When Do Ichikawa and Yamada Start Dating in “The Dangers in My Heart”? When Are the Confession and Kiss Scenes?


This article will address questions like “In which volume and chapter do the confession and kiss happen?” in “The Dangers in My Heart,” a story depicting the unassuming loner Kyotaro Ichikawa who harbors feelings for the popular Anzu Yamada. We will provide an overview of “The Dangers in My Heart,” including a summary and an explanation of the romantic relationship between Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada. Furthermore, we will compile information about “In which volume and chapter do they start dating?” and “Where are the confession and kiss scenes?” including spoilers.

What is “The Dangers in My Heart”?

Overview of “The Dangers in My Heart”

Before addressing questions like “In which volume and chapter is the confession and kiss?” and “Which scenes depict them starting to date?”, let’s introduce some basic information about “The Dangers in My Heart.” This manga has been serialized since 2018, and as of February 2024, nine volumes have been published. The total circulation has exceeded 4 million copies, and an anime adaptation started airing in 2023.

Synopsis of “The Dangers in My Heart”

“The Dangers in My Heart” narrates the love story between Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada. Kyotaro Ichikawa is an introverted loner, making him an outcast in his class. Initially, he harbored unrequited hostility towards Anzu Yamada, but as they began to talk more in the library, he gradually developed special feelings for her. Anzu Yamada belongs to the upper echelon of the school caste, engaging in modeling and acting activities.

In Which Volume and Chapter Do Ichikawa and Yamada Confess and Start Dating in “The Dangers in My Heart”?

This section addresses the question, “In which volume and chapter do Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada have their confession scene?” The two maintained a close yet distant relationship before officially becoming a couple during the story. We will also cover the question, “In which scene do they start dating?”

Ichikawa and Yamada’s Confession Scene: Which Volume and Chapter?

In “The Dangers in My Heart,” Kyotaro Ichikawa is a middle school student with an introverted personality, spending his breaks in the library due to not having friends. Anzu Yamada, a beautiful model and popular figure at school, secretly eats snacks in the library since they are banned at school, which gradually brings her closer to Ichikawa.

Regarding the question, “In which volume and chapter is the confession scene?”, Ichikawa’s confession to Yamada is depicted in Volume 8, Chapter 110. The students are excited about their school trip to Kyoto and Nara in June, a major event they all look forward to. Yamada was also looking forward to the trip, but it coincided with the audition for “Kimi Oku,” her favorite manga, leading her to decide to go on the trip while keeping the audition a secret.

“Kimi Oku” played a pivotal role in bringing Ichikawa and Yamada closer. The manga features a scene where the characters kiss during a school trip, fueling Ichikawa’s imagination. On the day of the trip, Ichikawa notices something off about Yamada and eventually discovers the cause.

For Yamada, “Kimi Oku” is a significant work that helped her bond with Ichikawa. Despite wanting to attend the audition, she couldn’t bring herself to say it and chose to go on the trip instead. Therefore, Ichikawa confesses, “I love Yamada, who made me realize how beautiful the world is,” and supports her decision to attend the audition by reassuring her that everything will be alright.

In Which Volume and Chapter Do Ichikawa and Yamada Start Dating?

In Volume 8, Chapter 113 of “The Dangers in My Heart,” Anzu Yamada responds to Kyotaro Ichikawa’s confession. Yamada sends a message to Ichikawa saying, “I’ll be waiting at our usual place,” calling him to the library where they grew closer. During this moment, she says, “You’re the most important, the most special, my everything, and I love you! Will you go out with me?” leading to Ichikawa and Yamada officially starting their relationship.

As mentioned previously, “Kimi Oku” is a significant work for Yamada, and she had wanted to attend its audition. However, she decides to go on the school trip that Ichikawa was looking forward to instead. It’s clear that for Yamada, Ichikawa is the center of her world, and she harbors a passionate love for him. The mutual feelings between them were established early on, and after a long period, they officially become a couple.

In Which Volume and Chapter Do Ichikawa and Yamada Have Their Kiss and Bed Scene in “The Dangers in My Heart”?

Following the exploration of the confession scene, we will now address the question, “In which volume and chapter do Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada share a kiss?” The sweet and sour romance between the two is a highlight of “The Dangers in My Heart.” We’ll also look into “Do they have a bed scene?”

Ichikawa and Yamada’s Kiss Scene: Which Volume and Chapter?

The question of “In which volume and chapter is the kiss scene between Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada?” is answered in Volume 8, Chapter 113. As previously mentioned, following Yamada’s response, the two become a couple and share a kiss. Initially, Yamada accidentally bumps foreheads in an attempt to kiss him but soon kisses Ichikawa on the cheek, leaving him in a state of shock and surprise.

Ichikawa Kana, the sister of Kyotaro Ichikawa, attends college and is a member of the light music club. Ichikawa and Yamada go to watch her live performance. Furthermore, Ichikawa has written lyrics about his feelings for Yamada, which makes her blush upon hearing them. Later, sitting on the stairs at the venue, Yamada kisses Ichikawa on the lips.

