Will Minami Kotobuki Die in “Oshi no Ko”? Analyzing Her Current Situation, Future Developments, and the Possibility of Her Return


“Oshi no Ko” features a variety of entertainers, starting with the idol Ai. Among these characters is Minami Kotobuki, a gravure idol making her mark in the industry. Given that some characters in “Oshi no Ko” have already died, could Minami Kotobuki be next? This article delves into the possibility of Minami Kotobuki being targeted and killed by Hikaru Kamiki. Additionally, it summarizes Minami Kotobuki’s current status and explores whether she will appear in the “15 Years of Lies.”

Who is Minami Kotobuki in “Oshi no Ko”?

Minami Kotobuki in “Oshi no Ko” is a friend Ruby becomes close to after entering high school. Though she doesn’t appear frequently, she is an important figure to Ruby. This article focuses on Minami Kotobuki, Ruby’s friend, and compiles thoughts on what might lie ahead for her.

About “Oshi no Ko”

  • Overview of “Oshi no Ko”

“Oshi no Ko” began its serialization in Weekly Young Jump in 2020. As of January 2024, thirteen volumes have been published. The manga, which delves into the darker aspects of the entertainment industry, has garnered significant attention and was even adapted into a TV anime. “Oshi no Ko” won first place in the Next Manga Awards 2021.

  • Synopsis of “Oshi no Ko”

Goro, an obstetrician and a fan of the idol Ai Hoshino, becomes her attending physician when she visits his hospital pregnant. Goro supports Ai through her delivery but is murdered on the day of her childbirth. He is then reincarnated as Ai’s son, Aqua, who, along with his twin sister Ruby, begins a new life.

Profile of Minami Kotobuki

Minami Kotobuki is a gravure idol attending Hyotou High School alongside Ruby, becoming seatmates upon entry. Known for her G-cup bust, she has fluffy pink hair and eyes of the same color. Minami is gentle, kind, and incredibly honest.

Minami Kotobuki’s Kansai Dialect: Genuine or Fake?

Minami Kotobuki often converses in Kansai dialect, though she is from Kanagawa Prefecture, not Kansai. Initially intended to speak authentic Kansai dialect, changes were made to her character to use a faux Kansai dialect after the editor expressed concerns. Ruby, unable to distinguish between real and faux Kansai dialects, once asked if Minami had moved from Osaka, only to learn the truth directly from Minami. Despite the faux aspect, her use of Kansai dialect suits her character well, often playing the role of the straight man in humorous situations.

Does Minami Kotobuki Resemble Mitsuri Kanroji?

Minami Kotobuki is sometimes said to resemble Mitsuri Kanroji from “Demon Slayer,” who is also known for her cute pink hair. While Mitsuri’s hair also contains green strands, making them not entirely identical, they share several similarities such as large eyes and a gentle demeanor. Their notable bust size is another reason why Mitsuri Kanroji and Minami Kotobuki are compared.

Will Minami Kotobuki Die? Analyzing Her Current Situation

“Oshi no Ko” began with the shocking death of Ai, followed by the demise of the entertainer Katayose Yura. Both deaths are significantly tied to Kamiki Hikaru, who continues to operate from the shadows. Within the narrative, it’s been revealed that members of the former B Komachi, Nino, and the producer Kaburagi, have connections with Kamiki Hikaru.

As the filming of “15 Years of Lies” progresses, Kamiki Hikaru’s presence becomes more pronounced, casting an ominous shadow over the story and potentially foreshadowing further deaths. So, is there a possibility that Minami Kotobuki might die in future developments? Based on the content up to volume 13, this section will explore Minami Kotobuki’s current situation and the likelihood of her death.

Minami Kotobuki’s Current Situation

As of volume 13, “Oshi no Ko” is amidst the filming of “15 Years of Lies.” Minami Kotobuki hasn’t been working with Ruby and others, leading to her absence in the story. Since her notable appearance in volume 9, Minami has been largely out of sight.

