[Spoiler] Horror Gag Manga “Mieruko-chan” Characters and Discussions! Is the fox that helps us friend or enemy?


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“Mieruko-chan” is a horror gag manga by Asaki Izumi, currently (as of April 2021) published in five volumes, with an anime adaptation in the works.

One day, the main character, Miko, an ordinary high school girl, suddenly begins to see strange spirits and monsters.

They appear at the bus stop, at school, and sometimes even in your futon, but they don’t fight, they don’t run away, they just ignore you!

It’s a unique horror gag manga about a girl who can see, but keeps ignoring you as an invisible child!

However, don’t underestimate it as a gag manga. The variants that appear have a seriously scary appearance.

Odd shapes that appear quite suddenly. It’s scary, but I can’t stop reading.

There are so many fascinating characters in “Mieruko-chan”! I’d like to introduce that person (god thing?) that I’m interested in! I’d like to introduce you to that person (god thing?) while summarizing my thoughts on him! I’d like to introduce the person (or thing?) I’m interested in while summarizing my thoughts on him!

If you want to enjoy the manga without spoilers, be warned!

|Mieruko-chan’s synopsis

On her way home one rainy day, Miko was adjusting her wet clothes at the bus stop when she suddenly felt a presence nearby and looked up. “Can you see it?” Can you see it? It was clearly a “bad thing” that she shouldn’t see. Miko pretends to confirm that the bus she’s waiting for hasn’t arrived yet, and acts as if she can’t see it.
However, the strange figure becomes visible everywhere, both at home and at school.
As long as you pretend not to see them and ignore them, they are not particularly harmful. They can be useful in unexpected ways, such as judging whether a cat is good or bad by the spirit of the cat that possesses the adopter when they are looking for a foster home for the cat.

One day, while meeting up with her friend Hana, she appears possessed by an ostentatious apparition.
Miko takes Hana to a nearby shrine to pay a visit. Then a fox and a large dragon-like apparition appear, eat the possessed apparition, and say, “Sankai!
What’s “sankai”? Miko doesn’t understand anything, and continues to do her best to ignore them, struggling with her constitution, which is becoming more and more visible every day.

|[Summary of Main Characters] I can’t start without these people! Delightful psychics!

The characters in this work have such strong personalities that the gags really come alive! The xenomorphs are very scary, but the lovable characters make it all the more interesting.

Miko: Mieruko-chan

The protagonist of this story is a beautiful, cool girl with striking eyelashes. While waiting for the bus on a rainy day, she suddenly begins to see strange shapes in front of her. She is so terrified that she decides to ignore the apparition altogether.
She specializes in seeing odd shapes and does not see their auras.

However, she is concerned that Hana might be in danger due to her “trait of attracting other forms,” so she sometimes acts like a bodyguard.

She wants to improve her life, which has suddenly become visible, and is struggling to make salt and buy prayer beads. Day by day, he can see more and more, and he can hear the voices of different shapes.

Hana: A girl with an amazing life aura.

A friend of Miko’s, he is a tremendous foodie. He is the owner of an incredibly strong life aura, and because of his aura, he is prone to attracting variants.
When a strong xenomorph approaches him, his aura decreases and he becomes hungry, but he can recover his aura by eating.

Hana does not know that she is wearing an aura, and she does not see the variants.
The aura causes her to attract other forms, but the aura is often too strong to affect Hana herself.
If the power of the apparition is strong enough, she may be possessed.
When she entered the cursed building, she made the possessed apparition even more powerful, and Miko took her to a shrine where she had a fox-sama exterminate the possessed apparition.

Hana is a natural character, and is also in charge of the sex appeal of this work. Whenever she appears in the story, she basically becomes a gag.

Yuria:A bit Mieruko-chan

A friend of Miko’s, she is a loli-type innocent. She can clearly see the smaller and weaker variants and Hana’s aura.
Since she has been able to see since she was a child, she does not have much fear of other forms, and aspires to become a competent psychic.