The two continue to kiss until other guests arrive and then leave, holding hands. Although Yamada initially thought, “It would be better if I wasn’t the one to initiate the first time,” she couldn’t hold back her feelings and kissed Ichikawa again. They continue to date smoothly, including going on trips together.

Is There a Bed Scene Between Ichikawa and Yamada?

Regarding the question, “Is there a bed scene between Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada?” there is no depicted bed scene between the two. While they have found themselves on top of each other in bed, these instances were accidental, ending with them merely looking at each other. Given that this is a middle school romance story, explicit sexual content is not expected.

Sekine Moko is aware of Ichikawa and Yamada’s mutual feelings and knows about their relationship. Yoshida Serina has also noticed their relationship and, being a considerate friend, initially harbored hostility towards Ichikawa. Kobayashi Chihiro is Yamada’s best friend, but due to her childlike mind, she has not noticed their relationship.

When Did Yamada Start Liking Ichikawa in “The Dangers in My Heart”? Did They Experience Jealousy?

After exploring questions about confessions, kisses, and the beginning of their relationship, we delve into “When did Anzu Yamada start liking Kyotaro Ichikawa?” Initially, Ichikawa was just another classmate to Yamada, but she developed special feelings for him as the story progressed. We’ll also explore whether they experienced jealousy before becoming a couple.

When Did Yamada Start Liking Ichikawa?

Anzu Yamada had feelings for Kyotaro Ichikawa and was more proactive in her approach towards him. They were opposites, and the exact moment Yamada developed clear romantic feelings remains unspecified. In “The Dangers in My Heart,” there’s an episode where Ichikawa’s class goes on a work experience trip, during which Ichikawa gives Yamada a milk tea after she makes a mistake. It’s possible that Yamada began noticing Ichikawa from this point.

Haruya Nanjo, a year senior to Ichikawa, is popular with women and has expressed interest in Yamada, which Ichikawa resents, referring to him derogatorily. Nanjo asked for Yamada’s contact information, to which she visibly showed disapproval. Ichikawa’s eccentric act of throwing his bicycle into the river to aid Yamada suggests that her affection for him may have been sparked by his kindness.

An episode concerning the preparation for the cultural festival is depicted, where Ichikawa’s class plans to create a haunted house, and “Yamada’s Family Grave” is mistakenly written on the background painting. Yamada is shocked upon seeing it, and Ichikawa, knowing there was no malice intended, defends the creator, Hono Haru. By this time, Yamada was already conscious of Ichikawa and might have grown fonder of him due to his compassionate nature.

Ichikawa, an introverted loner, initially harbored animosity towards the popular Yamada. However, as they began to talk more in the library and even ride home together on a bicycle, Ichikawa realizes his concern for Yamada when she is injured during basketball and hides in the infirmary. From the first episode, Ichikawa thought Yamada was beautiful, suggesting his hostility might have been a cover for his inability to express his true feelings.

Did Ichikawa and Yamada Experience Jealousy Before Dating?

Anzu Yamada, possessing a strong sense of possessiveness, would become upset whenever Kyotaro Ichikawa interacted closely with other girls. In the series, Moko Sekine asks Ichikawa for his contact information in Yamada’s presence, eliciting a murderous look from Yamada. Additionally, during a Valentine’s episode, Yamada invites Ichikawa to a girls-only chocolate-making event, indicating her desire for him to always be by her side.

Hono Haru and classmate Kenta Kanzaki share a good rapport but are not officially dating, leading to a double date with Ichikawa and Yamada. Before meeting up, Haru tries on a hat in a store, and Ichikawa, imagining Yamada in it, comments it’s cute. However, Yamada misunderstands and thinks the compliment was directed at Haru, giving Ichikawa a cold stare.

Though Ichikawa initially showed animosity towards Yamada, he disrupts Haruya Nanjo’s advances towards her, indicating early romantic feelings. During the double date, Ichikawa claims Yamada as his own, revealing his possessive side. Their Christmas date does not immediately lead to a romantic relationship, highlighting the time it took for them to officially become a couple.

“The Dangers in My Heart” also portrays Haruya Nanjo’s graduation, where he confesses his feelings to Yamada in the infirmary. Yamada tearfully responds that she likes someone else, and Ichikawa, resting on the bed, learns of her feelings. Their subsequent embarrassed interactions after facing each other suggest that Nanjo’s confession helped bring them closer.

Summary of the Confession and Kiss Scenes in “The Dangers in My Heart”

This article has introduced the confession and kiss scenes in “The Dangers in My Heart.” Kyotaro Ichikawa and Anzu Yamada were mutually attracted to each other from the beginning, but it took time before the confession was made, leading to their official relationship. This development has been positively received, suggesting that the wait was worthwhile. For those who haven’t read “The Dangers in My Heart,” this article serves as a guide to explore the manga further.

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