What is the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries”? Overview of Characters like Maomao, Luo Han, and Their Family Tree


What kind of bloodline is the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries”? In this article, we introduce the family tree of the Luo Clan appearing in “The Apothecary Diaries,” summarizing characters such as Maomao and Luo Han in a list. Additionally, we will present a list of voice actors for the Luo Clan characters featured in the anime adaptation of “The Apothecary Diaries,” including their profiles and main roles. Be sure to check out the entire article for a comprehensive overview!

What is “The Apothecary Diaries”?

In this article, we introduce the Luo Clan’s family tree, characters such as Maomao and Luo Han, in “The Apothecary Diaries.” Before delving into that, let’s first provide an overview and synopsis of “The Apothecary Diaries” for those who might be new to the series. Be sure to check it out!

Overview of “The Apothary Diaries”

“The Apothecary Diaries” is a light novel series written by Natsu Hyuuga, which began serialization on the web novel posting site “Shousetsuka ni Narou” in October 2011. It gained a significant following online before being published in book form as the “Inner Palace Arc” by J-Novel Club. Furthermore, an anime adaptation of “The Apothecary Diaries” started airing on the Nippon TV network on October 22, 2023.

Synopsis of “The Apothecary Diaries”

Maomao lived with her adoptive father, Luo Men, working as an apothecary. However, an unexpected kidnapping incident leads her to be sold to the inner palace. With her profound knowledge of pharmacology, she tries to stay under the radar by feigning incompetence. But one day, after diagnosing a princess’s illness, she catches the attention of Jinshi, the eunuch. From then on, she collaborates with Jinshi to uncover and solve numerous mysteries within the palace.

The Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries”

The Identity of the Luo Clan

The Luo Clan, unlike other families named after the Chinese zodiac, is known for not being an old family line. Yet, the Luo Clan is renowned for producing many geniuses. Genius and madness are somewhat adjacent, giving the impression that members of the Luo Clan are eccentric.

The Luo Clan is read as “Rano Ichizoku” in Japanese. Originally, the family was named “Kan,” making “Kan’s Clan” their formal name. However, due to the strong impression made by the current head, Luo Han, it is commonly known as the “Luo Clan.”

The Status of the Luo Clan

The current head of the Luo Clan, Luo Han, holds the position of Grand Commandant and is the supreme leader of the kingdom’s military. Being a local noble, he is well-regarded by the Empress Dowager Shichang and can interact freely with her, indicating his high status. However, under the current emperor, the Luo Clan does not wield as much influence as other prestigious families. This is due to the loss of honor following an incident that occurred during a previous administration. The central figure of that incident was Maomao’s adoptive father, Luo Men.

The Luo Clan Characters and Family Tree from “The Apothecary Diaries”

From here on, we introduce the characters from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries.” The family tree of the Luo Clan is as follows. Since there are not many characters from the Luo Clan, be sure to check out the list!

Characters and Family Tree #1: Maomao

The first character from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries” is Maomao. Maomao is a princess who carries the blood of the Luo Clan. Her father, Luo Han, despite being unmarried, had Maomao with his beloved, Fengxian. After Luo Han left the capital, Fengxian became pregnant, leading to the decline of Qingqing House. Luo Han later advanced in the military, compensated Qingqing House, and attempted to take Maomao under his care.

On the surface, Maomao is treated as the adopted daughter of Luo Men, but in reality, she carries the blood of the Luo Clan, and besides Fengxian, Luo Han does not have children with any other women. Among the Luo Clan, filled predominantly with males, Maomao is the sole female character. Having lived in the Flower District, Maomao never considered herself coming from a noble lineage. Her deep interest and knowledge in pharmacology may be due to the genetic influence of the Luo Clan, which values research.

Characters and Family Tree #2: Han Luo Men

The second character from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries” is Han Luo Men. Han Luo Men is a doctor who treats patients in the Flower District. He is Maomao’s adoptive father and also her mentor in pharmacology. Formerly a court physician and eunuch, he was banished from the palace after failing to save a newborn prince and losing the bone in one of his knees as a punishment.

