Spoiler-Free Review of Rent-A-Girlfriend! A review of the latest 22 volumes.


|Spoiler alert for “Rent-A-Girlfriend”! Is the “Rent-A-Girlfriend” an S-class beauty?

Reiri Miyajima’s manga “Rent-A-Girlfriend” is a popular romantic comedy serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2017, with an anime airing in 2020. It is abbreviated as “Kanokari.” The story begins with the main character, a male college student who has been dumped by his girlfriend and uses a substitute girlfriend service. The beautiful girl who is his rental girlfriend happens to be a classmate of the protagonist. Because of this, the relationship between the two is misunderstood by those around them, and their relationship changes, making this work an appealing, royal romantic comedy. In this article, we will introduce the outline and charm of “Kanokari” with spoilers up to volume 22! *This article contains spoilers for “Kano Kari” as of September 2021, so please be careful when reading.

|The charm of “Rent-A-Girlfriend” is, without a doubt, the sympathy for the main character and the moderate harem feeling.

(c) Miyajima Reiji, Kodansha / “Rent-A-Girlfriend” Production Committee

Kanokari” has been airing an anime since July 2020. Its popularity can be attributed to three reasons: sympathy for the main character, female characters, and a moderate harem atmosphere. The main character is often ridiculed by fans of the work as a “scabby guy,” and he often acts in a way that is typical of a perverted virgin. Some readers may actually sympathize with such a protagonist. In addition, the most attractive thing about this work is that the female characters stand out. In particular, the main heroine, Chizuru Mizuhara, is not only visually appealing, but her behavior, lines, and outlook on life are also admirable. Other heroines include the black-hearted ex-girlfriend Mami Nanami, the single-minded and aggressive Ruka Sarashina, and the extremely shy Sumi Sakurazawa, all of whom are unforgettable once read. These strong heroines gradually get closer and closer to the main character, and before you know it, you find yourself in a virtual harem situation. …… However, they are only rental girlfriends to begin with. This moderate reality is probably the reason why it has gained so many fans.

|Volume 1 Spoilers.


University student Kazuya Kinoshita was dumped by his first girlfriend, Asami Nanami, after only one month of dating. In order to drown his sorrows, he applies for a rental girlfriend service (Lencano). Chizuru Mizuhara, who appears as a Lencano, is a beautiful girl who is perfect in both appearance and behavior. Kazuya is elated by their date at a coffee shop, but later, after browsing the Internet, he discovers that Chizuru’s responses are just like the manual. Disappointed, Kazuya calls Chizuru a sarcastic comment such as, “Don’t you feel empty? Kazuya is disappointed and calls Chizuru a series of sarcastic comments such as, “Don’t you feel empty? Chizuru is unable to take it any longer and becomes angry, and they argue. Meanwhile, Kazuya’s grandmother falls ill. Kazuya takes Chizuru to visit his grandmother, as it was during their contracted time at Lencano. He then introduces Chizuru to his grandmother, saying that she is his girlfriend. Since Chizuru’s grandmother was also in the hospital, the misunderstanding spreads. Chizuru is able to talk things over with him on the spot, but he rejects Kazuya, saying, “Don’t ever ask me to marry you again! and rejects Kazuya. However, Kazuya and Chizuru happen to be at the same university and live next door to each other in the same apartment. Furthermore, Asami, with whom Kazuya was supposed to have broken up with, starts to invite Kazuya to her house in a suggestive manner. …… A strange love triangle begins.

|Volume 2 Spoilers.


