Spoiling the Synopsis of The Dangers in My Heart! Introducing Heart-throbbing Scenes and Characters


In the manga “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), Ichikawa, who suffers from a case of middle-school syndrome and is short in stature, and Yamada, who is cheerful and tall like a model, gradually become conscious of each other’s presence. The love comedy that unfolds between characters with contrasting personalities has quickly become popular for its engaging storyline. Therefore, there’s growing interest in spoilers for the plot. Here, we’ll spoil the synopsis filled with heart-throbbing scenes of “The Dangers in My Heart,” along with introducing popular characters that spice up the story.

What is The Dangers in My Heart? Spoiling the Synopsis


Serialized by Weekly Shonen Champion since March 8, 2018, “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) is a manga created by Norio Sakurai, a female manga artist from Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture. As of June 2020, three volumes have been published, with the story set in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, specifically in Senzoku. It unfolds a love comedy between the beautiful and sunny character, Anna Yamada, and the middle-school syndrome afflicted and introverted character, Kyotaro Ichikawa.

“The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) gradually gained popularity for its entertaining content, drawing attention to spoilers of the synopsis. Therefore, we’ll introduce the charm, spoilers of the synopsis, and characters, including the popular ones, featuring heart-throbbing scenes between sunny and introverted characters, and the love comedy that makes you unintentionally laugh.

Overview of The Manga The Dangers in My Heart

Initially serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from issue 15 to 18 in March 2018, “The Dangers in My Heart” was then moved to Champion Cross, Akita Shoten’s web comic distribution site, in April 2018. In July, Champion Cross and Champion Tap! were merged by the same company, leading to the birth of Manga Cross.

Despite several transfers in a short period, “The Dangers in My Heart” continued its serialization on Manga Cross smoothly, as all transfers were within the same company.

Synopsis of The Dangers in My Heart

Kyotaro Ichikawa, a second-year middle school student suffering from middle-school syndrome, maintains his peace of mind by imagining killing his classmates in various scenarios. Misunderstanding that he is being ridiculed by Anna Yamada, his sunny and contrasting classmate, Ichikawa fantasizes about killing her. However, as he observes Yamada, he discovers her unexpected actions and words. Gradually, Ichikawa can’t leave her alone and realizes his love for her when Yamada gets injured during a physical education class.

Heart-Throbbing Scenes Spoilers from The Dangers in My Heart

Spoiler 1 – Encounter with Yamada in the Library

One of the charming aspects of “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) is its heart-throbbing scenes. Let’s introduce a spoiler from one such scene featuring popular characters. A notable moment is when Ichikawa, the introverted character, unexpectedly runs into Yamada, his classmate, in his safe haven, the library. Please be aware of spoilers ahead.

Yamada, who works as a magazine model and sits atop the school’s social hierarchy, had little to no interaction with Ichikawa, an introverted middle-school syndrome sufferer. However, Yamada, popular for her beauty, arrives near Ichikawa, who was relaxing in the library as usual. Having just had lunch, Yamada, still feeling hungry, starts munching on snacks and rice balls. She even begins to hum a robust, gorilla-like tune, far from the image of a beautiful girl.

After satiating her hunger, Yamada begins to work on a class assignment. Observing her unplanned and rough handling of the task, Ichikawa, who was watching from a distance, couldn’t leave her be. Moved by her carelessness, Ichikawa quietly offers her a cutter. Although he braces for rejection from the sunny character, Yamada, being her natural self, accepts the cutter with a thank you and a smile. From then on, Ichikawa finds himself unable to take his eyes off the natural Yamada.

Spoiler 2 – Yamada Gets Injured During Physical Education Class

As another spoiler from the highly praised manga “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) for its attractive characters, we can mention the moment when Ichikawa, the introverted middle-school syndrome sufferer, realizes his love for the sunny character, Yamada. This happens during a physical education class when Yamada, the beautiful girl, gets hit in the face with a ball and injures herself.

Ichikawa was under the impression that Yamada, a sunny character, looked down on him, an introvert. Thus, he harbored a deep hatred for her, to the extent of wanting her dead. However, as he becomes exposed to her innocent and natural personality, he finds himself inadvertently acting kindly towards her. Despite feeling out of place for acting contrary to his desires, he struggles to recognize what these actions signify.

