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Introducing the iconic quotes from the popular anime and manga FAIRY TAIL! This collection focuses on the protagonist Natsu and the first master, Mavis, and includes lines from indispensable guild members like Gray and Happy. What is your favorite FAIRY TAIL quote?


FAIRY TAIL is a “fantasy battle” manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2006 to 2017. The story revolves around Natsu, a child of dragons, and his daily life in the guild “FAIRY TAIL” with his friends Gray, Happy, and others. The series emphasizes the importance of camaraderie, featuring many passionate quotes that are sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Introducing FAIRY TAIL’s Famous Quotes!

We present popular quotes from the protagonist Natsu and the first master of the guild, Mavis! In addition to these two, FAIRY TAIL boasts many other captivating characters with memorable lines. Which quote is your favorite?

Who is Natsu from FAIRY TAIL?

Natsu, the protagonist of the manga and anime “FAIRY TAIL,” is known by the nickname “Salamander.” Raised by a dragon, he excels in Dragon Slayer Magic, which is designed to combat dragons. He often teams up with his partner, Happy, and meets friends like Gray, Lucy, and Erza in the guild “FAIRY TAIL.” Natsu is particularly noted for his loyalty to his friends, and he has many memorable quotes and scenes throughout the series.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “Is dying the solution? Don’t run away, damn it.”

Natsu says this to Gray when Gray considers using “Iced Shell,” a spell that sacrifices his life to defeat the enemy. This quote reflects Natsu’s belief that sacrificing oneself doesn’t bring happiness and encourages trust in friends. Despite their frequent quarrels, this moment highlights their deep bond.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “If you hurt my friends any more, I’ll turn you to ash.”

This quote embodies Natsu’s fierce protection of his friends. Even against seemingly unbeatable opponents, Natsu draws immense strength when his friends are in danger. This fiery declaration reflects his determination and the power of his fire-based magic.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “I’m Natsu of FAIRY TAIL! I’ve never seen you before!”

Natsu says this to an enemy impersonating him, claiming to be the Salamander of FAIRY TAIL. This memorable quote from the first episode marks Natsu’s first battle scene, where he recklessly destroys his surroundings, earning a scolding from Master Makarov.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “I trust you, Erza! It’s not about possible or impossible, it’s about your safety!”

Natsu says this to Erza when she faces a potentially fatal opponent. This quote emphasizes Natsu’s priority of his friends’ safety over victory, showcasing his deep care and loyalty.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “Whether you have magic or not, what’s important is that you’re alive! It’s your life!”

Natsu says this to his friends who lost their magic in the alternate world of “Edolas.” This quote underlines the importance of life over power, a recurring theme for Natsu, who always fights hardest when his friends’ lives are at stake.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “I fight because when you wake up, I want you to be the same Erza.”

Natsu says this to Erza when she is hurt and crying. This gentle quote reflects his desire to protect Erza from further suffering, embodying the spirit of the guild “FAIRY TAIL” created by Mavis. Gray, similarly dedicated to Erza’s wellbeing, joins Natsu in protecting her future.

[FAIRY TAIL: Natsu’s Quote] “I’m going to live on! I’m going to get stronger! I’m going to defeat Acnologia!”

Natsu says this with tears in his eyes after his foster parent, Igneel, is killed by the evil dragon Acnologia. This quote expresses his deep sorrow and determination, highlighting the poignant moment when a dragon sacrifices itself to protect humans, a scene that leaves no one unmoved.

Who is Mavis from FAIRY TAIL?

Mavis is the first master of the guild “FAIRY TAIL” and a pivotal character in the story. She excels in various forms of magic and also serves as a strategist, guiding her allies. Due to the use of a certain magic, she was cursed with immortality and remains in a child’s form. Mavis is the embodiment of the guild’s core value of treasuring comrades. Her slightly tearful and cute demeanor makes her a beloved character among fans.

[FAIRY TAIL: Mavis’s Quote] “Go forth, young ones, like the wild wind. Your fiery blood, sweat, and tears are as beautiful as a sun halo. Fear not, young ones; if you move forward, the path will reveal itself.”

Mavis says this to her comrades during the Grand Magic Games, a competition to determine the strongest guild. This quote embodies Mavis’s encouragement to trust in their own strength and their comrades as they push forward. The scene of her allies defeating enemies one after another to these words is iconic and a favorite among FAIRY TAIL fans.

[FAIRY TAIL: Mavis’s Quote] “Comrades are not just words. Comrades are heart. They are those you can unconditionally trust. Please rely on me. One day, I will surely rely on you as well.”

This quote reflects the true essence of comradeship, where bonds are formed by heart and mutual trust. It highlights Mavis’s role as the founder of FAIRY TAIL, a guild that never betrays its members.

[FAIRY TAIL: Mavis’s Quote] “Mistakes are not shackles that halt one’s progress but nourishment that fosters the heart.”

This quote means that no matter how many mistakes one makes, they can always start over. It emphasizes that one never fights alone and that trustworthy comrades are always by their side.

