Delicious in Dungeon: Unraveling Sissel’s Mysteries


Is Sissel from “Delicious in Dungeon” dead? We’ll dive into the details. Sissel is a magician elf who once served King Delgal of the Golden Kingdom in the popular sci-fi fantasy manga “Delicious in Dungeon”. He was a loyal retainer who worked diligently for Delgal and his citizens. In this article, we explore whether the frenzied magician Sissel ultimately died and what happened after the winged lion consumed his desires—spoilers ahead.

Who is Sissel in “Delicious in Dungeon”?

In “Delicious in Dungeon”, Sissel is a character who appears as an adversary opposing the protagonist, Laios, and his party. He was once a trusted subordinate of King Delgal of the Golden Kingdom and served him for a long time. When Sissel appears in “Delicious in Dungeon”, he is feared as the maddened magician, leading to a confrontation with Laios. We will delve into whether this master of the dungeon, known as the maddened magician, ultimately dies, with detailed spoilers to follow.

Overview of “Delicious in Dungeon”

Before diving into the details about what happened to Sissel, the maddened magician who had his desires eaten by the winged lion, and whether he died in the end, let’s summarize the background of “Delicious in Dungeon”. This sci-fi fantasy manga by Ryoko Kui was serialized in KADOKAWA’s “Harta” magazine from 2014 to 2023.

“Delicious in Dungeon” is Ryoko Kui’s first long-term serialization, comprising 97 chapters and published in 14 volumes. While incorporating classic fantasy settings, this manga features an unusual twist where conventional monsters like slimes and mimics are cooked and eaten, which garnered significant attention. “Delicious in Dungeon” won several prestigious manga awards, including the 2015 Comic Natalie Grand Prize and the 2016 “Kono Manga ga Sugoi!” for men.

As of December 2023, the cumulative number of volumes printed has surpassed 10 million. In 2023, it was announced that the series would be adapted into a TV anime, which started broadcasting in January 2024 on TOKYO MX and other stations.

Synopsis of “Delicious in Dungeon”

On a certain island, a cemetery leads to a massive dungeon from which a man emerges claiming to be the “King of the Golden Kingdom”. He declares that whoever defeats the maddened magician will receive everything and then disappears. Following this, the town becomes overrun with adventurers eager to challenge the dungeon. Laios, the protagonist, is one of these adventurers. During one of his explorations deep within the dungeon, Laios loses his sister. To rescue her as quickly as possible, Laios decides to progress through his adventure by eating the monsters he encounters.

Profile of Sissel

Let me introduce you to Sissel, the maddened magician featured in “Delicious in Dungeon.” Sissel is an elf character in the series, notable for his tan skin, silver hair, and diminutive stature. Elves in “Delicious in Dungeon” are known as a long-lived species proficient in magic and often considered beautiful by human standards. Sissel is a character who possesses great magical abilities and has a youthful, androgynous appearance.

Originally, Sissel served as a retainer to King Delgal of the Golden Kingdom in “Delicious in Dungeon.” As a magician serving the king, he devoted himself to the royal family and the citizens, and he was known for his caring nature. However, after making a pact with a demon sealed within the Golden Kingdom, Sissel became the master of the labyrinth and was feared as the maddened magician.

Did Sissel from “Delicious in Dungeon” Die in the End After His Desires Were Eaten?

Spoiler #1: The Battle with Laios

Did Sissel, the maddened magician from “Delicious in Dungeon,” ultimately die? We will reveal the details of his fate. First, let’s delve into the details of the battle between Sissel and Laios in the story. Laios, adventuring deep in the dungeon to save his sister Falin, who was eaten by a Red Dragon, and his companions progress by using monsters as food.

After finding the Red Dragon, Laios and his group manage to defeat it after a fierce battle. Since Falin’s body was almost completely digested, the wizard Marcille used black magic to revive her. However, using the flesh and blood of the Red Dragon angered Sissel, the maddened magician.

As a result, Laios and his companions had to defeat Sissel to save Falin. They discover Sissel’s hideout and engage him in battle. Sissel transforms the kitchen into a massive battlefield and summons various dragons with magic to corner Laios and his group. All of Laios’s companions are quickly overwhelmed by the dragons.

