“Chained Soldier” – Walwara Piripenko, The Enigmatic Leader of Squad Eight! What About Her Cute Charm and Strength?


Walwara Piripenko in “Chained Soldier” is the enigmatic leader of the eighth squad. Her cuteness, debut scene, charming allure, and strength have all garnered attention. Her overwhelming power is significantly influenced by her adoration for Kyoka. This article will introduce the basic information, abilities, charming allure, adorable scenes, and online reactions regarding Walwara Piripenko from “Chained Soldier”.

Walwara Piripenko in “Chained Soldier” is The Mysterious Leader of Squad Eight

Walwara Piripenko, popular for her sexy portrayal in the highly beloved “Chained Soldier,” is renowned as the mysterious leader of the eighth squad. As the leader, Walwara possesses considerable strength. Her relationship with Kyoka, her debut scene, and her strength have all been focal points of interest. Let’s first introduce some basic information about Walwara and “Chained Soldier”.

About “Chained Soldier”

“Chained Soldier” has gained enough popularity to be adapted into an anime, known for featuring numerous adorable characters. As a battle manga, it stands out in both the manga and anime industries. “Chained Soldier” is praised not just for the heroines’ strength but also for their cuteness, sexy portrayals, and the dynamic pace of battle scenes.

  • Overview of “Chained Soldier”

“Chained Soldier” is a hit manga series created by Takahiro with illustrations by Yohei Takemura. It has been serialized on the webcomic distribution site “Shonen Jump+” since 2019, with over 4 million copies in circulation. A TV anime adaptation has been broadcasting since January 2024, featuring a cast of prominent voice actors, highlighting the high expectations for the series.

The series features many adorable heroines, voiced by popular female voice actors such as Akari Kito, Yume Miyamoto, and Marina Hino, making it a notable work in the anime industry. Although the anime adaptation moderately tones down the extreme content, it still presents quite bold material compared to other anime.

  • Synopsis of “Chained Soldier”

In 2020, Yuuki Wakura, an ordinary high school senior, accidentally stumbles into a dystopian world known as Mato through a sudden portal. This world is inhabited by monstrous beings called Ugly Demons. Yuuki is saved from an attack by these demons by Kyoka Hazama, the leader of the Seventh Squad of the Demon Defense Force. She uses her power, the “Infinite Chains,” to defeat the enemies. During the battle, Yuuki discovers his unique ability, becoming a collaborator with the Demon Defense Force.

Profile of Walwara Piripenko

Walwara Piripenko, the leader of the eighth squad of the Demon Defense Force, is a foreign woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands at 166 centimeters tall, her birthday is on January 1st, and her blood type is A. It has been revealed that “Walwara Piripenko” is not her real name but a name passed down through generations within a certain organization. She was scouted into the Demon Defense Force because of love, and her strength quickly led her to become a squad leader.

The Cute Charm of Walwara from “Chained Soldier”

Here, we introduce the cute charm of Walwara from “Chained Soldier”. Despite her considerable strength, Walwara is characterized by her adorable charm. Her debut was shrouded in mystery, which gradually unveiled over time. We’ll now summarize her adorable charm into five main points.

Mysterious Charm

The first of Walwara’s cute charms is her mysteriousness. As a mysterious squad leader of foreign descent, much about her was initially unknown beyond her international background. Among many friendly squad leaders, Walwara’s mysterious allure has captivated many. Her uncommon name, Walwara Piripenko, also attracted significant attention from fans.

Taciturn Personality

The second cute charm of Walwara is her taciturn nature, which has been noted since her debut. Initially, it was speculated that her silence might be due to not understanding Japanese as a foreigner. Although her debut scene didn’t reveal much, she is known to harbor passionate feelings, exclusively directed towards Kyoka, which has been highly praised. In the series, she took a notably long time before speaking for the first time.

Always Carrying a Mysterious Card

The third of Walwara’s cute charms is that she is always carrying a mysterious card. It was often believed her card was related to her abilities. However, it was revealed that her interest in card games is a hobby. This aspect of being cool yet fond of card games has charmed fans.

Deep Love for Kyoka

The fourth cute charm of Walwara is her deep love for Kyoka. The relationship with Kyoka is an indispensable element when discussing her character. Walwara’s feelings for Kyoka are more than just affection; they reach the level of adoration. This adoration is known to relate to her abilities, and her love for Kyoka directly influences her strength.

Eyeing Yuuki?

The fifth cute charm of Walwara might be her attention towards Yuuki. Yuuki is known as a unique member of the Demon Defense Force, drawing the attention of the squad leaders. Although Yuuki possesses significant strength, Walwara seems uninterested. From their first encounter, she showed an aversion to him, likely due to her displeasure that Yuuki is Kyoka’s favorite.