The lack of appearances has sparked speculation about her possible death. However, there’s no indicated reason or foreshadowing for Minami’s death, suggesting her absence is merely due to a lack of scenes. Currently, Minami is likely balancing school with her gravure idol work.

The Possibility of Minami Kotobuki Being Targeted and Killed by Kamiki Hikaru

As mentioned, “Oshi no Ko” features Kamiki Hikaru as a lurking mastermind. If Minami were to be targeted by Kamiki Hikaru, it could lead to a storyline where she dies. However, how likely is it that Minami would be targeted and killed by Kamiki Hikaru? Both Ai and Katayose Yura, who were killed after being targeted by Kamiki Hikaru, were national superstars with the common trait of stars appearing in their eyes.

Considering the shared traits of Ai and Katayose Yura, it can be inferred that Kamiki Hikaru targets charismatic individuals with stars in their eyes. While Minami Kotobuki is an adorable gravure idol, she is not a national superstar, nor does she have stars in her eyes, making it highly unlikely that she would be targeted by Kamiki Hikaru.

The Future Developments and Possibility of Minami Kotobuki’s Reappearance in “Oshi no Ko”

Since the cosplay incident concluded in volume 9, Minami Kotobuki has had little presence in “Oshi no Ko.” What are the chances of her making a comeback? Here, we explore the potential future developments and the possibility of her reappearance.

  • Speculation #1: Will She Appear in “15 Years of Lies”?

“15 Years of Lies” features several characters introduced so far, including Akane Kurokawa, Kana Arima, MEMcho, and Shiranui Frill. However, as of January 2024, there are no signs of Minami Kotobuki appearing in “15 Years of Lies.” The cast for “15 Years of Lies” has already been finalized, and filming has begun, making her appearance in the drama highly unlikely.

If Minami Kotobuki were to appear in “15 Years of Lies,” it would only be due to a vacancy in the cast. However, Minami is not an actress and lacks acting experience. Even if a spot were to open up in the cast of “15 Years of Lies,” it is unlikely that Minami would be considered.

  • Speculation #2: Joining B Komachi?

The current members of the new B Komachi are Ruby, Kana Arima, and MEMcho. However, Kana Arima has decided to quit being an idol to focus on her acting career. With Kana Arima’s departure, B Komachi will be short of members, but there has been no recruitment for new members yet.

It’s entirely possible that Minami Kotobuki could join B Komachi to fill the gap left by Kana Arima. However, Minami is from a different agency than the current B Komachi members, so joining B Komachi would definitely raise agency-related issues. Conversely, if these agency issues can be resolved, there would be no obstacle to Minami Kotobuki joining B Komachi.

The Relationships of Minami Kotobuki with Other Characters

The Relationship Between Minami Kotobuki and Ruby

In “Oshi no Ko,” Minami Kotobuki and Ruby are classmates in high school. They hit it off on the first day of school and became good friends. When at school, Ruby is usually seen with Minami. Being always together, Minami seems to quickly notice even the slightest changes in Ruby. When Ruby was going through a dark phase, Minami looked at her with concern, noticing that Ruby was acting differently from usual.

The Relationship Between Minami Kotobuki and Shiranui Frill

Shiranui Frill is also a classmate of Minami Kotobuki in high school. As a popular entertainer who has appeared in prime-time TV shows, Shiranui Frill stood out in the class. While Minami quickly became friends with Ruby, she was initially hesitant around the superstar Shiranui Frill.

However, a conversation involving Ruby became a catalyst for Minami and Shiranui Frill to gradually become closer. Eventually, Minami started to hang out not just with Ruby but also with Shiranui Frill. Shiranui Frill often makes deadpan jokes, and Minami frequently plays the straight man to her humor.

The Relationship Between Minami Kotobuki and Aqua

When Minami became friends with Ruby, Ruby introduced her to her brother, Aqua. Concerned about Aqua, who didn’t have friends, Ruby asked Minami to befriend him as well. Minami agreed to Ruby’s request with a smile, but there haven’t been any significant scenes showing Minami and Aqua becoming particularly close. It seems that Minami and Aqua are merely acquaintances rather than close friends.