Although Laios is also cornered by multiple dragons, his deep understanding of monster ecology allows him to exploit Sissel’s weakness and neutralize him. After defeating Sissel and taking the book that sealed the Winged Lion, Laios tries to resolve the issue through dialogue.

Spoiler #2: Laios’s Misunderstood Words

After the battle, Laios recalls the people of the Golden Kingdom he once met and tries to persuade Sissel. The people of the Golden Kingdom were cursed by Sissel’s magic, trapped in the dungeon unable to die, living for over a thousand years without the need for food. Laios tells Sissel that the people are “tired of this unnatural life, with no need to eat or sleep.”

Laios spoke out of a desire to free the people of the Golden Kingdom from the magic, but Sissel misunderstands and thinks “making it so they never have to worry about food” would solve the problem. Sissel casts a spell on Laios that forces him to ingest food constantly. Sissel, not realizing his mistake, is pleased with his ‘perfect solution,’ but Laios’s true intentions were not conveyed.

Spoiler #3: Sissel Eaten by the Winged Lion

After the battle with Laios, we reveal what happened to Sissel. Although temporarily neutralized, Sissel is freed after Laios’s failed attempt at persuasion. Sissel retrieves the book that sealed the Winged Lion, but the Winged Lion exploits an opportunity and consumes his desires. The demon Winged Lion, which feasts on human desires, had been eyeing Sissel’s amplified desires.

The Winged Lion gradually consumes Sissel’s desires, causing him to lose even the basic physiological needs necessary for life. Thus, Sissel becomes increasingly lethargic and unable to resist. Before succumbing completely to the Winged Lion, Sissel revives Marcille nearby to stop the creature.

Spoiler #4: Sissel Does Not Die But Becomes a Living Shell

Does Sissel, the maddened magician from “Delicious in Dungeon,” ultimately die after his desires are eaten by the Winged Lion? To conclude, Sissel does not die. After having his millennium’s worth of desires eaten, Sissel becomes like a living shell. Being eaten by the Winged Lion doesn’t directly cause death, but losing all desires means losing the will to live as well.

Sissel, reduced to a shell-like state, is cared for by Yador, a descendant of King Delgal from the Golden Kingdom. At this time, Yador notes that Sissel, who continues to sleep and refuses to eat, would eventually die. Sissel remains in this state until Laios defeats the Winged Lion. With the people of the Golden Kingdom calling Laios “King,” Sissel wakes up hearing the term “King” and mistakes Yador for King Delgal. Despite Yador’s attempts to feed him, Sissel gently says, “I need nothing more,” and is believed to have died by his side.

The Abilities, Strength, and Personality of Sissel in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Sissel’s Abilities and Strength as the Maddened Magician

Let’s reveal the abilities and personality of Sissel, the maddened magician in “Delicious in Dungeon”. Originally, Sissel served as a jester for Delgal’s father, Frinag. Initially a jester, Sissel was recognized by Delgal for his magical talents and became a court magician. During his service to King Delgal in the Golden Kingdom, Sissel displayed exceptional magical skills and eventually became known as one of the strongest magicians in the story, earning the title of the maddened magician.

Sissel employs ancient and dark magic, allowing him to manipulate space at will. Additionally, having made a pact with the demon Winged Lion and becoming the master of the labyrinth, he can use vast amounts of magical power. As a result, Sissel is known as the maddened magician, capable of altering the dungeon’s layout and creating powerful monsters, boasting top-tier strength within the narrative.

Sissel’s Innocent Expression and Personality

In “Delicious in Dungeon”, Sissel appears as a formidable enemy character, the maddened magician. Although he was a terrifying foe to Laios and his companions, he was originally a kind-hearted person who cared deeply for his friends. To those he trusted, he would show an innocent smile, and he was not inherently a fearsome magician. However, after making a pact with the demon, his psyche gradually eroded, leading him to become more exclusionary and suspicious in nature.

Sissel’s Purpose and Achievements in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Sissel’s Objectives

We will reveal the objectives and actions of Sissel in “Delicious in Dungeon.” First, let’s discuss Sissel’s intentions in the story. Over a thousand years ago, serving King Delgal of the Golden Kingdom, Sissel transformed the entire territory of the kingdom into a dungeon to ensure the safety of Delgal and the citizens. He released monsters within the dungeon and set traps, all to protect the Golden Kingdom from enemies.

