“SPY×FAMILY” – Are There Hidden Clues Throughout? Analyzing the Potential Romance Between the Tsundere Damian and Anya


In the hugely popular manga and anime “SPY×FAMILY,” a key element of the story revolves around the school life of Anya, the girl with supernatural abilities, at Eden Academy. This is crucial because the skilled spy, known as “Twilight” or Lloyd Forger, forms a pseudo-family with Anya and Yor to make contact with Donovan Desmond, the National Unity Party’s leader in the Eastern Bloc, at an Eden Academy social event.

This article delves deeper into Damian, Donovan Desmond’s son and Anya’s classmate, exploring his charm, tsundere episodes, and potential romantic signals (?) with Anya.

Prideful and Self-Absorbed, Yet Possesses Manly Qualities

An indispensable aspect of discussing Damian’s character is his immense pride in being the son of the National Unity Party’s leader of the Eastern Bloc and his tendency to be quite self-absorbed.

For instance, during the class assignment announcement, when his name is called without honorifics, he internally demands, “Add ‘sama’ to it. ‘Sama’.” Furthermore, upon realizing Anya is looking at him, he thinks, “She’s already smitten by my charm,” and “She’s blushing. How cute.” Initially, he appears to be an egotistical character, which makes Anya, who can read minds due to her powers, visibly disappointed. This creates an early impression that their path to friendship will be challenging.

However, later in MISSION 15, during a dodgeball class competition, he shields Anya, who has fallen, by taking a fast ball to his body. In MISSION 17, when Anya earns a Stella (star), he defends her against classmates who insinuate she cheated, asking, “Do you think our school is so third-rate as to hand out stars for errors or dishonesty?” This side of him reveals a manly nature that even wins the admiration of his male classmates, showcasing that, in reality, he’s a heartthrob with support from both genders.

Growing Interest Through Suspense?

Romantic Flags Scattered Throughout the Story The classic narrative where a man and a woman meet in the worst of circumstances, overcome various events and crises together, and eventually develop a romantic relationship is often referred to as the “Suspension Bridge Effect.” This classic romantic trope can be seen throughout Anya and Damian’s school life in “SPY×FAMILY.”

For example, on the first day at Eden Academy. Anya, who possesses telepathic abilities, initially tries to befriend Damian for the success of the critical mission “Operation Strix” implemented by the master spy “Twilight.” However, she accidentally ends up hitting him due to his arrogant attitude. Although Anya later apologizes and the matter is resolved, Damian, who had never been hit before, starts to see her as someone of interest.

In Volume 11, Mission 69, during the bus hijacking incident where Anya ends up with a bomb around her neck, Damian offers himself as a substitute to save her. The scenes of Damian trying to help Anya in her times of crisis, Anya’s admiration for him, and Damian’s tsundere reaction when Anya comments, “You were so cool!!” are highlights of the series.

With the romantic elements being less emphasized in the relationship between the elite spy Twilight and his wife Yor, the budding romance and evolving relationship between Anya and Damian continue to captivate the audience’s attention.

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