Is a Reunion Possible? Unraveling the Meaning Behind the “See You Again” in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”


Please note that this article contains spoilers for the manga “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Reader discretion is advised.

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” tells the story of what happens “after” the hero’s party has defeated the Demon Lord. It follows the journey of Frieren, an elf mage who lives through the ages, and explores the many encounters and farewells she experiences. What meaning lies behind the greetings exchanged at these moments? This article focuses on the scenes where “See you again” is shared, delving into the significance of these words and the possibility of reunion.

Frieren Has Said “See You Again” Six Times So Far

As of the twelfth volume, Frieren has said “See you again” a total of six times. These farewells were to the warrior Eisen (twice, after Himmel’s death and upon Oreol’s departure), the head of the Sword Village, Zain, Lavigne & Canne, and Methode & Genaue. In conclusion, for the current Frieren, the phrase “See you again” directly signifies a promise of reunion, implying a definite intention to meet again. Elves, being a species that can live for over a thousand years, likely allowed Frieren to previously assume that whether it be decades or even a hundred years later, meeting again was always a possibility. However, Himmel’s death made her acutely aware of the stark contrast in lifespan between humans and herself.

Since then, it’s speculated that Frieren has been deliberate in her use of “See you again.” Taking the farewell in the first episode “The End of the Adventure” as an example, after Himmel’s death, Frieren, Haita, and Eisen each go their separate ways. She bids Eisen “See you again” but says nothing to Haita as he departs. Given that Eisen is a dwarf with a lifespan of about 300 years, Frieren likely judged that there was a possibility of meeting again. On the other hand, just before parting, Haita hinted at his imminent death with remarks about the toll of years of drinking and suggesting “this might be the last time,” indicating that Frieren understood a reunion with Haita would be difficult, hence she refrained from saying “See you again.”

Moreover, the reason Frieren did not exchange “See you again” with Forel might be the same as with Haita. Even though Forel is a dwarf like Eisen, he had lived for over 400 years, beyond the typical 300-year lifespan of dwarves. Additionally, the onset of his fading memory might have led Frieren to surmise that this encounter could be their last.

Characters Who Have Actually Reunited

Looking at the characters who have had their second appearance after parting ways, aside from Eisen, there are others who have already made a return. While not directly after a “See you again” farewell, Methode reappeared in Episode 71, “The Extermination Request,” marking his first return since the First-Class Mage Examination arc. From the mage examination episodes, not only Methode but also Denken has already reunited. Thus, it’s highly plausible that Lavigne & Canne, who were fellow examinees, could meet again.

Moreover, the possibility of reuniting with Zain has been mentioned. Zain left Frieren’s party in Episode 35, “The Start of a Journey.” The next mention of him was in Episode 76, “The Conclusion,” when Methode suggested accompanying him, an offer Frieren declined, stating, “I still want to keep the priest’s spot in this party open,” and “We might meet again someday.” She further added, “The priest of this party is Zain,” showing her intention to meet Zain again and welcome him back to the party. This underscores that Frieren’s “See you again” indeed signifies the hope or promise of reunion.

If there’s someone they are to meet again, it’s likely to be among those to whom “See you again” was said. As we eagerly await the continuation of Frieren’s adventures, it’s exciting to think about who will reappear next.

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