“Delicious in Dungeon” – Laios Thorden’s Sorceress, Lyris Farne! What About Her Past and What Follows?


We bring you a special feature on the sorceress Lyris from “Delicious in Dungeon”! “Delicious in Dungeon,” a manga by Ryoko Kui, cleverly combines fantasy and gourmet elements to achieve great popularity. This article focuses on the cute, black-haired female magician, Lyris Farne, who is in love with the adventurer party’s leader, Laios Thorden. We will explore Lyris’s past and what follows in the main story, as well as introduce the voice actor in the anime.

Lyris in “Delicious in Dungeon” is Laios Thorden’s Sorceress

About “Delicious in Dungeon”

This article features the female sorceress Lyris Farne, who is in love with Laios Thorden, the leader of the adventurer party in “Delicious in Dungeon.” We will delve into Lyris’s past, what follows, and the voice actor who portrayed her in the “Delicious in Dungeon” anime. But first, let’s provide some information about “Delicious in Dungeon.” We’ll start with an overview of the work, followed by a brief synopsis explanation.

  • Overview of “Delicious in Dungeon”

“Delicious in Dungeon” is a Japanese manga by Ryoko Kui that is characterized by its combination of fantasy and gourmet elements. The series was serialized in KADOKAWA’s “Harta” magazine from Volume 11 through Volume 107 and is the author’s first long-term serial work. As of December 2023, it has recorded over 10 million copies in circulation.

Furthermore, the adaptation into a TV anime was announced on August 10, 2022, and began broadcasting on TOKYO MX and other channels from January 4, 2024. “Delicious in Dungeon” also enjoys high acclaim in the manga community, securing first place in the 2015 Comic Natalie Grand Prize, first place in the men’s category of “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2016” by Takarajimasha, and first place in “THE BEST MANGA 2016 Kono Manga wo Yome!” among others.

  • Synopsis of “Delicious in Dungeon”

One day, a vast underground space appeared in a distant island’s graveyard. A ragged man who crawled out of the space proclaimed himself as a king, revealing the existence of the “Golden Kingdom,” which had disappeared a thousand years ago. He then vanished after declaring that the kingdom, sealed underground by a mad sorcerer, would be bestowed upon the one who defeats the sorcerer. This led to an influx of adventurers seeking quick riches to the small island.

Profile of Laios Thorden’s Sorceress, Lyris Farne

Now, let’s shift our focus to the main theme of this article, Lyris Farne from “Delicious in Dungeon”. Lyris is a female sorceress accompanying the adventurer party led by Laios Thorden. This party was heading towards the dungeon through a different route from the protagonist, Laios, and his team.

She is a 24-year-old woman belonging to the Tallman race from the northern continent, affectionately nicknamed “Rin” derived from her name. A beauty with flowing black hair, she possesses features somewhat reminiscent of Easterners, perhaps due to her Eastern descent.

Lyris is characterized by her fiery and rather short-tempered personality. Even when not angry, she tends to furrow her brows and show a stern expression when emotional, leading to misunderstandings by those around her. More details will follow, but she grew up with the party’s leader, Laios Thorden, harboring special feelings for him.

The Abilities and Strength of Lyris Farne

Regarding the abilities and strength of Lyris Farne, she possesses an exceptionally high level of magical skill. Her prowess is such that Laios Thorden himself has praised her capability to “wipe out the party with a single strike.” In “Delicious in Dungeon”, she unleashed a “Call Lightning” spell against a chimera-transformed Farin, inflicting significant damage.

However, as an adventurer, she shows many areas of inexperience, such as a lack of knowledge about monsters and occasionally putting her life at risk due to carelessness. It’s also mentioned that sorcerers like her, who do not belong to an organization, are prone to persecution and are often looked down upon by wealthy sorcerers attending magic schools.

The Past and What Follows for Lyris Farne in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Lyris’s Past

This section delves into the past and subsequent events concerning Lyris Farne from “Delicious in Dungeon”. Lyris’s parents were immigrants from the Eastern Archipelago to the Northern Continent, who made their living using magic near the labyrinth but were killed by local residents. Lyris was then taken in by an elf who had come to investigate suspicions of black magic concerning her parents. However, the harsh treatment she received, akin to that of an animal, led her to develop a strong aversion to elves and other long-lived races.

