Haruka Sakura in WIND BREAKER: The Protagonist with Heterochromia! His Personality, Strength, and Famous Quotes


In December 2021, the cumulative number of copies sold of “WIND BREAKER,” a delinquent manga by Nii Satoru, surpassed 650,000. This article provides a detailed introduction to the protagonist, Haruka Sakura, who possesses heterochromic eyes and has gained popularity for his strong and cool demeanor in fights. We will delve into Sakura’s strengths, personality, charm, and his notable quotes. Additionally, we will explore his relationships with other characters.

Who is Haruka Sakura? Including His Strengths

WIND BREAKER Series Information

Before diving into the details about Haruka Sakura, the protagonist of “WIND BREAKER,” let’s briefly introduce the manga itself, affectionately known as “Winbre.”

  • Author: Nii Satoru
  • Genre: Delinquent Youth Manga
  • Publication Site: Magazine Pocket
  • Publication Period: From January 2021
Overview of WIND BREAKER (Winbre)

Known affectionately as Winbre, WIND BREAKER is a delinquent youth manga by Nii Satoru that has been serialized on the webcomic distribution site Magazine Pocket since January 2021. By December 2021, it had surpassed 650,000 copies in circulation. In November 2021, a promotional video was released, further boosting its popularity. The manga has garnered a strong fanbase that eagerly anticipates its adaptation into an anime.

Synopsis of WIND BREAKER (Winbre)

Winbre, or WIND BREAKER, centers around Haruka Sakura, who aims to reach the top at Kazebana High School, known for its strongest fighters. Full of ambition upon his enrollment, Sakura soon discovers that Kazebana High School diverges from his preconceived notions of a delinquent school; it is more akin to a band of heroes protecting the town and its people. The story follows Sakura as he finds comrades and pursues the pinnacle at Kazebana High School.

Profile of Haruka Sakura

Haruka Sakura, the protagonist of WIND BREAKER, is a first-year male high school student attending Kazebana High School, known for its delinquent reputation. Born on April 1, he stands at 169 cm tall and weighs 59 kg. To join Kazebana High School, he specifically moved to Mako Town from another town.

Sakura has heterochromic eyes and hair, which give him a distinctive appearance that has often led to prejudice from others. For instance, he was once suspected of stealing simply for picking up a lost wallet. His unique appearance has frequently subjected him to biases, driving him to aim for the top of the notorious high school to prove himself.

Haruka Sakura’s Strength

The main character of WIND BREAKER, Haruka Sakura, is not only strong in fights but also possesses a robust sense of justice. He detests dishonesty and is always ready to help those in need, making his compassionate and fair nature one of his most appealing traits. His strong convictions and determination not to lose are also widely admired.

Furthermore, Sakura’s prowess in fights is well-recognized even among the formidable crowd at Kazebana High School, known for its strong fighters. His combat style takes full advantage of his flexibility, skillfully dodging attacks while engaging in fights. He is known for performing backflips during fights to evade strikes, showcasing his exceptional physical abilities.

Introducing the Cool Appeal of Haruka Sakura: Personality & Famous Quotes

Cool Appeal #1: Heterochromatic Eyes and Hair

One of Haruka Sakura’s cool features is his “heterochromatic eyes and hair.” Haruka has different colors for each side of his hair and eyes, which, while it has sometimes led to him being shunned, has also gained him great popularity for its uniqueness and cool factor.

His hair is black on the right side and white on the left. Similarly, his eyes are black on the right and yellow on the left. These traits are natural, not the result of dyeing his hair or wearing colored contacts, and have been a source of prejudice since his childhood.

Cool Appeal #2: Dislikes the Weak

Another cool aspect of Haruka Sakura is his clear-cut personality— he likes the strong and dislikes the weak. He does not initiate fights with those weaker than himself and despises those who bully the weak.

Moreover, Sakura dislikes those who are weak yet mistakenly believe they are strong. His style of fighting—standing up to the strong and protecting the weak—has earned him considerable admiration. This trait is one of the reasons he is so popular.

Cool Appeal #3: He’s Also Shy

Haruka Sakura’s third cool trait is his “shyness.” While he aims to reach the top of Kazebana High School, it’s not out of a love for fighting or a desire to be violent, but perhaps to gain acknowledgment through strength.

Furthermore, while Sakura cannot ignore those in trouble and often steps in to help, his inability to straightforwardly accept thanks or gratitude, often responding with a tsundere attitude, adds to his charm.

Cool Appeal #4: Famous Quotes and Lines

Haruka Sakura’s fourth cool feature is his “famous quotes and lines.” WIND BREAKER is full of charismatic characters who deliver memorable lines, adding to its appeal. Among these, Haruka has his own set of popular quotes, the most famous being: “Indeed, as you say, freedom is only given to those with power. Without power… you can’t assert yourself.”

