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“WIND BREAKER” is a new generation of delinquent manga that depicts the lives of youths fighting to protect their town. In this article, we will introduce a list of characters from “WIND BREAKER,” ranging from first-year to third-year characters, members of the Shishigashira Ren, and more.


Overview of WIND BREAKER

“WIND BREAKER,” created by Satoshi Nii, has been serialized in Kodansha’s “Magazine Pocket” since January 2021. As of August 2022, the comic has been published up to volume 8, with a total circulation exceeding 1.22 million copies. A promotional video was also released in November 2021, making it a highly popular series.

In this article, we will introduce a comprehensive list of characters from “WIND BREAKER,” covering first-year to third-year characters, members of the Shishigashira Ren, KEEL characters, and more. Additionally, we will discuss the potential for an anime adaptation of “WIND BREAKER” and list the prominent voice actors featured in the promotional video.

Synopsis of WIND BREAKER

The protagonist, Haruka Sakura, enrolls at Suzuran High School with the goal of reaching the top. However, the reality of Suzuran High School is far different from what he had imagined. Instead of a typical school, it is a group of delinquents fighting to protect the local residents and the town. They are known as “Boufurin” and are appreciated by the local community. Shocked to learn about Suzuran High School’s ethos of fighting to protect others, Haruka is deeply moved. Utilizing his inherent fighting skills, he gradually integrates into the school and the town, aiming for the top.

Character List for WIND BREAKER – First-Year Students

We have already explored an overview and synopsis of “WIND BREAKER.” Next, we will introduce the characters from “WIND BREAKER,” focusing on first-year students such as Haruka Sakura, Kyotaro Sugishita, and Hayato Suou from Suzuran High School.

Firstly, Suzuran High School, attended by protagonist Haruka Sakura, is known as “Boufurin.” Although it is renowned for being the strongest in fights, it differs from Haruka’s initial perception of a school filled with delinquents. Instead, it is a group that fights to protect the local community and the town, earning gratitude and love from the townspeople.

Character List #1: Haruka Sakura

The first member of the first-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Haruka Sakura. As the protagonist, he has heterochromatic eyes—one yellow and one black—and his natural hair is a two-tone mix of white and black. Raised under the cold gaze of others due to his unusual appearance, Haruka has spent his life immersed in fighting. He enrolled in Suzuran High School with the aim of reaching the top through fighting, where appearance does not matter.

Originally kind-hearted, after enrollment, he begins to recognize the kindness and compassion of others, aiding his growth as a person. However, not used to being thanked or acknowledged, Haruka often blushes. His flexibility and strength in fights have earned him the position of class leader. He fought and won against Tokame Jyo from Shishigashira Ren. Haruka is 169 cm tall, weighs 59 kg, was born on April 1st, and has blood type AB.

Character List #2: Kyotaro Sugishita

The second of the first-year members in “WIND BREAKER” is Kyotaro Sugishita. Characterized by his long hair and tall stature, he has a rough temperament. Having been involved with Suzuran High School since middle school, he was recognized for his talent and passion, being the only middle schooler allowed to claim the title of “Boufurin.” Moreover, Sugishita possesses immense strength, capable of tearing chains apart.

He uses his overwhelming power and sturdy physique in fights, achieving victory against Yukinari Arima from Shishigashira Ren. Deeply admiring the school’s general representative, he confronted Haruka when he declared his intention to reach the top upon entering the school, earning him the nickname “fanatic of the summit.” He is 192 cm tall, weighs 80 kg, was born on November 3rd, and has blood type B.

Character List #3: Hayato Suou

The third member of the first-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Hayato Suou. With black hair and an eyepatch, and wearing tassel earrings on both ears, he is exceptionally mild-mannered and always smiling, offering a friendly demeanor. Known for his strength in fights since middle school, he has been appointed as the “vice class leader.”

Unlike other characters, he does not use punches in fights but employs aikido-like techniques to deflect attacks. Respected by Haruka, he fought and won against Minoru Kanuma from Shishigashira Ren. He is 174 cm tall, weighs 66 kg, was born on March 28th, and has blood type AB.

Character List #4: Akihiko Nirei

The fourth member of the first-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Akihiko Nirei. Although part of Boufurin, he is weak in fights and serves as an information broker, collecting and sharing data on enemies and supporting his allies. His hobby is gathering information about people he admires. After being saved from delinquents by Haruka, he has looked up to and admired him.

While he did not participate in the fight against Shishigashira Ren, he accompanied Haruka and others, showcasing the collected data on opponents. Despite being a cheerful character who is not strong in fights, Nirei is willing to challenge stronger opponents if it means helping or protecting someone, showing a strong sense of justice. He is 163 cm tall, weighs 57 kg, was born on September 21st, and has blood type O.

Character List #5: Taiga Tsugeura

The fifth member of the first-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Taiga Tsugeura. Always seen wearing a headband and tank top, he is characterized by his muscular build, and his hobby is working out. He drinks protein shakes daily and is known for his distinctive Kansai dialect. Extremely straightforward, he often asks those he is interested in, “What’s your philosophy?”

