Who is Kyou Ishigami in “Classroom of the Elite”? An Overview of His Appearances and Voice Actor Cast


This section delves into the identity of Kyou Ishigami from “Classroom of the Elite”. We’ll explore whether he could possibly be a White Room student! Introducing his OAA rating and abilities as the leader of Class A. Additionally, we’ll clarify his relationships with Kanzaki and the father of Ayanokoji, so if you’re intrigued, make sure to check it out. We’ll also spoil and discuss his long-awaited appearance. Don’t miss out on insights about the anime voice actor who portrayed Kyou Ishigami in “Classroom of the Elite”, along with reviews and opinions on the work.

Who is Kyou Ishigami?

Kyou Ishigami is a student who made his debut in the early part of the second-year arc in “Classroom of the Elite”. Even before enrolling, he seems to have had a way to infiltrate the Advanced Nurturing High School and appears to have connections with Ayanokoji’s father, surrounded by many mysteries. Furthermore, there are voices among fans speculating whether he might be a student from the White Room. This article will thoroughly explore the identity of Kyou Ishigami. It’s also essential to check out explanations about his OAA and abilities.

About “Classroom of the Elite”

Overview of “Classroom of the Elite”

“Classroom of the Elite”, featuring Kyou Ishigami, is a light novel series by Shogo Kinugasa. It has been adapted into manga and anime as part of its media mix.

The manga adaptation includes 22 volumes of the main series and 5 volumes of short stories, totaling 27 volumes. As of February 2024, the series has reached a cumulative total of 9 million copies sold, including digital editions. The first season of the anime was broadcast in 2017, with the second season following in 2022. Additionally, the third season has been airing since January 2024.

Synopsis of “Classroom of the Elite”

The Advanced Nurturing High School is a renowned preparatory school with nearly a 100% success rate for college admissions and employment. Moreover, students are provided with private points equivalent to 100,000 yen every month. The protagonist, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, enrolls in this school only to be placed in Class D, which is filled with problematic students. About a month in, it comes to light that only students from Class D haven’t received any points. The reason is that the underperforming students of Class D have been lowering the school’s overall rating.

Kyou Ishigami’s Profile

  • Name: Kyou Ishigami (石上 京)
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Class: 1st Year, Class A
  • Personality: Compassionate, kind
  • First-person Pronoun: I (Ore)
  • Strength: Genius-level intellect
  • Weakness: Low physical ability
  • Characteristic: Leader of Class A
  • Voice Actor: Koki Uchiyama

Kyou Ishigami from “Classroom of the Elite” entered the Advanced Nurturing High School influenced by Ayanokoji’s father. Known for his superior intellect, he is said to have the potential to surpass even Sakayanagi. It seems he finds it bothersome to be in the limelight, as he delegates interactions and negotiations with other class leaders to his vice-leader, Takahashi Shu.

He engages warmly and generously in conversations on topics of interest, but can become strict on matters he deems less worthy. Furthermore, his ability to gather information through his network of contacts is exceptional, and he is adept at giving precise instructions.

What is the True Identity of Kyou Ishigami?

Kyou Ishigami from “Classroom of the Elite” first appeared in the early stages of the second-year arc. His entrance alone suggested that he was no ordinary character, hinting at a deep connection with Ayanokoji’s father. Despite being a new first-year student, he is in Class A and has been revealed to possess astonishing academic abilities in the OAA. This section will explain Ishigami’s identity, abilities, and specific OAA details.

Is Kyou Ishigami a Product of the White Room?

There’s speculation among some fans that Kyou Ishigami’s true identity might be that of a White Room student. This theory stems from Tsukishiro’s declaration of sending a White Room student to the school and Ishigami’s extraordinary demeanor. However, it has not yet been confirmed whether Ishigami is indeed a White Room student.

White Room students harbor special feelings towards Ayanokoji, having been constantly compared to him throughout their lives. Consequently, some admire and respect Ayanokoji as a figure of aspiration, while others despise him. Yet, Ishigami doesn’t seem to exhibit feelings that fit either of these categories.

Furthermore, Ishigami’s caring nature towards his peers suggests a low likelihood of him being a White Room student. Nonetheless, considering he managed to infiltrate the school before enrollment and bypass security during the sports festival, he’s unlikely to be just an ordinary person. He also possesses knowledge about Ayanokoji’s father and the White Room students, suggesting a high probability that he is affiliated with Ayanokoji’s father’s faction.

Kyou Ishigami’s Abilities and OAA

In “Classroom of the Elite”, OAA refers to the grades assigned by the school, encompassing five evaluation criteria: academic ability, physical ability, quick-wittedness, social contribution, and overall capability. The OAA is accessible to anyone in the school through a terminal app provided by the academy, allowing for free browsing across different grades. However, the OAA is not absolute and should only be considered as a reference. Therefore, students with lower OAAs can still outperform those with higher ratings. Kyou Ishigami’s OAA is as follows:

  • Academic Ability: A (95)
  • Physical Ability: D- (25)
  • Quick-wittedness: B+ (77)
  • Social Contribution: D (31)
  • Overall: B- (61)

The Relationship Between Kyou Ishigami and Kanzaki

In “Classroom of the Elite”, Kanzaki speaks of Kyou Ishigami as if he has known him for some time, understanding his personality and actions. He also mentioned that he is an indifferent existence to Ishigami. It’s likely that Ishigami and Kanzaki have shared the same environment at some point.

Kanzaki uses a phrase that was originally said by Ayanokoji’s father, “It’s foolish not to use the power you possess.” This suggests that Ishigami and Kanzaki have had an encounter with Ayanokoji’s father or someone close to him.

