin-Woo counterattacks, defeating Igrit and officially starting the job change quest.

Next, he faces a multitude of knight monsters and uncovers the stealth of an invisible being. Forced into direct combat, Jin-Woo feels mentally cornered. Sensing his helplessness, a penalty quest activates, sending Jin-Woo to a penalty zone where he narrowly survives. Returning to the job change quest, he deduces the knights’ mechanism as summoning magic, focusing on the summoning wizard.

Despite struggles, Jin-Woo clears the quest and is presented with the option to become a Necromancer, a hidden job. Perceiving potential in this unique ability, he contemplates and ultimately sees promise in becoming a Necromancer.

Key Characters in Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling” features a cast of characters with unique abilities, including magicians and swordsmen, each classified by Hunter ranks. Below, we spoil and introduce a list of the main characters from “Solo Leveling,” highlighting their rich personalities.

Character List

Sung Jin-Woo: The protagonist, initially an E-rank Hunter. Despite being dubbed “humanity’s weakest weapon,” he becomes a Hunter to pay for his mother’s medical bills and his younger sister’s tuition. After encountering a high-difficulty double dungeon, he survives a critical situation and gains a quest window, allowing him to level up by defeating monsters and becoming the strongest.

Junghyeok: A B-rank healer who always looks after the frequently injured Jin-Woo. Despite being a B-rank, her fear of monsters encountered in a double dungeon makes her hesitant to participate in anything but simple raids.

Mabuchi Isao: An experienced C-rank Hunter skilled in swordsmanship, aged 60. While he teaches swordsmanship to S-rank Hunters, his magic awakening limits his sword skills against monsters. He loses his left arm in a double dungeon.

Sung Aoi: Jin-Woo’s younger sister, aiming for medical school. She is an excellent student and beloved by her peers.

Jin-Ho: An E-rank Hunter who mocks Jin-Woo as “humanity’s weakest weapon” and is a D-rank attacker with distinctive silver hair.

Kuga: A Hunter who, after retiring, returns to provide for his pregnant wife. He rejoins Hunter activities to earn for his growing family.

Inukai: The head of the Monitoring Division of the Japan Hunter Association. Despises Hunters who kill others and is considered quite powerful as a Hunter.

Kenji Moroboshi: The son of Moroboshi Akira, the chairman of Moroboshi Construction, and a D-rank Hunter known for his luxurious equipment. At 21, he tries to recruit Jin-Woo with a substantial financial offer to elevate himself to a Guild Master.

Moroboshi Akina: A cousin of Kenji Moroboshi, a model known for her beauty and straightforward personality.

Ukyo Hayato: A C-rank Hunter who tackled a C-rank dungeon with Jin-Woo. His brother, Ukyo Masato, is an S-rank Hunter based in New York.

Sawada Koji: A C-rank magician who manipulates light, prioritizing personal gain in dungeons, even to the extent of killing fellow Hunters.

Ukyo Masato: The younger brother of C-rank Hunter Ukyo Hayato and an S-rank Hunter with the American Scavenger Guild. Believing Jin-Woo and Kenji Moroboshi are responsible for his brother’s death, he seeks vengeance.

Other Characters in Solo Leveling

In addition to the main characters, “Solo Leveling” features a host of supporting characters who either ally with or oppose the protagonist. These characters also contribute significantly to the story, drawing attention for their cool or cute appearances. Below, we spoil and introduce a list of other characters from “Solo Leveling.”

Character List

Sung Jin-Woo’s Mother: The mother of siblings Sung Jin-Woo and Sung Aoi, who has been in a deep sleep due to Eternal Slumber since the appearance of the gates, never waking up.

Do-Mon Taeseong: A B-rank assassin Hunter from the Monitoring Division of the Hunter Association, known for his quick movements and execution of missions.

Shirakawa Daigo: President of the White Tiger Guild and an S-rank Hunter, rumored to be able to transform into a magical beast, making him a mysterious character.

Shishido Kosuke: The Second Management Division Head of the White Tiger Guild, known for scouting interesting talents. He approached Sung Jin-Woo for recruitment, recognizing him as a re-awakener after the incident that led to the death of Ukyo Hayato and the assassination Hunter case.

Yoshida Kyohei: The acting manager of the White Tiger Guild, often seen alongside scout manager Shishido Kosuke.

Yanagiba Masashi: The First Management Division Head of the White Tiger Guild, interested in the abilities of A-rank Hunter Uehara Yuma.

Asahina Rin: A friend of Sung Aoi and an E-rank Hunter, also an Awakener considering leaving school post-awakening. She was summoned as part of the team to clear a C-rank dungeon with Sung Jin-Woo and Moroboshi.

Uehara Yuma: A newcomer Hunter scouted by Yanagiba Masashi in the White Tiger Guild, leading participants in a dungeon visited by Sung Jin-Woo and Asahina Rin.

Imamiya Satsuki: A B-rank magician who joined Sung Jin-Woo and Asahina Rin for dungeon observation and decided to follow Jin-Woo after recognizing his strength.

Mogami Makoto: Known as the “strongest weapon,” an S-rank Hunter at the pinnacle of flame magic, leading the “Hunters Guild,” the strongest guild in Japan with two S-rank Hunters.

Mukosaka Shizuku: Vice-master of the Hunters Guild led by Mogami Makoto, an S-rank Hunter known to be stronger than Mogami, young, beautiful, and caring. She has a unique ability to smell Hunters, which she dislikes, showing interest in Jin-Woo, who doesn’t have the typical Hunter scent.

