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In “The Eminence in Shadow,” we introduce the spirit fox Yukime. The story follows the protagonist, Kageno Minoru, who, after dying in a truck accident, reincarnates in another world to fight his battles. This article will provide an overview of “The Eminence in Shadow,” including a synopsis, as well as delve into Yukime’s strength and past with spoilers. Additionally, we’ll introduce the voice actor who portrays Yukime in the anime.

Who is Yukime in The Eminence in Shadow?

In this article, we introduce Yukime from “The Eminence in Shadow.” Yukime is a character known for her beautiful appearance and a surprising past connection with Shadow. We will cover questions such as “What are Yukime’s strengths and abilities?” and “Who is the voice actor for Yukime in the anime?”

Information about “The Eminence in Shadow”

  • Overview of “The Eminence in Shadow”

Before addressing questions like “What is the strength and past of the spirit fox Yukime?” and “What is her relationship with Shadow?”, let’s introduce the basic information about “The Eminence in Shadow.” It is a novel series that has been serialized since 2018, written by light novel author Daisuke Aizawa. It gained popularity on the “Shosetsuka ni Naro” website, leading to its publication, and since 2019, it has also been serialized as a manga in “Monthly Comp Ace.”

  • Synopsis of “The Eminence in Shadow”

The protagonist of “The Eminence in Shadow” is Minoru Kageno, a high school student who has dreamed of being a “hero who operates in the shadows” since his childhood. He acquired strength through rigorous training but was hit by a truck while hallucinating and reincarnated in another world. After reincarnating, he lives with the Kageno family, trying to stay unnoticed under the shadow of his talented sister, but becomes the leader of a massive organization after meeting an elf possessed by a demon.

Profile of the Spirit Fox Yukime

In “The Eminence in Shadow,” Yukime rules over the White Tower in the lawless city. She is characterized by her nine tails and a white kimono, and uses an iron fan as her weapon in combat. She runs the Snow Fox Commerce outside the city, but it is revealed that her primary focus is on revenge against a childhood friend, thus her business activities also serve as part of her revenge. She has formed an alliance with Shadow Garden, but she does not appear later in the novel.

The Strength and Past of Yukime in “The Eminence in Shadow”

Let’s delve into Yukime, the spirit fox from “The Eminence in Shadow.” Yukime is a character with a stunning appearance who has unleashed legendary powers in combat. We will also explore questions such as “What is Yukime’s past?” and “What is her relationship with Shadow?”

Yukime’s Strength and Abilities

In “The Eminence in Shadow,” Yukime stands as one of the influential figures in the lawless city. The city also hosts notable figures such as “The Tyrant Juggernaut” and “The Blood Queen Elizabeth.” Elizabeth is known for her strength, powerful enough to inflict damage on Shadow. This positions Yukime on a similar level, marking her as a formidable figure.

Getsutan leads a major commercial union and shares a childhood bond with Yukime. He once protected her village from rival tribes. Despite his strong sense of justice and affection, his involvement with a cult resulted in the destruction of her village. His quest for power led to a frenzy in which he tragically killed Yukime’s mother. This act positioned him as a target for Yukime’s vengeance.

Yukime is a legendary figure from the spirit fox tribe. In a battle with Getsutan, her powers were awakened. This transformation caused her silver tails to thicken and change. Her magical powers also increased significantly, which allowed her to overpower Getsutan, the mightiest warrior of the Great Wolf Tribe. In a subsequent conflict, Getsutan took a red pill, which severely wounded Yukime. However, she was rescued just in time by Shadow, who arrived at the crucial moment.

Yukime’s Past

As mentioned, Yukime was seriously injured in her battle with Getsutan. During this period, Shadow, disguised as the “Stylish Bandit Slayer,” visited the lawless city. He defeated Getsutan and thus saved Yukime. However, Yukime was semi-conscious at the time and did not realize that her rescuer was Shadow until they were reunited later.

Despite being defeated, Getsutan survived. He started from scratch and took over the Garter Trading Company. He later confronted Yukime again but was defeated by Shadow once more, who this time was disguised as “John Smith.” Following this encounter, Yukime was informed by Alpha about the Diabolos Cult. She then decided to cooperate with Shadow Garden.

During her fight with Getsutan, Yukime’s old wounds reopened. She felt a surge of nostalgia when Shadow healed her injuries. As he lay dying, Getsutan entrusted Yukime’s care to Shadow. His last letter was filled with regrets about his homeland and lamented his own weaknesses. Mitsugoshi Commerce, which serves as a front for Shadow Garden, is a significant corporate entity in the visible world. Meanwhile, Yukime, now leading Snow Fox Commerce, is determined to dominate the underworld.

Voice Actress of Yukime in “The Eminence in Shadow”

After exploring questions like “How strong is the spirit fox Yukime?” and “What is her past with Shadow?”, let’s introduce the voice actress who portrays Yukime in “The Eminence in Shadow.” The anime, based on a popular novel, is noted for its stellar voice acting cast. We will compile a profile and list of works for the voice actress.

Profile of Shizuka Ito

In “The Eminence in Shadow,” the spirit fox Yukime is voiced by Shizuka Ito. Born in Tokyo, she has been active in voice acting since 2003, with her birthdate being December 5, 1980. She is affiliated with Ken Production. She became interested in voice acting during high school after watching a video game promotional video. In 2016, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Seiyu Awards and is affectionately known by fans as “Ishizuka” and “Omae.”

Shizuka Ito’s Main Roles and Characters

Voice actress Shizuka Ito plays Minami Toba in the anime “Laid-Back Camp” (Yuru Camp△). Minami Toba is a new teacher at Motosu High School, specializing in history. Known for her calm demeanor at school, she is also a notorious drinker, often found indulging in alcohol daily.

The original manga for “Laid-Back Camp,” featuring Minami Toba, has been serialized since 2015. The anime adaptation began airing in 2018.

Shizuka Ito has lent her voice to characters in various other anime series. These include “PSYCHO-PASS,” “Jormungand,” “Terra Formars,” “Sorcerous Stabber Orphen,” and “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation.” She played minor roles for about two years following her debut, with her career significantly taking off from 2005.

During her student days, Ito was active in the basketball and tennis clubs. In her personal life, she enjoys hobbies such as fishing and scuba diving.

Summary of Yukime in “The Eminence in Shadow”

This article has introduced Yukime, the spirit fox from “The Eminence in Shadow.” Yukime has experienced a difficult past, which has led many to sympathize with her plight. Additionally, her decision to rule the underworld alongside Shadow Garden has raised expectations for her future actions. Even if you haven’t seen the episodes featuring Yukime, consider this article as a reference to get to know her character better.

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