Why is the “Atelier Ryza” Anime Considered Boring? Differences from the Original and Reviews


“Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout” is an anime based on the game of the same name by Koei Tecmo. The anime, which aired nationwide in July 2023, features Ryza, a young girl aspiring to become a great alchemist. Despite the original game being one of Koei Tecmo’s most popular titles, the anime adaptation has been criticized for being boring for various reasons. This article will explore why “Atelier Ryza” is considered dull by some viewers, along with its unique charms and overall reception.

What is “Atelier Ryza”?

The anime “Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout” is based on a game of the same name and was broadcast from July to September 2023. The original game “Atelier Ryza” by Koei Tecmo Games has become one of the company’s hit series, with a total of two sequels produced so far. Additionally, the anime “Atelier Ryza” features the same cast as the original game, which initially raised expectations among many fans of the original work.

However, the anime “Atelier Ryza” has been criticized for its poor animation quality and for diverging from the original game’s story. The slow pace of story progression in the anime has also led to it being labeled as boring by many fans of the original work. This article will delve into the reasons why the anime “Atelier Ryza” is considered dull, its intriguing aspects, and overall reception. First, let’s briefly introduce the anime “Atelier Ryza” and its synopsis.

Overview of “Atelier Ryza”

“Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout” is an anime adaptation based on a game of the same name. The original game by Koei Tecmo Games, known for “Nobunaga’s Ambition,” has been a huge hit, surpassing 500,000 units in total shipments. This popularity led to the game being adapted into an anime in July 2023. The anime “Atelier Ryza” is praised for its well-crafted story and unique characters. However, it has been criticized for differences from the original work and its slow pace, among some viewers.

Synopsis of “Atelier Ryza”

Ryza, hailing from the countryside village of Kurken Island, is frustrated with her monotonous and constrained life. One day, she embarks on an adventure with her childhood friends Lent and Tao on a small boat. During this journey, Ryza encounters the alchemist Empel and witnesses the mysterious power of “alchemy.” Captivated by this power, Ryza pleads with Empel to teach her alchemy. Under Empel’s guidance, Ryza’s talent blossoms, and she embarks on a new life as an alchemist.

Reasons Why “Atelier Ryza” Anime Is Considered Boring

As introduced earlier, the original game of “Atelier Ryza” has achieved a total shipment of over 500,000 units, making it an extremely popular title. However, the anime adaptation has been criticized for its animation quality, pacing issues, and deviations from the original storyline. As a result, the TV anime version of “Atelier Ryza” has received feedback describing it as boring or terrible. Here, we will discuss the reasons why the anime adaptation is perceived as lackluster.

Reason #1: Differences Between the Original Game and the Anime

The first point of contention is the differences between the original game and the TV anime adaptation. The storyline of the anime “Atelier Ryza” follows the original game up to the dragon slaying. However, the ending of the anime is completely different from that of the original game. Moreover, the anime fails to replicate the combat and synthesis systems of the original game. Consequently, the adaptation has lost much of its appeal, leading fans of the original game to find it disappointing.

Reason #2: Slow Story Progression

The second reason for criticism is the slow pace of story development. The original “Atelier Ryza” game is an RPG known for its lengthy story. Therefore, to accurately represent the original game’s narrative, the anime adaptation would need more than two cours. However, the “Atelier Ryza” anime is a single cour production, with the initial island occupying the majority of the storyline.

Additionally, the anime progresses very slowly, causing many viewers to lose interest. There are also many scenes with insufficient explanations, undermining the success of the highly popular game. These factors have contributed to the anime being labeled as boring.

Reason #3: Animation Quality

The third reason why the anime is considered dull relates to the animation quality of “Atelier Ryza.” The original game is known for its highly detailed character designs and CG. However, the anime has experienced frequent animation breakdowns, particularly after emphasizing Ryza’s thighs. These animation issues have been cited as one of the reasons why the anime adaptation is seen as lacking.

