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The manga “The Case Study of Vanitas” is a dark fantasy set in 19th century France that depicts the bizarre story of a human who possesses the Book of Vanitas and a vampire who seeks it. In this article, you will find spoilers for the manga “The Case Study of Vanitas”, spoilers for the list of characters, another attraction of “The Case Study of Vanitas”, romantic elements, and my thoughts on “The Case Study of Vanitas I’m not going to spoil it for you.

The TV anime “The Case Study of Vanitas”, written by Jun Mochizuki, will be broadcasted on TOKYO MX and other stations from July 2nd at 24:00 for two episodes. The key visual, new characters and their casts have also been released.

The key visual depicts five people, Vanitas, Noe, Jeanne, Luca, and Dominique, gathered in Montmartre overlooking the city of Paris. Inori Mizuse plays Jeanne, a vampiric girl known as the “Witch of the Fire,” Shino Shimoji plays Luca, a polite vampire boy who is second in rank only to the vampire queen, and Dominique is the daughter of the Marquis de Sade, a prestigious vampire aristocrat and lord of the Otherworld. The role of Dominique is played by Ai Chino. Akira Ishida plays Noe’s teacher and the person who sent the letter to find the “Book of Vanitas”, and Miyu Komaki plays Noe’s cat, Muru. Of the three informants that Vanitas often uses, Taro Kiuchi plays Dante, Koji Yusa plays Johan, and Reece is played by Riho Kuma.

Also, the third short PV using the accompaniment and anime footage has arrived. In addition, at 24:00 today on the official website of the anime, the “Daily Voice” project will start where you can listen to the newly recorded voices of Vanitas, Noe, and others on a daily basis.

The Case Study of Vanitas” is a steampunk story set in 19th century Paris, France. The story begins when Noe, a young vampire searching for the “Book of Vanitas,” a grimoire that is said to wield a curse on vampires, meets Vanitas, a human who calls himself a doctor specializing in vampires and who possesses the “Book of Vanitas. The story begins to unfold.

|What about The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas” is a dark fantasy that draws attention as a unique vampire story, depicting the bizarre story of a human protagonist who has a mechanical grimoire, the Book of Vanitas, and a vampire protagonist who seeks the book. The following is a spoiler explanation of the manga content, the characters, another charm of the work, the romantic elements of the main character and interesting attractions from the manga “The Case Study of Vanitas” with the content of the synopsis of the work.

|Information on the original work of The Case Study of Vanitas

Jun Mochizuki’s manga “The Case Study of Vanitas” is a dark fantasy work that has been serialized since 2016 in the Monthly Gun Gun JOKER published by Square Enix, with a total of nine volumes published as of June 2021.

アニメ「ヴァ二タスの手記 Blu-ray 4」

The Case Study of Vanitas” began production as a two-course split animation, with the first course airing in July 2021.

|Spoiler alert for The Case Study of Vanitas.

The Case Study of Vanitas” is a manga that has attracted a lot of attention for its fantastic view of the world, which is unlike any other vampire manga. The manga is popular for its unique content that combines a mystery story with romantic elements, its unique characters, and its beautiful drawings that remind one of fantasy. The following is a spoiler-filled description of the first four volumes of the manga from “The Case Study of Vanitas,” a unique vampire story that is highly popular with both men and women.

Spoiler for Volume 1

単行本「ヴァ二タスの手記 1巻」

The Book of Vanitas is the name of a cursed book that appears in the fairy tale “The Vampires of the Blue Moon” and has been thought to be a fictional book. However, the existence of the Book of Vanitas was revealed in 19th century France, and Noe went to Paris at the request of her teacher, where she met Vanitas, who claimed to be a doctor specializing in vampires. Vanitas is the owner of the grimoire “The Book of Vanitas”, and he saves the life of Amelia, a cursed vampire who was on board the airship.

At the same time, incidents involving cursed vampires are rampant in Paris, and Noe sets out to investigate and solve the vampire-related cases in cooperation with Vanitas. Noe and Vanitas set out to investigate and solve the vampire-related cases. The two search for the culprits with the help of an informant who is an acquaintance of Vanitas, and in the process, they encounter Luka, a vampire boy who is looking for the Book of Vanitas for a certain purpose, and Jeanne, a female knight who serves as his bodyguard, and a battle ensues.

Spoiler for Volume 2

単行本「ヴァ二タスの手記 2巻」

Noe Vanitas, reunited with Amelia, sees in her memories the true identity of Charlatan, the vampire who holds the curse. Noe and her childhood friend Dominique go to the other world to get a clue about Charlatan, but Vanitas goes with them and they go straight to the masked ball. Meanwhile, Dominic asks Vanitas about the Sougetsu vampires based on Vanitas’ name, but Vanitas tells him that he is planning to take revenge on the Sougetsu vampires.

