Little Nightmares” Six and Mono have wandered into TGS! Photo report of the limited booth [TGS2021].


Although this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS2021) was held online, booths were simultaneously set up for media and influencers to try out the games.

Although the venue was smaller than usual due to the lack of general admission quota, there were many booths that did not let this situation stop them from doing their best as they always have. One such booth was the “Little Nightmares” series exhibit at the Namco Bandai Entertainment booth.

The “Little Nightmares” series is a suspense ADV series about escaping from a terrifying world of danger, and has received high praise for its visually appealing and intuitive horror elements, as well as for its mind-bending descriptions and outstanding ability to recreate nightmares.

In this booth exhibit, we recreated a part of that world view. A signboard depicting “Six,” the main character of the first game, wearing a yellow raincoat, and “Mono,” the main character of the second game, wearing a paper bag, as well as a somewhat eerie locker, made a strong presence.

On the left side of the booth, a number of “Little Nightmares” goods were displayed. This series is also known for its unique design, so this kind of merchandising is also eye-catching.

The products range from highly practical items such as mugs and LED lanterns to trading badges, pins, and acrylic key chains that you can attach to your bag and go out with.

There are also a variety of items to display, such as trading stickers and acrylic diorama stands.

Personally, I am also attracted to the candles packed in small jars. The jars have the logo of this series on them, so you can leave them as they are and look at them, or you can enjoy reusing them after you have used them.

There are also t-shirts and rope-handle totes that are adorned with well-designed illustrations, and the t-shirts come in several different patterns, so you can choose the one you like best.

The booth is decorated with accessories, panels, and a wide variety of goods to recreate the atmosphere, but this is not the only attraction of this booth. For a limited time only, “Six” and “Mono” will come to this booth!

A yellow raincoat and a paper bag with a hole in it. Six” and “Mono” explore one of the booths in their fully reproduced trademark forms.

If you are accustomed to the size in the movie, it looks bigger, but it also feels more real and realistic.

If you can hide your body behind a locker, you can look like this. Hiding is also an important survival technique. Not only the appearance, but also the movement of the body creates the atmosphere of the movie.

Seeing these two together, I wonder if this is the world of Little Nightmares 2.

The hole in the paper bag is quite wide, but you cannot see behind it. That’s why it feels even more like a “thing.

On the other hand, “Six” also wears a deep hood and maintains a slumped posture, just like in the movie. I don’t know if there are any other tricks, but the fact that he doesn’t show his face at all is another reason for the high level of reproduction.

Mono” sitting down and “Six” staring at it. I never thought I would be able to see these two shots in the real world.

Is he looking for something, or is he trying to hide himself? With cautious movements, he moves back and forth between the lockers.

If I were to use a stage analogy, it might be more like a silent play. However, just the two of them moving makes me want to watch them forever.

Occasionally, a locker will open unexpectedly. There is nothing overly dramatic about it, but it gives you a momentary thrill.

The “thing” approaches cautiously and takes the initiative to close the locker. That’s my baby!

As there were no general visitors to the show, the number of viewers was inevitably limited at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Even in such a situation, the booth experience was mind-blowing, as they did their best to recreate “Six” and “Mono” and convey the world of the original work through thorough production and movement.

Hopefully, next year, more people will be able to directly experience these quality booth experiences.

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