The Fascinating Aspects of “Atelier Ryza” Anime

Despite criticisms regarding differences from the original game and issues with animation, the anime adaptation of “Atelier Ryza” holds significant appeal, largely because it is based on a hugely popular game. Many fans express their desire for a second season, highlighting the anime’s captivating qualities. Below are some of the aspects that make “Atelier Ryza” anime interesting.

Interesting Aspect #1: Well-Developed Storyline

The first notable appeal is the anime’s well-developed storyline. As mentioned earlier, the slow pace of story development in “Atelier Ryza” has been a point of contention among fans of the original game. However, the original game is praised for its high-quality narrative that keeps players engaged from start to finish. Consequently, the anime retains the storyline’s intrigue and has been highly rated for maintaining the narrative excellence of the original game.

Interesting Aspect #2: Exceptional Music

The second point of interest is the anime’s exceptional music. Both the original “Atelier Ryza” game and its anime adaptation feature music composed by Kazuki Yanagawa, known for his high-quality compositions that perfectly complement the world of “Atelier Ryza.” The anime particularly showcases Yanagawa’s music, captivating viewers right from the first episode. This emphasis on music has led to numerous positive comments praising the anime’s soundtrack.

Interesting Aspect #3: Unique Characters

The third appealing aspect is the presence of unique characters. “Atelier Ryza” anime is populated with characters brimming with individuality. For instance, the protagonist Ryza is adored for her charming appearance and personality, maintaining high popularity across “Koei Tecmo Games” titles. Claudia Valentz represents the quintessential lady character in the anime, enjoying adventures alongside Ryza.

Furthermore, the anime highlights side characters like Lent and Tao, making them as prominent as the main character. This array of distinctive characters is one of the reasons why “Atelier Ryza” anime has garnered so much popularity.

Character List in “Atelier Ryza” Anime

Character #1: Reisalin Stout (Ryza)

The first character to be introduced is Reisalin Stout, known as Ryza, the protagonist of “Atelier Ryza.” Recognizable by her large black ribbon and red hot pants, Ryza exhibits a carefree personality, often leading her childhood friends Lent and Tao on various adventures. She possesses a strong sense of justice and never compromises her beliefs. Originally from the rural town of Kurken Island, Ryza’s life changes dramatically when she discovers alchemy outside her island. She then begins her journey to become a great alchemist with the help of Claudia and Lila. Notably, Ryza is celebrated as the most glamorous heroine in the “Atelier” series, particularly famous for her exposed thighs.

Character #2: Claudia Valenz

Claudia Valenz, appearing in “Atelier Ryza,” is the daughter of a wandering merchant, distinguished by her long blonde hair and green eyes. Despite being the ladylike character of the series, Claudia is quite tomboyish and forms a close bond with Ryza. She cherishes playing the flute, a skill taught by her mother, but has never revealed this passion to her father. Claudia’s journey intersects with Ryza’s when she visits the village of Kurken Island with her father and quickly becomes involved in Ryza’s adventurous life.

Character #3: Lent Marslink

Lent Marslink, another character from “Atelier Ryza,” is a childhood friend of Ryza and Tao, known for his red hair and robust physique. Despite being disliked by the villagers of Kurken Island due to his father’s alcoholism, Lent is an exceptional swordsman with a serious demeanor and strong sense of justice, often acting as the voice of reason amidst Ryza’s whims.

Character #4: Tao Mongarten

Tao Mongarten, featured in “Atelier Ryza,” is a childhood friend of Ryza and Lent, recognizable by his mushroom-cut blonde hair and glasses. Tao is extremely timid and often gets dragged into Ryza’s escapades. He has a keen interest in ancient scripts and relics, using his knowledge to support Ryza and Lent’s adventures.

Character #5: Empel Vollmer

Empel Vollmer, an alchemist character in “Atelier Ryza,” arrives on Kurken Island to investigate the ruins of the Clint Kingdom and crosses paths with Ryza. Fascinated by alchemy, Ryza convinces Empel to take her as an apprentice. Empel then teaches Ryza alchemy, becoming an important figure in her journey.