She has been bullied in the past for her ability to see, and is not used to making friends and tends to be sneaky. She is secretly happy to have a photo of Miko, Hana, and Yuria as her standby.

Due to his sneaky thought process, he feels inferior to Miko, mistakenly believing that she has abilities such as spirit removal in addition to “seeing”.
Although she is suspicious of Rom, she participates in “members-only events” on his website out of interest in people who can see.

Godmother (Mitsue): A talented psychic.

She is a real psychic and understands Miko. When Miko appears to him while he is selling rip-off prayer beads, he gives her a prayer bead that contains the power of a godmother in her prime, but the bead instantly flies off and he decides to retire due to the difference in power.

Godmother’s experience and trust as a psychic is genuine, as she can see the spirits of the dead in human form (like ordinary ghosts) rather than in a disfigured form, and she can store her power in clean places.

After retiring, the Godmother learns that Miko and Hana have been connected to a “shrine that doesn’t exist in this world” for some reason.

In order to save them, she returns to her job as a psychic. Rom is his former apprentice.

Rom: Suspicious Uncle

A man who looks and acts suspiciously, running a suspicious rip-off website and posting suspicious videos.
However, the items he makes are indeed imbued with the power of spirit removal, and his power as a psychic is real.
Mitsue is a former master. She is a former master of Miko, and is the one who motivates her to go to the shrine.

|Lots of fascinating characters besides the main ones! Some episodes will make you smile.

This work has a lot of horrible monsters and gags, but it also has episodes that will make you cry. Here are some recommended episodes!

Strong man and cat

Early in the story, Hana picks up an abandoned cat. However, her house doesn’t allow pets, so she decides to recruit foster parents on social media.
The two men who show up are a very strong older brother and a fluffy, handsome older brother. Hana tries to give the cat to the fluffy handsome guy based on her impression of his looks, but Miko stops her!

The fluffy handsome man was possessed by a number of pitch-black cat spirits, while the strong-armed brother was possessed by a pure cat spirit like a guardian spirit. Miko entrusted the cat to her strong-armed brother.
The strong-armed brother takes the cat home, thinks of a name for it together with the cat, and is happy to spend the rest of his life with it. Behind him, the spirit of a pure woman and the guardian spirit of Nekomata were gently leaning on each other.

You can see that the strong brother is only scary on his face, but is really a kind-hearted person who loves animals.
Also, with the pure spirit nestled in the background, we can feel the past of losing loved ones and the sincerity of still facing new life.

Mieruko-chan, if you’re not careful, he can make you cringe. This is still the gentle one.

Miko’s Family

Day by day, Miko is able to see different shapes more and more clearly. She can see them so clearly that she can hardly distinguish them from humans. Miko feels depressed when she sees them in the morning, but she decides to eat the seasonal chestnut pudding that she bought yesterday to take her mind off of it. Miko went down to the living room and found the apparition there.

It’s a bit of a surprise, but we act as if we’re invisible as usual and carry on our family-like daily conversation.

“My brother laughed and said, “Write your name on the pudding or you’ll get eaten again.
“My father ate it and we had a big fight,” my mother smiled.
“We had a big fight when Dad ate it.
“My father says, “Don’t rehash last year’s story.

Miko loses her appetite and leaves breakfast early, but before she leaves for school, she returns to the living room as if she has an idea. Before she leaves for school, she goes back to the living room as if she has an idea, and grabs some pudding from the refrigerator.
There, she finds a picture of her father.
Yes, her father had already passed away, and his image was also “something that should not be seen”.
“Miko and her father had parted without being able to reconcile after their big fight. By offering her father the pudding that she had been looking forward to, she was doing her best to show that she was not angry with him.

The father’s face is serene as he watches Miko worship, and it is clear that Miko’s thoughts are being conveyed to him.
Miko never speaks to her father because she is so determined to ignore what she cannot see, but the sight of him also brings tears to my eyes.

