Spoil in “Undead Unluck”: The UMA Governing Decay! What Happens After Being Captured by the Union?


In “Undead Unluck,” Spoil has become a topic of discussion regarding the strength of its abilities among UMAs. Spoil, the UMA that governs decay, is not only known for its shapeshifting abilities but also its significant role in the story. This article will cover Spoil from “Undead Unluck,” including its strength, decay abilities, changes in form across different phases, personality, and its relationship with Juiz.

Spoil, The UMA Governing Decay in “Undead Unluck”

Spoil is a particularly popular character among the UMAs in “Undead Unluck.” Before diving into Spoil’s profile, let’s introduce some background information and a synopsis of “Undead Unluck.”

About “Undead Unluck”

  • Overview of “Undead Unluck”

Title: Undead Unluck Author: Yoshifumi Tozuka Label: Jump Comics Publisher: Shueisha Magazine: Weekly Shonen Jump Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action, Battle Serialization Period: January 20, 2020 – ongoing Volumes Released: 20 volumes (as of February 2024) TV Anime Broadcast Period: October 7, 2023 – ongoing

  • Synopsis of “Undead Unluck”

The protagonist, Izumo Fuko, has inadvertently caused the death of more than 200 people since her childhood, due to her Unluck ability, which brings misfortune to anyone she touches. Living a life of isolation and attempting suicide, she encounters an immortal being with the Undead ability, and they start acting together.

Profile of Spoil

Name: SPOIL Age: Who cares Height: Varies with the energy contained Weight: It changes, got it? Hobbies: Testing which substances decay most beautifully Favorite Food: Anything rotten Fears: Juiz (so scary he stopped being arrogant) Dislikes: Positive people, Shen, Undead

Spoil, the UMA governing decay, has made its appearance in the story of “Undead Unluck.” Spoil initiates a countdown for any human entering its domain. Once the timer set by Spoil reaches zero, the human turns into a zombie. Transitioning into Phase 2 allows it to shoot lasers and decay targets by bringing them into its range of decay.

The Universal Law of Spoil’s World

“Undead Unluck” portrays UMAs as beings originally created by gods, existing solely to afflict humans. The universal law that Spoil, as a UMA, governs is decay and the process of rotting.

The Strength and Abilities of Spoil in “Undead Unluck”

Spoil’s Abilities

In “Undead Unluck,” the abilities of the UMA Spoil primarily revolve around decay, with the effects and the area subject to decay varying across different phases. Essentially, Spoil can utilize its ability on not just humans but various objects as well, affecting even natural elements like the ground. The abilities of Spoil differ between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

In Phase 1, Spoil’s ability creates an area of decay, which, over time, transforms humans into zombies. A countdown appears on the body of those within the area, and if they cannot escape before time runs out, their bodies decay. Humans turned into zombies cannot revert to their original form. In Phase 2, Spoil’s approach alone is sufficient to cause decay, regardless of the area.

While the area of decay remains the same, the strength of the ability is enhanced in Phase 2, resulting in immediate decay of the target without any countdown. Escaping Spoil’s decaying ability requires avoiding close combat and, uniquely, fighting in outer space, where the absence of water plays a crucial role. It has been revealed that Spoil’s decay ability is linked to water, necessitating combat in the vacuum of space.

Spoil’s Transformation

  • Core Form

In “Undead Unluck,” Spoil’s core form appears as just a head. This form of Spoil has protrusions on both sides, emitting gas that causes decay. Despite lacking a body, this form is characterized by a single eye and jagged teeth. In its core form, Spoil’s range of decay is significantly reduced, making the process of zombification slower.

  • Phase 1 Transformation

Unlike the core form, Spoil’s phase 1 assumes a humanoid shape. When first introduced, Spoil’s phase 1 form is made up of materials unaffected by its decay ability, creating a gigantic humanoid figure. The size of Spoil in phase 1 is about that of a two-story building, with muscles exposed and gas that induces decay emitted not just from the face but also from protrusions on its back.

The abilities in this form don’t significantly differ from the core form. However, in phase 1, Spoil can create a space of decay, capable of encompassing an entire town. Spoil’s ability not only turns humans into zombies but also allows it to rot objects at will.

  • Phase 2 Transformation

In phase 2 of “Undead Unluck,” Spoil’s shape changes dramatically as it absorbs zombies (humans) created by its own abilities, taking on a demonic appearance. More slender than in phase 1, phase 2 Spoil has tattered, devil-like wings on its back. Its appearance features exposed muscles, and its hair is long and of a dripping quality.