Kazuya is on a trip to the beach with his college friends. By chance, Chizuru is also at the beach and the two run into each other. Kazuya had previously introduced Chizuru to his friend Kuribayashi as if she were his real girlfriend, and he is worried that his lie will be exposed. Chizuru had also been hiding Lenkano’s part-time job from everyone around her, causing both of them to break out in a cold sweat. Meanwhile, Asami was displeased that Kazuya, who had broken up with her, immediately started dating a beautiful woman. Asami was displeased that Kazuya, who had broken up with her, immediately started dating a beautiful woman, so she tried to interfere with Kazuya’s love affair with Chizuru by making advances toward him. Kazuya, too, had a desire to get back together with Asami, so he took her up on her offer to be alone with her behind a rock ……. However, in response to Asami’s sarcasm, Kazuya defends Chizuru by saying, “Mizuhara is not that kind of girl!” and defends Chizuru. Toward the end of the film, Kazuya’s best friend gives him a ticket and Kazuya and Chizuru decide to take the ferry. Chizuru, who was not feeling well, falls into the sea, but Kazuya jumps in and rescues her without hesitation. The distance between Kazuya and Chizuru, which had been strained, is shortened a little here.

|Volume 3 Spoilers.


Kazuya and Chizuru’s grandmothers believe that they are really dating. Therefore, they play a trick on Kazuya and Chizuru by putting them in the same room at a hot spring ryokan. As a result, Kazuya spends more time with Chizuru (real name: Chizuru Ichinose) in private and begins to seriously consider her. Rather than getting back together with Asami, he begins to hope for a real relationship with Chizuru. Then Ruka Sarashina, Kuribayashi’s girlfriend, appears on the scene. Ruka and Kuribayashi and Kazuya and Chizuru decide to go on a double date. Ruka then surprisingly points out to Chizuru, “You are a rental girlfriend, aren’t you? Ruka points out to Chizuru in surprise, “You are a rental girlfriend, aren’t you? After the double date, I questioned Kazuya Haruka so that Kuribayashi would not find out. When I questioned her as to why she realized that she was a “renkanoyo,” Ruka began to talk about her own situation, saying, “I am also a “rennen-girlfriend.

|Volume 4 Spoilers.


Ruka says she was born with a heart condition that caused her heart rate to be low, and she was troubled by the tasteless days of not being thrilled by anything she did. She started her part-time job at Lencano in search of a crush. Although she did not experience any thrill from her part-time job at Lencano, she heard about Chizuru, a fellow customer, through Kuribayashi, a client. Ruka experienced the biggest thrill of her life when Kazuya told her that she was the best girlfriend he had ever had, even though she was just a rental girlfriend. Ruka, who is interested in Kazuya, comes to Ruka’s apartment. She asks Kazuya, “Please go out with me! She declares to Kazuya, “Please go out with me! When Kazuya, who has a crush on Chizuru, refuses, Ruka cries aloud. Chizuru, who seems to have taken pity on Ruka after seeing this exchange, advises Ruka to go out with him. Kazuya follows Chizuru’s advice and begins a trial relationship with Ruka. Meanwhile, it is discovered that Chizuru has her sights set on becoming an actress. Kazuya is jealous of her shopping with her actor friends and follows her. In fact, Chizuru had purchased a phone case for him as an apology for the broken phone he broke when he jumped into the sea.

|Volume 5 Spoilers.


Ruka is so aggressive that Kazuya is confused. She approaches Kazuya whenever possible, such as inviting him to a love hotel and starting a part-time job at the same karaoke bar. Ruka even goes along with Chizuru’s grandmothers on their New Year’s visit, and asks Chizuru, “Don’t you love Kazuya-kun? If you don’t like Kazuya-kun, please step aside. However, he is not comfortable revealing to others that Chizuru is Renkano, so he treats her amicably in front of the grandmothers. Meanwhile, Kazuya has a new Lencano named Sumi Sakurazawa. Sumi was a girl who became a lenkano in order to overcome her extreme shyness. However, she was so bad at communicating that she was receiving complaints from customers. Chizuru, a senior member of the same profession, asks Kazuya to have a practice date with Sumi.

|Volume 6 Spoilers.


