Solo Leveling – Choi Jong in, Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon and an S-Rank Hunter! What About His Strength and Voice Actor?


Choi Jong in is an S-Rank Hunter, also known as humanity’s ultimate weapon, in “Solo Leveling.” He is the master of a Hunter’s Guild that uniquely boasts two S-Rank members and is a figure whose words and actions are the focal point within the series. This article will cover a spoiler-filled summary about Choi Jong in, including his profile, strength, his role and personality within the story, and details about his voice actor in the Solo Leveling anime.

Choi Jong in, Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon as an S-Rank Hunter

Choi Jong in is an S-Rank Hunter featured in “Solo Leveling.” This article will provide a spoiler-filled overview of Choi Jong in

Information About the Series Solo Leveling

Overview of Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling,” where Choi Jong in shines, is based on a novel originally serialized in South Korea from 2016 to 2018. It enjoys immense popularity in South Korea and has undergone a media mix development, including being adapted into a manga. The novel was written by Chugong, with illustrations by Dubu, who also handled the artwork for the manga. In the Japanese edition of the novel, Ryuta Fuse provided the illustrations.

Following the expansion of Kakao, which managed the platform Kakao Page where the series was published, into Japan and the operation of “Piccoma,” the Japanese translated version also became available in Japan. Considerations such as altering character names to better fit Japanese culture were made, helping the series gain significant popularity in Japan. It established its position as a flagship title on Piccoma and was published under the KADOKAWA label. In 2024, the series also underwent an anime adaptation.

Synopsis of Solo Leveling

In a world where gates connecting different dimensions have opened, “Hunters,” individuals who awakened simultaneously with the gates’ appearance, venture into dungeons within these gates to earn substantial rewards. However, the protagonist, Jun Mizushino, is an E-Rank Hunter, the lowest rank, and struggles even in low-level dungeons. One day, he encounters a double dungeon during one of his expeditions, which sets the story in motion.

Profile of Choi Jong in

Choi Jong in (Mogami Shin in Japanese) is among the highest-ranking hunters and is one of only ten Japanese S-Rank Hunters. He is considered particularly powerful even among S-Rank Hunters, earning him the moniker “Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon.” His distinctive appearance is characterized by red hair and glasses. Unlike typical hunters, he often appears in suits, giving him a smart, adult impression.

Not only is he notable for his individual strength, but he also serves as the guild master of the “Hunter’s Guild,” the largest guild in Japan. This guild also includes Shizuku Mukosaka, another S-Rank Hunter, making it the only guild in Japan to have two S-Rank Hunters. This is part of why Choi Jong in is referred to as “Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon.” In the Korean version, his character was named Choi Jong-In (최종인).

Choi Jong in, Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon and an S-Rank Hunter! Analyzing His Strength

Strength #1: A Hunter Who Uses Fire Magic

Choi Jong in’s personal abilities include the use of fire magic. His offensive power is overwhelmingly strong among all hunters, and due to the nature of his magic, he is versatile enough to handle both individual and group combat situations effectively.

In “Solo Leveling,” his magical prowess is such that a single spell can destroy buildings while also being capable of annihilating large groups of formidable ant-type monsters, and even dealing near-fatal damage to their queen.

Strength #2: High Leadership Skills

Coupled with his strength, Choi Jong in is admired by many hunters, and his overwhelming charisma enhances his commanding abilities. Typically, hunters tend to be individualistic, but Choi Jong in exemplifies strength through his ability to lead and unify hunters.

In fact, during operations beyond the scope of his guild, Choi Jong in is often entrusted with leadership roles. This also underscores the deep trust he commands not only within the Hunters’ Guild but also from the Hunters Association.

Strength #3: How Strong is He in “Solo Leveling”?

Known as “Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon,” Choi Jong in enjoys high renown. However, when it comes to sheer strength, it’s speculated that he might not rank within the top five S-Rank hunters. Since S-Rank is the highest in the hunter hierarchy of “Solo Leveling,” there is significant variation in strength within the rank.

Moreover, although S-Rank is the highest official hunter rank, there are hunters known as “National Authority Hunters” who are effectively above this level. These hunters wield enough influence to affect national decisions, and there are only five such individuals. Unfortunately, Choi Jong in does not belong to this elite group.