Ichikawa, who usually wishes to erase Yamada from his sight, becomes concerned for her after she gets hit by a ball in the face during physical education class and ends up bleeding. Secretly following her to the infirmary, Ichikawa hides under the bed to check on Yamada. Distraught over not being able to attend the next day’s magazine photo shoot, Yamada cries while on the phone. Seeing this, Ichikawa unwittingly sheds tears as well, realizing his feelings of love.

Spoiler 3 – Yamada and Ichikawa Plan to Meet on Christmas Eve

Another popular heart-throbbing scene from “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) features the moment when Yamada, having become aware of the small and cute Ichikawa, decides to meet him on Christmas Eve. For those who haven’t read up to this point, please be cautious of spoilers for the Christmas Eve storyline. While the manga, known for its attractive characters, had not disclosed Yamada’s feelings for a while, her suggestive behavior hinted at something.

Ichikawa, who struggles with low self-esteem, begins to harbor hopes as Yamada’s physical contact with him increases. However, he soon convinces himself that it couldn’t possibly be true and decides to try to hate her as much as before, to the point of wanting her dead again. Ichikawa’s efforts to dislike her lead to awkwardness and misunderstandings between them. Nevertheless, a reconciliation hug allows them to start talking normally again.

With December comes reconciliation, and Yamada starts to wish to spend Christmas Eve with Ichikawa. Yamada subtly inquires about his plans, and on the day of the closing ceremony on the 23rd, she “forgets” the manga she had promised to lend him, successfully setting up a meeting for the 24th. They exchange contact information under the guise of handing over the manga.

Character Spoilers for The Dangers in My Heart

H3: Character 1 – Kyotaro Ichikawa


In the manga “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), Kyotaro Ichikawa, an introverted middle school second-year student, has become a topic of interest alongside the manga’s intriguing spoilers and character dynamics. Suffering from middle-school syndrome, he pacifies his day-to-day life with fantasies of killing his classmates. Ichikawa, who avoids making friends, treasures his solitude in the library during lunch breaks, spending most of his recess there.

  • Name: Kyotaro Ichikawa
  • Grade: Middle school second-year
  • Family: A family of four including his father, mother, and sister
  • Nickname: Kyochan (by his mother and sister)
  • Personality: Introverted, low self-esteem, proactive
  • Traits: Suffers from middle-school syndrome, fantasizes about killing classmates
  • Love Interest: Anna Yamada

Ichikawa, with his low self-esteem, comes to believe that Anna Yamada, a sunny character who is his polar opposite, looks down on him. As a result, he resolves to kill her thoroughly. Initially hostile towards Yamada, Ichikawa begins to monitor her and becomes intrigued as he realizes she differs from the character he had imagined. Upon seeing Yamada injured during a physical education class, he sheds tears, recognizing his feelings of love.

Character 2 – Anna Yamada


Attracting attention for its captivating plot spoilers, “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) features the strikingly beautiful Anna Yamada as one of its characters. A classmate of Ichikawa, she occupies the highest echelon of the school caste as a sunny character, in stark contrast to Ichikawa’s introverted and middle-school syndrome-afflicted nature. She shines as a bright and admired beauty within her surroundings.

  • Name: Anna Yamada
  • Grade: Middle school second-year
  • Occupation: Magazine model
  • Personality: Easygoing, natural, absent-minded
  • Traits: Has a hearty appetite
  • Appearance: Beautiful girl, long hair
  • Love Interest: Kyotaro Ichikawa

Working as a magazine model, Yamada, contrary to her appearance, has a natural and clueless demeanor. Her voracious appetite for sweets leads her to sneak snacks into the library, where food is banned, and indulge in secret. Initially indifferent to the introverted Ichikawa, Yamada gradually finds herself drawn to him, especially when he comes to her aid in times of need.

Character 3 – Chihiro Kobayashi

  • Name: Chihiro Kobayashi (Kobayashi Chihiro)
  • Best Friend: Anna Yamada
  • Personality: Caring, weak towards the opposite sex, occasionally absent-minded
  • Nicknames: Bayashiko, Boyfriend-san, Chii

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), a manga that’s drawing attention for its diverse characters, Chihiro Kobayashi stands out for her nurturing tendencies towards Ichikawa, the introverted character. With a cute short haircut, Chihiro is weak towards the opposite sex and, despite being caring, can be absent-minded. As the best friend of the surprisingly clumsy and gluttonous Anna Yamada, she is part of a lively group within the school that includes the natural and ditzy Anna, the sisterly Yoshida, and the academically gifted Sekine.