This quote was delivered during a one-on-one fight with Togame, after Togame accused him of being arrogant only because he was part of a strong group. Sakura retorted that unlike Togame, who loses sight of himself, he maintains his convictions even among the strong. This profound statement has made it one of his most supported and coolest quotes.

Haruka Sakura’s Relationships with Other Characters

Haruka Sakura and Kotoha Tachibana

The first relationship we’ll explore is between Haruka Sakura and Kotoha Tachibana. Kotoha, a 16-year-old girl, works at the Potus Café in Mako Town. She’s known for her bright and strong-willed personality, speaking her mind honestly no matter who she’s dealing with.

Kotoha was raised in an orphanage, where she formed a sibling-like bond with Hajime Umemiya, a fellow resident. Haruka first met her when he saved her from trouble in the shopping district. Kotoha’s straightforward and radiant personality has often been a beacon for Haruka, offering him a kind of sisterly support.

Haruka Sakura and Akihiko Nirei

The second key relationship is with Akihiko Nirei, a classmate of Haruka’s at Kazebana High School and also a first-year student. Akihiko is serious, just, and cheerful but also has a timid side and is not strong in fights.

Admiring the strong, Akihiko collects data on people he respects, serving more as a strategist than a fighter by providing vital information to his peers. After Haruka saved him from bullies on their first day at school, Akihiko has looked up to him, making Haruka his first friend at Kazebana High School.

Haruka Sakura and Hajime Umemiya

The third relationship is with Hajime Umemiya, a third-year student and the top figure at Kazebana High School. Hajime is an incredibly strong fighter with a deep sense of justice, yet he cultivates vegetables on the school roof and has a gentle, mild-mannered nature that belies his position.

Although Hajime doesn’t fit the typical image of a school leader, his unassuming strength and protective nature have made him a revered figure at school. He has taken a particular interest in Haruka from the beginning, seeing the strength and kindness in him, and has cared for him like a younger brother.

Haruka Sakura and Kyotaro Sugishita

The fourth relationship is with Kyotaro Sugishita, another first-year at Kazebana High School and one of Haruka’s classmates. Known for his exceptional fighting ability since middle school, Kyotaro was the only middle schooler allowed to call himself a member of the “Bowfūrin.”

Worshipping the school’s leader, Hajime Umemiya, Kyotaro initially had a poor opinion of Haruka, who declared his intention to reach the top. Over time, however, he has come to respect Haruka’s strength, developing a rivalry that is almost like that of sworn enemies.

Haruka Sakura and Jugo Togame

Lastly, the relationship between Haruka Sakura and Jugo Togame, the vice-leader of the Shishigashira Ren, a group that believes in the absolute power of strength. Jugo, who speaks in a relaxed manner, is unexpectedly one of the strongest fighters in the group, showing no mercy even to his comrades if they show weakness.

Although socially awkward and often solitary, Jugo, who was accepted and valued by Tomiyama, places absolute trust in him, willing to go through mud for him. Haruka and Jugo’s direct confrontation in a one-on-one fight led Jugo to face his past and ultimately reconsider his ways, marking a significant turning point in his life.

The Voice Actor of Haruka Sakura in the PV

Profile of Yuma Uchida

In the PV for WIND BREAKER, the character of Haruka Sakura is portrayed by Yuma Uchida. Born on September 21, 1992, in Tokyo, Yuma Uchida is a voice actor and singer affiliated with I’m Enterprise. He made his voice acting debut in 2012 with “HolyKnight” and is affectionately known as “Yuumataso.”

Uchida made his TV anime regular debut in 2014 as Kousaka Yuuma in “Gundam Build Fighters Try.” He won the Best New Actor Award at the Seiyu Awards in 2017 and the Best Actor in a Leading Role Award in 2019, establishing himself as a popular voice actor renowned for his acting skills.

Major Roles Played by Yuma Uchida

  • Gundam Build Fighters Try: Yuuma Kousaka
  • The Asterisk War: Eishirou Yabuki
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Ein Dalton
  • Ace of Diamond: Koumura Mitsufune
  • Macross Δ: Hayate Immelmann
  • Yowamushi Pedal: Arakita Yasutomo
  • THE iDOLM@STER SideM: Kaoru Sakuraba
  • Sanrio Boys: Seiichiro Minamoto
  • Tokyo Ghoul:re: Not Known Ginshi
  • Fruits Basket: Kyou Sohma
  • Given: Ritsuka Uenoyama
  • Ahiru no Sora: Momoharu Hanazono
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: Megumi Fushiguro

Summary of Haruka Sakura

WIND BREAKER, a popular delinquent manga, is celebrated for its story of strong and kind delinquents, garnering acclaim for being cool, moving, and entertaining, with many fans hoping for an anime adaptation. If you’ve become interested in WIND BREAKER through the charms of its protagonist, Haruka Sakura, why not give WIND BREAKER a try?

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