FAIRY TAIL Spoilers: Natsu & Lucy’s Love Story Unveiled


FAIRY TAIL is a highly popular comic series enjoyed by both men and women. The series concluded with its 63rd volume, but there have been special editions and novels released as well. Like many other manga, FAIRY TAIL depicts the romantic relationships and marriages of its characters, with many couples being revealed in the final volume, making it a must-see for fans. In this article, we will provide spoilers for the final episode of FAIRY TAIL and explore the relationship between Natsu and Lucy.


FAIRY TAIL is a fantasy and action-packed manga created by Hiro Mashima, the same author behind the popular comic “RAVE.” It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine and spans 63 volumes. However, there are numerous special editions, spin-offs, and novels available, which are also popular among FAIRY TAIL fans.

FAIRY TAIL has been adapted into movies, anime, and stage plays, allowing fans to enjoy its diverse atmospheres. The series features a plethora of charming characters, showcasing not only the members of the guild but also their connections and bonds. This article includes spoilers about the final episode of FAIRY TAIL.

The World of FAIRY TAIL

In the world of FAIRY TAIL, magic is a part of everyday life and is even sold in shops. The government manages “guilds,” and there are several guilds in different regions. FAIRY TAIL is one of these guilds, where its members complete requests to earn rewards and make a living. While the story primarily focuses on the members of the FAIRY TAIL guild, there are also storylines involving cooperation with other guilds, which adds to its appeal and popularity.

FAIRY TAIL features numerous wizards who use a variety of magic types. Among these wizards, the “Dragon Slayers,” known as “Dragon Slayer Wizards,” are particularly significant. In addition to Natsu, several other Dragon Slayers appear in the series. There are also many other wizards who play crucial roles in the story, ensuring that the series remains engaging and enjoyable.

The Plot of FAIRY TAIL

Lucy, who aspires to become a wizard of FAIRY TAIL, arrives in the town of Hargeon. There, she is invited to a party on a ship by a man claiming to be “Salamander” from FAIRY TAIL. When Lucy boards the ship, believing she will be accepted into FAIRY TAIL, she discovers that the ship is actually a “slave ship.” Lucy is rescued by Natsu and Happy, who appear on the ship searching for Natsu’s foster parent, Igneel.

The man who called himself Salamander is revealed to be an imposter, and Natsu is identified as the real member of FAIRY TAIL. Lucy is then guided by Natsu to her dream guild, FAIRY TAIL, and despite being overwhelmed by the guild members, she becomes one of them. She takes on various requests and challenges, gradually growing into a top-notch celestial wizard. FAIRY TAIL not only features action but also delves into the bonds, romances, and marriages of its characters, making it popular among female readers.

The Charming Characters of FAIRY TAIL

“Fire Dragon” of FAIRY TAIL

Natsu is the protagonist of FAIRY TAIL and a rare Dragon Slayer wizard. As a Dragon Slayer who can control fire, he is known by the nickname “Salamander.” Not only can he manipulate fire, but he can also consume it, thus he doesn’t use weapons. Natsu is on a quest to find his foster parent, the dragon Igneel, who mysteriously disappeared. He is cheerful, has a huge appetite, and has a strong dislike for vehicles.


Happy is Natsu’s constant companion. He uses the magic “Aera” to sprout wings and fly. In the early stages of FAIRY TAIL, Happy often explains the magic used by wizards. Despite his cat-like appearance, he has a sharp tongue and frequently teases Lucy, but over time, he forms a strong bond with her. Happy is also known for his persistent and enthusiastic pursuit of his love interest, Carla.

Celestial Wizard Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a celestial wizard of FAIRY TAIL. She uses keys to summon celestial spirits and form contracts with them. Early on, she possesses three rare keys known as the Zodiac Keys. Initially, Lucy lags behind her guildmates, but as the story progresses, she grows into a first-class celestial wizard. Lucy dreams of becoming a novelist and has self-published a book. She often displays innocent reactions when it comes to romance.

