A Sign of Affection: Exploring Itsuomi’s Tattoos! Where Are They and What Do They Mean?


In Suu Morishita’s manga “A Sign of Affection,” the character Itsuomi Nagi has a tattoo in a particular place. Where exactly is Itsuomi’s tattoo located, what is the design, and what does it mean? It appears that the meaning behind the tattoo is connected to Itsuomi’s past, but what kind of past does he have? This article explores the location and design of Itsuomi Nagi’s tattoo in “A Sign of Affection,” as well as the significance related to his past.

Who is Itsuomi from A Sign of Affection?

The character Itsuomi Nagi from “A Sign of Affection” is currently gathering attention online for being a cool character. But who exactly is Itsuomi Nagi? Let’s first check out some information about the manga “A Sign of Affection,” Itsuomi Nagi’s profile, and his relationship with the protagonist, Yuki Ito.

About A Sign of Affection

■ Overview of A Sign of Affection

“A Sign of Affection” is a manga by Suu Morishita, serialized in Kodansha’s “Dessert” magazine starting from the September 2019 issue. As of December 13, 2023, the series has been compiled into 10 volumes and, including digital editions, has surpassed a total of 3.8 million copies distributed. The series also saw an anime adaptation broadcast from January to March 2024.

■ Synopsis of A Sign of Affection

“A Sign of Affection” revolves around Yuki Ito, a college student with hearing impairment, who one day is helped by Itsuomi Nagi, a senior at the same university. Itsuomi interacts with Yuki naturally, despite her disability. Gradually, Yuki finds herself drawn to Itsuomi.

Itsuomi’s Profile

Itsuomi Nagi, a senior at the same university as Yuki Ito, the protagonist of “A Sign of Affection,” is known for his cool demeanor and rarely shows his emotions, but he is genuinely kind-hearted and approachable. Itsuomi is an active member of an international circle and travels the world as a backpacker. His skills include being trilingual, fluent in Japanese, English, and German. He also works part-time at a café bar run by his cousin, Nagi Kyoya. Itsuomi has a tattoo on his right middle finger, which he used to cover with tape during high school.

Itsuomi and Yuki’s Relationship

The relationship between Itsuomi Nagi and Yuki Ito in “A Sign of Affection” started when Itsuomi happened to help Yuki, who was in trouble. Since meeting her, Itsuomi has begun learning sign language influenced by Yuki, who cannot hear. As for their romantic relationship, Itsuomi and Yuki start dating from the third volume of the manga. Initially, it was a one-sided affection from Yuki, but eventually, Itsuomi also grew fond of her. When they started dating, it brought great joy to the readers of “A Sign of Affection.”

Exploring the Location and Meaning of Itsuomi’s Tattoo in A Sign of Affection

Itsuomi Nagi from “A Sign of Affection” is known for having a tattoo on his finger, a distinctive feature of his character. But which finger is Itsuomi’s tattoo on? Many readers speculate that there might be a deep meaning behind Itsuomi’s tattoo, considering only his father knows the reason behind it.

People often imbue their tattoos with significant meanings, but what kind of significance has Itsuomi placed in his tattoo? Next, let’s delve into where exactly on his body Itsuomi Nagi has his tattoo and explore the meaning behind its design.

The Location of Itsuomi’s Tattoo

In “A Sign of Affection,” Itsuomi Nagi has his tattoo on the middle finger of his right hand. Tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body—hands, arms, legs, neck, chest, or back. While tattoos are not uncommon abroad, in Japan, there is still a significant stigma attached to them, to the extent that individuals with tattoos are often barred from using public baths or pools.

In Japan, people often choose more concealable spots for tattoos, such as the arms or back, but Itsuomi has chosen his right middle finger—a location that cannot be hidden unless by wearing gloves.

Additionally, Itsuomi’s dominant hand is his right hand. Since hands are used frequently, it’s one of the body parts most often seen by others. This suggests that the placement of the tattoo on the right middle finger signifies Itsuomi’s desire to never forget or erase certain memories. The middle finger was historically believed to be connected directly to the heart by a special vein, which is why tattoos on this finger often symbolize something profoundly significant.

Only Two Fathers Know the Meaning of Itsuomi’s Tattoo

Itsuomi Nagi’s tattoo is located on the middle finger of his right hand. As mentioned, placing a tattoo on this dominant and visible location suggests a strong will to retain certain memories. Rather than being merely decorative, the tattoo likely holds significant meaning.

Originally, only Itsuomi’s father knew why he got the tattoo. However, when Yuki Ito’s father asked about the tattoo’s significance, Itsuomi shared its meaning, saying he had never discussed it with anyone other than his own father before. Therefore, only the two fathers are privy to the true significance of Itsuomi’s tattoo.

The Meaning Behind Itsuomi’s Tattoo Design

Recently, the number of people getting tattoos in Japan has increased, with many choosing tattoos for fashion purposes. However, Itsuomi Nagi from “A Sign of Affection” appears to have imbued his tattoo design with a deeper meaning. So, what does Itsuomi’s tattoo design signify?

