“Delicious in Dungeon”: Sureau is a Samurai-Like Light Warrior! What About His Love for Farin and Friendship with Laios?


In “Delicious in Dungeon,” Sureau is a light warrior who comes from an eastern country and was a member of the protagonist, Laios’s party. Although Sureau parts ways with Laios’s group at the beginning of the story, he remains an important character who reappears later on. This section will detail Sureau in “Delicious in Dungeon,” focusing on his romantic feelings for Farin and his friendship with Laios. Additionally, we will explore Sureau’s family background, his strength as a light warrior, and what becomes of him later in the story.

Sureau in “Delicious in Dungeon”: A Samurai-Like Light Warrior

Sureau is a light warrior appearing in “Delicious in Dungeon,” donned in samurai-like attire. While the world of “Delicious in Dungeon” is based on fantasy and does not feature any real countries or regions, Sureau is characterized as coming from a region similar to Japan, evident through his samurai-like appearance, real name Hanbontsuyoshi, and his proficiency in ninjutsu. Sureau is in love with Laios’s sister, Farin, and plays an important role in the story.

Information on “Delicious in Dungeon”

  • Overview of “Delicious in Dungeon”

Before delving into the detailed information about Sureau’s feats and strength within the story, let’s summarize the overview of “Delicious in Dungeon.” “Delicious in Dungeon” is a fantasy manga created by Japanese manga artist Ryoko Kui. The original manga series, which began serialization on February 15, 2014, concluded on September 15, 2023, with a total of 97 chapters. Starting from January 2024, the television anime adaptation has been airing on TOKYO MX and other networks.

“Delicious in Dungeon” combines the classic fantasy setting of swords and magic with a unique twist: the adventurers cook and eat monsters they encounter along their journey. The monsters featured are familiar creatures from fantasy works, and the innovative processes of turning these monsters into various dishes have garnered attention. The series achieved first place in the “This Manga is Amazing! 2016” Men’s category, among other awards, making it a highly acclaimed work.

  • Synopsis of “Delicious in Dungeon”

The protagonist of “Delicious in Dungeon,” Laios, engages in battle with a dragon in the deeper layers of a dungeon inhabited by numerous monsters. Unable to fight effectively due to hunger and having sacrificed his sister Farin to escape, Laios is determined to rescue Farin as quickly as possible, despite being penniless and without equipment. To save Farin at the fastest pace, Laios decides to progress through the dungeon by consuming the monsters they encounter.

Sureau’s Profile

Let’s introduce the profile of Sureau, a character who appears in “Delicious in Dungeon.” Sureau was a member of the adventurer Laios’s party and the protagonist of “Delicious in Dungeon.” He is a young man with long black hair tied back, featuring a sharp facial expression. At 26 years old, he is the same age as Laios. Sureau is very serious and modest by nature, and due to his reserved personality, he finds it difficult to interact with others or express his emotions.

“Delicious in Dungeon” features a variety of races common in fantasy works, including long-lived elves, dwarves, and magic-skilled gnomes. Sureau belongs to a race called Tallmen, akin to humans in our reality. To Laios and his companions, Sureau is a character from a distant land, an exotic foreigner. It’s mentioned in the story that he comes from an “Eastern country,” characterized by his samurai-like, Japanese-style attire.

Within “Delicious in Dungeon,” he is referred to by Laios and their former companions as “Sureau,” but his real name is Toshiro Hanamoto. He is called “Toshiro boy” by his vassals. While his real name is Toshiro, it’s believed he became known as Sureau to Laios and others due to the difficulty they had pronouncing his actual name.

Sureau’s Family Home is a Prestigious Eastern House

In the beginning of “Delicious in Dungeon,” Sureau leaves Laios’s party. Laios’s group manages to escape a dragon deep within the dungeon using Farin’s teleportation magic, at the cost of sacrificing Farin. In a reckless move to immediately rescue Farin, Sureau, along with another member, Namari, decides to part ways from Laios. However, Sureau didn’t abandon Farin.

In fact, Sureau’s family home is from a prestigious house in an Eastern country, and Sureau is of noble descent. Having affection for Farin, Sureau returns to his reliable family home as a surefire way to rescue her. Once back home, Sureau returns to the dungeon accompanied by vassals serving his father. Sureau has several skilled escorts excelling in combat and even a caretaker named Maizuru, who has looked after him since childhood.

Sureau’s Relationship with Farin and Laios in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Sureau’s Love for Farin

In “Delicious in Dungeon,” Sureau harbored romantic feelings for his former companion Farin. While part of Laios’s party, Sureau even proposed to Farin. He was attracted to Farin’s gestures, way of thinking, and her smile. Sureau also mentioned that he fell in love with Farin the moment he saw her profile as she admired a caterpillar perched on her finger during a camp.

Sureau, hailing from an esteemed family in the east and possessing a very reserved nature, made a sudden proposal to Farin without having deepened their interactions. Such behavior slightly alarmed those around him, leading them to find him “scary.” The reaction of Sureau’s family’s vassals suggested that a marriage with a woman from the west might not be accepted.

