“Stardust Telepath” Spoiler-Filled Synopsis and Review Compilation! A Yuri Manga about a Socially Awkward Girl and an Alien?


In this article, we dive into the spoiler-filled synopsis and reviews of “Stardust Telepath.” The story follows the socially awkward protagonist, Umino Hoshika, who struggles with communication and encounters a girl claiming to be an alien. We will summarize the outline and plot of “Stardust Telepath,” along with readers’ reviews and ratings, all while revealing spoilers. Additionally, we address the question, “Is ‘Stardust Telepath’ a Yuri manga?” and introduce a list of voice actors featured in the anime.

What is “Stardust Telepath”?

Before delving into spoiler-filled synopses and the Yuri elements, let’s first introduce the basic information about “Stardust Telepath.” This manga has been serialized since 2019 and, as of March 2024, four volumes have been published. The author, Rasuko Okuma, was nominated for the “Next Manga Award” in 2021.

Is “Stardust Telepath” a Yuri Manga?

In works where female characters are the main focus, it’s common for Yuri, which depicts romantic relationships between women, to be featured. “Stardust Telepath” tells the story of female characters and, thus, includes Yuri elements similar to other works. Although there are no blatant romantic depictions, it’s clear that Umino Hoshika and Akiuchi Yuu harbor special feelings for each other.

Akiuchi Yuu in “Stardust Telepath” possesses a telepathic ability called “Forehead-pashi.” This ability allows reading someone’s thoughts by touching foreheads, and scenes of Umino Hoshika blushing are depicted. Therefore, “Stardust Telepath” is said to have interesting Yuri elements.

Overview of “Stardust Telepath”

“Stardust Telepath” explores the life of Umino Hoshika, a high school girl who has always found it challenging to communicate with others. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Akiuchi Yuu, a mysterious girl who claims to be an alien from outer space. The story unfolds as their unique relationship develops, delving into themes of friendship, understanding, and the exploration of one’s identity.

The manga skillfully combines elements of science fiction with everyday school life, creating a narrative that is both fantastical and relatable. The introduction of telepathy as a means of communication between Hoshika and Yuu adds a magical layer to the story, emphasizing the importance of understanding and connection beyond words.

Through its depiction of the characters’ internal struggles and their interactions with one another, “Stardust Telepath” captures the essence of youth and the journey towards self-acceptance. The manga has been praised for its delicate portrayal of emotions, as well as its ability to tackle complex themes with sensitivity and humor.

As the story progresses, the bond between Hoshika and Yuu grows stronger, offering readers a glimpse into the power of unwavering support and the beauty of a deep, unspoken understanding. “Stardust Telepath” is not just a story about a socially awkward girl and an alien; it’s a heartfelt exploration of the connections that make us human, beautifully illustrated through the lens of a Yuri manga.

Whether you’re drawn to the intriguing premise, the charming characters, or the underlying messages about communication and connection, “Stardust Telepath” offers a refreshing take on the genre that is sure to captivate and inspire readers of all backgrounds.

Highlights of “Stardust Telepath”

Highlight 1: Serious Developments

“Stardust Telepath” is serialized in “Manga Time Kirara,” known for its many works featuring the relaxed daily lives of beautiful girls. However, “Stardust Telepath” also includes serious depictions. Moreover, with the goal of “going to space together,” it has been noted for its interesting takes on friendship and human drama.

Highlight 2: Detailed Psychological Portrayal

The protagonist, Umino Hoshika, is a shy high school student who struggles with communication. Despite this, she inwardly wishes for friends, a desire that is depicted with detailed psychological portrayal throughout the manga. Additionally, her efforts as the president of a club and her growth in that role is another highlight.

Highlight 3: Beautiful Artwork

“Stardust Telepath” is often praised for its beautiful artwork. While four-panel comics tend to feature exaggerated characters and landscapes, “Stardust Telepath” is known for its meticulous and realistic depictions. Thus, the high quality of the author’s artistry has also been a point of interest.

Spoiler-Filled Synopsis of “Stardust Telepath”

After looking at the highlights and Yuri elements, we will now delve into a spoiler-filled introduction to the manga’s synopsis of “Stardust Telepath.” As a work serialized in “Manga Time Kirara,” it has been noted for its charming characters. Here, we spoil the synopsis of volumes 1 to 3.