Gray Fullbuster of FAIRY TAIL

Gray is a wizard in FAIRY TAIL who specializes in ice make magic. He has high combat skills and can use his ice magic to create various objects and weapons, including shields. While he often fights with Natsu, they sometimes work together on requests, forming a strong friendship with Lucy as well. Gray has a habit of stripping off his clothes unconsciously, which frequently gets him scolded by his guildmates.

Titania Erza Scarlet of FAIRY TAIL

Erza is an S-class wizard in FAIRY TAIL known as the “Titania” or “Queen of Fairies.” She uses “Requip” magic, which allows her to change weapons and armor according to her needs and fighting style. Erza has a history of beating up Natsu and Gray and is feared as the guild’s disciplinarian. Despite her tough exterior, she has a nurturing side and often shows clumsiness in non-combat situations.

Laxus Dreyar of FAIRY TAIL

Laxus is a lightning Dragon Slayer and the grandson of Fairy Tail’s master, Makarov. Due to his frail health as a child, he had a crystal implanted in his body, granting him Dragon Slayer powers. He is rebellious and unsociable, leading to a confrontation with Natsu and his expulsion from the guild. However, his strong sense of camaraderie eventually brings him back to FAIRY TAIL. Laxus is also known for numerous rumors regarding his relationships with women.

Juvia Lockser of FAIRY TAIL

Juvia was originally a member of a rival guild but fell in love with Gray during a battle against FAIRY TAIL. After being invited by Makarov, she joined FAIRY TAIL post-battle. Known as the “Juvia of the Great Sea,” she uses water magic. Throughout the series, she persistently shows her affection for Gray, although their relationship does not progress to romance.

Iron Dragon Gajeel Redfox of FAIRY TAIL

Gajeel, like Natsu, is a Dragon Slayer who can consume iron. He was originally from a rival guild but later joined FAIRY TAIL. Known for his high combat skills, he is nicknamed the “Iron Dragon.” Gajeel is also searching for his foster dragon, Metalicana. Initially unsociable, his time spent with his FAIRY TAIL guildmates helps him develop compassion and humanity.

The Plot Leading Up to the Final Episode of FAIRY TAIL

Spoilers for the Final Episode! The Ultimate Dragon Slayer

Here is a summary and spoilers leading up to the final episode of FAIRY TAIL, focusing on the battle against the ultimate enemy, the greatest Dragon Slayer, Acnologia. Acnologia, also known as the “Dragon King,” uses “Dragon Magic” to absorb his opponent’s magic and convert it into his own power. While Natsu is engaged in battle, Lucy, Gray, and Happy are on a separate mission to find the “Book of END.”

Upon finding the “Book of END,” Lucy opens it with Gray and Happy by her side. They discover that the demon from Zeref’s book is actually Natsu. Lucy decides to rewrite the book, but as she does, her body becomes overwhelmed by the demonic power. Gray saves Lucy using his demon-slaying magic, causing the “Book of END” to vanish. After the battle with Acnologia, Natsu safely returns to Lucy, Gray, and Happy.

Spoilers for the Final Episode! The Fairy Sphere

As the four return to the guild, Natsu suddenly disappears. In the city, Acnologia, having consumed the time rift, resurrects in his dragon form. His body and spirit are separated, and he traps the Dragon Slayers in the time rift. On the ground, an attempt to use the “Fairy Sphere” fails. They gather magical power from across the continent to create the Fairy Sphere once more. The combined magical power focuses on Natsu’s arm, allowing him to shatter Acnologia.

Summary and Spoilers of the Final Episode of FAIRY TAIL

The final episode of FAIRY TAIL takes place one year after the battle with Acnologia. Lucy’s novel has won an award, and a celebratory party is being held in her honor. The members of FAIRY TAIL attend the ceremony, bringing their usual lively and boisterous energy. The episode also features scenes of Natsu and Gray’s bickering.

Romantic Developments Revealed in the Final Episode

In the final episode, the relationships of characters other than Natsu and Lucy are also explored. There are many scenes depicting one-sided and mutual romances, providing plenty of enjoyment for longtime readers of FAIRY TAIL. Here, we will reveal the romantic developments and marriages of FAIRY TAIL characters other than Natsu and Lucy.