Minami Kotobuki’s Adorable Scenes

Scene #1: Volume 2, Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of Volume 2 marks Minami Kotobuki’s first appearance in “Oshi no Ko.” On her first day at school, Ruby notices a girl with a notably large chest sitting next to her—this girl is Minami Kotobuki.

When Ruby inadvertently stares at Minami’s chest, Minami gazes back intently. They quickly become friends, and Minami also exchanges greetings with Shiranui Frill, being recognized by name and face by her.

Scene #2: Volume 4, Chapter 33

In Chapter 33 of Volume 4, Minami and Ruby get excited discussing “Ima Gachi.” While talking about Aqua’s kiss scene, Shiranui Frill suddenly joins their conversation. A fan of “Ima Gachi,” Shiranui Frill shares her thoughts, surprising Minami with her cool demeanor and the gap it creates with her humorous comments.

Scene #3: Volume 5, Chapter 41

Chapter 41 of Volume 5 depicts Minami, Ruby, and Shiranui Frill having lunch together. Minami and Shiranui Frill bond over the mutual frustration that talking about their work as entertainers often comes off as boasting. However, Shiranui Frill’s stories inevitably turn into bragging, prompting Minami to interject.

Scene #4: Volume 6, Chapter 53

During the “2.5 Dimension Stage” arc in Chapter 53 of Volume 6, Ruby invites Minami to watch Aqua’s rehearsal. However, they find out Aqua has already left, likely with Akane Kurokawa. Minami speculates they might be enjoying their time as a couple.

Attempting to contact Aqua, Ruby is stopped by Minami, who shares her suspicions. Ruby then coldly states she would lose all respect for Aqua if he dated a high school girl. Surprised by Ruby’s reaction, Minami notices Ruby’s continued odd behavior but decides not to press further. While waiting for Ruby, Minami is hit on by a stage actor, Kamoshida, but is rescued by Narushima Melt. Relieved she didn’t have to give out her contact information, Minami breathes a sigh of relief.

Scene #5: Volume 9

Volume 9 features the most appearances of Minami Kotobuki. Ruby, appearing on the variety show “Deep Dig ☆ One Chance!!” invites Minami to participate in a cosplay segment. Initially reluctant due to not being a real cosplayer, Minami is swayed by Ruby’s persuasion that it might lead to future opportunities. However, she feels uneasy about joining a cosplay segment as an amateur and senses something off about Ruby’s ease with the fabricated nature of the segment.

Ultimately, Minami joins Ruby in the cosplay segment, showcasing cute costumes. The segment causes controversy, but Ruby uses it to her advantage to rise in the entertainment industry. Witnessing this, Minami grows increasingly worried about Ruby.

The Voice Actor for Minami Kotobuki

Profile of Hina Youmiya

In the anime “Oshi no Ko,” Minami Kotobuki is voiced by Hina Youmiya. Born on March 26, 2000, in Nara Prefecture, Youmiya joined the junior ranks of Aoni Production in 2020 and became a semi-regular member in 2023. Her skills include kendo, in which she holds a first-dan ranking, and dancing. Her hobbies encompass reading, watching movies, and listening to music.

Major Roles and Characters Voiced by Hina Youmiya

Some of the notable characters voiced by Hina Youmiya include Shinju Inui from “My Dress-Up Darling,” Sakurako Mikage from “Even So, Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame,” and Ginny Fin de Salvan from “The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody.” In 2023, besides voicing Minami Kotobuki in “Oshi no Ko,” Youmiya also voiced Leine Cyan in “The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady” and Akari Takamatsu in “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!,” among others.

Summary on the Death of Minami Kotobuki

This summary addresses the possibility of Minami Kotobuki’s death in “Oshi no Ko” and her potential appearance in “15 Years of Lies.” Given her minimal connection to Kamiki Hikaru, it’s speculated that her chances of dying are low. While her future contributions remain uncertain, she is expected to continue supporting Ruby as a close friend.

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