The Relationship Between Kyou Ishigami and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s Father

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s father operates the White Room, a facility dedicated to advanced education. He regards his son Kiyotaka as the White Room’s greatest masterpiece. He has tried various methods to expel his son from attending other schools freely, including sending Tsukishiro.

Kyou Ishigami holds great respect for Ayanokoji’s father. He stated that his enrollment in the Advanced Nurturing High School was recommended by Ayanokoji’s father. Ishigami has not taken any action against Kiyotaka and remains neutral. However, he mentioned that he would follow any orders from Ayanokoji’s father, indicating the significant and revered presence Ayanokoji’s father holds for Ishigami.

Kyou Ishigami’s Key Appearances

Kyou Ishigami’s Appearance #1: Phone Call with Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

In Volume 9 of “Classroom of the Elite”, Kyou Ishigami calls Kiyotaka Ayanokoji at 1 AM from an unknown number, making Ayanokoji cautious as he answers. Ishigami remains silent for about 30 seconds before simply stating “Kiyotaka Ayanokoji” and hanging up, which heightens Ayanokoji’s suspicion of the White Room’s involvement. Later, Ayanokoji learns that Ishigami was the caller.

The cell phones provided by the school cannot make external calls, indicating Ishigami made the call from within the school. However, Ishigami had not yet enrolled at the school at that time. Additionally, Ichinose’s homeroom teacher mentioned feeling as if they had seen Ishigami long ago, suggesting he somehow infiltrated the Advanced Nurturing High School prior.

Kyou Ishigami’s Appearance #2: Conversation with Horikita

In the 4.5 volume of the second-year arc, during the deserted island test scene, Horikita is investigating handwriting in the pool reservation list to find the letter’s sender when she hears someone asking, “Excuse me, will this take much longer?” from behind. This marks Ishigami’s first substantial appearance. He may have approached Horikita knowing of Ayanokoji’s interest in her, or possibly to gather information to expel Yagami.

Kyou Ishigami’s Appearance #3: Warning to Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

In Volume 6 of the second-year arc, Ishigami visits Ayanokoji’s room, which is usually off-limits due to bodyguard presence, during Ayanokoji’s absence from the sports festival. Ishigami warns him, “Thinking that eliminating Tsukishiro and the White Room student will bring peace is a misunderstanding.”

Kyou Ishigami’s Appearance #4: Expelling Yagami

In Volume 7 of the second-year arc, Ishigami successfully expels Yagami, one of Ayanokoji’s assailants and a White Room student. Despite Yagami’s achievements, he was never praised over Ayanokoji, leading to his growing resentment. Yagami, highly rated in OAA’s social contribution and a capable student, was forced into expulsion after Ishigami unveiled his attacks on other students. This event demonstrates Ishigami’s intellect and capabilities, potentially surpassing those of White Room students.

Kyou Ishigami’s Appearance #5: Recognized by Ayanokoji

In Volume 8 of the second-year arc, Ayanokoji finally acknowledges Ishigami’s presence, having heard of him from Sakayanagi. When Sakayanagi calls Ishigami, he calmly states there’s currently no intention to “eliminate” Ayanokoji, but hints the situation might change if ordered by Ayanokoji’s father. This sets the stage for a potential future showdown between Ayanokoji and Ishigami.

Kyou Ishigami’s Appearance #6: Volume 0

Ishigami appears briefly in the bonus novel included with the first Blu-ray of “Classroom of the Elite”. He attends a party hosted by Ayanokoji’s father, where he calmly handles a situation involving his friend Fuji getting into trouble, showcasing his thoughtful and caring side.

Voice Actor of Kyou Ishigami

Koki Uchiyama’s Profile

  • Nickname: Ucchi
  • Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture
  • Date of Birth: August 16, 1990
  • Occupation: Voice Actor, Actor
  • Agency: Himawari Theatre Group
  • Favorite Foods: Soba (buckwheat noodles), Tamago Kake Gohan (rice with raw egg)

Koki Uchiyama is the voice actor behind Kyou Ishigami in “Classroom of the Elite”. He joined the Himawari Theatre Group in 1993, where he received training and appeared as a child actor in TV dramas and films. Uchiyama made his voice acting debut in 2001 with “A.I.”.

He continued to work both as an actor and voice actor, gaining acclaim for his role as Roxas in “Kingdom Hearts II” in 2005, which led to an increase in voice acting roles. He won the Best New Actor Award at the 5th Seiyu Awards in 2011 and the Voice Actor Award at the Tokyo Anime Award 2015. In interviews, he has expressed a desire to be a voice actor who does not fear aging.

Key Roles and Characters Voiced by Koki Uchiyama

  • 2008: Soul Eater (as Soul Eater) – 2009
  • 2010: Shiki (as Natsuno Yuuki)
  • 2011: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (as Kaito Tenjo) – Two series through 2014
  • 2013: RDG Red Data Girl (as Miyuki Sagara)
  • 2015: Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers (as Goldof)
  • 2018: Violet Evergarden (as Benedict Blue)
  • 2020: Ikebukuro West Gate Park (as Takashi Ando)
  • 2023: Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru (as Aki Yamada)

Summary of Kyou Ishigami’s True Identity

Kyou Ishigami from “Classroom of the Elite” is the leader of Class A, possessing both the academic ability rated as A in the OAA and other significant capabilities. He appears to have a deep connection with Ayanokoji’s father and has shown various maneuvers behind the scenes. His identity as a White Room student has not been disclosed, making him a character shrouded in mystery. Given the potential to become a formidable adversary for Ayanokoji, keep an eye on Ishigami’s actions in the future.

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