[SPY×FAMILY] Sylvia Sherwood is a WISE administrator! What is the scene of her appearance?


SPY x FAMILY” is a hit manga, and the animated version, which has started on TV and video distribution, seems to be a hit just like the manga. Although most people tend to focus on Lloyd Yol Anya, the main character in “SPY x FAMILY,” Sylvia Sherwood, the administrator of WISE, also seems to be rapidly gaining popularity. We will be looking at Sylvia Sherwood’s work as a WISE administrator and her mysterious past.

|Sylvia Sherwood is the WISE superintendent.

SPY x FAMILY Productions

The manga has been a huge hit, and rumors of an anime adaptation of “SPY×FAMILY” have been circulating since April 2022 on TV and video distribution, and it seems to be so popular that it is trending on Twitter The OP is a stylish, fast-paced tune by Official Hige dandism The ED is a gentle tune by Minamoto Hoshino, and it seems to invite viewers into the world of “SPY x FAMILY” by creating a happy atmosphere of Lloyd, Yol, and Anya despite their fake family.

SPY x FAMILY Overview

The manga “SPY x FAMILY”, written by Tatsuya Endo, is not in print format, but has been serialized since March 25, 2019 on Shonen Jump+ (Plus), a website distributed by Shueisha, and the first bundled edition with goods was released in volume 8 of “SPY x FAMILY” and was very popular! . SPY x FAMILY,” which is serialized on the Internet, where people react directly to how good or bad things are, received high praise immediately and seems to have become the biggest hit manga on “Shonen Jump+”.

SPY x FAMILY Synopsis

Twilight, a talented spy, is forced to create a pseudo-family in order to find out the movements of a major politician in a hostile country. Twilight becomes a psychiatrist named Lloyd, adopts an orphaned girl named Anya, and successfully marries Yol, a civil servant, as Anya’s mother. The ordinary Yol, like Lloyd, has another face: she is an assassin for a living, using her civil service job as a cover. Anya’s mind-reading ability allows her to know the true nature of the two, but the three of them play the role of a pseudo-family for their mutual benefit.

Profile of Sylvia Sherwood

Recent spy movies seem to be pursuing reality even though they are fiction. SPY x FAMILY” is a spy movie, but it seems to be a fiction with a comedic touch. However, “SPY x FAMILY” seems to be set against the backdrop of the Cold War between the fictional countries of Ostania in the East and Westeros in the West, reminiscent of the Cold War that lasted from 1947 to 1991.

Sylvia Sherwood, with long hair and a wide-brimmed hat, appears as an administrative officer (handler) of WISE, an intelligence agency similar to MI6 in the original spy movie “007,” and gives numerous orders to her direct subordinate, Twilight, while her ostensible title is a diplomat at the embassy of a country to the East. He is a diplomat at the embassy of a western country in the East.

|Sylvia Sherwood’s Appearances

Scene 1: Meeting with Lloyd

In order to carry out a secret mission operation (Strix) to find out the movements of Desmond, a major politician in the East, to enroll an adopted child in a prestigious school where Desmond’s son attends, Twilight is forced to create a pseudo-family in a hurry. After successfully completing Phase 1 with the adopted child, Anya, passing the entrance exam, Twilight is summoned by WISE’s administrator, Sylvia Sherwood, for a meeting to discuss Phase 2.

It seems that the Phase 2 operation requires the parents of academically talented and socially contributing students to attend a social gathering that they can attend. Naturally, since Desmond is also attending, Twilight assures Sylvia Sherwood that she will raise Anya to be an academically excellent and socially contributing student in a short period of time. Sylvia Sherwood, being a WISE administrator, seems to have instantly recognized Twilight’s concern about Anya’s poor performance.

Scene 2: Obtaining information from a student group member

Sylvia Sherwood seems to have obtained information that the Foreign Minister of the West, who is attending a ministerial meeting in the East, is to be assassinated by a group of students from the East. By chance, WISE captures a member of the student group who is planning to assassinate the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the West. In order to get the details of the assassination plan, Sylvia Sherwood seems to have succeeded in using Twilight, who was disguised as the leader of the student group, to get the details of the assassination plan.

