[Spoiler] Horror Gag Manga “Mieruko-chan” Characters and Discussions! Is the fox that helps us friend or enemy?

Citation element: KADOKAWA “Mieruko-chan “Mieruko-chan” is a horror gag manga by Asaki Izumi, currently (as of April 2021) published in five volumes, with an anime adaptation in the works. One day, the main character, Miko, an ordinary high school girl, suddenly begins to see strange spirits and monsters. They appear …


Spoiler alert for the manga “Mieruko-chan”! A horror and comedy story?

Asaki Izumi, KADOKAWA / Mieruko-chan Production Committee Miko Yotsuya is a high school girl who has become able to see things that normal people can’t, such as strange and dangerous people. Mieruko-chan”, which is currently being serialized in “ComicWalker”, depicts her life full of fear and laughter. In this article, …