He has a unique rule in fights—to receive a hit from the opponent before retaliating. His fighting

ability is said to be on par with Kyotaro Sugishita and Hayato Suou. In battles, he utilizes his well-trained muscles, favoring wrestling moves. He is 181 cm tall, weighs 77 kg, was born on May 15, and has blood type A.

Character List #6: Mitsuki Kiryuu

The sixth member of the first-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Mitsuki Kiryuu. He wears patterned shirts and sports numerous piercings in both ears and his left eyebrow, making him a stylish character. Although he attended a prestigious private middle school, his strength became apparent in his first year of middle school when he single-handedly defeated all the third-year students from a notorious delinquent school.

In fights, he specializes in palm strikes, which can easily knock opponents off their feet regardless of size difference. Despite his fighting prowess, Mitsuki Kiryuu has shown a gentlemanly side by offering kind words to a girl he saved from delinquents. He is 165 cm tall, weighs 60 kg, was born on August 19, and has blood type A.

These character introductions highlight the diverse backgrounds and skills of the first-year students at Suzuran High School, each bringing their unique strengths and stories to the rich tapestry of “WIND BREAKER.”

WIND BREAKER Character List – Second-Year Students

So far, we have explored the overview and synopsis of “WIND BREAKER,” and introduced the first-year students of Suzuran High School. Next, we will introduce the second-year students, including Ren Kaji, Takeshi Enomoto, and Yuto Kusumi from Suzuran High School.

Character List #1: Ren Kaji

The first of the second-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Ren Kaji. Known for his messy hair and constant candy-sucking, he always listens to music at high volume through his headphones. Ren Kaji is said to be among the top fighters in the second year at Suzuran High School and holds the position of class president among the “Tamonsyu.” Ren was an uncontrollable and merciless delinquent in middle school but shifted to fighting to protect the town after enrolling at Suzuran High School.

While typically short-tempered and blunt, even to the local shopkeepers, he has a kind heart and is reliable when needed, which has earned him admiration from many. He stands 171 cm tall, weighs 63 kg, was born on October 27, and has blood type B.

Character List #2: Takeshi Enomoto

The second of the second-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Takeshi Enomoto. He serves as the vice class president among the “Tamonsyu,” supporting and assisting the class president, Ren Kaji, by rallying classmates and juniors.

Takeshi admires Kaji and is always seen acting alongside him. In fights, Takeshi is known to block attacks and has the power to knock down several opponents with a single strike, showcasing strength well above average. He is 178 cm tall, weighs 70 kg, was born on June 23, and has blood type B.

Character List #3: Yuto Kusumi

The third member of the second-year students in “WIND BREAKER” is Yuto Kusumi. Like Takeshi Enomoto, he also holds the position of vice class president among the “Tamonsyu” and acts as a messenger, relaying communications when there are requests from the town.

In fights, Kusumi is adept at dodging attacks while being able to knock out several opponents with powerful strikes. Kusumi is usually characterized by his bangs covering his eyes, but when his eyes are revealed, it becomes a topic of interest among fans. He stands 167 cm tall, weighs 61 kg, was born on July 21, and has blood type O.

WIND BREAKER Character List – Members of Shishigashira Ren

So far, we have covered the overview and synopsis of “WIND BREAKER,” and introduced the first and second-year students at Suzuran High School. Next, we will introduce the members of Shishigashira Ren, including Toji Tomiyama, Togame Jou, and Kouta Sako.

Firstly, “Shishigashira Ren” is a team founded by childhood friends Toji Tomiyama and Togame Jou. After its establishment, leader Toji Tomiyama shifted the team’s policy to value only the strong, discarding the losers, and deputy leader Togame Jou relentlessly ousted those who lost.

Character List #1: Toji Tomiyama

The first member of Shishigashira Ren is Toji Tomiyama. As the leader who, along with Togame Jou, expanded the scale of Shishigashira Ren, Tomiyama originally valued camaraderie. However, as the team grew, the policy shifted to valuing strength above all.

Tomiyama is known for his restlessness and mercilessness in combat, beating up those he defeats, and he enjoys fighting strong opponents like Haruka Sakura. In combat, he leverages his small stature for quick, agile movements. He lost to Umemiya Kazu in a fight with Boufurin, which led to his change of heart and reconciliation with Boufurin. His height is 158 cm, weight is 55 kg, birthday is March 7, and blood type is AB.

Character List #2: Togame Jou

The second member of Shishigashira Ren is Togame Jou. Serving as the deputy leader, he is characterized by his sunglasses and wooden sandals. Despite his slow speech and seemingly relaxed demeanor, he is known to have the strongest territorial instinct within Shishigashira Ren. Like Tomiyama, he also has a ruthless side, mercilessly discarding those who lose.

In terms of fighting, Togame is recognized as the second strongest in Shishigashira Ren, matching or even surpassing Haruka Sakura in skill. However, he lost to Haruka in a fight with Boufurin. This battle led him to recognize his true feelings and undergo a change of heart. He is 187 cm tall, weighs 81 kg, was born on April 17, and has blood type O.

