“Shangri-La Frontier” – The Abyssal Kutarnid is an Octopus-like Supreme Species! Details on Its 5 Forms and Subjugation Battle?


In “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro), the Abyssal Kutarnid, one of the seven supreme species, is a unique monster that gave Sunraku a tough fight, similar to the nocturnal attacker, Lycaon. It possessed a cheat-like ability to invert everything but was eventually subjugated by Sunraku and his team. This article will explain which chapters the Abyssal Kutarnid appeared and was defeated in, while also introducing the content of the Kutarnid’s subjugation battle and its 5 forms.

The Abyssal Kutarnid in Shangri-La Frontier

“Shangri-La Frontier” features one of the seven supreme species, the Abyssal Kutarnid. The challenging battle with the Kutarnid has been praised by readers as “interesting” and “having boss battle-like gimmicks that are good.” Here, we’ll answer questions like in which chapters does the Abyssal Kutarnid appear and get defeated, and delve into the details of the subjugation battle and the Kutarnid’s 5 forms.

Overview of Shangri-La Frontier (Shanfro)

  • Manga Title: Shangri-La Frontier ~Crappy Game Hunter Challenges God-Tier Games~
  • Genre: SF & VR Game, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Original Work & Concept: Katarina
  • Artwork: Ryosuke Fuji
  • Published In: Weekly Shonen Magazine
  • Publication Dates: Issue #33 of 2020 onwards
  • Volumes: 16 volumes published as of December 2023
  • Anime Information: Toshiyuki Kubooka (Director), Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Series Composition & Script), Ayumi Kurashima (Character Design), C2C (Animation Production), Broadcast from October 1, 2023, onwards

Let’s start by looking at the work information for “Shangri-La Frontier”. Shangri-La Frontier is an online novel serialized on the novel posting website “Shousetsuka ni Narou” starting from May 19, 2017. Its abbreviation is “Shanfro”. The author is the web novelist Katarina. It has been adapted into a mixed media project, including manga, anime, and games.

Synopsis of Shangri-La Frontier (Shanfro)

Here, we introduce a brief synopsis of “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro). The protagonist, Rakurou Himukai, is an ordinary high school gamer who is a crappy game hunter, loving crappy games (games where the system hasn’t kept up with improved graphical technology) more than anything else. One day, after clearing a crappy game and experiencing burnout syndrome, Rakurou, who usually wouldn’t touch a god-tier game, purchases “Shangri-La Frontier”…

The Abyssal Kutarnid: An Octopus-Like Supreme Species

In “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro), the Abyssal Kutarnid is a monster of unparalleled strength, having never been defeated since the game’s inception, and plays a significant role in advancing the world story of “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro). Let’s delve deeper into the details about the Abyssal Kutarnid.

What is the Abyssal Kutarnid?

The Abyssal Kutarnid in “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro) is one of the “Seven Supreme Species” that has never been defeated since the game started. It is a unique monster, just like Lycaon who gave Sunraku a tough fight, with the ability to “invert” everything. As the name suggests, this ability can invert any situation, for example, making a destroyed area undamaged.

Where Does the Abyssal Kutarnid Appear?

The Abyssal Kutarnid appears in the “Abyssal Alliance Capital Luluyas.” To challenge the Abyssal Kutarnid, players must embark on a unique scenario called “Pierce the Apostle of the Abyss” by conversing with a special NPC in the old continent’s port town “Fifthesia.” The unique scenario EX is titled “Humans Gaze into the Abyss, and the World Inverts.”

The area was once known as the island nation “Ruluyas.” Originally inhabited by people, Ruluyas was nearly brought to ruin by a massive calamity. The Kutarnid, which suppressed the calamity, was offered the country as a token of gratitude, making it the current residence of the Kutarnid. Due to the Kutarnid’s abilities, the entire island was submerged in the sea, and now the island is overrun with merfolk and powerful monsters.

When Does the Abyssal Kutarnid Appear? What About the Subjugation Battle?

The Abyssal Kutarnid is a unique monster that Sunraku defeated after the Tomb Guardian Wethaemon. Interestingly, it seems that the Abyssal Kutarnid was intended by the developers to be the first to be defeated. So, when does the Abyssal Kutarnid appear, when is it defeated, and what is the subjugation battle like? Let’s dive into the chapters where the Kutarnid appears, is defeated, and discuss the subjugation battle content.

When Does the Abyssal Kutarnid Appear?