Luca Jeanne, dressed in formal attire, is also at the masquerade ball, and when a cursed vampire appears in the hall, Jeanne is overcome with the urge to suck blood. Vanitas, aware of Jeanne’s strange behavior, urges her to huddle up and suck his blood. Vanitas, Noe, and Dominique confront the band of beasts, and Jeanne joins Luka’s escort, and they begin to resolve the situation.

Spoiler for Volume 3

単行本「ヴァ二タスの手記 3巻」

Vanitas scrambles to save a cursed vampire girl who has gone berserk, but the girl is already too far gone and he is forced to reduce her to ashes with the Book of Vanitas. Next, the Queen’s Fang, Veronica de Sade, aka Bistia, attacks Vanitas and Noe, who are rescued from danger by Lord Ruthven, but now Lord Ruthven, who has heard rumors about Vanitas, threatens their lives.

Lord Ruthven is convinced that the curse of the blue moon is responsible for the series of events, but Noe’s persuasion to protect Vanitas inspires him to withdraw from them, and Lord Ruthven begins to put an end to the situation. Later, they are invited to Lord Ruthven’s home, where they are reunited with Luca Jeanne. While Luka is angry at Vanitas for his behavior towards Jeanne, Vanitas proclaims that he and Jeanne are in love with each other, showing the mark of ownership.

Jeanne, feeling awkward, goes outside with Vanitas and then returns to her room. Later, Vanitas asks Lord Ruthven for a meeting with Her Majesty the Queen, but angers Lord Ruthven and the two are thrown out of the castle. In fact, it was a ploy by Vanitas to obtain certain information, and the request to see Her Majesty was a pretext to deliberately anger Lord Ruthven.

Spoiler for Volume 4

単行本「ヴァ二タスの手記 4巻」

Evicted from Lord Ruthven’s castle, Vanitas and Noe hear of a case where three vampires are taken in one week. After breaking into the hideout of the hunter Chasseur, the two take Laurent, the captain of the hunters, and his group into their ranks and head for Doctor Moreau, the mastermind behind the incident. Dr. Moreau, who has been studying vampires and has been involved in horrific experiments in the process, is delighted to be reunited with Vanitas, a former member of the Hunters.

A battle with Doctor Moreau, who calls Vanitas “No69,” begins, and a mob of curse-bearing vampires joins in. At the same time, Dr. Morrow asks Vanitas about the whereabouts of No. 71, who was kidnapped by the vampires of the Blue Moon, and Vanitas has a disturbing look on his face, as if he remembers something.

|List of characters in The Case Study of Vanitas

One of the highlights of “The Case Study of Vanitas”, which boasts high popularity in both the original manga and the anime, is its unique characters. The following is a spoiler-filled list of characters from “The Case Study of Vanitas,” along with a synopsis of the story.

Character List 1: Vanitas

The protagonist of the manga “The Case Study of Vanitas” is a human who calls himself a doctor who specializes in vampires. His true identity is that of a family member of Sougetsu’s vampires, and he inherited the grimoire, The Case Study of Vanitas, and its name. He meets Noe on an airship heading to Paris and works with him from then on. However, his character of not choosing any means to achieve his goal is a disaster, and he is also a troublemaker who gets people around him involved, especially Noe.

He also lost his parents in a vampire attack when he was a child, and although he was protected by a hunter afterwards, he was spotted by the scientist Dr. Morrow and made into a human experiment as Sample No. 69. Later, he was kidnapped by the vampires along with the boy No. 71 when the vampires attacked the laboratory of Sougetsu.

Character List 2: Noe

Another protagonist of “The Case Study of Vanitas”, his real name is Noe Alcivist, a descendant of the Blood Revealing Fang (Alcivist), he set off to Paris in search of The Case Study of Vanitas at the request of his teacher. He has been working with him ever since. In contrast to the aloof Vanitas, he has a gentlemanly and calm atmosphere, but he also has a side of honesty about his feelings, and when he is out of control, he has a threatening fighting ability.

Character List 3: Jeanne

The heroine of “The Case Study of Vanitas,” she is a strong and beautiful female warrior who fights with a red gauntlet, a former executioner (blow) of the Senate, and now a Knight Chevalier of Luka. She is a strong and beautiful female warrior who fights with a red gauntlet. Her fighting skills are very high, and although she is merciless to those who harm her lord, Luka, she is honest and cheerful at heart. At first she is hostile to Vanitas Noe, but now they are cooperating with each other and saving each other’s lives.