Kazuya and Sumi’s practice date was a great success. Kazuya was able to show his manly side by protecting Sumi from delinquents. However, his ex-girlfriend Asami catches Sumi and Kazuya together. Asami becomes suspicious of Kazuya’s recent excessive popularity and gathers information about him on the Internet. She finally discovers that Chizuru and Sumi are Renkano. Asami then applies for Chizuru’s rental service under a false name. When Chizuru showed up at the designated karaoke bar, Asami put the kibosh on her relationship with Kazuya with a sarcastic tone. Chizuru, in turn, questions Asami about her relationship with Kazuya. Chizuru, on the other hand, questions Asami about her relationship with Kazuya and asks if she is interested in going out with Kazuya. Kazuya, who is working part-time at a karaoke bar, overhears the argument between the two women. That night, Kazuya waits for Chizuru in the hallway of his apartment. He apologizes and thanks her for the argument with Asami and says, “I want you! I want you! which could be taken as a confession to Chizuru.

|Volume 7 Spoilers.


Kazuya expressed his feelings to Chizuru, saying, “I want you,” but then came to himself and began to make excuses. Chizuru was considering quitting Lencano to concentrate on her acting career. Kazuya then added a forceful explanation that he said “I want you” because he did not want her to quit Lencano. Chizuru is also taken aback. Chizuru had appeared in a play for which a famous director was in charge, and her performance was highly acclaimed. However, due to her connections with the director, Chizuru was not selected for the next casting. Kazuya encourages the depressed Chizuru and asks Lencano out on a date. During the date, Chizuru tries to create an “ideal character” as Lencano, but Kazuya tells her that his ideal character is Mizuhara as usual, and tells her to return to her natural state. Even after 5:00 p.m., the time of her contract as Lenkano, Chizuru takes Kazuya out to the batting center and to visit her grandmother. Although they were not lovers, their private relationship was approved by Chizuru.

|Volume 8 Spoilers.


When Asami visited Kazuya’s room, she saw a woman’s bag and began to explore the area. Kazuya went to Asami’s office to answer her call. In the empty classroom, Asami said, “Chizuru-san, I heard you’re a rental girlfriend. You’re not serious, are you?” Kazuya is surprised to hear that Asami is not serious about him. Kazuya quickly explains that he is studying for social studies and gets out of the situation. On the other hand, Ruka says she wants to serve homemade curry at Kazuya’s house on her way home from her part-time job. At first, Ruka pretends that it is just a coincidence, but it turns out that she had prepared a menu memo and even a contraceptive, and had also calculated that she would not be able to go home that night due to a typhoon. Ruka touches Kazuya’s back in the middle of the night as if she wants a physical relationship with him. Kazuya is excited, but his rationality is restored when he sees the phone case that Chizuru gave him before. He tells Ruka his honest feelings for her, saying that he should not fuck her halfway and that he is so happy that he actually jumped up and down. Nothing happened that night, but the next morning, Ruka kisses him on the cheek. Chizuru, who lives in the room next door to Ruka’s, finds out that Ruka has spent the night in Kazuya’s room, and her face turns red in secret.

|Volume 9 Spoilers.


Kazuya chose a birthday present for Chizuru with the help of Sumi. Kazuya gave Chizuru a message card and dried plums from the balcony. Kazuya also told Chizuru that he was not in a physical relationship with Ruka, clearing up the misunderstanding. Chizuru says, “It smelled a little bit like an old man,” but seems pleased with the dried plums. Later, at a drinking party at the university, a happening occurs where the plainly dressed Chizuru almost reveals herself to be the girl who appeared as Kazuya’s girlfriend. Kazuya, however, tactfully induces his friends to drink. By blunting their judgment with alcohol, they succeeded in keeping Chizuru’s secret. Meanwhile, Asami, who has been snooping around Kazuya, showed up at the karaoke bar where she works part-time. At the store, Ruka senses that Asami is his ex-girlfriend. She clearly states that she is Kazuya’s current girlfriend and clearly tells him, “Don’t hang around Kazuya-kun! She clearly tells Asami that she is Kazuya’s current girlfriend and tells her to “stop hanging around Kazuya-kun! Asami feels uncomfortable, but decides to leave the karaoke bar. But this time, she runs into Chizuru again on the train.

|Volume 10 Spoilers.


