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In “OSHI NO KO,” Miyako “Miyamon” Saito, who becomes a mother figure to Ruby and Aqua, has garnered popularity among readers for her beauty and cuteness. What exactly constitutes the adorable charm of Miyamon? Furthermore, Miyamon’s age remains a mystery, prompting readers to speculate about how old she might be. In this article, we delve into the age and allure of Miyamon from “OSHI NO KO,” and also explore theories surrounding her as a potential mastermind.

Why Miyamon Captivates with Her Beauty and Cuteness

Female characters in “OSHI NO KO” are often noted for their cuteness, but Miyamon (Miyako Saito) stands out as both beautiful and cute, sparking discussions among fans. But who is Miyamon (Miyako Saito) in “OSHI NO KO,” and what makes her such a captivating character?

Let’s first examine the background of “OSHI NO KO” and Miyamon’s (Miyako Saito) age and profile. Additionally, we’ll address why Miyako Saito is affectionately referred to as “Miyamon” and explore the origins of this nickname.


  • Overview of OSHI NO KO

“OSHI NO KO” is a manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, currently serialized in Weekly Young Jump since issue 21 of 2020. Aka Akasaka, the writer of “OSHI NO KO,” is known for his work in various fields such as manga writing, illustration, and character design. He is renowned for creating “ib: Instant Bullet” and “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War,” a manga series serialized from May 2015 to November 2022. The simultaneous serialization of “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” and “OSHI NO KO” marked an unusual occurrence, drawing significant attention.

Mengo Yokoyari, responsible for the illustrations of “OSHI NO KO,” is a manga artist known for works like “Scum’s Wish” and “You Are My Queen.” Yokoyari also operates as an illustrator under the pseudonym “Yori,” mainly creating illustrations for Vocaloid music tracks online.

The creation of “OSHI NO KO” was sparked by Akasaka’s encounter with Yokoyari’s short manga “Cute,” leading him to believe that only Yokoyari could bring to life the character Ai Hoshino, a once-in-a-millennium idol featured in “OSHI NO KO.” Following this, Akasaka scouted Yokoyari to illustrate “OSHI NO KO,” and Yokoyari, who was honing her drawing skills at the time, gladly accepted the offer. This collaboration gave birth to Ai Hoshino, the absolute ace idol of B Komachi. “OSHI NO KO” is also serialized on the digital platform Shonen Jump+ with weekly updates every Thursday, one week behind the print publication.

As of November 2023, there have been 13 volumes published. The first volume of “OSHI NO KO,” handled by Akasaka and Yokoyari, became the best-selling book in Japan during its release from July 1 to September 30, 2020. By March 2022, the manga had surpassed a total of 1 million copies in circulation, making it a major hit. Additionally, the first season of the TV anime aired from April to June 2023, with a second season scheduled for 2024.

  • Synopsis of OSHI NO KO

Goro Amamiya, a rural obstetrician known as Goro, is surprised when his favorite idol on hiatus, Ai Hoshino, visits him for a maternity check-up, pregnant with twins. Goro decides to fully support Ai Hoshino’s confidential childbirth. However, just before Ai’s delivery, Goro is killed by Ai’s stalker, Ryosuke, and is reborn as one of Ai’s children, Aquamarine “Aqua” Hoshino. Aqua’s twin sister, Ruby Hoshino, was a patient in Goro’s previous life who shared his admiration for Ai Hoshino. Together, they support Ai’s idol activities while keeping her pregnancy and childbirth a secret, growing up under her care.

Age and Profile of Miyamon (Miyako Saito)

Let’s explore the age and profile of Miyako “Miyamon” Saito from “OSHI NO KO.” Miyamon’s age is unknown, but it is hinted that she is younger than her husband, Ichigo, as Ai commented on her youthfulness. Readers speculate that Miyamon might have been in her twenties at her first appearance and in her late thirties in subsequent chapters. Regarding Miyamon’s profile, she moved to Tokyo from the countryside during her university years and has experience working as a hostess and lounge girl.

Miyamon also has modeling and race queen experience, including appearing in magazine gravures, but she was not very successful in the entertainment industry. It was during this time that Ichigo invited her to work behind the scenes, leading to her joining Ichigo Pro.

Initially, Miyamon was perceived as a calculating character who married Ichigo to get close to a young celebrity, hoping to remarry another celebrity or indulging in host clubs. However, from the second chapter onwards, she becomes the dedicated and capable president of Ichigo Pro, as well as a devoted mother to Aqua and Ruby.

The Reason Behind the Nickname “Miyamon”

Despite her real name being Miyako Saito, she is affectionately called “Miyamon,” a curiosity many have pondered. The nickname “Miyamon” for Miyako Saito originated from Ruby’s remarks. After Ai’s passing, Miyamon tirelessly struggled as a mother figure for Aqua and Ruby.

Ruby, in particular, grew very attached to her, especially since Miyamon managed “New B Komachi,” of which Ruby is a member, intensifying their bond. Ruby’s exclamation, “Miyamon! Make me an idol quickly!” became the catalyst for readers to also embrace the nickname “Miyamon” for Miyako Saito.

The Adorable Charm of Miyamon

Miyamon (Miyako Saito) in “OSHI NO KO” is not only visually appealing but her personality and inner beauty are equally enchanting. Let’s delve into the aspects that make Miyamon irresistibly charming.