With a past of being picked up by her human parents, she had a friendship with Lord Ruthven, who wanted humans and vampires to coexist, as her parents were his students. However, Jeanne’s parents betrayed Lord Ruthven and took the side of the humans. To atone for their sins, Jeanne became an executioner and slaughtered as many as 1,000 vampires, earning her the nickname “Witch of the Flames” and was feared.

Character List 4: Ruka

He is the lord that Jeanne is escorting, and his real name: Lucius, Grand Duke of Oriflamme. He has power and position second only to the vampire queen, and is searching for the Book of Vanitas in order to save his brother, Loki. Vanitas and Noe initially had an adversarial relationship due to Luka’s misunderstanding, but now they have a friendly relationship.

Character List 5: Dominic

She is the daughter of the Marquis de Sade, a prestigious vampire aristocrat, nicknamed Domi, and is a beautiful woman in male clothing with black hair. She and Noe are childhood friends, and Noe’s teacher is her grandfather. She is always concerned about Noe, and calls him her beloved friend (mon chérie), but is wary of Vanitas, who is at his side. He is also uncomfortable with his sister Veronica, the Queen’s fang.

Character List 6: Teacher

Character List 7: Muru


She is Noe’s cat, and is a cute character with rich white fur, odd eyes, and a ribbon around her neck.

Character List 8: Dante.

He is an informant who has a relationship with Vanitas, and was working as Vanitas’ partner until he met Noe. According to Vanitas, he can do most things as long as he is paid, and his origins are known to be mixed blood.

Character List 9: Johan


He is a mixed-race man who works as an informant like Dante, and is characterized by his glasses and onee tone. He loves Dante and Reece as if they were his own family, but he is also overprotective of them.

Spoiling the romantic elements of The Case Study of Vanitas

In “The Case Study of Vanitas”, not only is the story full of mysteries, but also the romantic elements of the hero, heroine, and other characters are carefully depicted, and the love lives of the characters are attracting attention. The following is a spoiler-free explanation of the romantic elements of Vanitas, Jeanne, and the other main characters from “The Case Study of Vanitas”, along with a synopsis of the story.

Love Element Spoiler 1: Vanitas and Jeanne


When it comes to romance in The Case Study of Vanitas, the relationship between the hero, Vanitas, and the heroine, Jeanne, has to be mentioned. Therefore, she planned a date to somehow lose Vanitas’ interest and tried to keep him away, but in the end, it resulted in her developing a crush on him.

Vanitas, on the other hand, had been enjoying his interactions with Jeanne because she was worth teasing and because he was sure she would never fall in love with him. While Jeanne is self-conscious about the arrival of a love that she thought was unrelated to her as an executioner, Vanitas is puzzled by the change in her.

In light of Vanitas’ unique view of love, it is expected that his love for Jeanne may not be fulfilled. However, Vanitas’ own awakening to love can be assumed to change his views on love, and the day when he and Jeanne become compatible with each other will soon come.

Love Element Spoiler 2: Noe and Dominic.


For Noe, Dominic is one of the few people who knows and understands his past. In the play, Dominique worries about Noe and chases after him, suggesting that they are more than just childhood friends and have romantic feelings for each other. On the other hand, Dominique’s behavior toward Noe shows that she wants to protect Noe from her painful past, and the development of their love will be unpredictable.

|Interesting fascination with The Case Study of Vanitas

With the start of the anime broadcast, the popularity of the original manga has been increasing. The storyline, the love story between the unique characters, the exotic and fantastic world view, and the mysterious development of the manga have attracted the interest of readers. In the following, I will spoil the interesting charm of “The Case Study of Vanitas” with the contents of the synopsis.

Interesting attractions: 1) A story with many mysteries

The Case Study of Vanitas” is notable for its enigmatic storyline, and as the story progresses, new questions, foreshadowing, and enigmatic characters appear, piquing the reader’s interest. The mysteriousness of “The Case Study of Vanitas” can be seen not only in the story, but also in the unknown past of the main characters Vanitas and Noe, which is being revealed in fragments, and in Charlatan, who seems to be the last boss.

The Book of Vanitas, the grimoire that Noe Luka has been searching for, is a mechanical book that is effective against vampires, and in the play, it is used as a means to restore vampires who have gone berserk. Therefore, Vanitas, the owner of the Book of Vanitas, calls himself a doctor specializing in vampires and has been saving vampires with curses, but the book he owns smacks of a causal relationship with Charlatan and holds many mysteries and questions.

In addition, in the last part of the first episode of “The Case Study of Vanitas,” it is suggested that Noe will kill Vanitas, and the mysterious storyline and meaningful foreshadowing fuel the reader’s interest.