Who is Gray from FAIRY TAIL?

Gray is a member of the guild “FAIRY TAIL” who specializes in ice magic. He constantly bickers with Natsu, but their bond becomes incredibly strong when facing powerful enemies. Gray has a habit of quickly stripping off his clothes, and he is often seen shirtless throughout the series. He carries the sorrowful past of having lost his family and mentor to demons.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gray’s Quote] “I remember a hotter flame.”

Gray says this during a battle with a fire-using wizard. While insulting Natsu, this quote also acknowledges Natsu’s strength. Gray’s ability to shape ice into weapons and his stylish words reflect his unique character.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gray’s Quote] “I will surpass Deliora!”

Gray declares this when he vows to defeat the demon Deliora, whom even his master couldn’t overcome. This quote shows Gray’s determination to confront his fears and his willingness to sacrifice his life to avenge his master.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gray’s Quote] “I almost forgot something important!! I won’t die!! Because I don’t want to see my comrades cry.”

Gray says this when he contemplates using a life-sacrificing spell to defeat the demon that killed his master. This quote signifies his realization that his death would nullify the victory, as it would bring sorrow to his friends. Repeatedly stopped and scolded by Natsu, Gray begins to understand what truly matters most to him.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gray’s Quote] “If you’re an enemy of the guild, it doesn’t matter!! That’s how we’ve protected our guild!! But… I still can’t kill you.”

Gray says this when his own father appears as an enemy. Despite his duty to protect his comrades, Gray finds himself unable to take his father’s life. This poignant quote highlights Gray’s gentle nature and is considered a tear-jerking scene among FAIRY TAIL fans.

Who is Happy from FAIRY TAIL?

Happy is Natsu’s companion from an alternate world called Exceed. While he doesn’t possess direct combat abilities, he supports Natsu by flying him into battles. Alongside Natsu, Happy often pranks Lucy, serving as a source of comic relief in the guild. Happy is known for his numerous amusing scenes that bring smiles to the fans.

[FAIRY TAIL: Happy’s Quote] “I don’t want Natsu to go! Natsu is my friend!! Isn’t that right, Natsu!?”

Happy says this to Natsu, who seems close to losing his life as the story reaches its final chapter. This heartfelt quote reflects Happy’s fear of losing his lifelong friend, showcasing his deep emotional connection to Natsu.

[FAIRY TAIL: Happy’s Quote] “Natsu… thinking ahead for once… You’ve really grown up.”

Happy says this to Natsu, who often rushes into situations recklessly, destroying buildings along the way. This quote highlights Happy’s recognition of Natsu’s growth, both in strength and maturity, illustrating their close bond.

[FAIRY TAIL: Happy’s Quote] “Look, look!”

This quote comes from a humorous scene where Erza, feeling rejected by Jellal, kicks Happy into the sky, making him one of the stars in the night sky. This moment is famous among FAIRY TAIL fans for its comedic relief.

Who is Erza from FAIRY TAIL?

Erza is the strongest female wizard in the guild “FAIRY TAIL,” known for her ability to instantly re-equip various armors and fight enemies. Her strength is such that even Natsu and Gray fear angering her. Despite her formidable power, Erza is kind-hearted and fiercely protective of her comrades, showing a sisterly affection. Her exceptional style and her romantic inexperience make her particularly popular among male FAIRY TAIL fans.

[FAIRY TAIL: Erza’s Quote] “Painful memories become nourishment for tomorrow and make us stronger. Everyone has that ability. Walk strong. I, too, will continue to walk strong.”

Many members of the guild “FAIRY TAIL,” including Erza, have tragic pasts. This quote encourages moving forward step by step towards the future, embodying Erza’s steadfast strength.

[FAIRY TAIL: Erza’s Quote] “If you don’t want to lose to anyone, first learn your own weakness. And always, be kind.”

This quote reflects Erza’s belief that strength is not just about power. Having gained her strength to protect her friends, she emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s weaknesses and being kind.

[FAIRY TAIL: Erza’s Quote] “I’d rather die than betray my comrades!”

Erza says this to Lucy shortly after she joins FAIRY TAIL. It signifies that no matter how short their time together, once someone joins the guild, they are considered family.

[FAIRY TAIL: Erza’s Quote] “Even if our paths diverge, we must live on with all our might! Never see your life as something insignificant! Never forget the friends you loved for a lifetime.”

This quote is part of the three commandments Erza recites to those leaving the guild. It emphasizes the importance of treasuring the time spent together and never forgetting the bonds formed, reflecting FAIRY TAIL’s core values.

Who is Makarov from FAIRY TAIL?

Makarov is the third master of the guild “FAIRY TAIL.” Despite his small, elderly appearance, he is capable of using magic to enlarge his body, making him one of the guild’s most powerful members. He lovingly refers to the guild members as “brats” and is fiercely protective of them, willing to go to war if they are harmed. Makarov is a successor to the ideals of the first master, Mavis.