Cute Charm #1: Beautiful Appearance

One of Miyamon’s (Miyako Saito) endearing traits is her “beautiful appearance.” Among the female characters in “OSHI NO KO,” Miyamon stands out for her beauty, contributing to her popularity.

Despite her undisclosed age, Miyamon’s past as a model, race queen, and hostess is testament to her beauty. It’s believed her natural beauty is enhanced by subtle cosmetic procedures, helping her maintain her looks over the years.

Cute Charm #2: Initially Known as the President’s Wife

Miyamon’s (Miyako Saito) initial title of “the president’s wife” marks her second charm. As the wife of Ichigo Saito, the president of Ichigo Productions, she was known as “the president’s wife.”

Initially marrying Ichigo to get closer to a young celebrity and possibly remarry, she didn’t seem to be in love with Ichigo. However, after Ichigo’s disappearance, Miyamon took over Ichigo Productions, honoring his legacy and showing her dedication.

Cute Charm #3: Capable Babysitter

Miyamon (Miyako Saito) also showcases her ability as a “capable babysitter.” Initially feeling stressed and dissatisfied with babysitting Aqua and Ruby while Ai worked, she ultimately took great care of them, demonstrating her versatility and dedication.

Cute Charm #4: Adopting Aqua and Ruby

Miyamon’s (Miyako Saito) decision to adopt Aqua and Ruby adds to her charm. After Ai’s death, Miyamon proposed taking in Aqua and Ruby, not out of sympathy or obligation but due to the maternal bond that developed while babysitting them, expressing, “I think of you as my own children.”

Cute Charm #5: Becoming President of Ichigo Productions

Miyamon’s (Miyako Saito) ascension to president of Ichigo Productions is her fifth cute charm. After her husband, Ichigo Saito, went missing following Ai’s incident, Miyamon stepped up to lead the company. Though initially marrying for proximity to young celebrities, her commitment to Ichigo Productions reflects her strong sense of responsibility and affection for Ichigo.

Exploring the Theory of Miyamon’s True Identity as the Mastermind

In “OSHI NO KO,” the mastermind behind Ai Hoshino’s murder has yet to be revealed, leaving readers engrossed in speculation about who it could be. Among these theories, some readers suspect Miyako “Miyamon” Saito might be the mastermind. What leads to the suspicion that Miyamon could be behind it all? Let’s delve into the mastermind theory surrounding Miyamon in “OSHI NO KO.”

Reasons Why Miyamon Is Suspected to Be the Mastermind

  • Reason #1: Knew Goro and Ai’s Location

One reason Miyamon is thought to be the mastermind is her knowledge of Goro and Ai’s whereabouts. Ai secretly gave birth to twins in Miyazaki, where Goro worked. However, Goro, Ai’s attending physician, was murdered just before the birth.

The culprit would have needed to know Goro and Ai’s location, but Ai hadn’t disclosed any details about her pregnancy or where she planned to give birth. Miyamon’s knowledge of Goro and Ai’s whereabouts has led some readers to speculate she might be the mastermind.

  • Reason #2: Had Almost Complete Information on Ai

Another reason Miyamon is suspected of being the mastermind is her possession of nearly all information on Ai. The fact that Ai had a secret childbirth and twins was unknown to most people.

Miyamon, however, was close enough to be asked to babysit, indicating her deep involvement. This level of access to Ai’s information has prompted some readers to wonder if Miyamon could indeed be the mastermind.

Reasons Why Miyamon Is Unlikely to Be the Mastermind

While the aforementioned reasons have led to speculation about Miyamon (Miyako Saito) being the mastermind, it’s highly unlikely that she is. Firstly, her knowledge of Goro and Ai’s whereabouts, as well as having almost complete information on Ai, can be attributed to her role as the wife of Ichigo Saito, the president of Ichigo Productions. It’s a natural consequence of her position. Furthermore, if Miyamon were the mastermind, it’s unlikely she would have taken in Aqua and Ruby.

The Voice Actor of Miyamon

Since April 2023, the popular manga “OSHI NO KO” has been adapted into a television anime. Who is the voice actor behind the character of Miyamon (Miyako Saito) in the anime adaptation of “OSHI NO KO”? Next, let’s explore the profile of the voice actor who brought Miyamon (Miyako Saito) to life in the anime, along with their other notable roles and main works.

Profile of Lynn

  • Nickname: Lynn-chan
  • Place of Birth: Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Hometown: Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
  • Birthday: June 1
  • Blood Type: Type A
  • Profession: Voice Actor
  • Agency: Arts Vision
  • Active Period: 2010s to present

Major Works and Characters Voiced by Lynn

In the anime “OSHI NO KO,” Lynn voices the character Miyamon (Miyako Saito). Her other notable roles include Mashiro Munetani in “High School Fleet,” Himari Takanashi in “Interviews with Monster Girls,” Fuyutsuki Mafuyu in “We Never Learn,” and Shizuka Tachibana in “Blue Orchestra.”

Summary of Miyamon

In this article, we’ve summarized information about Miyamon (Miyako Saito) from “OSHI NO KO.” The nickname “Miyamon” was given by Ruby and has since been affectionately used by readers to refer to her.

Initially characterized by her calculating nature, Miyamon’s role evolves significantly after Ai’s death. She takes in the two children and takes over her husband’s office. Miyamon is not only visually appealing but her inner qualities also add to her charm, making her a beloved character in “OSHI NO KO.” If you’re intrigued by Miyamon (Miyako Saito), be sure to check out “OSHI NO KO.”

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