Erza’s Change of Heart in the Final Episode

After learning that Jellal’s sins have been forgiven, Erza is shown taking care of her hair and appearance. Throughout the series, there were several near-kiss scenes between Erza and Jellal, and despite their mutual feelings, Jellal’s actions prevented their romance from blossoming. With Jellal’s release, many readers hope for a reunion between Erza and Jellal in future side stories.

Is Laxus Popular in the Final Episode?

The final episode also touches on Laxus’s romantic life. Scenes depict him drinking at a bar with Mirajane, playing around with Lisanna, and interacting with Cana. Although there are rumors about Laxus and these three women, none of these relationships are clearly confirmed as romantic. Since his return to FAIRY TAIL, Laxus is shown to be quite popular.

Couples Revealed in the Final Episode of FAIRY TAIL

Throughout FAIRY TAIL, various romantic relationships among the characters are depicted. Some couples are explicitly shown to have strong bonds in the final episode.

Ever and Elfman Getting Married? Spoilers Included

Elfman and Ever are shown to have feelings for each other in several scenes throughout the series. They are often teased by other FAIRY TAIL members, and their reactions suggest mutual interest. In the final episode, their interactions prompt other members to refer to their quarrels as “married couple spats.” Although their marriage is not explicitly depicted, it is implied that their relationship has developed into romance.

Spoilers for the Final Episode! Gajeel and Levy’s Future

Gajeel and Levy’s relationship is depicted as growing closer since Gajeel joined FAIRY TAIL. There is a scene where Gajeel dreams of a future with Levy, indicating their mutual awareness of each other. However, it remains unclear whether their relationship has turned romantic. In the final episode, Levy whispers “baby” to Gajeel, suggesting the possibility of their marriage or an impending marriage, but this is not explicitly confirmed.

Spoilers for the Final Episode! Juvia’s Unrequited Love’s Conclusion

Juvia’s love for Gray has mostly been one-sided throughout the series. Before the final episode, Gray tells Juvia he will give her an answer regarding their relationship. In the final episode, when Juvia starts undressing while drunk, Gray takes her aside and confesses his feelings. Juvia’s unrequited love is finally reciprocated, and her dream of marrying Gray seems within reach.

Spoilers for the Final Episode of FAIRY TAIL! The Relationship Between Natsu and Lucy

Given that in Hiro Mashima’s previous work “RAVE,” the protagonist and heroine got married in the final episode, there has been much speculation about Natsu and Lucy’s potential marriage. Let’s delve into the relationship between Natsu and Lucy, including the final episode.

Natsu and Lucy’s Relationship Leading Up to the Final Episode

Even before the final episode, Natsu and Lucy have a close relationship, often seen together with Happy as a trio. Natsu and Happy frequently spend time at Lucy’s house. There are scenes in the series where Natsu grabs Lucy’s chest, but he claims to have no interest in her body, which leaves Lucy feeling shocked. Although there were rumors about Natsu’s relationship with Lisanna, his bond with Lucy seems to be deeper.

Changes in Their Relationship? Natsu and Lucy in the Final Episode

In the final episode, Lucy wakes up in bed, wondering if her novel and the party were just a dream. She realizes it wasn’t a dream when she sees Natsu on the sofa and Happy polishing her trophy. Natsu and Happy were at Lucy’s house because they brought her home and helped her change after she got drunk at the party, indicating they are not married.

Lucy, reminiscing about everything that has happened, starts crying and hugs Natsu and Happy, thanking them. Though a bit embarrassed, Natsu takes Lucy’s arm, saying he has something to tell her. Lucy closes her eyes, anticipating something romantic, but Natsu brushes it off and takes her to work, saying, “We’re always going to be together anyway.” Whether this implies a romantic relationship is unclear.

Looking Forward to FAIRY TAIL After the Final Episode

The final scene of the last episode shows the trio heading off with Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Carla to tackle the “100 Year Quest.” Although the final episode doesn’t confirm a marriage between Natsu and Lucy, there are special editions available that explore the lives of other characters, which are worth reading.

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