Asami is convinced that the bag in Kazuya’s room belonged to Chizuru. She sat Chizuru down next to her on the train, and after a sarcastic conversation, asked her if she had seen Kazuya again. Chizuru replied “yes” with a serious expression on her face. Asami also found Kazuya’s grandmother’s SNS account and began plotting to contact Kazuya’s relatives. Kazuya, unaware of Asami’s dark scheme, requests a “seifuku date” with Chizuru as a distraction. As the first formal request for Lenkano in a long time, they enjoy a fun holiday, taking purikura pictures and riding the Ferris wheel. The next day, Kazuya’s grandmother informs him that she will hold a joint birthday party for Kazuya and Chizuru. Ruka also hears about the birthday party and decides to force Kazuya to come and join. Kazuya, unable to refuse, contacts Chizuru and gets her consent. However, on the day of the birthday party, Chizuru did not show up even after the appointed time of 18:00.

|Volume 11 Spoilers.


Chizuru was late to the birthday party because of the worsening illness of Chizuru’s grandmother Sayuri. Although late, Chizuru met Kazuya’s grandmother, Nagomi, and greeted her with perfect manners. Ruka, seeing Chizuru’s divine response, realized that she was losing out as a woman. Wanting to lead, she kisses Kazuya just as they are alone. Kazuya’s grandmother, Wa, who is unaware of the situation, offers to give Chizuru a ring that has been handed down from her ancestors. Both Kazuya and Chizuru are bewildered by their relatives’ behavior, as if they were about to get married. Feeling that he can no longer continue to lie, Kazuya suggests to Chizuru that she tell the grandmothers the truth about Lenkano. Meanwhile, they received a call that Sayuri had collapsed. They rushed to the hospital, but the doctor told them that she did not have long to live. Kazuya suggests to Chizuru that they tell her the truth. But her response is surprisingly, “I don’t want to tell (the truth). It’s already just a lie,” Chizuru says, and accepts the ring from Kazuya. Ruka is concerned about Sayuri’s condition and shows kindness to her love rival, saying, “It’s a truce, Chizuru-san and I have a relationship.

|Volume 12 Spoilers.


Sumi shows up in her school uniform and invites Kazuya on an aquarium date to cheer him up. The two tour the aquarium and get soaked during a dolphin show. Sumi is depressed that her plan has failed, but Kazuya pretends not to care and encourages her, saying that it is a lot of fun. Sumi’s emotions are running high and she almost confesses to Kazuya that she loves him, but her voice, as usual, is too quiet to get through to him. Still, Sumi, who is very determined, gives Kazuya a knit hat as a birthday present at a park at night. When Kazuya confided his concerns about Chizuru’s grandmother’s condition and his desire to do something for her, Sumi sympathized with him to the point of tears and helped him with his problems. Encouraged by Sumi, Kazuya sought what he could do for Chizuru. Then, he found the answer and went to Chizuru’s room. Kazuya’s proposal is to make an independent film through crowdfunding. Chizuru asks, “Can you do it? He confirms, “Really ……”. Chizuru senses Kazuya’s seriousness and pleads with tears in her eyes, “Make …… my film. Kazuya said, “I’ll do it! I’ll make it to the end! No matter what!” he vowed as he shouted. The plan is then set in motion to raise about 2 million yen to produce the film and show it to his grandmother.

|Volume 13 Spoilers.


