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In the winter of 2018, “Laid-back Camp” was made into a TV anime that has contributed to the popularity of camping.
It’s an unusual anime about a high school girl, Shima Rin, Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, and their outdoor circle (Nokuru).
If you like camping, you’ve probably seen it.
It started with a high school girl, Rin, who packed her bicycle full of camping gear and went to a campsite to do a solo camping trip and set up her tent with her own hands.
When I saw her unrolling one famous brand of camping gear after another, I thought, “Oh!
“Oh! When I saw them spreading out the famous brand camping gear one after another, many of you must have thought, “Oh, this is really the same camping gear!
I’m sure many of you must have thought, “Oh, this is really the same camping equipment!

The anime “Yuru Camp” has contributed to the camping boom.The main character, Rin, is great, but Nadeshiko-chan is also a popular character.

I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of camping gear Nadeshiko-chan uses, right? I’ll show you the camping gear that Nadeshiko-chan uses!

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|[Laid-back Camp] Nadeshiko’s Camping Equipment

Let’s start with Nadeshiko-chan’s tent.


You used a 980 yen tent during the wild circle until the last episode…

Nadeshiko-chan is a high school student, so it seems she can’t afford to buy many new things!

Or maybe Nadeshiko-chan has too much money for food and not enough money for camping gear.


Then there are the chairs!

Up until the last episode, we were enjoying camping with leisure seats.

Until the last episode, they were enjoying camping with leisure sheets, but in the last episode, they had purchased a chair.

It was the Ehrlich Mayfly chair!

It’s the same color as Rin-chan’s chair.

I guess for Nadeshiko-chan, Rin-chan is the master of camping!

It’s a very comfortable chair with a very stable seat.

The height of the seat is a perfect 5.1cm, so you can spend a relaxing time!

If you remove the front legs, it can also be used as a rocking chair, making it a two-in-one chair that is very easy to use.

It weighs only 635g, so it is recommended for solo campers who want to reduce their luggage!

The design is also very cute, like Nadeshiko-chan.

She used two different lanterns!
The first was a cute lantern with a smiley face.

In the last episode, he bought a Coleman lantern that he had been looking at for a long time in Caribou♪

He must have worked hard part-time!

Let’s start with the first lantern Nadeshiko-chan bought!

“Spice Smile LED Lantern Dandelion

It’s a lantern with a cute face design.

There are various lanterns with different faces, so I recommend this one.

Also, the price is less than 1,000 yen, so it might be a good first lantern to buy!

However, the amount of light is a little insufficient, so use them as lanterns inside your tent.

Next, a lantern that I fell in love with at first sight in Caribou and kept looking at.

The Coleman Lumiere Lantern.

I’ve been working part-time and buying them for the store staff.

This lantern is a gas lantern, so you can enjoy the flickering light like a candle!

As for the amount of light, I recommend using it as a table lantern.

Next is an inflatable mat.

I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but I only got a quick close-up…

If not, please let me know in the comments!


This is an ultra-light table that weighs only 738g and is very compact to carry around.

The tabletop is made of cloth, so you may or may not like it, but I think it’s a very Nadeshiko-chan choice.

In addition, it has mesh pockets on both sides.

In addition, there are mesh pockets on both sides that can hold small items such as a cell phone, fork, chopsticks, and seasonings.


The mat is a standard silver mat that is often the first thing campers buy.

In the anime “Yuru Camp”, a member of a wild camping group said

In the anime “Yuru Camp,” a member of the Wild Circle said, “When I slept in a sleeping bag without a mat, I got cold at the bottom and woke up.

But Nadeshiko-chan was the only one who said

“I slept well.

But Nadeshiko-chan said, “I slept well,” so maybe it was unnecessary.

■sleeping bag

I’m not sure about this one either, so here it is! Please let me know in the comments if you think it’s the one!

The design is probably a little different, but I think it’s the NOYUO Mummy Shrug.

I think it is…
We bought different colors for each other.
Nadeshiko-chan is now in Nokuru Red!

It has a minimum operating temperature of -10℃ and a weight of 1,500g.

You can buy it at a very low price.


This one was only shown for a moment, but it was probably

I think it’s a Dahon Boardwalk D7 minivelo.

I think it’s a Dahon Boardwalk D7.

Unlike the camping gear, I think your parents bought it for you.

It’s a very expensive bike!

I didn’t get a chance to talk about it in the anime.

In the manga, there is an episode about Nadeshiko-chan’s bicycle in volume 5.

In the manga, there is an episode in volume 5 about Nadeshiko-chan’s bicycle. Nadeshiko-chan is a big eater, but she was overweight until she was in the third grade.

In the manga, there is an episode in volume 5.

Nadeshiko-chan, who is a big eater, was fat until she was in the third grade.

The cute Nadeshiko-chan in the anime is not the same.

The cute Nadeshiko in the anime is thanks to this bicycle.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] This is the camping equipment used by Rin-chan in the anime of Laid-back Camp! What do you think? Did you find out what kind of camping gear Nadeshiko-chan was using? Only the chair is expensive. But the rest of the camping gear is mostly affordable. [/speech_bubble]

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