The Relationship Between Lyris and Laios

Although Lyris was taken in by the elves, she was too frightened to eat and continued to weaken. The concerned elves introduced her to a Tallman boy, Laios, who had protected her two years prior. The details are unclear, but the sociable Laios managed to open Lyris’s heart, and she began to develop feelings for him.

Lyris often treats Laios harshly, but it’s actually a reflection of her concern for him, fearing he might get himself hurt due to his carefree nature, which is quite apparent to those around them. According to a relationship chart published in the fanbook, Lyris tells Laios not to expect everyone in the world to follow him, but in reality, she harbors affection for him, and Laios sees her as a sisterly figure.

Although not explicitly stated in the series, Laios, who is skilled in interpersonal relationships, likely sees through Lyris’s feelings. This is evidenced when Laios kisses her to help her recognize him during a moment of illusion-induced confusion. Such a risk wouldn’t likely be taken unless he was aware of her affection for him.

What Follows for Lyris

After the main story of “Delicious in Dungeon” concludes, Lyris works as an apothecary in the Golden Kingdom, Melin, alongside Laios. The other companions have all moved to the neighboring city of Carkabul, leaving Lyris and Laios to live together.

In a bonus manga included in the “Delicious in Dungeon” fanbook, there’s a scene where Laios, having become king, is told by Laios that he has a knack for judging people and will become a great king, to which Lyris retorts, “Isn’t that just flattery?” The series does not reveal what ultimately becomes of Lyris and Laios, but given Laios’s personality, it’s likely their relationship deepens significantly.

The Voice Actor of Lyris Farne in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Profile of Rie Takahashi

Let’s introduce Rie Takahashi, the voice actress for Lyris Farne in the anime “Delicious in Dungeon”. Rie Takahashi was born on February 27, 1994, in Saitama Prefecture. She is a female voice actress currently affiliated with 81 Produce and is also active as a singer.

Rie Takahashi graduated from Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Minami High School, where she was a member of the broadcasting club and won the Excellence Award in the Voice Act category at the Anime Koshien 2010-2011. She later joined the “81 ACTOR’S STUDIO,” a training school affiliated with 81 Produce, and eventually made her debut as a voice actress.

In addition to her voice acting, she is also a member and leader of the voice actor unit “Earphones” and is active as a solo artist, captivating fans with her wide range of talents. In 2016, she won the Best New Actress Award at the 10th Seiyu Awards, and in 2022, she was awarded the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 16th Seiyu Awards.

Main Roles and Characters Voiced by Rie Takahashi

Next, let’s introduce some of the main works and characters voiced by Rie Takahashi, who portrayed Lyris Farne in “Delicious in Dungeon”.

  • “Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World” (as Emilia)
  • “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” (as Megumin)
  • “Maho Girls PreCure!” (as Mirai Asahina / Cure Miracle)
  • “Oshi no Ko” (as Ai)
  • “Classroom of the Elite” (as Hiyori Shiina)
  • “Inazuma Eleven: Ares no Tenbin / Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin” (as Anju Kidou, Noboru Sakanoue, and others)
  • “Teasing Master Takagi-san” (as Takagi-san)
  • “Fate/Grand Order” (as Mash Kyrielight)
  • “Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story (2023)” (as Kaoru Kamiya)
  • “Snack Basue” (as Akemi)

Summary of Lyris in “Delicious in Dungeon”

In this article titled “Lyris Farne in ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ is Laios Thorden’s Sorceress!”, we have delivered information about her past, what follows, and the voice actor who portrayed Lyris in the anime “Delicious in Dungeon”.

Lyris is a female sorceress who is drawn to the leader of the adventurer party, Laios Thorden. She has a tragic past where her immigrant parents were murdered. Orphaned Lyris was taken in by elves but received treatment so terrible it traumatized her. Regarding what follows after the main story, Lyris works alongside Laios as an apothecary in the Golden Kingdom, Merin. They live a life just the two of them, which is likely to develop into a deeper relationship eventually.

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