Kazuya wants to make the film production a success at any cost, but reality is not so easy. Kazuya spends the night thinking of a plan for the crowdfunding project, but is told that it has been rejected. Kazuya and Chizuru talk over the balcony that night. They are enjoying their time alone together when their neighbor unexpectedly calls out to them, “Kazuya and Chizuru are talking about making out on the balcony. The two decide to refrain from talking on the balcony in the future. The neighbor is a girl named Mini Yaemori, Kazuya’s junior at university. Mini quickly becomes friendly with Kazuya. Since the balcony meeting was no longer possible, Chizuru went to Kazuya’s room. Then Ruka came over and the situation became like a shuraba. Kazuya, unable to make excuses, explains the situation to Ruka. Then, Ruka also said that she would participate in the film. After reworking the project, it finally passed the screening for crowdfunding. Kazuya and Chizuru are fired up to achieve their dream.

|Volume 14 Spoilers.


With the crowdfunding campaign underway, Kazuya next began his search for a scriptwriter. When Kazuya got stuck and went out to buy dinner, a girl named Only in the Next Room forcefully pulled him into her room. She had recorded Kazuya’s previous shuraku with Chizuru and Ruka. Kazuya, who was contemplative, told her about Lencano and what had happened so far, making Minami one of the few people who knew about Kazuya and Chizuru’s relationship. Minami is also moved by the amount of money Kazuya spent to borrow Lencano, and begins to call Kazuya “master”. The crafan seemed to be off to a good start, but the momentum gradually waned. However, Kazuya ran around frantically and was able to secure a scriptwriter and director for the time being. Minni is actually a cosplayer who goes by the name Koronemaru, and it turns out that she is strong in distribution and Internet culture. She was also an experienced crafan and gathered Kazuya, Chizuru, and Ruka to point out the problems. On her initiative, she decided to offer Chizuru’s personal belongings as a return gift. Meanwhile, Kazuya and Ruka distribute leaflets to raise the profile of the project. In the meantime, Minori tells Chizuru that Kazuya likes Chizuru.

|Volume 15 Spoilers.


Kazuya is depressed by Chizuru’s cold attitude toward him after Minni revealed Kazuya’s feelings to him without his permission. Kazuya did not understand why she was cold, so he asked Minni about it the next day, and she told him that Minni had told Chizuru about Kazuya’s feelings for her. Kazuya was worried that he had lost her trust, but he breathed a sigh of relief when he heard from Chizuru. According to Chizuru, Umi, a fellow actor and influencer of Chizuru’s, would RT the crowdfunding campaign on social networking sites on the last day of the campaign. Kazuya is pleased, but notices something strange about Chizuru. Chizuru had been invited by Umi to see a play. Chizuru says it is hard for her to refuse the invitation before asking him to cooperate with her. Kazuya does not really want her to go, but he sends her off to ensure the success of the Kurafan. Despite Umi’s attempts to get her to go, Chizuru’s feelings for Kazuya seem to be growing inside her. Thanks in part to Umi’s RT, the kurafan reaches its target amount. Summer vacation begins, and filming for the movie begins. Rukamo also decided to play the role of Chizuru’s junior. Witnessing Chizuru’s play, Kazuya begins to think again about his future.

|Volume 16 Spoilers.


Kazuya feels a bit self-conscious about Chizuru’s approach to his dream, and naturally avoids her. When Chizuru notices this and asks Kazuya about it, Kazuya reveals what is on his mind. In response to Kazuya’s timidity, Chizuru assures him that she has never regretted meeting Kazuya. Again, her words saved Kazuya’s life. The filming went smoothly, and only the last scene remained to be shot. The staff member they had asked for was unable to come, so Kazuya had to go instead. The last scene was to be shot overnight at a hot spring. In order to avoid an overnight stay shooting alone with Chizuru, Kazuya invites Minori and Ruka and the four of them head there. However, due to Minni’s plan to make herself sick, Kazuya and Chizuru end up going alone together. Chizuru pretends to be unconcerned in front of Kazuya, but when she is alone in the bathroom, she turns bright red up to her ears ……. She was also conscious of Kazuya. The two shoot the last scene under a star-filled sky. In the perfect location, Chizuru expresses her gratitude to Kazuya, and Kazuya cries tears of joy at being able to be of service to her. The day after the shooting, when they became keenly aware of their fondness for each other. At the station, Haruka, who had been tricked by Minori into not accompanying Kazuya, is seen. Feeling guilty towards Kazuya Haruka, he promises to do one thing she says.

|Volume 17 Spoilers.