The Debut and Adorable Scenes of Walwara in “Chained Soldier”

Let’s look at the debut and adorable scenes of Walwara in “Chained Soldier”. With many cute heroines, the series highlights their adorable appearances. The sexy portrayals also garnered attention, and scenes revealing cuteness have been a focus for fans. Walwara’s debut and adorable scenes have been of particular interest to many.

Adorable Scene #1: Volume 6, Chapter 46

One of Walwara’s cute scenes is in Volume 6, Chapter 46. This chapter marks Walwara’s debut, where she hardly spoke. Her presence as a beautiful character made such an impact that she ranked 10th in a popularity poll immediately following her appearance.

Adorable Scene #2: Volume 6, Chapter 47

The second cute scene of Walwara is in Volume 6, Chapter 47. Although this chapter depicted a meeting of squad leaders, Walwara did not speak. Without any insight into her thoughts, she remained an enigma, captivating many fans with her dignified aura.

Adorable Scene #3: Volume 9, Chapter 69

The third cute scene of Walwara is in Volume 9, Chapter 69. This chapter featured a proposal to lend Yuuki to the squad leaders. Kyoka is disturbed, dreaming about how the squad leaders would treat Yuuki. Walwara is depicted sitting atop Yuuki expressionlessly.

Adorable Scene #4: Volume 9, Chapter 70

The fourth cute scene of Walwara is in Volume 9, Chapter 70. This chapter showed Walwara speaking to Yuuki, attempting to explain why she has been cold towards him. Her intense gaze at Yuuki thrilled many fans.

Adorable Scene #5: Volume 14, Chapter 112

The fifth cute scene of Walwara is in Volume 14, Chapter 112. This chapter reveals how she came to love Kyoka. Kyoka, being one of the most influential and powerful leaders, has saved Walwara’s heart, leading her to worship Kyoka since then. Following this revelation, her abilities began to change. Walwara’s expression at that moment was that of a girl in love, adding to her cuteness.

Adorable Scene #6: Volume 14, Chapter 113

The sixth cute scene of Walwara is in Volume 14, Chapter 113. This chapter features a conversation between Walwara and Kyoka. Walwara shows a girlish expression, differing from her usual mysterious demeanor. This contrast charmed many fans, leading to a surge in her popularity.

The Strength and Abilities of Walwara in “Chained Soldier”

Let’s explore the strength and abilities of Walwara in “Chained Soldier”. The battle scenes are a major attraction of the series, praised for their sense of speed by many fans. Walwara has been featured in battle scenes, revealing her extraordinary abilities. Her powers are closely linked with Kyoka, making her abilities a focal point of interest due to their complexity.

Walwara’s Ability to Create a Void Space?

Walwara’s ability involves creating void spaces. She can create environments advantageous to herself, so powerful that even the Hachiraijin (Eight Thunder Gods) cannot escape. This potent ability allows her to create special spaces under certain conditions, but this was just a glimpse of her true capabilities. In fact, Kyoka’s presence plays a significant role in her powers.

Walwara’s True Ability: The Lofty Cathedral (Pantheon)

Walwara’s true ability is called the Lofty Cathedral (Pantheon). Meeting certain conditions grants Walwara miraculous power, including the ability to control ice, transforming her with wings of ice that significantly enhance her mobility and attack power. Her technique, “Feather Slash Ice Flower” (Uzan Hyoka), is so strong that it can instantly annihilate average foes. Within her space, actions such as “honesty”, “bravery”, and “kindness” can enhance combat abilities.

Despite her mysterious debut, her strength exceeded fans’ expectations. The Lofty Cathedral (Pantheon) is an extraordinary ability, effective even against the Hachiraijin. The attack power of Feather Slash Ice Flower is tremendous, indicating invincibility within her own space.

Are Walwara’s Abilities Divided into Four Stages?

It has been revealed that Walwara’s abilities are divided into four stages. Although initially a void space, her powers began to change after meeting Kyoka. Driven by her feelings for Kyoka, Walwara’s abilities go through four stages. In the first stage, if the people inside the space have favorable feelings towards Kyoka, the ability “Praise” is manifested.

Furthermore, receiving an hour of preaching transitions to the “Sermon” stage. If someone inside harbors animosity towards Kyoka, it escalates to the “Order of Knights” stage. In this stage, the combat abilities of the subordinates inside are enhanced, and Walwara is granted miraculous power. Those who insult Kyoka enter the final stage, “Holy War”, where combat abilities significantly increase, and an image of Kyoka appears to annihilate the enemy, continuing the assault until the enemy is eradicated.

Summary of Walwara in “Chained Soldier”

This article has introduced basic information, abilities, adorable charm, cute scenes, and online reactions concerning Walwara Piripenko from “Chained Soldier”. “Chained Soldier” is known for its charming characters, with Walwara being praised as a character of considerable strength. Pay attention to Walwara Piripenko as highlighted in this article and enjoy “Chained Soldier”.

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