Minobe Tsuyoshi: A former S-rank Hunter who decided to retire after failing the Kojima Island raid three times.

Junichiro Mizushino: A mysterious individual who lived in dungeons for 10 years and emerged from an American gate. He knows secrets about gates and monsters and aims to prevent forthcoming disasters. His true identity is revealed as the missing father of Sung Jin-Woo and Sung Aoi.

Goto Seijin: The 80-year-old chairman of the Hunter Association and an S-rank Awakener. Seeing potential in Sung Jin-Woo, he attempts to bestow a different power on him.

Tomotani Minoru: A Hunter undergoing awakening evaluation and a popular actor known for his attention-seeking, loneliness, and flirtatious nature, especially towards female models.

Knight Commander Red Blood Igrit: The boss of the job change quest, guarding an empty throne with a knight-like appearance in red armor. He fights honorably, adjusting to match Sung Jin-Woo’s unarmed combat style.

Balka: The boss of the Ice Elves appearing inside a Red Gate, leaving Sung Jin-Woo with the cryptic message that he is “not human.”

The Intriguing Aspects and Highlights of Solo Leveling

Here we introduce the interesting aspects and highlights of “Solo Leveling,” a series that has garnered expectations for its anime adaptation due to its unique appeal.

Interesting Aspect #1: Growth Through Effort

Unlike ordinary people whose abilities are fixed from the start, the protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, characterizes the feature of leveling up by defeating monsters. Initially termed as the “weakest human weapon,” Sung Jin-Woo was considerably weaker compared to other hunters. However, when faced with a dire situation, a game-like window appears before him, allowing him to become a player and level up.

This special effect, unique to Sung Jin-Woo, enables him to level up with each monster he defeats, making his growth and the surprise or admiration from those who once ridiculed him as the weakest one of the highlights of the story. As he approaches being the strongest, a darker aspect befitting the protagonist is added, providing thrilling developments that further enhance “Solo Leveling.”

Interesting Aspect #2: Battles with Formidable Enemies

In “Solo Leveling,” bosses lurk in the depths of each dungeon, and it is the hunters’ mission to defeat these bosses to dissipate the dungeons. The bosses are generally stronger than Sung and his companions, with varying attack methods, abilities, and weaknesses. Even as Sung Jin-Woo levels up assuredly, he faces challenges in every encounter, making the intense battles with bosses another exciting feature.

Interesting Aspect #3: Foreshadowing

“Solo Leveling” isn’t just about battles; it’s filled with meaningful depictions and foreshadowing throughout, adding a layer of mystery-solving elements that boost its popularity. For instance, the truth behind Sung Jin-Woo being told he is “not a monster” and the existence of his father who knows the secrets of monsters, unraveling mysteries as the story progresses.

Interesting Aspect #4: Exceptional Artwork

“Solo Leveling,” known as a webtoon or vertical-scrolling comic, is characterized by its long, scrollable panels, making it easily readable on smartphone screens. The format allows for extensive space per panel, detailed illustrations, and full-color schemes, contributing to its high-quality artwork.

The art of “Solo Leveling” takes full advantage of the webtoon format, offering powerful scenes that are one of its attractions. The intense combat scenes between Sung Jin-Woo and his foes, along with the vividness only possible in color, are also highlighted as part of its charm.

Spoilers for the Final Episode of Solo Leveling

Below, we delve into the final episode of “Solo Leveling,” which captivated audiences with its moving conclusion.

The Final Episode of Solo Leveling

The final episode of “Solo Leveling” anticipated a battle between Sung Jin-Woo, the Shadow Monarch, and the eight monarchs: Ice, Beast, Plague, Primordial, Iron, Demon, and Destruction. The battle against the Destruction Monarch, who rules over dragons and destruction, turned into a fierce conflict. Ultimately, while Sung could not defeat the Destruction Monarch, he managed to deplete his stamina with continuous attacks until the other monarchs delivered the final blow.

The war between the monarchs and the rulers came to a halt by the hands of the weakest human, and the rulers, appreciating Sung’s efforts, offered him a reward. Sung wished to use the Cup of Rebirth again, deciding to turn back time and end the war alone. Although turning back time bore the risk of reigniting the war, Sung took the gamble to also protect those who died in battle, and the rulers accepted his decision.

The Last of Solo Leveling Set Two Years Later?

With the summoning of the Cup of Rebirth by the rulers, time was turned back, and Sung faced the final showdown with the Destruction Monarch in the dimensional rift within the gate. Two years passed, and the Earth was spread with a world devoid of gates, monsters, and hunters. Sung, retaining his memories from before the time reversal, visits his former hunter comrades, including Kenji Seong, Shizuka Yozakura, and President Goto.

The three, who were involved in hunter-related events in the previous world, had no acquaintance with Sung in this world. However, feeling a nostalgic sense of familiarity, they quickly close the gap with Sung, leading peaceful daily lives in a world without dungeons.

Summary of Solo Leveling

This article has introduced spoilers for the plot, a list of characters from “Solo Leveling,” the fascinating aspects of the series, and its reviews and evaluations. “Solo Leveling” is distinguished by its story progression that mirrors the sensation of playing a game, where the protagonist grows stronger over time. With its unique world-building and unpredictable developments, “Solo Leveling” enjoys immense popularity in Japan, unlike traditional battle-focused narratives.

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