Sylvia Sherwood is often thought of as only appearing in Twilight when she is on a mission, but in this episode of Assassination Plot, we seem to get a glimpse of Sylvia Sherwood’s masterful hand as a WISE administrator.

Scene 3: Anger at a student group’s comments teach the tragedy of war.

It seems that the student group captured by WISE has planned to assassinate the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the West in hopes of starting another East-West war. Sylvia Sherwood, angered by the selfishness and actions of the peaceful student group, begins to talk to them about the horrors of war. The content of the story is not something she has seen or heard, but feels like her own personal experience.

Appearance scene 4: Forger family dog allowed

Anya seems to have been instrumental in stopping the bombing, along with a large white dog that was an experimental animal and was about to be used in the bombing. The highly intelligent dog was supposed to be taken back to the West after the bombing, but Sylvia Sherwood apparently agreed to Anya’s wish to have the dog as a pet.

This scene seems to reveal the human side of Sylvia Sherwood, who seems to put duty first. The large white dog that joins the Forger family seems to have been named Bond by Anya.

Scene 5: Twilight and Night Mail Assignment to Two

Twilight seems to be on a mission to find out what Desmond is up to, as well as other assignments. Sylvia Sherwood seems to have ordered Twilight and Night Mail to retrieve the Lady of the Sun in order to obtain the Zacharis documents. Y, who is Twilight’s junior, may have been paired with Twilight on this mission by Sylvia Sherwood because Twilight, who is highly respected as an astute spy, had taught her the ropes of espionage.

Under Twilight’s tutelage, Yaga has grown into an excellent spy, but he seems to be shunned by those around him for not showing any emotion at all. She is in love with Twilight like a heroine in a girl’s manga, and seems to be fiercely convinced that she is the one who should become Twilight’s wife. Sylvia Sherwood would never dream that the promising young night mail thinks that way.

Scene 6: Watching over Lloyd’s infiltration

Twilight struggled with the unusual task of playing the role of a pseudo-family member, but she was able to enroll Anya in a prestigious school attended by Desmond’s son and obtain valuable information. Twilight, who was making good progress with her mission, approached Sylvia Sherwood for a support staff position, but was rejected.

It is not that WISE does not have the budget to deploy support personnel, but that Sylvia Sherwood thought that the support of an ordinary spy would alert the enemy and frustrate the mission. Sylvia Sherwood, who understands Twilight’s abilities as a spy better than anyone else, seems to have taken a trusting and watchful attitude toward Twilight.

Scene 7: Granting a vacation

In Japan these days, there are calls for reforms in the way people work. However, it is difficult to take a long vacation such as a trip with pay. Twilight, being a typical workaholic, did not seem to have anything to do with vacations, but one day Anya won a first-class trip on a luxury cruise ship in a lottery, and it seemed that she had to apply for a vacation to Sylvia Sherwood, which was a rarity.

Sylvia Sherwood was not averse to the idea, and agreed to take a vacation with Twilight. On the luxury cruise ship trip that Sylvia Sherwood has already agreed to, Yol is on board as a cover for her work as a government employee, so she is separated from Twilight and Anya, and it seems that unexpected happenings are about to take place.

|Sylvia Sherwood’s character and daughter.

Sylvia Sherwood’s personality

(Sylvia Sherwood, a.k.a. “Full Metal Lady,” is a WISE supervisor who seems to be leading a hundred of the best spies in the world to success in their numerous missions. At first glance, Sylvia Sherwood’s appearance may seem difficult to approach, as she is a cool beauty worthy of the Lady of Steel.

From the meaningful statements that Sylvia Sherwood makes, one might think that she, like Twilight, has experienced the East-West War. That is why she is working hard to maintain true peace in a world under the Cold War. Twilight, who holds the same beliefs as Sylvia Sherwood, may feel for Sylvia Sherwood as a comrade rather than as a superior.