Itsuomi’s tattoo design features a large sun symbol with a crescent moon inside it. The sun design is a popular choice in tattoos, symbolizing “truth,” “light,” and “rebirth.” The sun represents “daytime” and “passion,” while the moon stands for “night” and “mystery.” The combination of the sun and moon often symbolizes life’s dualities and cycles.

Additionally, Itsuomi once mentioned feeling like he had lived in a perpetual night without light. This suggests that the moon in his tattoo might symbolize a sorrowful event from his past, and the sun might represent his hopes for renewal or remembrance.

Is Itsuomi’s Tattoo Related to His Past?

The tattoo on Itsuomi Nagi from “A Sign of Affection” is speculated to be connected to his past. Although the readers are not yet privy to the exact reason why Itsuomi got his tattoo, when he explained its significance to Yuki Ito’s father, he showed a photograph of a young black boy, smiling, who appeared to be about the same age as Itsuomi was as a child.

Following the conversation, Yuki Ito’s father looked solemnly at the photograph, hinting that Itsuomi’s tattoo—and the boy in the photo—might be linked to significant events from Itsuomi’s past.

Exploring Itsuomi’s Past and the Mysteries Around Him in “A Sign of Affection”

Itsuomi Nagi in “A Sign of Affection” has a tattoo on his right middle finger, and it is said to be connected to his past. What aspects of Itsuomi’s past can be linked to this tattoo? Let’s delve into the past and mysteries related to the tattoo Itsuomi Nagi has on his right middle finger.

Is Itsuomi Lying?

At one point, Itsuomi asked Yuki Ito, “What would you do if I were lying?” This led many readers to speculate that Itsuomi might be lying about something. However, given Itsuomi’s personality, it seems more likely that instead of lying, he might be withholding something important that he should tell Yuki.

Events Related to Itsuomi’s Past and His Birthday

Much about Itsuomi’s past remains a mystery, but there are some clues. For instance, something significant happened on his seventh birthday, which changed his perspective on flying in airplanes. It is speculated that during a trip he took by plane on his seventh birthday, he met the black-skinned boy who would later inspire him to get his tattoo.

The Role of Itsuomi’s Mother

Itsuomi has a much younger sister, and when he was about 19 years old and his sister was three, the family took a photo during her Shichi-Go-San celebration. However, their mother was not in the picture. Although one might wonder about the mother’s absence, it was mentioned in a greeting video sent to Yuki Ito by Itsuomi’s family that “Mom is on a business trip,” confirming that she is alive but her specifics remain undisclosed.

Itsuomi’s Dream

Itsuomi is a backpacker who travels around the world. Yuki Ito once asked him, “What is your purpose in traveling the world?” To which Itsuomi replied, “I’ll tell you when we get to know each other better,” but he did not disclose it then. According to Itsuomi’s cousin, Kyoya, Itsuomi’s dream is to work in a school located deep in the mountains abroad and teach the children about the world he has seen.

Voice Actor for Itsuomi in “A Sign of Affection” Anime

“A Sign of Affection” was animated and broadcast from January to March 2024. Itsuomi Nagi, the love interest of the main character, Yuki Ito, in “A Sign of Affection,” was voiced by a notable actor in the anime adaptation. Let’s look at the profile, works, and characters portrayed by the voice actor who played Itsuomi Nagi in the anime adaptation of “A Sign of Affection.”

Yu Miyazaki’s Profile

  • Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Birthday: October 7
  • Occupation: Voice Actor
  • Agency: Tokyo Actor’s Consumer’s Cooperative Society
  • Spouse: Atsumi Tanezaki (since 2023)
  • Active Since: 2015

Yu Miyazaki joined the 46th class of the Haikyo Voice Actors Studio in 2014 and began his voice acting career in 2015 with his current agency, Tokyo Actor’s Consumer’s Cooperative Society. His first regular role as a voice actor came in the TV anime “100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams,” where he voiced Kiel from July to September 2018.

Main Works and Characters Voiced by Yu Miyazaki

Yu Miyazaki, who voiced Itsuomi Nagi in the anime “A Sign of Affection,” has played various characters, including Kiel in “100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams,” Masayoshi Ohtomo in “Hoshiai no Sora,” and the player Sei Kyo in “Aoashi.” Additionally, Yu Miyazaki is also the dubbing voice actor for Nam Joo-hyuk.

Summary of Itsuomi’s Tattoo in “A Sign of Affection”

We have introduced Itsuomi Nagi’s tattoo in “A Sign of Affection.” Itsuomi has a tattoo on his right middle finger, his dominant hand, suggesting that the tattoo has a significant meaning beyond just fashion.

It is speculated that Itsuomi’s tattoo is connected to his past and potentially to a black-skinned boy of the same age. Itsuomi’s tattoo remains largely mysterious, but as more details are likely to be revealed as the series continues, keep an eye on the ongoing serialization of “A Sign of Affection.”

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