Character List #3: Kouta Sako

The third member of Shishigashira Ren is Kouta Sako. As a top fighter within Shishigashira Ren, Sako is not good at communication but is always approachable and friendly. In middle school, he was saved from delinquents by Hirotou Shuuga of the Four Kings of Suzuran High School and was inspired to become strong himself, learning to fight from Shuuga.

However, when he learned that Shuuga was entering Suzuran High School, Sako expressed his desire to join the same school but was rejected, leading him to join Shishigashira Ren instead. He lost to his mentor Shuuga in a fight with Boufurin. He is 172 cm tall, weighs 65 kg, was born on December 2, and has blood type A.

Other members of Shishigashira Ren include Yukinari Arima and Minoru Kanuma. Yukinari Arima is known for his strength, capable of breaking several ribs of an opponent with a single strike. He lost his fight against Kyotaro Sugishita of Boufurin. His height is 188 cm, weight is 83 kg, birthday is January 16, and blood type is B.

Minoru Kanuma, always seen with Yukinari Arima, was furious when Arima lost to Sugishita. In his fight with Boufurin, he faced Hayato Suou and lost. His height is 170 cm, weight is 64 kg, birthday is September 3, and blood type is A.

WIND BREAKER Character List – Other Characters

So far, we’ve looked at the overview and synopsis of “WIND BREAKER,” and introduced characters from Suzuran High School’s first and second years, as well as members of the Shishigashira Ren. Next, we will introduce characters from Suzuran High School’s third year and KEEL characters.

WIND BREAKER Third-Year Characters

The first third-year character in “WIND BREAKER” is Hajime Umemiya. He serves as the leader of Boufurin and is known for his friendly nature, able to get along with anyone. Despite his calm and generous demeanor, which does not seem to fit the image of a typical school leader, his presence reassures everyone, making him a brotherly figure to all.

Kyotaro Sugishita greatly respects him. However, in fights, he emits an intimidating aura that is starkly different from his usual demeanor. He fought and won against Toji Tomiyama of Shishigashira Ren. Umemiya also plays a significant role in teaching the protagonist Haruka Sakura about fighting as a student of Suzuran High School. He is 188 cm tall, weighs 80 kg, was born on February 1, and his blood type is O.

The second third-year character is Toma Hiiragi, one of the Four Kings of Boufurin, known for his cool and quiet demeanor. He is also recognized as an equal to Hajime Umemiya in strength and carries the nickname “Bishamonten,” the war god. He leads the Tajimun and fought and won against his middle school acquaintance, Kouta Sako, from Shishigashira Ren.

Hiiragi is a powerful fighter but suffers from chronic stomach pain and always carries “Gakusun 10” stomach medicine. His height is 192 cm, weight is 80 kg, birthday is November 3, and blood type is B.

Further introducing other strong third-year members of Suzuran High School, the next-in-command Youdai Matsumoto is known for his cheerful personality, while Jiin Yanagida speaks in a very soft voice. Additionally, introducing other Four Kings characters from Suzuran High School, the leaders of the Tsubaki, Mizuki, and Mose divisions are Tsubakino, Mizuki, and Momose respectively.

Another character is Koto Tachibana, a female character who works at “Café Pothos” near Suzuran High School. She was harassed by delinquents and rescued by the protagonist Haruka Sakura. In gratitude, she treated him at her café, which kickstarts the story. She is 158 cm tall, born on April 5, blood type A, and has a strong and assertive personality, clearly expressing her thoughts and feelings.


In “WIND BREAKER,” “KEEL” refers to a group known not for its size, but for its notorious reputation almost akin to criminal activities. Introducing the key characters of KEEL, we start with Nagato, a childhood friend of Masayuki Anzai from Suzuran High School’s first year, then Takeru Kongou who fought against Haruka Sakura, Taishi Mogami who faced Kyotaro Sugishita, and Hansuke Tone who battled Hayato Suou.

Other prominent characters in KEEL include Shiyu Kirishima, who fought against Taiga Tegura, Renji Kaga who clashed with Mitsuki Kiryu, and Shingo Natori who confronted Ren Kaji.

WIND BREAKER Character Summary

How was it? We’ve introduced the characters of “WIND BREAKER,” featuring first-year students from Suzuran High School like Haruka Sakura, Kyotaro Sugishita, and Hayato Suou; second-year characters like Ren Kaji, Takeshi Enomoto, and Yuto Kusumi; as well as members of the Shishigashira Group like Choji Tomiyama, Jyo Togame, and Kouta Sako. Additionally, we covered third-year characters such as Hajime Umemiya from Suzuran High School and characters from KEEL.

We’ve also explored the potential for an anime adaptation of “WIND BREAKER,” introducing the voice actors for the key characters featured in the promotional video. It’s clear that the story is intriguing and the characters are universally admired, receiving high praise from fans. Let’s continue to watch the developments of the characters in “WIND BREAKER”!

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