Did Sylvia Sherwood have a daughter the same age as Anya?

In “SPY x FAMILY,” which is full of laughter, tears, and finally, relief, Lloyd Yol Anya seems to have a painful past, although the characters’ pasts are only softly described. And Sylvia Sherwood, a WISE administrator who is apparently not related to the family, seems to have a daughter the same age as Anya.

Sylvia Sherwood doesn’t say much, so at this point we don’t know if Sylvia Sherwood’s daughter is alive or dead. Therefore, there are many speculations that Sylvia Sherwood’s daughter has already died in the great war that broke out between the East and the West, or that she left her daughter back home.

|Sylvia Sherwood’s Animated Voice Actor

Profile of Yuko Kaita

As a junior high school student, Yuko Kaita was a member of the soft tennis club, but was asked to join the drama club by a friend who was a member of a drama club that had few members. After receiving praise from her teachers for her plays at school festivals and other events, she began to enjoy acting, and after graduating from high school she enrolled in the voice actor vocal course at Tokyo Media Academy, a vocational school (now the voice actor training course at Tokyo Seiyu and International Academy).

Her debut came while still in school, when she dubbed a single line of dialogue for the foreign drama “You’re the Scenario Writer! a foreign drama series. He was accepted by Ken Productions at an audition before graduation, and during his training period, he got his first regular role in the animated TV series “Gene Shaft”. Yuko Kaita, who was accepted by Ken Productions after her training period, is still actively working for Ken Productions and won the Foreign Film and Drama Award at the 13th Voice Actor Awards.

Yuko Kaita’s main films and the characters she has played

Yuko Kaita’s wide range of activities in animation, video games, and dubbing for foreign films and foreign dramas seems to be mainly dubbing for foreign films, at her own request. Her first main character dubbing movie was “Pretty Princess,” in which she played the role of Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, and she also played Mia in the sequel “Pretty Princess 2. After that, he seems to have dubbed Anne Hathaway in major films such as “Brokeback Mountain” and “Ocean’s 8”.

She dubbed Diana, played by Gal Gadot, in the CD movies “Wonder Woman” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” and it seems she also dubbed Lynette, played by Gal Gadot, in the movie “The Nile Murders,” based on the Agatha Christie novel. In anime, she seems to have played Tsukiyo in “Gintama”, Marida Cruz in “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, Isabella in “The Promised Neverland”, Colette in the Disney movie “Remy’s Delicious Restaurant”, etc.

|Comments and Ratings on Sylvia Sherwood

Some of you may want to know how Sylvia Sherwood, who is not a main character and therefore not in the show, rose to the position of WISE administrator. With the release of the SPY x FAMILY fan book, we may find out more about Sylvia Sherwood’s past.

Yuko Kaita, whose mysterious + cool-beauty character like Tsukiaki in “Gintama” is very impressive, has taken on the role of Sylvia Sherwood, which will add even more depth to the character than in the original story, even though she does not appear in the film much.

It seems that Academy Award-winning actress Judi Dench played Bond’s fourth boss, M, in the original 007 spy movies, which are still popular around the world. The cool but sometimes apparent trust between Bond and M, and the relationship between Twilight and Sylvia Sherwood may have something in common.

|Sylvia Sherwood Summary

President Kennedy is said to have said, “A spy’s success will never be known, but if he fails, the whole world will know about it at once. Twilight’s boss, Sylvia Sherwood, aka Lloyd, a WISE administrator, could be described as a manly woman who unites a group of strong spies in such a ruthless world, fighting a quiet battle for peace under the surface.

Since a work that has become a hit in manga and then in anime is always followed by a spin-off work, “SPY x FAMILY,” which has been on the hit road following “Blade of Demon” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” may possibly be followed by a spin-off novel with Sylvia Sherwood as the main character. Perhaps a spin-off novel featuring Sylvia Sherwood may be in the works.

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