Bocchi the Rock! Re: Movie: New Trailer and Visitor Gift Revealed


The third visitor gift for the ‘Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Re:’ movie, which has been screening since June 7, 2024, has been decided as a “Character Cable Holder.” The holders will be available in two types featuring Hitori Gotoh and Nijika Ijichi, distributed randomly. In addition, a new commemorative trailer has been released to celebrate the film’s massive success.

‘Bocchi the Rock!’ (original work by Aki Hamaji) is a manga serialized in Houbunsha’s ‘Manga Time Kirara MAX.’ The story follows Hitori Gotoh, an extremely shy and introverted girl who is almost a shut-in. Her mundane life begins to change little by little when one day she is approached by Nijika Ijichi, the drummer of the “Kessoku Band.” The TV anime aired in October 2022, and it became a hot topic due to the high quality of its music scenes and the amusing “breakdown faces” of Bocchi-chan.

‘Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Re:’ has been screening since Friday, June 7, 2024, and ‘Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Re: Re:’ is scheduled to be released on Friday, August 9, 2024. The first part, ‘Re:’, attracted 140,000 viewers and earned 210 million yen in its first three days, ranking first in both weekend audience numbers and box office revenue (according to Kogyo Tsushinsha).

The visitor bonus for the third week of the movie’s release, starting on Saturday, June 22, will be a mini-figure “Character Cable Holder” that attaches to smartphone charging cables. These will be available in two types, featuring Hitori Gotoh and Nijika Ijichi, and will be distributed randomly.

Additionally, to commemorate the massive success of ‘Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Re:’, a new follow-up trailer has been released.

Whether you’re watching it for the first time or the second or third time, be sure to check it out!

▲ ‘Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Re:’ New Trailer|Part 1 Re: Now Showing! / Part 2 Re: Re: Premieres on Friday, August 9!

Third Week Visitor Bonus: Character Cable Holder Hitori Gotoh & Nijika Ijichi (2 types, distributed randomly) Distribution Period: Saturday, June 22, 2024 – Friday, June 28, 2024

  • One gift per person per viewing.
  • Limited quantity; distribution ends when supplies run out.
  • Random distribution; specific types cannot be chosen.

‘Bocchi the Rock! Compilation Re: / Re: Re:’ Part 1: Now Showing! Part 2: Nationwide Release on Friday, August 9, 2024!

Introduction The popular 4-panel manga ‘Bocchi the Rock!’ by Aki Hamaji, serialized in Houbunsha’s ‘Manga Time Kirara MAX.’ This series has garnered a lot of empathy as it depicts the growth of a socially anxious and introverted girl, Hitori Gotoh, who joins a band called “Kessoku Band” and grows together with the three unique members, Nijika Ijichi, Ryo Yamada, and Ikuyo Kita. The TV anime aired in the fall of 2022 and quickly exploded in popularity, especially among young people. It has received numerous awards and gained immense support both domestically and internationally. Additionally, in the music aspect, ‘Kessoku Band’s’ full album ‘Kessoku Band’ achieved first place in the 2023 Oricon ‘Work-specific Sales Digital Album Ranking’ and Billboard JAPAN’s ‘Annual Download Album Chart,’ creating a significant sensation. The story of “Kessoku Band,” which made a sensational debut in both anime and music, will be re-edited and released as a compilation film in theaters in 2024 with powerful screen and sound effects! If you’re an introvert, do rock!

Story Hitori Gotoh, known as “Bocchi-chan,” is a lonely girl who loves playing the guitar. She spent her days playing alone at home, but by chance, she joined the band “Kessoku Band” led by Nijika Ijichi. Can Gotoh, who is inexperienced in performing in front of people, become a respectable band member?

Staff Original Work: Aki Hamaji (serialized in Houbunsha’s ‘Manga Time Kirara MAX’) Director: Keiichiro Saito Series Composition and Script: Erika Yoshida Character Design and Chief Animation Director: Kerorira Assistant Director: Yusuke Yamamoto Live Director: Yusuke Kawakami Live Animator: Yuki Ito Prop Design: Ayumi Nagaki 2D Works: Aoi Umeki Color Design: Asuka Yokota Art Director: Yasunao Moriyasu Art Setting: taracod Director of Photography: Tsubasa Kanamori CG Director: Katsuaki Miyaji Live CG Director: Hiroaki Uchida Editing: Daisuke Hiraki Music: Tomoki Kikuya Sound Director: Akiko Fujita Sound Effects: Shota Yasu Production: CloverWorks Distribution: Aniplex

Cast: Hitori Gotoh: Yoshino Aoyama Nijika Ijichi: Sayumi Suzushiro Ryo Yamada: Saku Mizuno Ikuyo Kita: Ikumi Hasegawa

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Recommended Hashtag: #BocchiTheRock

Original Work Information: ‘Bocchi the Rock!’ Comics Now On Sale!

(C) Aki Hamaji / Houbunsha, Aniplex

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