Character 4 – Moeko Sekine

  • Name: Moeko Sekine (Sekine Moeko)
  • Appearance: Flashy
  • Academic Standing: Top of the school
  • Traits: Light-hearted in speech and action

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), Moeko Sekine, known for her flashy appearance, is secretly regarded by Ichikawa, the introverted and middle-school syndrome sufferer, as a “bitch” due to her light-hearted behavior. Despite her seemingly frivolous demeanor, Sekine spends a lot of time with classmates like Chihiro Kobayashi, the strong-willed Yoshida Serina, and the natural and ditzy Anna Yamada. Contrary to her appearance, she boasts excellent academic performance.

Character 5 – Serina Yoshida

  • Name: Serina Yoshida (Yoshida Serina)
  • Grade: Middle school second-year
  • Personality: Passionate, strong-willed
  • Nickname: Nyaa

Serina Yoshida, one of the attractive characters in “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), is portrayed as a strong-willed and sisterly figure among the female students. Known for her warm-hearted nature, Yoshida has shown kindness, such as giving chocolates to male classmates who felt down for not receiving any on Valentine’s Day. She also skillfully handles boys who approach Anna Yamada, the magazine model, with interest.

Spoiler Analysis of The Mysteries in The Dangers in My Heart

Analysis Spoiler 1 – Why Yamada Saw Through Ichikawa’s Test Score Lie

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), a manga that has garnered attention for its intriguing plot spoilers and characters, numerous mysteries are woven throughout the story. Here, we delve into an analysis of these mysteries. During the group assignment for job observation, Ichikawa, an introverted character, lied about having bad test scores. However, as if knowing he actually scored high, Yamada whispers to Ichikawa similarly to the image above.

Upon closer inspection of Ichikawa’s desk, a test answer sheet peeking out revealed a high score of 92. It’s possible that Yamada caught a glimpse of this test answer sheet, leading to her sharp retort.

Analysis Spoiler 2 – The Meaning Behind Yamada’s Expression When Receiving Milk Tea

Always showing subtle kindness, Ichikawa, in “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), quietly hands a milk tea he bought from a vending machine to Yamada, who had inadvertently separated from the group during job observation. Wanting to cheer up Yamada, who had started to cry after getting lost, Ichikawa remembered hearing her shout about wanting milk tea before going on the job observation among her friends.

Upon receiving the milk tea, Yamada instantly looks down, her face turning red as shown in the image above. With her tears stopped, it’s possible she was touched by Ichikawa’s gesture of buying her the milk tea she wanted.

Analysis Spoiler 3 – Did Yamada Deliberately Sit at Ichikawa’s Desk?

Gradually drawn to Ichikawa, who always helps her out, Yamada in “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba) starts to exhibit quite suggestive behavior towards him, an introverted character. The manga, popular for its character dynamics and plot spoilers, showcased a scene where Yamada appears to deliberately sit at Ichikawa’s desk upon his return.

Ichikawa, suffering from middle-school syndrome and being introverted, is considerably thrilled by such bold actions from Yamada. While it could be thought that naturally sunny Yamada did this unconsciously, the depiction of Yamada checking for Ichikawa’s return suggests that her actions might have been intentional.

Analysis Spoiler 4 – Yamada Tries to Change Ichikawa’s Clothes

In the manga “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), which is popular for its plot spoilers, Ichikawa catches a cold and misses school. Concerned, Yamada visits the sick Ichikawa, who collapses from a high fever. The scene where Yamada, worried for him, possibly changes his sweat-drenched clothes has garnered attention.

Within the story, noted for its captivating characters, Ichikawa wakes up to find himself dressed in checkered pajamas top to bottom. This presents a bold move by Yamada, who might have changed Ichikawa’s clothes while he was semi-conscious.

Analysis Spoiler 5 – Haru’s Discomfort During Seat Change

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), a manga filled with unique characters, a classroom seat change becomes a pivotal moment. Suffering from middle-school syndrome, Ichikawa finds himself unable to see the blackboard when Yamada becomes the student seated in front of him.

