The third installment of the original series that fully immerses fans in the world of the anime “Bocchi the Rock!” has arrived


introducing the “Onikoro Shoulder Bag.” This new addition will be available for pre-sale at AnimeJapan 2024, held at Tokyo Big Sight on March 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday), 2024.

“Bocchi the Rock!” (created by Hamaji Aki) is a manga currently serialized in Houbunsha’s “Manga Time Kirara Max.” It tells the story of an extremely introverted and almost hikikomori girl, nicknamed “Bocchi-chan” (real name Goto Hitori), whose life begins to change ever so slightly after being approached by Ijichi Nijika, who plays the drums in a “Zip Tie Band.”

The TV anime aired in October 2022, becoming a topic of conversation for its high-quality music scenes and Bocchi-chan’s hilariously “distorted faces.” The momentum continued with LIVE events, new songs, and the announcement of a film adaptation. The Zip Tie Band’s 1st album “Zip Tie Band” even topped the monthly rankings, highlighting its popularity.

Following a striking debut in both anime and music, the story of the Zip Tie Band will hit the theaters in spring 2024 with “Bocchi the Rock! Re:” a theater compilation edition re-editing the TV anime, and “Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re:” in the summer, offering fans an immersive experience with powerful screen and sound.

From the anime “Bocchi the Rock!” comes a new outdoor goods original series to fully savor the world of the series. The third installment is a shoulder bag that precisely replicates the packaging of “Onikoro,” the sake beloved by Kikuri Hiroi. The interior fabric is silver, inspired by the packaging of sake packs, and the main material is tarpaulin, making it durable against water and dirt, perfect for outdoor activities.

The pre-sale of this bag is scheduled for March 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday), 2024, at AnimeJapan 2024, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Following the announcement of the first installment, “Bocchi the Rock! Ripe Mango Box Backpack,” and the second installment, “Bocchi the Rock! Topic Decision Dice Cushion,” which have both become topics of conversation, the third installment adds to the excitement. Plans to announce a fourth installment in the series are also underway.

Third installment: “Bocchi the Rock! Onikoro Shoulder Bag”

  • Price: ¥6,380 (including tax)
  • Specifications: Approximately W11×H15×D8cm (Belt 72~130cm) PVC (Tarpaulin), Polyester
    This shoulder bag fully replicates the packaging of “Onikoro,” the sake favored by Kikuri Hiroi from the anime “Bocchi the Rock!” The interior fabric is silver, inspired by sake pack packaging. The main body material is tarpaulin, making it resistant to water and dirt. The box shape is convenient to use, and the double zipper opening makes it easy to put in and take out items. It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Second installment: “Bocchi the Rock! Conversation Dice Cushion”

  • Price: ¥6,380 (including tax)
  • Specifications: Approximately 25×25×25cm Polyester boa, high-resilience sponge
    This conversation dice cushion, featured in the anime “Bocchi the Rock!” episode two “See You Tomorrow,” has been made into a product. The cushion is about 25cm in size, true to its appearance in the anime. The topics on the dice such as “Unfailingly Interesting Story,” “School Story,” “Live Concert Story,” “Favorite Music Story,” “Quota Story,” and “Bungee Jumping” are faithfully recreated. The soft boa fabric feels good on the skin, and the use of firm sponge material prevents the cushion from losing its shape, making it a perfect match for interior decoration with its gentle colors.

First installment: “Bocchi the Rock! Ripe Mango Box Backpack”

  • Price: ¥17,380 (including tax)
  • Specifications: Approximately W33×H40×D21cm, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), Polyester
    This backpack is inspired by the ripe mango cardboard box featured in the first episode of “Bocchi the Rock!” titled “Rolling Bocchi.” The interior fabric features Goto Hitori’s Tsuchinoko multi-pattern. To give it the feel of a ripe mango cardboard box, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is used as the main material. The box shape prevents collapse, and the large opening with double zippers makes it easy to access your belongings. A side zipper on the back allows access to the main compartment. Open pockets are subtly placed on both sides, and there is a large pocket inside that can fit a PC.

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