Introducing the model locations in Yamagata Prefecture that appeared in the Laid-back Camp Part4


A new kind of girls’ story about the outdoors and girls. The animation depicts the loose outdoor experiences and daily lives of high school girls in Yamanashi Prefecture, along with the beautiful nature of Yamanashi.

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|What is Laid-back Camp

Laid-back Camp” is an outdoor manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Houbunsha). Set in Yamanashi Prefecture, it is a popular work that loosely depicts high school girls camping and going about their daily lives. Based on the original author Afro’s own outdoor experiences and interviews, the camping know-how and the beauty of Yamanashi’s nature have become popular and continue to expand the fan base.

|Story of Laid-back Camp

Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, a high school girl who has moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, rides her bicycle to Lake Motosu to see “Mt. When Nadeshiko almost falls asleep and gets lost on her intended day trip, she is rescued by Shima Rin, a high school girl who was camping alone. Nadeshiko is rescued by Shima Rin, a high school girl who was camping alone. Her encounter with Rin leads her to fall in love with camping…

If you want to see more details about the story and the characters, please read the following articles.

|Introduction to model sites in Yamanashi Prefecture

After each episode of “Laid-back Camp” airs, we’ll introduce the holy places (model places) in Yamanashi Prefecture where the show takes place, as well as tourist information in the surrounding areas!

In this Part 4, I will introduce the locations that appeared in episodes 10 to 12 of the anime Laid-back Camp.

|“Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in Episode10.

The area around the supermarket where Aoi is working.
Episode 10 gets things going with preparations for our Christmas camp, “Crican!

Aoi: “Hey, maybe we can bring something good to the next camping trip! \I’ll be there.

Chiaki: “What! You bought new camping gear?

Aoi: “Let’s buy some buns and go home. ……

Jimmagatayama Campsite (Nakagawa Village, Nagano Prefecture)

The destination campground of “Camping Beyond My Mortal Limits”.
Campsite with a panoramic night view

Rin finally sets up her tent, even though the strong wind is blowing it away!

Rin: “There doesn’t seem to be anyone else here, so let’s take the …… cooker and have tea upstairs. ……

Rin: “That’s awesome …… this ……

|Sightseeing spots around the episode 10 broadcast

Shimobe Hot Spring Village
In Minobu Town, where Yuru Camp is mainly set, there is the Shimobe Hot Spring Village, which is said to be the hidden hot spring of Lord Shingen Takeda.
Shimobe Hot Spring Village, with its rich hot spring town atmosphere, is a representative of the “hidden hot springs of Shingen” passed down throughout the prefecture. Since ancient times, many people have come to this hot spring to heal their bodies, as it is effective for bone fractures, bruises and cuts. In addition, a new source of simple spring water with a temperature of about 51 degrees has gushed forth.
Please enjoy staying overnight or stopping by the hot springs as a base for touring the “Yuru Camp” model sites!

|Food and drink information related to the broadcast of Episode7.

Baked Pork Buns
The grilled pork buns that Lynn made at the Mt.
And the “hojicha” that we got at Yashin Pass is the best combination.
<How to make>
(1) Spread butter on both sides of the hot sandwich maker.
(2) Put a pork bun between the buns and press.
(3) Grill until lightly browned.
(4) Dip in gyoza sauce and eat.
That’s it, try it at the campsite!

|“Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in Episode11.

Makaino Farm (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
In episode eleven, Chiaki and Aoi arrive early at the campsite for their Christmas camping trip, “Kuri-Chan”, and go to a nearby ranch for some “ranch sweets”!

Chiaki: “What do you want to do until 2:00?
Aoi: “Well, there’s a ranch nearby, right? Why don’t we go there to eat farm sweets?

Chiaki: “Eating ice cream in a heated room is delicious!
Aoi: “Oh, I don’t want to move anymore…

Aoi: “There’s firewood for sale here.
Chiaki: “300 yen a bundle, that’s cheap. Okay, let’s buy some here!
Aoi “Huh~, but it’s hard to carry this back home.

From a scene in the broadcast
Rin: “It’s so heavy!
Chiaki: “Not only did they carry me, they even paid for me… I’m bursting into tears…” ……

Fuji YMCA Global Eco-Village (Fujinomiya City)
Campsite of “Kurikan
A campground with a large bathhouse overlooking Mt.

Chiaki and Aoi arrive early and go to the camp’s reception desk.
The receptionist said, “Six of you, you’ll be staying overnight until tomorrow.

Chiaki: “We were supposed to meet there at 2:00, but we got there a little too early.

Rin: “I got here earlier than I expected. …… Well, I guess I’ll just relax and read a book.

Chiaki: “I’m getting more and more used to setting up!

Nadeshiko: “I’m sorry. I asked you to help me with my luggage.
Chiaki: “That’s okay.