Good Teacher and Cat

The fluffy, handsome guy that Miko was wary of when she was looking for a foster home for her cat was actually Mr. Zen, a temporary teacher at Miko’s high school. Miko is still wary of Mr. Zen, and he somehow senses that she is wary of him too.
The reason for Miko’s wariness is not only the spirit of the black cat, but also the female apparition that haunts Zen-sensei.

The usual variant says, “Do you see? The usual variant says, “Can you see me?” in reference to being able to see himself, but the word the variant says is “Don’t look.
In the town where Miko and her friends live, there have been many incidents of cats going missing or being found in abused conditions.
When a neighbor lady gives a handout to Dr. Zen, he looks sneaky and doesn’t open the front door wide enough, or there is blood on his hand to receive it.

Also, many suspicious things are seen around him, such as crows starting to vandalize the garbage dumpster.
And day by day, the number of possessed cats increases, and the odd shape that emits “don’t look” begins to affect Hana. Unable to see it, Miko decides to follow Dr. Zen to investigate.

Then you find a teacher reaching for a weak cat. If you see him assaulting her like this and report him, you’ll catch him red-handed! Miko thinks, but she can’t leave him there to die, so she runs out as quickly as she can.
Both of us are on our guard, and when the pushing and shoving continues, the cat runs out into the street to escape.
It was Dr. Zen who saved the cat from being pulled by a car.

Dr. Zen has a sad past. He was raised by a mother who was strict and almost controlling.

When she was going through a difficult time, she befriended a stray cat and took care of it temporarily, but her mother found out and killed the cat. Perhaps to atone for this, Dr. Zen has been patrolling to protect the cats.

The “don’t look” apparition was, judging from her words and appearance, the mother of Zen-sensei, the teacher who had been controlling and educating them. As a sign of resentment towards her, the spirits of the cats took on a pitch-black appearance.
Miko, who guessed the relationship between the apparition and the cat from Zen-sensei’s past, shows the apparition that she can “see” it for the first time.
While looking at the figure closely, she said, “Let him be free now.

With that statement, the apparition attacks Miko, but the fox-sama comes to her rescue. Miko knew that O-Fox-sama would help her, and she systematically showed that she could see.

When the apparition is removed, the cats that possessed Dr. Zen are cleansed and purified. Dr. Zen was not a bad person.
He was not a bad person, just a good person who was not interested in other people and had few friends, but loved cats.

|A mysterious being that helps Miko. Is the fox variant a friend or enemy?

Does “three times” mean “three times”?

Two fox-like apparitions that appear when Miko is in a pinch.
Although they don’t have an official name, they are also called “fox maidens” by the fans, since the first time they appeared was when Miko and Hana went to visit a shrine.

The fox-sama’s fighting power is high, and she is capable of defeating deformities larger than the two of them. On rare occasions, dragon-like deformations appear and eat bad deformations.
The dragon-like forms are probably the “gods” of the shrine, and the foxes are their “dependents.

What is interesting here is the word “sankai,” which he uttered after he killed the deformity that had possessed Hana at the shrine. Miko interprets it as “You can help me up to three times.

In fact, the fox-sama holds up a finger to indicate the number of times he has saved her from a pinch. Removing the xenomorph that possessed Hana at the shrine doesn’t seem to be included in the count.
However, once when she was almost attacked by the apparition in the tunnel, twice when she waved back at the spirit mistaking it for a human boy in the park, and three times when she showed that she could see the apparition of Zen-sensei’s mother, the designated number of times has been used, but the fox-sama still appears after that.

It turned out that it did not mean “you can help me up to three times” as Miko interpreted it. So what is “sankais”?

When she visited the shrine to ward off the apparition that haunted Hana, Miko prayed like this. “I beg you. Please do something about the bad thing that’s haunting Hana. I beg you. I beg you. Please help me. I’ll do anything. Please save Hana from the curse. And me too…”

If you pay attention to the word “onegai shimasu” here, you can see that it is used “three times”. The content of Miko’s prayer is to deal with the bad thing that is possessing Hana, and also about herself.
So, it is possible that it is not three times in total, but three times for each of Miko and Hana.

