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“Oblivion Battery” is a fascinating and talked-about baseball manga that depicts the struggles and growth of a genius catcher with amnesia and his equally talented partner. In this article, we will delve into the compelling elements and highlights of “Oblivion Battery,” such as its realistic portrayals and comedic aspects. We will also provide an overview of the characters. Additionally, we will share the synopsis, impressions, and evaluations of “Oblivion Battery” and investigate the truth behind the rumors of its possible cancellation.

What is “Oblivion Battery”? Introducing the Synopsis

Overview of “Oblivion Battery”

“Oblivion Battery” is a baseball manga by Eko Mikawa, serialized on the website “Shonen Jump+” since April 2018. This popular series features both comedy and serious elements. In October 2020, an original anime based on the first and second chapters of the manga was released at the “Jump Special Anime Festa.”

In this article, we will explore the synopsis and the captivating elements and highlights of “Oblivion Battery,” and provide an overview of its characters. Additionally, we will share our impressions and evaluations, and investigate the rumors about its potential cancellation.

Synopsis of “Oblivion Battery”

The story of “Oblivion Battery” follows Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, who were once renowned as a “genius battery” in middle school baseball. However, due to Kei’s amnesia, he becomes almost a complete novice in baseball. Haruka, who stays by his side, enrolls with him in Kotesashi High School, which lacks a proper baseball team. There, they encounter Aoi Todo and Shunpei Chihaya, both of whom had given up baseball after being defeated by Haruka and Kei. These once-defeated geniuses, now gathered at a weak high school, begin to immerse themselves in baseball once more.

The Captivating Elements and Highlights of “Oblivion Battery”

So far, we’ve looked at the basic information and synopsis of the manga “Oblivion Battery.” Next, let’s delve into what makes “Oblivion Battery” so fascinating and highlight its key attractions.

Captivating Element ① Realistic Depictions

As introduced in the synopsis, “Oblivion Battery” follows the strongest battery, known nationwide during their middle school years, who enroll in a public high school without a proper baseball team. Joining them are two other once-renowned players who had quit baseball after being defeated by this formidable battery. So why are these once-celebrated players at an unknown high school?

A typical setting might involve a “serious injury,” but in “Oblivion Battery,” true to its title, the catcher of the strongest battery suffers from amnesia, becoming a near novice at baseball. This setup, although not entirely realistic, is fresh and has been well-received.

Moreover, in “Oblivion Battery,” the amnesia element is just one part of the story. The main focus is on the characters’ struggles and emotional journeys. The realistic portrayal of their internal conflicts, worries, and pressures is considered the highlight of the series.

The narrator of the story is Taro Yamada, a baseball-loving player. He was reasonably confident in his abilities during middle school. However, witnessing the overwhelming talent of the strongest battery, Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, broke his spirit, leading him to quit baseball.

At Kotesashi High School, which lacks a proper baseball team, Taro Yamada reunites with Haruka and Kei, the very players who made him quit baseball. Additionally, Aoi Todo and Shunpei Chihaya, who quit baseball for the same reason, are also at the same school. Their emotional journeys form a significant part of the story’s appeal.

Captivating Element ② Comedic Elements

The characters in “Oblivion Battery” have a strong passion for baseball, making the serious scenes deeply serious. However, the series is peppered with comedic elements, resulting in many finding it highly enjoyable overall.

One of the main characters, Kei Kaname, was once hailed as a “strategic genius” in middle school. After losing his memory, he becomes a bit of a goof, making silly jokes and inappropriate remarks, and showing a fragile mental state. Despite this, he remains a relatable character who rises to the occasion when needed, making him a popular character.

Taro Yamada, the narrator, plays a significant role in responding to Kei’s antics. No matter how much Kei jokes around, the story maintains a perfect balance between humor and serious scenes, which is considered one of the main attractions of “Oblivion Battery.”

Captivating Element ③ Kei Kaname’s Amnesia

The protagonists of “Oblivion Battery” are the strongest battery duo, Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, but the main storyline revolves around Kei, who suffers from amnesia. The story is narrated by Taro Yamada, who admires the duo. Kei, once known as the calm and collected strategic genius who supported Haruka, transforms into a comedic character after losing his memory.

As the story progresses, the reasons behind Kei’s transformation from a “strategic genius” to a “comedic genius” become clear. The series also features thought-provoking scenes about the concept of “genius,” making it a relatable work beyond just baseball. The real reason behind Kei’s amnesia adds an intriguing layer to the story, drawing readers in.

Captivating Element ④ Depiction of Characters’ Struggles and Traumas

While the protagonists of “Oblivion Battery” are the strongest battery duo, Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, Aoi Todo and Shunpei Chihaya also hold significant positions in the story. “Oblivion Battery” features many players whose spirits were crushed by Haruka and Kei. Aoi Todo and Shunpei Chihaya were once rivals of Haruka and Kei and experienced defeat at their hands.

Even when players with high potential enroll in schools with similarly high-level players, everyone is fiercely competing in baseball. They spend countless hours and money on baseball, living a baseball-centric life where their personalities are validated or invalidated by the sport, gradually getting sifted out.

This depiction of the harsh and realistic world is one of the highlights of “Oblivion Battery.” Moreover, the portrayal of the characters’ struggles as geniuses, the reasons they quit baseball, and the habits they continue unconsciously even after quitting, are expressed poignantly, making readers want to root for them.

Additionally, the subplots involving the characters confronting and overcoming their traumas are highly praised for being emotionally moving, giving depth to the stories of characters other than the protagonists.