Ena: “Oh, look. Red Fuji!
Everyone: “Wow~
Nadeshiko: “It’s beautiful!
Aoi: “It’s beautiful. ……

|Sightseeing spots around the episode 11 broadcast

Fujinomiya City
The foothills of Mt. Fuji are dotted with a variety of sightseeing spots. When you visit the model site in Fujinomiya City, be sure to visit the surrounding sightseeing spots in Fujinomiya City as well.
Afterwards, of course, you can visit the model sites in Yamanashi Prefecture.
All the characters in “Yuru Camp△” love Mt. Fuji, so enjoy the different Mt. Fuji!

|Food and drink information related to the broadcast of Episode 11.

Kansai-style sukiyaki
The “Kansai-style sukiyaki” made with A5-grade beef that Aoi won looked delicious.
<How to make it
(1) First, spread beef fat in a pan and lightly heat the beef.
(2) Add sugar, soy sauce and sake and bring to a boil.
(3) Top with shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, leeks, grilled tofu, shirataki mushrooms, and garland chrysanthemums, cover with a lid, and wait a while.
Ena: “This is a traditional sukiyaki recipe.
Aoi: “It’s Kansai style.
(4) Crack an egg into a serving dish and enjoy!
Rin: “It’s delicious. Thank you …… for the beef …….

Tomato Sukiyaki
Aoi: “From now on, we’ll change our colors with this one.
<How to make
(1) Saute onion in olive oil and garlic.
(2) Add tomatoes and basil and heat further.
(2) Add tomatoes and basil and heat further. (3) Transfer to a pot and simmer, and tomato sukiyaki is ready.
That’s it, try it at the campsite!

|“Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in Episode12.

Fuji YMCA Global Eco-Village
Campsite for the Christmas Camp “Kuri-Chan
After a fun-filled night at Kuricamp, the next morning we were greeted with a “Japanese breakfast” prepared by Nadeshiko and a beautiful sunrise.

Nadeshiko and Rin, who had stayed up until the end, talked about camp while looking at the stars.
Nadeshiko said, “Rin-chan. Let’s camp a lot next year, too. ……

Rin: “Nadeshiko, it’s morning. You’re up early to make breakfast, right?
Nadeshiko: “Happy New Year!
Rin: “Heeey!

Commemorative photo while lying down on the grass

Near JR Kai Tokoha Station
After quickly finishing the cleaning of the club room, which had been put off due to the preparations for Kurikan, I was on my way to Kai Tokoha Station. ……

Nadeshiko: “Do you two have part-time jobs until New Year’s Eve?
Aoi: “It’s the best time of the year…
Chiaki: “We’ll be working full-time until the third day of the month.

Nadeshiko found a part-time job for the end of the year.
Aoi: “I’m so happy for you, Nadeshiko-chan.
Nadeshiko: “Yes, I’ll do my best!
Chiaki: “Okay! Chiaki: “All right, let’s celebrate …… together!
Nadeshiko and Aoi: “Ooooh!

Koan Campground, Lake Motosu
The campsite where Nadeshiko and Lynn first met, and where they met again ……

In the spring, Nadeshiko heads to Lake Motosu on her bicycle for a solo camping trip.

Nadeshiko: “Hey, want to play guessing games? Send each other pictures of your campsites!
Rin: “Sure.
Nadeshiko: “Yay! (*)
Nadeshiko: “I’ll go here! I’m here!
Rin: “You can see today.
Nadeshiko: “Oh? Could it be ……?
Nadeshiko: ” Rin, I’m so glad it’s sunny!

Lake Motosu Ikoi no Mori Campground
Lake Motosu, with a depth of 138 meters, is one of the deepest lakes in Japan, and it is extremely transparent! If you look into the lake, you can even see through to the bottom.
At the Motosu-ko Ikoi-no-Mori Campground, located along the shores of this beautiful lake, we offer a menu of experiences that will allow you to fully experience the charm of Lake Motosu. Of these, kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the clear lake!
Enjoy the outdoors with a barbecue in a perfect location!

|Food and drink information related to the broadcast of Episode 12.

Yamanashi Famous Confectionery Shimarin Dango

As they were putting their hair into matching buns after taking a bath, Ms. Saito said, “Nadeshiko-chan, do you want to do ‘Shimarin Dango’? Aoi’s fantasy of the “Shimarin Dango” was born.
O-dango, o-dango, delicious dumplings
Please give me one more. One more.
I’d like to have one more.
It’s just Aoi’s imagination, but I wish there were such a famous Yamanashi confectionary today…

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] That’s it for all 12 episodes of Yuru-Can△ locations. If you have any requests, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you would like me to introduce Season 2. I can’t wait to go camping too! [/speech_bubble]

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