KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI Anime Premieres in July 2024


The TV anime “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI” is set to air in July 2024. The key visual and promotional video (PV) have been released.

Based on the novel by Takamura Shihon, “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI” tells the story of Jun Shirasaki and his childhood friends, the twin sisters Rumi and Nao Jinguji. The story unfolds into a love triangle after Rumi, who is boyish in appearance but has a maiden’s heart, suggests to Jun, “Why don’t we try dating?” Meanwhile, her sister Nao, who looks cute but is a logical thinker and subculture enthusiast, also gets involved. The animation production is handled by ROLL2, known for their cooperation in works such as “SSSS.DYNAZENON” and “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.” The first PV gives a glimpse into the series.

It has also been revealed that Shogo Sakata will voice Jun, Moeha Gohoto will voice Rumi, and Maaya Uchida will voice Nao. Speaking about his role as Jun, Sakata said, “I want to delicately express both his strong and weak sides as he is torn between the twins.” Gohoto, who was excited reading the original work, commented, “Reading the original made me feel even closer to Rumi-chan.” Uchida revealed the challenges of voicing Nao, saying, “Her elusive heart keeps me on my toes.”

In celebration of Twin Day on December 13, a special campaign has been announced. By following the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter) account and reposting the designated post, participants can enter a lottery to win an autographed poster by the cast for five lucky winners.


Comments from Shogo Sakata (Voice of Jun Shirasaki)

Hello, I’m Shogo Sakata, and I will be voicing Jun Shirasaki. When I read “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI,” I was struck by the delicate portrayal of the emotions of the three characters. It’s a beautiful and heartrending story. The comedy, which incorporates film knowledge, was also entertaining. Although I wasn’t very familiar with movies initially, I felt that my understanding deepened as I researched. Jun is a realistic young man, torn and constantly troubled between the twins. I aim to express his strengths and weaknesses with sensitivity.

Comments from Moeha Gohoto (Voice of Rumi Jinguji)

Hello, I’m Moeha Gohoto, and I will be voicing Rumi Jinguji in the anime “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI.” This story portrays a love that could really happen, and instead of feeling “excited,” I felt a sense of “what will happen next?” as I read the original work. Rumi initially gave the impression of being cool due to her boyish appearance, but she is actually endearing and kind, especially to her sister. As I read the original, my desire to be closer to Rumi grew stronger. I hope to convey the charm of this story and live fully as Rumi in this complex love tale, so please look forward to the broadcast!

Comments from Maaya Uchida (Voice of Nao Jinguji)

Hello everyone, I’m Maaya Uchida. I will be playing the role of Nao Jinguji! Nao is the twin sister, a subculture enthusiast, and extremely cute. Her intelligence comes through in her lines, making it both enjoyable and challenging to understand each one. Her elusive heart keeps me constantly intrigued. In the original work, I was also on edge seeing Jun wavering between the Jinguji sisters, and the anime captures that same gripping tension. I hope your hearts can withstand the journey and you’re eager to see what choices await. Please look forward to meeting the twins in the anime!

TV Anime “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI” Premiering in July 2024

Staff Original Work: Shihon Takamura (Published by Dengeki Bunko “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI”) Original Illustrations: Alumic Produced by: infinite Animation Studio: ROLL2

Cast Jun Shirasaki: Shogo Sakata Rumi Jinguji: Moeha Gohoto Nao Jinguji: Maaya Uchida

Check the official website for detailed information about “KOI WA FUTAGO DE WARIKIRENAI.”

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