USJ Hosts Chainsaw Man Event: Limited Time This Fall


Universal Studios Japan (USJ) will hold its first collaboration with the anime “Chainsaw Man” for a limited time in the fall of 2024.

The content will allow visitors to fully experience the world of the work, recreated with the overwhelming scale and quality of USJ. Details will be announced soon.

Universal Studios Japan Announces Its First Collaboration with the TV Anime “Chainsaw Man”!

Experience the dark and chaotic world of this extreme and unpredictable work with overwhelming realism! Held this fall for a limited time

Universal Studios Japan has decided to hold its first collaboration with the TV anime “Chainsaw Man,” which has been gaining attention for its innovative development not found in other works, for a limited time this fall.

The TV anime “Chainsaw Man” has achieved tremendous popularity, with the original manga’s cumulative circulation surpassing 27 million copies and the announcement of the movie “Chainsaw Man: Reze Arc” scheduled for December 2023. In this first collaboration, you can fully experience the world of the work, recreated with the overwhelming scale and quality of Universal Studios Japan. Enjoy an ultra-exciting experience that immerses you in the extreme and unpredictable world of “Chainsaw Man.” This fall, in addition to new information about “Chainsaw Man,” we have prepared ultra-stimulating programs for a limited time. Please look forward to the new experiences from Universal Studios Japan, which has delivered countless “NO LIMIT!” entertainment experiences.

About “Chainsaw Man”

Denji is a young boy living as a Devil Hunter with the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita. Struggling with poverty due to his deceased father’s debt, Denji is betrayed and killed. In his fading consciousness, he makes a contract with Pochita, reviving as “Chainsaw Man,” a being with a devil’s heart.

About Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is part of the Comcast NBCUniversal group. It has established itself as a major landmark in the entertainment and leisure industry, attracting numerous guests not only from Japan but also from overseas. It offers world-class entertainment with authentic attractions and shows themed around globally popular entertainment brands, including not only Hollywood movies but also Japanese anime, as well as seasonal events that guests can thoroughly enjoy. As a unique place where every guest can break out of their shell and become “super energized” through unforgettable “super thrilling” and “super exciting” experiences, Universal Studios Japan welcomes everyone to this “super energetic zone.”

Since its opening in 2001, Universal Studios Japan has continuously innovated. In recent years, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” has garnered immense popularity. Other highlights include the groundbreaking flying coaster “The Flying Dinosaur,” which soars through the entire “Jurassic Park” area; the “Minion Mayhem Ride” in the highly popular “Minion Park,” where guests can enjoy the minions’ chaotic antics; and the new “Super Nintendo World,” themed around Nintendo’s games, offering unprecedented “play experiences” that unleash guests’ instincts to play with their whole bodies. Universal Studios Japan continues to introduce world-class entertainment and achieve further evolution and growth.

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