When Spoil appeared in the 100th iteration of the world, it had absorbed zombies from Longinus as well as incorruptible substances, wearing something resembling the Statue of Liberty’s crown on its head. However, after being severely beaten by Shen, it loses the crown in the 101st iteration. Later, technology developed by the organization’s Nico enables Spoil to skip directly to phase 2 from its initial state.

In phase 2, the presence of wings allows Spoil to fly freely, revealing its newfound ability to soar through the skies.

Spoil’s Techniques

In “Undead Unluck,” the techniques used by Spoil vary depending on its form changes. Upon reaching phase 2, Spoil gains the ability to emit what’s known as a decay beam. This decay beam possesses overwhelming strength, capable of instantly rotting any person or object in its direct path. In the 100th iteration of the world, it was shown disintegrating a replica of the Statue of Liberty, located 30 km away, using its decay abilities.

Although Spoil’s strength is linked to moisture, it can still emit the decay beam in the vacuum of space. Not even immortality abilities can counteract Spoil’s decay powers. Both phase 1 and phase 2 feature not just decay but also a notable increase in power strength.

Spoil’s Exploits and Capture by the Union in “Undead Unluck”

Spoil’s Exploits Before the 99th World

In the world before the 99th iteration in “Undead Unluck,” Spoil’s exploits were depicted through the memories instilled in Izumo Fuko by the ancient artifact known as the Apocalypse. Izumo Fuko saw several UMAs within these memories during her participation in quests, including Void, Gina, Viktor, and Juiz. Apart from them, Spoil also appeared in Izumo Fuko’s memories.

Spoil’s Exploits in the 100th World

In the 100th world of “Undead Unluck,” Spoil made its first appearance. Although Spoil’s name had been mentioned since No.009, its appearance and details were first revealed during this world. As a quest target UMA, Spoil’s presence was linked to the reward of locating the negator of incurability. In its core form, Spoil drifted to a place called Longing.

In Longing, by activating its decay ability, Spoil turned the town’s inhabitants into zombies.

Spoil’s Capture by the Union

In the 100th world of “Undead Unluck,” Spoil was captured by the Union. To evolve from phase 1 to phase 2, Spoil absorbed the zombies it had transformed using its abilities. Evolving into phase 2 allowed Spoil to emit decay beams from its fingertips. In the 100th world, it used its decay domain technique, disintegrating targets that entered its range.

Even Andy, with his immortality ability, could not enter Spoil’s decay domain. Though Spoil had the upper hand, the Union devised a strategy, instructing Andy to remove a card from his head. Viktor, the god of victory, appeared. The Union, following their quest, captured Spoil, retrieving it in its core form to Mui.

Spoil’s Battle with Under

In the 100th world of “Undead Unluck,” Spoil engaged in battle with Under. After Spoil’s capture, Billy’s betrayal was revealed. Threatened by Jace, Spoil started calling her “big sis” and followed her commands. Jace went to meet Billy, with Spoil accompanying her. Using the power of the cube, Spoil evolved into phase 2 and faced UMA Burn.

During the battle with Burn, Spoil used the decay beam as planned by Jace. The purpose of using the decay beam was to trigger an avalanche. The avalanche forced Billy into the air, leaving him no escape from Spoil’s decay beam.

Spoil’s Exploits in the 101st World

In the 101st world of “Undead Unluck,” Spoil appeared as a quest target. The reward for the quest featuring Spoil’s appearance in the opening scene was the location of the ancient artifact Nyoi-Bo. Izumo Fuko and her companions did not participate in this quest. However, in the 101st world, there were no scenes of Spoil’s active involvement, making it a topic of discussion as a pitiable character.

Spoil’s Personality and Relationship with Juiz in “Undead Unluck”

Spoil’s Personality

In “Undead Unluck,” Spoil’s personality is depicted as being cynical, harboring a complex about its existence as a UMA. Among UMAs, those of the Concept (conceptual) type are considered superior to those of the Phenomenon (phenomenal) type like Spoil. Consequently, gods, the creators of UMAs, tend to favor Concept UMAs over Phenomenon UMAs.

Aware of this hierarchy, Spoil feels inferior to Concept UMAs and often makes snide remarks towards them.

The Relationship Between Spoil and Juiz

The relationship between Spoil and Juiz in “Undead Unluck” resembles that of a master and servant. Juiz, the boss of the Union organization, had captured Spoil. Initially, Spoil exhibited a haughty attitude towards Juiz but began to fear her after being threatened. Thus, as one of the UMAs cooperating with the Union, Spoil followed Juiz’s commands under duress.

Summary of Spoil in “Undead Unluck”

This article has covered Spoil’s exploits, strengths, and transformations in “Undead Unluck.” Besides Spoil, “Undead Unluck” features a wide array of UMAs, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Be sure to check them out for a deeper understanding of the series’ rich and diverse world.

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