Volume 1 Spoiler Synopsis

The protagonist of “Stardust Telepath” is Umino Hoshika. She’s a shy high school student troubled by her inability to make friends and wishes to go to space to “find a place where she belongs.” Akiuchi Yuu, who claims to be an alien, is not believed by her classmates, but Hoshika starts to believe that “she really is an alien.” Yuu also claims to have telepathic abilities, which she demonstrates by touching foreheads with Hoshika, causing her to blush.

Hoshika, who has always thought “there must be someone out there who understands me,” finds herself drawn to Yuu, who understood her feelings. Yuu is cheerful and spontaneous, often leaving Hoshika bewildered with her unpredictable actions. The two become best friends and share a dream of “going to space in a rocket they build themselves.”

Volume 2 Spoiler Synopsis

Hoshika and Yuu decide to “build a rocket and go to space,” taking the first step towards their dream by forming the “Model Rocket Club.” Takaragi Haruno and Raiden Shun join the club, and the four decide to compete in the “Model Rocket Championship.” However, they face a crushing defeat in the preliminary competition, but Hoshika is reinvigorated by the desire to “go to space with everyone.”

Volume 3 Spoiler Synopsis

Raiden Shun, a girl who loves robot anime and joins the club as a mechanic, blames herself for the preliminary defeat and stops coming to school. Hoshika shows growth by reporting at a club presidents’ meeting, but Yuu feels lonely at the thought of “Hoshika going far away.” Encouraged by Takaragi Haruno, Shun starts coming to school again.

Voice Actors in the “Stardust Telepath” Anime

After exploring the synopsis spoilers and Yuri elements, let’s introduce the voice actors featured in the “Stardust Telepath” anime. The anime was broadcasted in 2023, with “Kaori,” who worked on projects like “Yuyushiki” and “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” serving as the director. We will compile a list of the voice actors’ profiles and their works.

Umino Hoshika / Yurie Funato

Umino Hoshika is voiced by Yurie Funato, a voice actress from Saitama Prefecture, active since 2015. Born on September 18, 1994, she is affiliated with Amuse. Inspired by “Fullmetal Alchemist,” she has appeared in anime such as “Magic Party,” “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter,” and “Hatena☆Illusion.”

Akiuchi Yuu / Seria Fukagawa

Akiuchi Yuu is voiced by Seria Fukagawa, a voice actress from Saga Prefecture, active since 2014. Born on September 26, 1995, she is affiliated with Axel One. She won the Grand Prize in the Avance Cup Broadcasting Contest as a primary school student and has appeared in “A Centaur’s Life,” “Last Period: The Journey to the End of the Despair,” and “Glasslip.”

Takaragi Haruno / Moe Nagamuta

Takaragi Haruno is voiced by Moe Nagamuta, a voice actress from Fukuoka Prefecture, active in the 2020s. Her birthday is August 22, and she is affiliated with Across Entertainment. Her works include “Demon Slayer,” “Record of Ragnarok,” and “The Vampire Dies in No Time.”

Raiden Shun / Shiki Aoki

Raiden Shun is voiced by Shiki Aoki, a voice actress from Toyama Prefecture, active since the 2000s. Born on January 14, 1990, she is affiliated with KD Entertainment. She debuted as a reader model and in theater during her student days and has appeared in “Sorcerous Stabber Orphen,” “Puzzle & Dragons Cross,” and “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater.”

Teacher Emihara / Natsumi Takamori

Teacher Emihara Akane is voiced by Natsumi Takamori, a voice actress from Yamanashi Prefecture, active since 2009. Born on February 14, 1987, she is affiliated with Raccoon Dog. Reading manga to her younger sister inspired her to become a voice actress, and her works include “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou,” “Brave Witches,” and “Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou.”

Umino Honomi / Hina Yomiya

Umino Honomi is voiced by Hina Yomiya, a voice actress from Nara Prefecture, active since 2020. Born on March 26, 2000, she is affiliated with Aoni Production. Watching anime in junior high school inspired her to become a voice actress, and she has appeared in “My Dress-Up Darling,” “The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady,” and “A Condition Called Love.”

Spoiler Summary of “Stardust Telepath”

In this article, we’ve introduced the synopsis and reviews of “Stardust Telepath,” including spoilers. While “Stardust Telepath” is a Kirara work, it features a rare serious development uncommon in Kirara titles. Additionally, its heartwarming daily life scenes are the main focus, which has led to opinions that it’s soothing just by watching. For those who haven’t seen “Stardust Telepath” yet, please consider this article as a reference and give it a watch.

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