MHA Key to Watch in Anime Season 7 as AFO’s Venom Approaches


This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia.”

The “My Hero Academia” series by Kohei Horikoshi has surpassed 100 million copies in circulation. Its climax is heating up. In the manga, protagonist Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains, are at a fierce peak in their battle. This leaves many readers eager for more.

The TV anime’s Season 7, Episode 139, is set to air on May 4th after about a year’s break. Many might not remember the story so far. This article will explore the key points to watch in Season 7, following the manga’s storyline.

First, let’s recap the previous season briefly. The intense battle with the League of Villains has caused significant damage to people and cities. It increased the public backlash against heroes, leading to notable heroes retiring and stress in evacuee life.

Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya, the target of All For One, starts a solo villain sweep operation using himself as bait to gather information about Shigaraki. As his mental and physical condition deteriorates without significant information, he is forced to abandon the plan.

Driven by desperation, Izuku is brought back to U.A. High School, but the evacuees vehemently refuse him. However, Ochaco Uraraka’s powerful speech helps Izuku gain acceptance and find temporary respite. This was depicted until Season 6. Izuku’s breaking point, where he breaks down crying, has surely left a strong impression on the viewers.

Episode 139 of the anime begins with Chapter 328 of the manga. Since one anime season covers about five volumes of the manga, it is expected to broadcast from Volume 33 to Volumes 38 or 39. Volume 34 features the fight between America’s No. 1 Hero, Star and Stripe (Cathy), and Shigaraki. She confronts the awakened Shigaraki early using one of the strongest Quirks, New Order, despite some constraints.

She sports a hairstyle similar to All Might’s but has stated her differences from him. It will be interesting to see how her hairstyle is animated.

The Impending Venom of All For One

Next, All For One, depicted as the ultimate enemy, has been strategically planting “seeds” to advantage his plans. His maneuver of shaping Shigaraki, the grandson of All Might’s mentor Nana Shimura, has intensely pressured All Might’s psyche.

All For One’s venomous influence is now revealed to be lurking within “U.A. High School” itself. Many viewers have likely wondered how the League of Villains managed to obtain their information during previous attacks.

The discovery of this traitor will provide an advantage in the second confrontation with the League of Villains. Triggered by an idea from Izuku, the plan is to divide and conquer the League. Both heroes and villains begin a desperate battle, each wielding new techniques for their respective goals—one to protect, and the other to attack.

The battle strategies of Dabi, who has not previously used his major techniques, Izuku mastering the Quirks of past successors, and the Support Class rising to the challenge against an awakened Shigaraki, are all crucial and cannot be missed.

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