Sureau and Laios’s Friendship

Laios, the protagonist of “Delicious in Dungeon,” referred to Sureau as “the only friend I made on the island.” Laios is a character who is bad at socializing and lacks delicacy, even being labeled as a psychopath by some. Sureau, in reality, found Laios difficult to deal with. However, due to his quiet nature, Sureau couldn’t outright reject him, and Laios unilaterally considered Sureau his best friend.

After losing Farin, Laios and Sureau, each attempting to rescue her in their own ways, reunited within the dungeon. Laios’s group managed to defeat the dragon that ate Farin and resurrected her, but since Farin was almost completely digested, they resorted to using black magic. Black magic is taboo and those involved with it are severely punished by the western elves.

Upon learning that Laios had dabbled in forbidden magic to resurrect Farin, Sureau was furious with him. Sureau lashed out at Laios, calling him “clumsy and insensitive” and admitting he had always found him difficult to like, leading to a major argument between them. Despite being unable to forgive Laios for putting Farin in danger, Sureau eventually cooperates with Laios’s continued efforts to save her.

What Happened to Sureau Afterwards? Did He Get Married?

Let’s discuss what happened to Sureau after the events of “Delicious in Dungeon.” Sureau, who was in love with his companion Farin and had proposed to her, comes from a prestigious family in the east. It was anticipated that Sureau’s strict family would oppose his marriage to Farin. However, before they could address this issue, Farin asked for time to think about his proposal, effectively putting it on hold.

Farin, who had died after being eaten by a dragon and was later resurrected, became a monster due to the power of the dungeon’s master. However, she was able to return to her human form after Laios defeated the dungeon’s demon. Sureau participated in the battle to save Farin and blushed profoundly when they reunited after her revival. In the “Delicious in Dungeon” fanbook, it is depicted that Sureau proposed to Farin again, but she sidestepped his proposal.

While Sureau seemed to wish to return home with Farin and marry her, Farin continued to stay on the island freely with her brother Laios. From this, it is clear that Sureau did not marry Farin afterwards.

Sureau’s Strength and Abilities in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Sureau’s Ninjutsu

Let’s discuss the strength of Sureau, the samurai-like light warrior appearing in “Delicious in Dungeon.” Sureau’s prowess is evident in his swordsmanship, but he is also skilled in ninjutsu. Given that Sureau’s family is from the east, resembling a country similar to Japan, he is equipped in samurai-style gear, and the vassals accompanying him from his homeland are adept in ninjutsu as well.

While “Delicious in Dungeon” does not depict Sureau using ninjutsu in combat, there is a flashback showing a young Sureau using newly learned ninjutsu to escape from Maizuru’s familiar.

Sureau’s Weapon is a Japanese Sword

Various races in “Delicious in Dungeon” use weapons that suit them best. The protagonist, the Tallman Laios, uses a Western sword borrowed from a moving armor. The elf magician Marcille wields a staff, while the dwarf Senshi is equipped with a large axe. Sureau’s weapon of choice is a Japanese sword, with his slashes powerful enough to bisect a giant sea serpent.

Sureau’s strength was relied upon when he was part of Laios’s party, serving as the attacker who would strike down large monsters. He also played a role in delivering the finishing blows, making his swordsmanship a valuable asset to Laios’s party.

Sureau is Accompanied by Several Vassals for Escort

At the beginning of the “Delicious in Dungeon” story, Sureau’s beloved Farin becomes prey to a dragon in the dungeon. Afterward, Sureau returns home once to prepare thoroughly before setting out to rescue Farin. According to Maizuru, Sureau was a “child who was too obedient” from a young age, and his first act of defiance was the desire to “save Farin.” Subsequently, Maizuru entered the dungeon with Sureau, bringing along vassals.

The vassals accompanying Sureau as escorts are skilled in handling weapons and using ninjutsu, each possessing strength comparable to adventurers. These vassals not only serve as Sureau’s guards but also take care of his personal needs. In particular, Maizuru, who has served as a caretaker for many years, worries about Sureau like a mother.

Voice Actor of Sureau in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Profile of Shinji Kawada

Let’s introduce Shinji Kawada, the voice actor who portrayed Sureau in the anime adaptation of “Delicious in Dungeon.” Shinji Kawada was born on October 6, 1971, in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. He is a male voice actor affiliated with Ken Production. Kawada is also active as an actor and has been working as a voice actor since around the year 2000.

Shinji Kawada’s Major Roles and Characters

Here are some of the major works and characters voiced by Shinji Kawada. He has voiced Yai Yū in “Gear Fighter Dendoh,” Drag-On in “Webdiver,” Haruki Hanai in “School Rumble,” Ryutaro Mine in “Nodame Cantabile,” and Junichi Ibe in “BANANA FISH,” among others.

Summary of Sureau in “Delicious in Dungeon”

In this section, we have summarized the character of Sureau from “Delicious in Dungeon,” focusing on his love for Farin, his friendship with Laios, and his prowess in swordsmanship. Sureau was relied upon within the Laios party for his strength, but to ensure Farin’s rescue, he sought assistance from his eastern family home, bringing vassals with him. Despite initially conflicting with Laios over Farin’s situation, Sureau later cooperates to help save her.

Sureau is a character in “Delicious in Dungeon” who stands out for his quiet and sensible personality amidst the ensemble. Be sure to check out “Delicious in Dungeon” to witness Sureau’s significant moments, including his efforts to rescue Farin and their subsequent developments.

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