Attempting to discuss this issue with Yamada, Ichikawa’s words come out more like a confession. At that moment, the plump Haru enters, visibly shaken. She might have overheard their conversation in the hallway and misunderstood it as a confession scene.

Analysis Spoiler 6 – Rice Grains on the Returned Tracksuit

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), a mix-up during physical education leads to Yamada accidentally switching tracksuits with Ichikawa, whom she later returns it to. However, Ichikawa finds rice grains on the collar of the tracksuit. Yamada, flustered upon Ichikawa’s puzzled look, might have been snacking, as suggested by a previous panel showing her happily eating with rice grains on her mouth. This incident subtly indicates Yamada’s fondness for Ichikawa.

Analysis Spoiler 7 – Yamada Overhears a Conversation Between Ichikawa and His Mother

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), the petite and cute Ichikawa has a parent-teacher conference. Before the meeting, Ichikawa’s mother seems to have exchanged candies with the beautiful Yamada. After the conference, Yamada, noticing Ichikawa walking with his mother, approaches them but becomes unsettled upon overhearing their conversation.

What did Yamada hear? Ichikawa’s mother mentioned exchanging candies with a very beautiful girl. When asked who that girl might be, Ichikawa immediately says it was Yamada. This revelation likely filled Yamada with joy and embarrassment, causing her to leave abruptly.

Analysis Spoiler 8 – Is Yamada’s Affection Obvious?

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), Yamada’s increasingly proactive behavior raises the question: Has anyone noticed her feelings? An image shows Yamada’s sharp-eyed best friend, Serina Yoshida, closely observing the situation. Thus, Yoshida, a sisterly figure, might already be aware of Yamada’s growing affection for the introverted Ichikawa.

The Fascinating Charms of The Dangers in My Heart

Charm 1 – The Introvert and Extrovert Love Comedy

“The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), a manga popular for its heart-throbbing scenes, showcases several intriguing attractions. The story develops a love comedy between Kyotaro Ichikawa, an introverted character suffering from middle-school syndrome, and Anna Yamada, an extroverted character who is a model. Despite seeming to have no common ground at first, the gentle and caring atmosphere they share brings them closer together, making their adorable interactions a hit among readers.

Charm 2 – The Height Difference

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), Anna Yamada, who works as a magazine model, is a tall and beautiful middle school girl. On the other hand, Ichikawa is considerably shorter, as evident in the image above, creating a significant height difference between him and the naturally tall Yamada. However, Yamada, who is indifferent to appearances, gradually finds herself drawn to the kind-hearted Ichikawa. Despite his small stature, Ichikawa cannot help but care for the pure and natural Yamada.

Charm 3 – The Humor

In “The Dangers in My Heart” (BokuYaba), Ichikawa, who has a strong sense of self-denial and fantasizes about killing his classmates, also has a knack for sharp retorts. His humor shines when Yamada, troubled by unwanted attention, concocts an implausible story to fend off advances, and Ichikawa cuts in with his keen wit. Ichikawa’s internal monologues and observations have become well-regarded for their entertainment value.

Charm 4 – The Evolution of Feelings and Distance

Initially, Ichikawa believed Yamada, an extroverted character who is his complete opposite, looked down on him, observing her as someone he wanted to “eliminate.” However, as he continues to watch her, he discovers unexpectedly cute aspects of her personality. Unable to ignore Yamada’s gluttonous and clumsy nature, Ichikawa naturally begins to treat her kindly.

Yamada, becoming aware of Ichikawa who always helps her in times of need, quickly closes the distance between them due to her pure and natural personality, forgetting to maintain any distance. Ichikawa, attempting to keep his distance, ends up building a heartwarming relationship with the unguardedly approaching Yamada.

Spoiler Summary of The Dangers in My Heart

Despite her beautiful appearance, Anna Yamada is a gluttonous and clumsy character, while Kyotaro Ichikawa, despite suffering from middle-school syndrome, proves to be cool when it counts. This love comedy has gained popularity for its intriguing plot, drawing attention to its spoiler-filled synopsis. Although only three volumes have been published so far, the work is so entertaining that there is already speculation and hope for its adaptation into an anime.

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