“Gintama THE FINAL” Box Office Exceeded 1 billion yen, Keeping 2nd Place By Total Of 760,000 People Mobilized On Weekends


The latest box office revenue of the anime movie “Gintama THE FINAL” released on January 8 was announced on the 25th, mobilizing 760,000 people and recording box office revenue of 1 billion yen. Also, in the weekend mobilization ranking (24th to 25th), following the 1st place “Theatrical version” Kimetsu no Yaiba Infinite Train Edition”, it has been keeping the 2nd place for 2 consecutive weeks.

The movie is from the anime movie ” Kimetsu no Yaiba Infinite Train Edition” (released on October 16th last year), which was ranked first in the weekend mobilization ranking for the first week (4 days) of its release for 12 consecutive weeks. According to the person in charge, “the ratio of men and women is 4: 6, and a wide range of customers from late teens to 30s” is visiting the theater.

“Gintama” is based on the manga of the same name, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) in December 2003. A sci-fi historical comedy woven by Gintoki Sakata, a shop for everything, and the people around him in a world dominated by aliens called “Amanto” set in a fictional Edo. Broadcasting of anime started on TV Tokyo in April 2006, and has been broadcast until the 4th period so far.

In “Gintama THE FINAL”, Gintoki, Takasugi, and Katsura struggle to prevent their imaginary ambitions as the countdown to the destruction of the earth approaches. Then, in order to support Gintoki and others who continue to fight with the wishes of their master Yoshida Shoyo, Shinpachi, Kagura, and even the Shinsengumi will participate in the war, and their “last” stupidity will be drawn.

In addition, “Gintama” is known as a work that works on parody and current affairs of other works, and in “Gintama THE FINAL”, the character of the animation “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which is another work whose movie is being released as a big hit was also one of the last parody they did in the movie. Characters were drawn by the author Hideaki Sorachi, and it was distributed as a bonus (illustration card) for movie visitors (* not currently distributed), and fans of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” also visited the theater to obtain this illustration.

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