Interesting attractions: 2)Fantastic world view

The Case Study of Vanitas” is set in 19th century France, and one of the highlights is the mysterious worldview of the exotic Parisian cityscape. The Case Study of Vanitas” is set in 19th century France, and one of the highlights is the mysterious world of the exotic Parisian streets. The world of “The Case Study of Vanitas” is filled with fantastic scenes reminiscent of a fantasy world.

Interesting attractions: 3)The relationship between Vanitas and Noe


The Case Study of Vanitas” is said to be a story of humans and vampires, featuring Vanitas, who inherited the Book of Vanitas and its name from a vampire in the blue moon, and Noe, who seeks the Book of Vanitas. The story is about a human and a vampire, with Vanitas using his grimoire and Noe using her fighting skills to fight against powerful enemies, making the most of each other’s strengths and compensating for each other’s weaknesses to overcome their predicament.

In “The Case Study of Vanitas,” it is suggested that Vanitas’ life will be taken away at Noe’s hands, but after overcoming many difficulties together, the two are now bound by a strong bond. One of the highlights of “The Case Study of Vanitas” is the activities of the two main characters, who are faced with a bizarre fate: why does Noe have to kill Vanitas?

|Comments and reviews on The Case Study of Vanitas

As I mentioned in the synopsis, the mystery that deepens as you read, the foreshadowing about Noe, and the love between Vanitas and Jeanne as she realizes her feelings make “The Case Study of Vanitas” a highly recommended work that will keep you hooked. In the following, I will introduce my impressions and evaluations of “The Case Study of Vanitas” with spoiler explanations that will make you curious about the rest of the story, the relationships between the characters, and the romantic elements.

Impression 1: I want to enter the world of “The Case Study of Vanitas”.

With its exotic cityscape and fascinating characters, “The Case Study of Vanitas” is highly popular not only among men but also among women, who are attracted by its fantastic worldview that makes them forget that it is about vampires. In addition, some fans want to visit the world of “The Case Study of Vanitas” and it has captivated many fans.

Impression 2: The Case Study of Vanitas” is interesting.

Many of the readers of “The Case Study of Vanitas” started reading it after a recommendation from a friend, and some of them said that they picked it up casually but became completely absorbed in the fantastic world view. The mysteries that deepen as you read, the interactions between the cool and cute characters, and the romantic elements between them are what make “The Case Study of Vanitas” so popular.

Impression 3: Focus on the hero and heroine’s dating sessions.

The love story between the hero and heroine is one of the essential charms of “The Case Study of Vanitas,” and the interaction between Vanitas, who uses sweet words to seduce the heroine, and Jeanne, who has a defiant attitude, will soften the atmosphere of mystery. Speaking of Vanitas and Jeanne, the date episode that became the center of attention in the anime is famous, and the cuteness of Jeanne who deliberately pretends to be disliked in order to keep Vanitas away from her was highly praised.

Impression 4: Love Dominic.

In “The Case Study of Vanitas,” which also has many romantic elements that add to its popularity, the relationship between Noe and Dominique as well as Vanitas and Jeanne are attracting attention, and Dominique, a different type of female character from Jeanne, is also highly popular. Dominique, who is a different type of female character from Jeanne, is also highly popular. Although she is dressed in men’s clothes, her feminine appearance with long hair gives off a sense of coolness and cuteness, and she is expected to play an active role in the anime.

Impression 5: The animation version is beautiful.

The Case Study of Vanitas” has been highly popular not only in the original manga but also in the anime version, and there are many comments and evaluations praising the beauty of the images, such as being fascinated by the high quality of the drawings. The beauty of the drawings was also highly praised in the manga version, and many people were impressed by the faithful reproduction of their favorite scenes from the original manga in the anime, as well as messages of support for the anime production staff.

Impression 6: Looking forward to the second season of the anime.

The “The Case Study of Vanitas” anime is scheduled to be produced and broadcasted in two separate seasons, and many anime fans are regretting the final episode of the first season and are already looking forward to the second season. Also, through the anime broadcast, the original manga of “The Case Study of Vanitas” has been attracting more and more attention, and it is said to be interesting for its unpredictable development, such as the mystery that deepens as the story progresses and the appearance of new characters.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”]The Case Study of Vanitas” is an anime about vampires and humans. The Case Study of Vanitas”, which features a human and a vampire as its main characters, has attracted a lot of attention due to its fantastic world view, mysterious development, and the romantic elements of its characters. [/speech_bubble]

You can find more information about The Case Study of Vanitas season 2 in this article.

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