Kazuya and Ruka go to the pool for a birthday date, which Ruka requests. They have a good time and Kazuya is not too full of it. As a birthday present, she asks for permission to call him “Kazuya” and to use the word “tame. She calls him “Kazuya,” and the two become a little closer. Chizuru reports to Yuriko that the filming of the movie has been successfully completed. Everyone’s spirits are rising for the film’s screening. However, just as they are about to go, Yuriko’s illness worsens. The dream of showing a movie starring Chizuru becomes unrealizable. Furthermore, Chizuru has told Yuriko a big lie. Chizuru has told Yuriko a big lie: she is in love with Kazuya. Kazuya asks Chizuru if he can continue with the lie. He asks her if she can continue with the lie, and then leaves the final decision to her, saying, “I want you to put Mizuhara’s feelings first. Then, Kazuya receives a LINE message on his phone. It was a message from the department manager. Kazuya clutches his phone tightly.

|Volume 18 Spoilers.


As Chizuru wonders whether she should reveal the lie to Yuriko, Kazuya, who had run out after receiving a call, returns. In his hand is a newly finished film. Yuriko and Chizuru, who is not sure if she is conscious, begin a private screening of the film in her hospital room. Chizuru has realized her dream of showing her as an actress, albeit in an imperfect form. But every minute Yuriko’s time is running out. Chizuru has a lie to hide, but she chooses not to tell the truth. Yuriko accepts her choice and tells her, “I don’t care which answer my lovely grandchild chooses. With her last bit of strength, Yuriko says, “Thank you for the wonderful movie. Thus, their dream comes to an end. The next morning, Chizuru behaves in a surprisingly sturdy manner. Kazuya feels helpless to see Chizuru in her perfect form. Then Sumi appears. Sumi invites Kazuya, who is troubled by the relationship between a “rental girlfriend and a client” and a “neighbor in an apartment building,” on a date. Sumi, who is not a good talker, was telling him how to cheer up someone who is down by his actions. Having been cheered up by his date with Sumi, Kazuya is determined that it is now his turn to cheer up. He plans a date with Chizuru to cheer her up.

|Volume 19 Spoilers.


Kazuya asks Chizuru out on a date, using all the money he borrowed from his part-time job. Chizuru, who had not seen him since the wake, put on a smile, but still seemed depressed. Kazuya spent the day trying to cheer her up, first taking Chizuru to her favorite movie theater. They held hands during the movie and shared their impressions of each other, which brought their hearts closer together. Realizing Kazuya’s feelings for her, Chizuru again thanked him for helping her with the movie. The two continued to enjoy bouldering and a sumptuous lunch. However, when they visited a park after dinner and lit sparklers, tears welled up in her eyes as memories of her late grandmother came rushing back to her. To her, who was really supposed to be sad but acted so stout-heartedly, Kazuya confessed, “My ideal girlfriend, you know,…… sometimes cries a little bit. Unable to hold back, Chizuru hugs Kazuya and starts to cry. Confused by Chizuru, who immediately stops crying and smiles, the two go home after their date. Contrary to Kazuya’s anguish, Chizuru monologues to the Buddhist altar where her grandmother’s picture is displayed, “Kazuya has many faults, but when I cried, the feeling of loneliness subsided.

|Volume 20 Spoilers.