Sissel’s ultimate goal was always to protect the people of the Golden Kingdom. In his efforts to eliminate threats, he transformed the dungeon environment into a harsh realm, earning his title as the maddened magician. Initially, Sissel merely wanted to protect his companions by keeping enemies at bay, but gradually he became indiscriminate in his methods. To ensure the safety of the people, he cast a “spell of death prohibition” on humanoid beings within the dungeon.

This spell prevented souls from leaving their bodies even after death. Additionally, to find Delgal who had escaped to the surface, Sissel used various monsters as familiars to search for him. Reuniting with Delgal was also one of Sissel’s major goals.

Sissel’s Past and Relationship with Delgal as the Dungeon’s Master

Sissel, who appears in “Delicious in Dungeon” as the master of the labyrinth and the maddened magician, ultimately became akin to a shell of his former self. We will delve into how Sissel became the dungeon’s master and his past. Originally, Sissel served under Delgal’s father, Frinag. During Frinag’s reign, having elves as servants was considered a status symbol, so Frinag also took in an elf servant.

Frinag was surprised to see that Sissel was still a child, but he grew fond of him as he worked diligently as a jester. After Frinag’s son, Delgal, was born, Delgal and Sissel lived closely like brothers. When Delgal grew up, Frinag was poisoned by enemies.

Witnessing his father’s death made Delgal fear for his own life. To protect Delgal, Sissel exerted his power as a court magician. However, as natural disasters and invaders continued to threaten the kingdom, Sissel eventually summoned a sealed demon. After making a pact with the demon, Sissel gained immense magical power and slowly succumbed to madness.

In his efforts to protect Delgal and others, Sissel’s actions became increasingly extreme. He began to ruthlessly eliminate any disruptive elements, acting like a dictator. This led to resistance among the citizens, and eventually, even Delgal’s sons opposed him. Sissel severed their bodies and souls, confining them within his hideout, preventing them from leaving the Golden Kingdom for the surface.

Did Sissel Turn Falin into a Follower?

In “Delicious in Dungeon,” Sissel was searching for the missing Delgal. He used various monsters as familiars, known as “the magician’s eyes.” The Red Dragon that ate Falin was one of the monsters Sissel manipulated to find Delgal. When reviving Falin, the use of the Red Dragon’s flesh caused her soul to merge with the dragon’s.

As a result, Falin was turned into Sissel’s follower, unable to disobey his commands. Sissel transformed half of Falin’s body into a dragon and ordered her to search for Delgal. Laios and his companions had to defeat the maddened magician, Sissel, to save Falin.

Voice Actor for Sissel in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Profile of Yu Kobayashi

In the anime “Delicious in Dungeon,” the voice of Sissel, the maddened magician, is provided by Yu Kobayashi. Born on February 5, 1982, in Tokyo, Yu Kobayashi is a female voice actress who is also active as a singer and has a background as a former model. She is affiliated with Holy Peak.

Major Works and Characters Voiced by Yu Kobayashi

Here are some other works and characters voiced by Yu Kobayashi, who provided the voice for Sissel in “Delicious in Dungeon.” Her roles include Dandoh Aoba in “DAN DOH!!,” Ayame Sarutobi in “Gintama,” Kanon in “Umineko When They Cry,” Inumaru in “Inumaru Dashi,” Sasha Blouse in “Attack on Titan,” Suu in “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou,” and Noi in “Dorohedoro.”

Summary of Sissel’s Death in “Delicious in Dungeon”

Here, we reveal spoiler information about the death of Sissel in “Delicious in Dungeon.” In the story, Sissel, known as the maddened magician, has his desires eaten by the Winged Lion after battling Laios and eventually becomes like a shell of his former self. While Sissel is not dead at this point, it is anticipated from his interactions with Yador that he may soon pass away.

In “Delicious in Dungeon,” Sissel is portrayed as a fearsome master of the labyrinth, but he was once a kind-hearted magician who served Delgal. We also revealed spoilers about Sissel’s past and objectives. Be sure to check out “Delicious in Dungeon” to see Sissel’s actions and his final episodes.

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