“Giji Harem” Anime July 2024 Debut with Gohoubi’s Theme Song


A special video featuring Eiji and Rin singing the opening theme “Blouse” by Gohoubi from the TV anime “Giji Harem” has been released. “Giji Harem” is a romantic comedy by Yu Saito, which gained popularity with a total of 5.6 million likes on X (formerly Twitter). It started serialization in Shogakukan’s “Gessan,” and all six volumes of the manga are currently available.

In the newly released duet video, Rin Nanakura, voiced by Saori Hayami, and Eiji Kitahama, voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto, sing together. Their charming performance of the sweet and sour lyrics is sure to make you look forward to the main broadcast. Comments from the cast have also been received after recording the duet. Additionally, the TV size version of the opening theme “Blouse” by Gohoubi is available on the official YouTube channel. Be sure to listen to the original song as well. For further updates, check the official anime website and official X.

Comments from Saori Hayami:

I sang this song, feeling the youthfulness in its refreshing yet somewhat poignant melody and heart-fluttering lyrics. Personally, I love the part where the two sing in a duet during the chorus. Please enjoy the “singing” video of Eiji and Rin along with their various memories in the visuals!

Comments from Nobuhiko Okamoto:

I recorded my part after listening to Hayami-san’s performance, who sang first. Her voice was so good even in the rough mix that it made me laugh out of delight. Please listen to it as many times as you like.

TV Anime “Giji Harem” Opening Theme “Blouse” Sung by Eiji & Rin

Note: The characters are singing in a lower key than the original song.

Original song here

■TV Anime “Giji Harem” Overview

● Introduction There is only one heroine! But is it a harem??? Eiji Kitahama, a senior in the drama club who dreams of a harem-like situation, and Rin Nanakura, who secretly harbors feelings for her senior, play various “characters” in front of him. From tsundere to little devil, sweet girl, cool girl, and demure girl. The more characters she plays, the harder it becomes to suppress her feelings for her senior. Will the somewhat clueless and oblivious Eiji ever understand Rin’s feelings when she finally shows her true self?

● Original Work Yu Saito’s “Giji Harem” (published by Shogakukan’s Gessan Shonen Sunday Comics) The series has accumulated 5.6 million likes on X (formerly Twitter) as of April 2023! It ranked 7th in the comic category of the “Next Manga Award 2019”! All six volumes are now available.

● Staff Director: Satoshi Kikuchi Series Composition: Yuko Kakihara Character Design: Yoshihisa Sato Color Design: Azusa Sasaki Art: Shinji Katahira (Studio Acanthus) Photography: Kei Machida (Chiptune) Editing: Mutsumi Takemiya Music Production: Pony Canyon Music: Go Watanabe Sound Production: Kasai Kikaku Sound Director: Takuya Sato Animation Production: Nomad Opening Theme Song: “Blouse” by Gohoubi

● Cast Eiji Kitahama: Nobuhiko Okamoto Rin Nanakura: Saori Hayami Ayaka Nanakura: Mai Narumi

● INFORMATION [Anime Official Website] https://gijiharem.com [Anime Official X] https://twitter.com/GijiHarem @GijiHarem [Gohoubi Official Website] https://gohobi.site/profile/

● Characters

  • Eiji Kitahama (2nd-year drama club member) CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto Responsible for props in the drama club. He dreams of experiencing a harem-like situation at least once, as depicted in manga, because he was born a man.
  • Rin Nanakura (1st-year drama club member) CV: Saori Hayami The drama club’s rising star and Eiji’s junior. To please the senior she secretly admires, she plays various characters to create a pseudo-harem for him.
  • Ayaka Nanakura CV: Mai Narumi Rin’s younger sister, a first-grader in elementary school. Though she is doted on by her much older sister Rin and Eiji, she displays traits inherited from her sister when dealing with her peers.

■ TV Anime “Giji Harem” Teaser PV

■ TV Anime “Giji Harem” First PV Watch Here

© Yu Saito / Shogakukan / Giji Harem Production Committee

■ Artist Information “Gohoubi”

Gohoubi is a mixed-gender, tofu-mentality, four-member band known for their “○○ Town Pop” sound. Formed in 2018, their straightforward and unadorned lyrics, combined with a broad musical style that transcends genres, create a comforting harmony from the contrasting voices of “Cody” and “Suzy.” Beyond music, the members also take the lead in detailed art direction and music video production.

Gohoubi provides a little reward for yourself, whether it’s a day of success or one filled with challenges. Even before their debut, they wrote the song “Congratulations” for the 10th anniversary of “Shimajiro no Wow!” produced by Benesse Corporation and TV Setouchi. Their song “NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW” was used as the ending theme for FM NACK5’s baseball broadcast program “SUNDAY LIONS.”

In July 2022, Gohoubi’s independently produced 1st EP “Hajimete no Gohoubi” topped the Shibuya Tower Records’ collaborative project “Tawakuru” rankings for two consecutive weeks and sold out. In September 2022, after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they held a sold-out solo live concert at Shibuya WWW. On November 2, 2022, marking their 4th anniversary, they released their final indie work “Spotlight” digitally.

Their major debut 1st digital single “Suki na Fuku” was released on January 18, 2023. The following single “kiss shiyo,” released in February, was used as the ending theme for Yomiuri TV’s “Kawashima & Yamauchi’s Manga Swamp” in March and April. In April, their digital single “Isshi Matowanu Ai wo Misete yo” was chosen as the opening theme for Kansai TV’s late-night drama “Zenra Meshi.” In July, they released “Nanbo no Monjai” digitally.

The first single of 2024, “Love Shuffle,” released on February 7, was used as the ending theme for Fuji TV’s “Weekly Ninety-Nine Music” in February and March. In April, they released their major debut 1st EP “GOHOBI QUATTRO -sweet-,” aiming for their largest solo live concert at Shibuya Quattro on November 15.

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