The cinema is filled with applause as the special screening of the movie “Gunsei no Seiza” comes to an end. After the screening, Kazuya smiles when Chizuru tells him that she will continue acting. At the same time, Kibe introduces Asami to Kaz as an advisor for the site. Kazuya and Ruka go on a hot spring date, but he still has Chizuru in his mind. While Kazuya is thinking that he cannot go on like this, he receives a call from Chizuru. On the appointed Saturday, Kazuya is in high spirits, but Chizuru refunds him the renkano-fee, saying that he was unprofessional. Kazuya sees Chizuru in a weakened state and invites her out to dinner. Chizuru enters a family restaurant, drinks a glass of wine, and gets uncharacteristically drunk. She asks Kazuya if he likes me, and when they are alone, Kazuya tells her his feelings, but Chizuru hears them.

|Volume 21 Spoilers.


Kazuya, who is concerned about Kazu and Asami’s relationship, attends a party hosted by Umi, an actor, with Chizuru. Umi calls Kazuya over as he and Chizuru are enjoying a friendly meal. Asking about Kurafan, Umi asks him about the implications of “I don’t even like him. Kazuya is puzzled by the sudden question, but Chizuru’s face turns red when she hears it. Later, after returning home from the party, Kazuya tells Kazuya that he wants to break up with her and makes up his mind to confess his feelings to Chizuru. However, Asami finds out about their relationship, and he leaves the party after holding a meeting to discuss the matter. Kazuya tries again and again to confess his feelings for Asami, but he is not successful because Chizuru seems to be discouraged by his attempts. Chizuru has been in contact with Asami, and Asami is determined to save Chizuru by making Kazuya the bad guy.

|Volume 22 Spoilers.


Ruka, apprehensive about Kazuya’s confession, comes to the house to press him, and then Kazu appears, bumping into Chizuru. Kazu invites Ruka and Chizuru to a 3-day/2-night trip to Hawaiians. Chizuru knows she is not allowed to go, but she cannot refuse the invitation. Ruka tells Chizuru that she had sex with Kazuya and throws an empty bag of contraceptives at her. Chizuru is at a loss for what to do with the bag, but she is still feeling a sense of helplessness. On the day of the trip, Kibe and Kuribayashi show up as a surprise for Kazuya, who knows nothing about it. Kazuya is impatient to see Ruka and Kuribayashi again, but he forces the trip with a forced lie that Ruka and Chizuru have become friends. When he arrives at the resort, he finds Asami there. Relieved that Asami has not told Kaz about the rental girlfriend, Kazuya decides that he will definitely confess his feelings to her on this trip.

|Meet the main characters in Rent-A-Girlfriend.

The relationship between the attractive heroine and the main character is a major highlight of Kanokari. The main characters are introduced below, so please use this page to look back on them.

Kazuya Kinoshita

The main character is Kazuya Kinoshita, a male college student, who is 20 years old as of the first volume. He was dumped by his first girlfriend, Asami Nanami, after one month of dating, and to fill his loneliness, he uses a rental girlfriend service (renkano). There he meets Chizuru Mizuhara. She is indecisive and vain, but she is dynamic. Also, as the story progresses, he gradually grows and becomes a reliable man, reflecting on his own conduct and helping the heroine.

cv.Horie Shun

Kazuya, the main character of this work in the TV anime, is played by Shun Horie, a voice actor from Osaka, Japan. He won the Best New Actor Award at the 12th Seiyu Awards in 2018. He first starred as Koshiyama Shiki in “Nanamaru Sanbatsu” and has since gone on to play a number of main characters, making him one of the hottest voice actors in Japan.

Chizuru Mizuhara / Chizuru Ichinose

The main heroine of this work is Chizuru Mizuhara. Her age is 19 as of the first volume. She appears as the first “renkanoh” that Kazuya applies for. Her face and clothes are cute, of course, and her gestures and language are perfect, making her very popular on online renkano-rating sites. However, by nature, she has a headstrong and calculating personality. In her private life, she hides the fact that she is a Lencano from others and lives as a simple braided girl wearing glasses. Her real name is Chizuru Ichinose. She has no parents and is very grandmotherly. Influenced by her grandmother, who was an actress, she dreamed of becoming a movie actress. The reason why she works part-time is to raise money for an actress training school.

cv.Amamiya Sora

The main heroine, Chizuru, is played by Amamiya Ten, a singer as well as a voice actress. She has been remarkably active in both fields, winning the Best New Actress Award at the 9th Seiyu Awards and becoming the first voice actress to perform at the “Teletext Music Festival. Her representative roles include the role of Aqua in “Bless This Wonderful World! and the role of Aqua in “Bless This Wonderful World!