Counting the number of times the fox appeared and helped each of them, Miko: 1) the spirit of the boy in the park, 2) the spirit of Zen-sensei’s mother, and 3) when she went to the shrine again to thank him.
Hana: 1) When she was almost attacked by a strange shape in the tunnel, and 2) When she caught a cold and got sick.

Maybe Hana’s one time is still there and Hana might be in danger again in the future…? You can think of it as.

I am also concerned that the first shrine one time is not included in the count.
At that time, a dragon-like xenomorph ate the xenomorph that possessed Hana, so maybe there is some condition such as that xenomorph not being counted when it appears.

If that’s the case, Hana’s extermination of the deformed form in “(2) When I caught a cold and got sick” may not be counted either.

What is the fox’s real goal?

The other thing that bothers me is that one half of the fox is expressing anger towards Miko. In particular, when he brings fried tofu for a thank-you visit, his anger causes the tofu to rot.

When they visited the shrine for the first time, Miko and her friends only offered money, not anything in particular. And yet, the foxes have too little merit to watch over and help Miko and her friends.

Maybe the “protect up to 3 times” is not some form of thank you, but rather a number of times for the contract.

When Miko prayed, she said “I’ll do anything”, which means that she “offered herself”, and it is possible that there is a post-payment contract that says “I’ll get you guys in return if you protect me three times”.

Hana has a peculiar constitution that attracts other forms, and Miko also has a very powerful “seeing power”.
By taking them in, the foxes will gain more power, and they may be protecting them until their power is fully grown.

Therefore, it is possible that he was angry at Miko for carelessly visiting the shrine again alone and putting herself in danger. If she swallowed and spread out fried tofu while surrounded by evil spirits, the evil spirits would know that she could see the fox-sama.

At the moment, he is a reliable person who can be counted on to save us in a pinch, but the fact that Mitsue is wary of him suggests that he is not a very good person.

If “sankaisai” means “three times,” then the number of times remaining are few, and it is highly likely that from now on, the fox-sama will no longer be the one who saves us, but rather the one who becomes the last boss.

|[Animation Information] Deformities move! It will definitely be a traumatic anime!

Originally, a post on Twitter led to the serialization and publication of this work. Due to the high level of attention, it even became a trending topic on Twitter when the anime adaptation was decided.
Unfortunately, there is no detailed air date yet, but it is confirmed that it will be aired in 2021, so let’s wait for information on the fall or winter anime.

The design of the xenomorphs in this film is excellent, and there are almost no similar xenomorphs. All of them are really scary. There are large ones, fast-moving ones, ones with complex shapes anyway, and small, relatively cute ones.
Everyone who has seen the anime will sympathize with Miko, because the various variants move and emit voices.

|The timing and appearance of the different forms is really “the worst”.

At first I read a post in the middle of the story on Twitter, so I thought the main character and his friends were cute, and I proceeded to read the heartwarming manga, and then I got hurt…
The timing and appearance of the different forms are really “the worst” (I’m complimenting).

Personally, the one that scared me the most was the one that appeared when I turned over the futon.
Have you ever imagined something scary when you’re trying to sleep, and then thought that you’re somehow safe under the covers? I think the futon is like a ward that makes you feel safe when you are wrapped in it….

It’ s there. In that futon. I feel hopeless…

Moreover, Miko is so thorough in ignoring him that she just goes straight to bed under the covers and pretends she doesn’t know him. What a strong girl she is. I would never be able to do that…

Then there’s Zen’s mother. She’s scary even when she’s alive. She’s much scarier than the other odd shapes. If it weren’t for the cat, I think Dr. Zen would have become a more twisted person.
The reason why I can’t stop reading even though I’m scared of them is because the gag parts are really funny! Especially Hana’s naturalness and Yuria’s twisted thought process are very soothing.

I can’t wait to see what Miko has to say. I can’t wait to see Miko’s tsukkomi, but she’s also really cute because she’s so natural and funny sometimes.
The author is very good at misleading us, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.
The author is very good at misleading us, so the setting we take for granted now may soon be betrayed in a good way…!

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