[New Anime] “Sorairo Utility”: A Story of High School Girls and Golf – PV & Staff Information Unveiled!


The teaser PV for “Sorairo Utility,” which has been announced for anime adaptation, seeking one’s own “special uniqueness,” has been released! The second round of staff information has also arrived.

This work tells the story of the protagonist, Minami Aoba, a high school girl living an aimless life without any particular skills or passions, who discovers golf and strives to find her own “special uniqueness,” seeking moments where she can become the “protagonist” of her own story. The roles of Minami Aoba, the talented golfer Akane Haruka, and the aspiring influencer Hoshimi Sayaka are announced to be played by Miyu Takagi, Yurina Amami, and Ayasa Goto, respectively.

The newly released PV showcases the protagonist Minami’s encounter with golf, hinting at a change in her life as her eyes sparkle with anticipation.

The second wave of staff information reveals that the series composition is by Hiro Sato, with scripts by Hiro Sato, Satsuki Ayatsuji, and Akito Mizukami. Kotaro Nozomi, who worked on a short script, is announced to be involved as original plan cooperation.

From March 8, 2024, the “Japan Golf Fair 2024” will be held, and the “Sorairo Utility” booth will distribute various novelties such as golf markers and golf balls. This is a great opportunity to visit the booth.

With a beautiful teaser visual set against a refreshing blue sky, “Sorairo Utility” invites viewers to enjoy the adventures of Minami, a complete beginner in golf, whose daily life begins to shine through her encounter with golf.

Teaser PV

Event Information:
JAPAN GOLF FAIR 2024 Sorairo Utility (Pony Canyon) Booth

  • Booth Number: 4-20
  • Dates: March 8 (Friday) to March 10 (Sunday), 2024
  • Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 ※Last day until 17:00
  • Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall
  • Admission Fee: Same-day ticket 1500 JPY / Advance ticket 1000 JPY / Pass ticket 2000 JPY
  • ※ Admission is free for those under 18 and students

Anime Information:
Anime “Sorairo Utility”

Broadcast Information: “Sorairo Utility” TV anime series production announced!

“If things stay this way, I’ll just graduate as a mere Villager A!”

Minami Aoba was troubled.
No particular skills or passions.
Is it okay to end her blooming high school life as just a background character?!

Stepping out of school, Minami searches for her own “special uniqueness.”
She ends up at a local golf practice range by chance.
Spoken to by Akane Haruka, a part-time worker there, Minami holds a golf club—a “Utility.” That was the beginning of Minami and golf’s encounter.

Playing and winning isn’t all there is to golf!
Everything about golf is fun!

Along with the naturally talented golfer Haruka and the aspiring influencer Sayaka Hoshimi,
seeking the moment she can become the “protagonist”!
Super beginner Minami swings her club today as well.

Director & Character Design: Kengo Saito
Series Composition: Hiro Sato
Script: Hiro Sato, Satsuki Ayatsuji, Akito Mizukami
Original Plan Cooperation: Kotaro Nozomi
Animation Production: Yostar Pictures

Minami Aoba: Miyu Takagi
Akane Haruka: Yurina Amami
Sayaka Hoshimi: Ayasa Goto

Official Site of the TV Anime “Sorairo Utility”:

Official X (formerly Twitter) of the TV Anime “Sorairo Utility”:

(C) Sorairo Utility

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