Character #6: Lila Decyrus

Lila Decyrus serves as Empel’s bodyguard in “Atelier Ryza,” characterized by her silver long hair and heterochromia. Calm and detached, Lila doesn’t sweat the small stuff but is caring and protective towards her companions, even teaching Ryza and Lent how to fight. Unbeknownst to many, Lila hails from a different world called “the Underworld,” possessing extraordinary combat skills.

Voice Cast List for “Atelier Ryza” Anime

Reisalin Stout (Ryza) / Yuri Noguchi

Yuri Noguchi, a Japanese female voice actress, plays the protagonist Reisalin Stout in the “Atelier Ryza” anime. Born on December 24, 1992, in Saitama Prefecture, Noguchi is affiliated with Aoni Production. Inspired by the anime adaptation of “The Prince of Tennis,” she pursued voice acting at the Amusement Media General Academy. Noguchi debuted in the anime “Chibi Maruko-chan” in 2014 and broke through in 2015 with the role of Shizuku Oikawa in “THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.” She has since voiced characters such as Mejro McQueen in “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” and Tsuyu Asui in “My Hero Academia.”

Claudia Valenz / Hitomi Ohwada

Hitomi Ohwada, another Japanese female voice actress, voices Claudia Valenz in the “Atelier Ryza” anime. Born on March 23, 1990, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Ohwada is known for her roles as Sana in “Alice & Zouroku,” Kati Aalto in “Seven Senses of the Re’Union,” Ayano Hanesaki in “Hanebado!,” and Lily in “I Quit Being a Hero.” She is affiliated with Aoni Production and began her voice acting career after graduating from the Human Academy in 2013.

Lent Marslink / Takuma Terashima

Takuma Terashima, a Japanese male voice actor, portrays Lent Marslink in “Atelier Ryza.” Born on December 20, 1983, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Terashima is affiliated with Axel One and also works as a singer. He aspired to voice acting in high school and debuted in the drama CD “Akuma no Mikata” in 2004, later gaining fame as Apollo in “Genesis of Aquarion” in 2005. Terashima has voiced notable characters like Otoya Ittoki in “Uta no Prince-sama” and Leonhart Saijo in “The Irregular at Magic High School.”

Tao Mongarten / Yui Kondou

Yui Kondou, a Japanese female voice actor, plays Tao Mongarten in “Atelier Ryza.” Born on June 28, 1988, in Kanagawa Prefecture and affiliated with Kenyu Office, Kondou pursued voice acting after developing an interest in anime during her childhood. She debuted in 2011 and gained recognition for her role as Furano Yukihira in “My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy.”

Empel Vollmer / Hiroshi Nojima

Hiroshi Nojima voices Empel Vollmer in “Atelier Ryza.” Born on April 16, 1973, in Tokyo, Nojima is affiliated with Aoni Production and works as a narrator. Initially uninterested in voice acting, he was persuaded to pursue the career by a supervisor and debuted in 2000. Nojima became well-known for his role as Gainer Sanga in “Overman King Gainer” in 2002. His father is voice actor Akio Nojima, and his brother Kenji Nojima is also a voice actor.

Lila Decyrus / Haruka Terui

Haruka Terui voices Lila Decyrus in “Atelier Ryza.” Born on March 7, 1987, in Iwate Prefecture, Terui is affiliated with Aoni Production and known as “Parunyasu.” She debuted as a voice actor in 2009 and has played roles such as Yuna Yuki in “Yuki Yuna is a Hero” and Kokona Aoba in “Encouragement of Climb.”

Summary of Why “Atelier Ryza” Anime Is Considered Boring

This article introduced the reasons why the “Atelier Ryza” anime is considered boring, along with feedback and evaluations. The “Atelier Ryza” anime has numerous issues, leading to it being deemed boring by fans of the original work. However, the majority of feedback on the “Atelier Ryza” anime is positive, and many fans are hoping for a second season. Therefore, if you’re interested, be sure to check out the “Atelier Ryza” anime for yourself.

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