[FAIRY TAIL: Makarov’s Quote] “Hurt my kids in front of me again, and I will crush you without a trace!! Don’t underestimate the power of family!!”

This quote showcases Makarov’s rage when his comrades are harmed. He is determined to fight any opponent, no matter how powerful, with the strength of family bonds.

[FAIRY TAIL: Makarov’s Quote] “Even if I can’t see you, even if we’re far apart, I will always be watching you. Always… watching over you.”

Makarov says this when he exiles his grandson Laxus for rebelling against the guild. Despite his love for Laxus, he makes this difficult decision to uphold the guild’s rules. This quote is a tear-jerking moment in FAIRY TAIL.

[FAIRY TAIL: Makarov’s Quote] “There are those who prefer solitude. But no one can withstand it.”

This quote reflects Makarov’s belief in trusting rather than depending on comrades. He encourages relying on friends during tough times and offering support when others are in need, embodying the spirit of FAIRY TAIL.

[FAIRY TAIL: Makarov’s Quote] “Never think that you can protect yourself with human laws.”

Makarov says this to an enemy who harmed a guild member. This quote demonstrates his strong will and deep love for his guild, indicating he will never forgive such actions.

[FAIRY TAIL: Makarov’s Quote] “Can’t you listen to your master just this once!? Damn brats!!”

Makarov says this when facing the unbeatable enemy Acnologia. He harshly tells his comrades to flee, trying to save them even if it means hardening his heart. However, his comrades return, showing their unbreakable bond and mutual protection.

[FAIRY TAIL: Makarov’s Quote] “Everyone… get along.”

Surrounded by a vast number of enemies, Makarov says this as the guild members face a dire situation. He uses a spell that targets only enemies, sacrificing his life to protect his comrades. This quote is both a memorable and heart-wrenching scene in FAIRY TAIL.

Who is Laxus from FAIRY TAIL?

Laxus is the grandson of Makarov, the master of the guild “FAIRY TAIL,” and a lightning Dragon Slayer. Despite being one of the strongest members of the guild, his self-centered nature initially causes turmoil within the guild. However, as the story progresses, Laxus becomes more honest with himself and grows to deeply care for his comrades.

[FAIRY TAIL: Laxus’s Quote] “I’m no longer part of FAIRY TAIL, but if you harm my gramps, I have every right to be pissed off.”

Laxus says this when he appears suddenly after Makarov is defeated by an enemy. Despite being expelled from the guild, Laxus’s loyalty and love for his comrades remain unchanged.

[FAIRY TAIL: Laxus’s Quote] “FAIRY TAIL is my family, and I will crush anyone who threatens them!”

This quote reflects Laxus’s realization of his love for his guild members and his desire to protect them. Once disdainful of his comrades, Laxus undergoes significant personal growth, becoming one of the characters who changes the most.

[FAIRY TAIL: Laxus’s Quote] “I’m not standing here as a highly titled old man or someone’s grandson, but as a man.”

Laxus says this during a confrontation with a wizard far more powerful than himself. He refuses to give up, fighting for the guild’s honor and his own pride as a man.

[FAIRY TAIL: Laxus’s Quote] “It’s not about how you live; it’s about how you live!”

Laxus says this while barely standing after absorbing poison to protect his comrades. He delivers this line, accompanied by a lightning-infused punch, to an enemy who questions why he is still alive.

Who is Gildarts from FAIRY TAIL?

Gildarts is one of the strongest wizards in the guild “FAIRY TAIL,” known for his magic “Crash,” which shatters everything it touches. He is often away on high-difficulty missions and does not appear frequently in the series, but he always comes to his comrades’ aid in times of need. Gildarts is a mentor figure to Natsu.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gildarts’s Quote] “Fear is not evil. It is the awareness of your own weakness. Knowing your weakness makes you stronger and kinder.”

Gildarts says this to Natsu during a confrontation. Usually reckless, Natsu reluctantly admits defeat when faced with Gildarts’s true power. This quote highlights that acknowledging one’s weaknesses is the first step to becoming stronger.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gildarts’s Quote] “I’ll never make you feel lonely again! Never! From now on, whether I go to work or drink, I’ll always be with you… So, please… give me the right to love you.”

Gildarts says this to his guildmate Cana, who he didn’t know was his daughter. This quote expresses his heartfelt apology and love, making it a deeply emotional scene.

[FAIRY TAIL: Gildarts’s Quote] “You trampled on the resolve of these kids who decided to walk towards tomorrow.”

Gildarts says this when an enemy disrupts the exam for promoting guild members to senior wizards. Furious at the interference, he stands up for the resolve and determination of his comrades.

Enjoy FAIRY TAIL Even More by Knowing These Quotes!

How did you find the famous quotes from FAIRY TAIL introduced in this article? There are many more memorable quotes and scenes, including from characters not mentioned here, so take this opportunity to dive into the world of FAIRY TAIL!

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