Captivating Element ⑤ Understanding Even Without Knowledge of Baseball

“Oblivion Battery” is an enjoyable work even for those who know little about baseball or its rules. This is because, despite being a baseball manga, it focuses on how each character overcomes their personal struggles, worries, and traumas.

As a result, it has garnered popularity among those who don’t know much about baseball, as they can enjoy the psychological drama. Furthermore, the series is sprinkled with “student baseball clichés,” making it even more enjoyable for those familiar with baseball or who played the sport during their school days.

Character List of “Oblivion Battery”

So far, we’ve introduced the basic information and synopsis of the manga “Oblivion Battery,” and explored its captivating elements and highlights. Next, let’s take a look at the characters in “Oblivion Battery.”

Haruka Kiyomine

Haruka Kiyomine is one of the protagonists of “Oblivion Battery.” During middle school, he belonged to the Houya Juniors and was renowned as a flawless genius pitcher. He is currently a first-year student at Kotesashi High School. His birthday is December 10th, he is 185 cm tall, has blood type B, throws and bats right-handed, and boasts a powerful fastball exceeding 140 km/h along with excellent batting skills. Haruka is intensely competitive and naturally talented in baseball, and his sole interests lie in pitching and playing baseball with Kei Kaname.

As a result, he has some difficulty communicating with others, is obedient only to Kei, and remains consistently cold and unfriendly to everyone else. Furthermore, he relies heavily on Kei for team communication, health management, and training.

Kei Kaname

Kei Kaname, the other protagonist of “Oblivion Battery,” is Haruka Kiyomine’s childhood friend. During middle school, he was also a member of the Houya Juniors, known for his calm and strategic gameplay as a genius catcher who led the team to victory. However, after suffering from amnesia, he lost interest in baseball and all related knowledge, transforming from a “strategic genius” into a frivolous, somewhat foolish, and flirty character.

His birthday is April 15th, he is 172 cm tall, has blood type AB, throws right and bats left-handed, and occasionally regains his memory, reverting to his former calm and strategic self during those moments.

Taro Yamada

Taro Yamada is the narrator of “Oblivion Battery,” a first-year student and classmate of Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname. His birthday is March 3rd, he is 164 cm tall, has blood type O, throws and bats right-handed, and was formerly a catcher but has since switched to playing first base.

Despite his small stature and modest baseball skills, Taro is well-trusted by his teammates due to his gentle and sensible nature. Within the team, he often serves as the straight man to the more eccentric members. Interestingly, his name, “Taro Yamada,” was given by his father, who loved the manga “Dokaben.”

Aoi Todo

Aoi Todo, formerly from the Oizumi Juniors, was once famous as a powerful shortstop with a strong arm and bat. He is now a first-year student at the same public high school as Haruka Kiyomine. His birthday is August 31st, he is 181 cm tall, has blood type O, throws and bats right-handed, and plays shortstop.

In middle school, after a game against the team featuring Haruka and Kei, a mistake led to him developing the yips, temporarily distancing him from baseball. Despite his tough appearance, Aoi is genuinely earnest and often teased by Shunpei Chihaya for his straightforward personality.

Shunpei Chihaya

Shunpei Chihaya, formerly from the Fujimi Juniors, was highly regarded for his speed and excellent bat control. He is now a first-year student at the same public high school as Haruka Kiyomine. His birthday is September 28th, he is 167 cm tall, has blood type A, throws right and bats both-handed, and plays second base.

In middle school, Shunpei worked hard to refine his skills and theories to compensate for his small stature. However, after experiencing defeat against the genius duo Haruka and Kei, he temporarily distanced himself from baseball. A somewhat cynical strategist, Shunpei serves as the team’s brains in place of the amnesiac Kei.

Is “Oblivion Battery” a Canceled Manga?

So far, we’ve introduced the basic information and synopsis of the manga “Oblivion Battery,” explored its captivating elements and highlights, and looked at its characters. Next, let’s delve into the rumors surrounding the possible cancellation of “Oblivion Battery.”

“Oblivion Battery” Has Not Been Canceled

There have been rumors about the cancellation of “Oblivion Battery.” However, as of October 2021, “Oblivion Battery” has not been canceled.

Additionally, the manga is highly popular on its publishing site “Shonen Jump+,” consistently ranking among the top works out of over 300 titles. It was the only work from “Shonen Jump+” to be animated at the Jump Anime Festa held in October 2020. These factors suggest that the likelihood of its cancellation in the near future is low.

Why Is “Oblivion Battery” Being Searched with “Cancellation”?

Despite being a popular series, why is “Oblivion Battery” often searched with the keyword “cancellation”? Investigating this, it appears that there was a period when several moderately popular series in Jump-related magazines were canceled in quick succession. This led readers to worry that “Oblivion Battery,” which was also popular at the time, might be next, prompting them to search for information.

Furthermore, there is a perception that manga focusing on baseball or soccer tend to be canceled earlier compared to other genres. This may have further fueled the rumors about the potential cancellation of “Oblivion Battery.”

Summary of the Captivating Elements of “Oblivion Battery”

How was it? We have introduced the synopsis of the manga “Oblivion Battery” and explored its captivating elements and highlights. We found that its realistic depictions, comedic elements, Kei Kaname’s amnesia, and the characters’ struggles and traumas that they overcome are key attractions. The series has gained popularity as an emotionally engaging work that draws readers in, even those who are not familiar with baseball.

We also introduced the characters of “Oblivion Battery,” looked into the cancellation rumors, and shared impressions and evaluations. We found that the series has not been canceled and is highly popular, making it unlikely to be canceled anytime soon. Many readers find it enjoyable even upon multiple re-readings, and the series has received numerous positive reviews. We hope you also enjoy “Oblivion Battery”!

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