Nanami Mami

Asami Nanami is Kazuya’s classmate and ex-girlfriend with a bob haircut. She usually acts cheerful, but has a black-hearted side. When she is alone, she posts negative things on social networking sites. She witnessed Kazuya break up with her and immediately start dating Chizuru, and out of her frustration and obsession, she begins to sabotage Kazuya’s love life. He goes to the other heroines in person to sarcastically complain about them, and even barges into Kazuya’s home, showing a frightening degree of energy.

cv.Yuki Aoi

Kazuya’s black-hearted ex-girlfriend, Asami, is played by voice actress Aoi Yuki, who belongs to Music Rain. She has a long artistic career, having previously performed as a child actress, and was the youngest actress ever to win the Best Actress Award at the 6th Seiyu Award, at the age of 19. Some of Yuuki’s best-known roles include playing Madoka Kaname in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Sarashi Naruka

Sarashi Naruka is a beautiful girl with short hair who appeared as the girlfriend of Kazuya’s friend. In reality, she was not his friend’s girlfriend, and Ruka was also a renkano. Due to a chronic heart condition, she feels that she has not been able to experience her heart pounding, so she started working part-time as a lenkano in search of a nice pounding. She develops a serious crush on Kazuya. For better or for worse, she is a straight shooter, and she is not afraid to tell others about her personality, whether it is a bad word or a confession of love, without hiding her feelings. She is the heroine who approaches Kazuya most aggressively and is Kazuya’s trial dating partner.

cv.Touyama Nao

Reckless and Kazuya’s favorite, Naruka is played by Nao Higashiyama, a popular voice actress who has played many main characters. She is characterized by her high feminine voice and her range, and had the acting ability to become any character. One of her best-known roles is that of Yui Yuigahama in “Yatte Ore no Seishun Love Comedy ha Mawatte ga Mukatta desu. Her representative roles include the role of Yui Yuigahama in “After All, My Youth Love Comedy is Wrong.

Sakurasawa Sumi

SUMI SAKURASAWA is a Lencano who belongs to the same office as Chizuru and has cherry-colored hair. She is extremely shy and applies for a part-time job as a lencano in order to overcome her communication difficulties. However, she was unable to overcome her shyness because she was so bad at conversing and had stage fright. As a result, he ends up going on a practice date with Kazuya through the introduction of Chizuru, a senior student at Lencano. Through the experience of having Kazuya protect her from delinquents and escort her around, she begins to develop a romantic interest in him. However, being introverted, she has not been able to express her feelings to Kazuya either.

cv.Takahashi Rie

The shy Sumi is played by Riyo Takahashi, a voice actress affiliated with 81 Produce. She is a member and leader of the voice actress unit “Earphones. In the past, she has won many awards, including the Seiyu Award for Best New Actress and the Aniraji Award for Best Female Radio and Newcomer. Her representative roles include Megumin in “Bless This Wonderful World! and Megumin in “Bless This Wonderful World!

Yaemori Mini

Yaemori Mini) is a freshman at Nerima University, where Chizuru and Kazuya attend, and moved to Royal Hills Nerima about two weeks before they started crowdfunding. Minami is a very modern girl who works as a cosplayer and advises Kazuya on his crowdfunding project. She is also one of the few people who knows the true relationship between Chizuru and Kazuya. After hearing about the amount of money Kazuya spent on Chizuru, she calls him her mentor and is taking action to help Kazuya be happy with Chizuru.

Keep an eye on the future of Rent-A-Girlfriend! What will happen to the heroines’ feelings?

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