Maomao affectionately calls him “Old Man,” but he is actually Luo Han’s uncle, making him Maomao’s great-uncle. Exceptionally talented from a young age, he studied abroad in the West on a national mission. He possesses the highest level of medical skills in the country, but his kind-heartedness and bad luck led him to become a eunuch and eventually banished from the court.

Characters and Family Tree #3: Han Luo Han

The third character from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries” is Han Luo Han. Han Luo Han, a strategist with a fox-like appearance and monocle, is the only general in the country to hold the title of “Han Grand Commandant.” Known as the “eccentric strategist” because of his unusual actions, Maomao refers to him as “that old man.” His strategic abilities are exceptionally high, and he has a talent for discerning people’s abilities, with unparalleled skills in Go and Shogi.

Especially in Shogi, he is considered invincible. Han Luo Han suffers from prosopagnosia, recognizing people as Shogi pieces reflecting their abilities, which he cleverly uses to command his troops during wartime. His intuition is sharp, rarely making mistakes, but he often prefers to manipulate others to achieve his goals rather than acting on his own.

Han Luo Ban

The fourth character from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries” is Han Luo Ban. Han Luo Ban, Luo Han’s nephew, is a 19-year-old civil officer characterized by his fox-like eyes and round glasses. To Maomao, he is a cousin and brother-in-law. Tasked with the kingdom’s finances, Han Luo Ban uses his mastery of accounting to expose corruption within the Shi family and discerns Jinshi’s true identity with his keen insight. However, like Luo Han and Maomao, he is indifferent to matters outside his interests, oblivious to the emotions of Sanniang and Yao.

Characters and Family Tree #5: Han Junjie

The fifth character from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries” is Han Junjie. Han Junjie, the brother of Luo Ban, is a farmer sent from the central region to the western capital. He specializes in the cultivation of grains. Known affectionately as “Half-brother,” he is seldom called by his real name. In volume 14, he is thanked and called by his real name by Yanyan, which captures his heart.

Characters and Family Tree #6: Han Luo Hong

The sixth character from the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries” is Han Luo Hong. Han Luo Hong is Luo Han’s half-brother and uncle to Maomao. Han Luo Hong is the father of Luo Ban and Han Junjie. After withdrawing from the family’s internal disputes, Han Luo Hong has been living as a farmer focusing on the cultivation of potatoes.

Voice Actors of the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries”

Maomao / Aoi Yūki

The anime voice actor for Maomao from the Luo Clan, Aoi Yūki, is affiliated with Aoni Production. Born in Chiba Prefecture, Yūki Aoi was born on March 27, 1992, and entered the entertainment industry at the age of four, initially working as a child actor. Some of her notable roles include Yuuki in the “Sword Art Online” series, the Black Knight in “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic,” Gina in “Undead Unluck,” and Kazeama Genba in “The Elusive Samurai.”

Luo Men / Hiroshi Yanaka

The anime voice actor for Luo Men from the Luo Clan, Hiroshi Yanaka, is affiliated with Apt Pro. Born in Tokyo on March 10, 1958, his wife is also a voice actor, Miho Yoshida. Yanaka’s notable roles include Honda Hayato in “KochiKame,” Marcel Junod in “Junod,” Chitoseya in “The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl,” and the father of Umi Bemink in “The Concierge of the North Polar Bear Department Store.”

Luo Han / Takuya Kirimoto

The anime voice actor for Luo Han from the Luo Clan, Takuya Kirimoto, is affiliated with Aoni Production. Kirimoto was born in Gifu Prefecture on July 27, 1967. His notable roles include Osamurai Van Osamu in “Duel Masters Victory V,” Yaginome Takumi in “Seikaisuru Kado,” Shiba Ura Shūaki in “Technoroid Overmind,” and Umon Genzou in “Grendizer Giga.”

Summary of the Luo Clan in “The Apothecary Diaries”

In this article, we introduced the family tree of the Luo Clan from “The Apothecary Diaries,” along with characters such as Maomao and Luo Han. If this article has piqued your interest in the Luo Clan, we encourage you to take this opportunity to check out the original work or the anime adaptation of “The Apothecary Diaries”!

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