Additionally, the existence of irregulars like Jun Mizushino and his father, Junichi Mizushino, results in Choi Jong in being ranked lower. While he is often considered among the top ten, some rankings suggest that he might even be weaker than Shizuku Mukosaka, another S-Rank hunter from the same guild, in terms of sheer strength. Nevertheless, opinions also highlight that Choi Jong in’s true strength lies not only in his combat capabilities but also in his leadership and overall strategic abilities.

Indeed, many S-Rank hunters, especially those deemed “National Authority Hunters,” often exhibit self-centered traits and rest on their laurels of power and authority. Considering this, it makes sense why Choi Jong in is acclaimed as “Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon.”

Contrasted with the Protagonist, Jun Mizushino

Choi Jong in is often contrasted with Jun Mizushino, the protagonist of “Solo Leveling.” Initially called “Humanity’s Weakest Weapon,” this title is derived from Choi Jong in being “Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon.” Even after his reawakening and achieving S-Rank strength, Jun Mizushino is depicted as mostly operating solo, unlike Choi Jong in, who also possesses charismatic leadership.

From this comparative setup, Choi Jong in is often portrayed as an antithesis to Jun Mizushino in the narrative.

The Anime Voice Actor for Choi Jong in

Profile of Daisuke Hirakawa

Daisuke Hirakawa is the voice actor for Choi Jong in in the anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling.” Since his debut in 1998, Hirakawa has utilized his soft voice quality to excel in various fields such as anime, games, dubbing, commercials, and narration. Although he often plays adult male roles, he also demonstrates versatility by occasionally portraying young boys. His distinctive “sticky” acting style has become particularly popular.

In October 2023, Hirakawa was hospitalized due to sudden hearing loss, and he announced on his social media that he would be focusing on treatment for the time being, which caused concern among his fans. However, he was discharged in November and gradually revealed his return to voice acting. Overcoming such an illness, he performed the role of Choi Jong in in “Solo Leveling.”

Notable Roles Played by Daisuke Hirakawa

Some of the characters Daisuke Hirakawa has voiced include Makoto Ito in “School Days,” Yuuto Amakawa in “Omamori Himari,” Ren Hakuryuu in “Magi,” Hayato Akaba in “Eyeshield 21,” Franz d’Epinay in “The Count of Monte Cristo,” Haru Yotsuba in “Aikatsu!”, Noriaki Kakyoin in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders,” Hanbei Takenaka in “Nobunaga no Shinobi,” and Qing She in “Kingdom.”

In recent years, Daisuke Hirakawa has voiced characters such as Zain’s brother in “Frieren: Funeral of the Pianist,” Raffael Berrick in “Berserk of Gluttony,” Kentaro Sanada in “Eternal Boys,” Raku Ouji in “I★Chu,” Brain Cell (Command) in “Cells at Work!”, Simon in “Love and Producer: EVOL×LOVE,” and Frankenstein in “NOBLESSE.”

Analyzing the Personality of Choi Jong in

Personality Trait #1: Polite and Courteous

Choi Jong in generally behaves courteously towards everyone. He does not flaunt his strength or authority, and his demeanor is very gentle. However, in the manga and anime, it is often noted that his expressions seem somewhat constructed. There is speculation that his essential nature might be different, and his current status and power may be influencing his politeness.

Personality Trait #2: Sadistic Tendencies

There is speculation that Choi Jong in’s courteous demeanor might be superficial. This is considered because of his behavior during combat, where he often displays a fearless smile against his enemies, suggesting a sadistic streak. This more domineering aspect could be seen as more reflective of his true character.

Regardless of whether his personality is influenced by his status and power, considering the deep trust he has from the Hunters Association and the fact that he leads one of the largest guilds in Japan, it seems more reasonable to view him as self-disciplined rather than merely suppressing his true nature. Such interpretations suggest that his outward demeanor is a form of self-regulation rather than pure restraint.

Summary of Choi Jong in

Choi Jong in is a character in “Solo Leveling,” renowned as one of the strongest hunters in the series, and he also serves as the guild master of Japan’s largest guild, the “Hunters’ Guild.” Not only is he individually powerful, but he also excels in group battles and possesses commanding abilities, truly making him a charismatic figure.

In the anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling,” Choi Jong in is voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa. His voice perfectly matches the character’s image, further enhancing his popularity. There is growing anticipation for side stories or original anime episodes featuring him. If you haven’t watched the “Solo Leveling” anime yet, make sure to pay special attention to Choi Jong in when you do.

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