When exactly does the Abyssal Kutarnid appear? To give a straightforward answer, it makes its debut in the “Shosetsuka ni Narou” online novel in episode 198, “Under One Sky Part Four.” It is defeated in episode 213, “Under One Sky Part Nineteen.”

The Content of the Abyssal Kutarnid Subjugation Battle

Having introduced when the Abyssal Kutarnid appears and is defeated, what is the subjugation battle like? Here, we’ll explain the content of the Kutarnid subjugation battle. The Abyssal Alliance Capital Luluyas, where the Kutarnid appears, has one castle and four towers.

In the castle resides the Kutarnid itself, while each of the towers is guarded by one of the Kutarnid’s special followers, the four “Seal Generals.” To get to the Kutarnid subjugation battle, players must defeat each of the monsters placed in the four towers: Cleo Cutiller, Slaiveel Dagon & Hydola, Varshd=Melnaqrul, and Ammon Otuum. The details of the Seal Generals are as follows:

Cleo Cutiller: A clione-shaped monster with the ability to seal magic.
Slaiveel Dagon & Hydola: A two-in-one boss monster that nullifies physical attacks and skill-based attacks.
Varshd=Melnaqrul: A group monster with the ability to nullify close-range attacks.
Ammon Otuum: A knight monster modeled after an ammonite, with the ability to nullify long-range attacks, whether they are magical or skill-based.
While it is possible to ignore the four Seal Generals and directly confront the Kutarnid, doing so will significantly increase the difficulty of the subjugation, as the Kutarnid will use the abilities of the Seal Generals. To defeat the four Seal Generals, it’s necessary to divide the roles among the subjugation team members to avoid having their physical, magical, long-range, and close-range attacks nullified.

The Five Forms of the Abyssal Kutarnid

In “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro), the Abyssal Kutarnid, one of the game’s supreme species, can be conquered by defeating all of its five forms: the “Delusion Form,” “Illusion Form,” “Fantasy Form,” “Virtual Form,” and “Imaginary Form.”

Let’s take a closer look at each of these five forms. Notably, the Kutarnid was left vulnerable and defeated by Akitsu Akane after Sunraku destroyed its orb and lifted its face.

The First Form of the Abyssal Kutarnid

The first form of the Abyssal Kutarnid, known as the “Delusion Form,” appears as a massive black octopus. It awaits players behind an underground door in the central castle of Luluyas. This form is illusory and cannot actually be defeated; players must solve a puzzle within the castle to progress to the next form.

The Second Form of the Abyssal Kutarnid

The Abyssal Kutarnid’s second form, the “Illusion Form,” manifests as a giant eight-pointed star with tentacles and eyes. Upon initiating combat, it triggers a special action called “Abyssal Gaze,” instilling fear in all participants. Damaging all of its tentacles, which number 96 (the original eight each branching into twelve), allows progression to the next form.

The Third Form of the Abyssal Kutarnid

The third form, the “Fantasy Form,” is a massive octopus made up of magical circles. The eight chalices held by its tentacles each trigger different special abilities and corresponding inversion effects. These include red for close-range attack nullification, orange for long-range attack nullification, yellow for physical attack nullification, lime green for magical attack nullification, green for color inversion, blue for gender inversion, indigo for status inversion, and purple for damage inversion. Destroying all these chalices is key to overcoming the Fantasy Form.

The Fourth Form of the Abyssal Kutarnid

The fourth form, the “Virtual Form,” transforms into a black hole-like void. It summons and absorbs monsters over time. After five minutes, it automatically progresses to the fifth form. However, the health of the fifth form varies based on the number of monsters absorbed, making it crucial to defeat the Virtual Form quickly to ease the conquest of the final form. Note that it does not attack players during this phase.

The Fifth Form of the Abyssal Kutarnid

The final form, the “Imaginary Form,” gains a temporary real state from the monsters absorbed in the fourth form. This form has a two-stage action pattern. In the first stage, it analyzes the battle patterns of eight randomly selected players participating with their orbs and mimics their movements. The second stage involves deploying eight massive tentacles for attack. To defeat it, players must destroy all eight orbs on its back during the second stage.

Summary of the Abyssal Kutarnid

This article has introduced the Abyssal Kutarnid from “Shangri-La Frontier” (Shanfro), covering its appearance, the five forms, and the content of the subjugation battle. The Abyssal Kutarnid makes its debut in episode 198, “Under One Sky Part Four,” of the “Shosetsuka ni Narou” online novel and is defeated in episode 213, “Under One Sky Part Nineteen.”

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