Shangri-La Frontier Setsuna and Weathermon’s Story Explained


Let’s introduce Setsuna from Shangri-La Frontier. Setsuna from the distant past appears in the unique scenario necessary to defeat Weathermon, the Gravekeeper. She is revealed to be Weathermon’s lover, waiting for someone to appear and free him from his past. Here, we will cover Setsuna’s profile and her relationship with Weathermon from Shangri-La Frontier. Additionally, we’ll discuss her ending and voice actor.

Who is Setsuna from the Distant Past in Shangri-La Frontier?

Setsuna from the distant past appears in a hidden area of Shangri-La Frontier, becoming a crucial trigger in the battle against Weathermon, the Gravekeeper. Her feelings for her lover, Weathermon, create a unique scenario, waiting for a player to appear and defeat him. Below, we introduce who Setsuna from the distant past is, her relationship with Weathermon, and also cover her ending and voice actor.

Shangri-La Frontier (Shanfro) Work Information

Shangri-La Frontier is a popular series on the website “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” (Let’s Become a Novelist) and has been adapted into various media. Written by Katarina, the light novel continues to be serialized as of April 2024.

Overview of Shangri-La Frontier (Shanfro)

Known by its abbreviation Shanfro, Shangri-La Frontier is highly recognized despite not being officially published. It is a science fiction fantasy work that depicts the adventures and battles of its protagonists in a full-dive VR game setting.

Synopsis of Shangri-La Frontier (Shanfro)

Haruto Rakuro, recommended by the manager of his favorite game shop, starts playing Shangri-La Frontier (Shanfro), a game highly praised as a “god-tier game.” For Haruto, who deeply loves terrible games, Shanfro becomes his first god-tier game experience. Utilizing the skills he honed in bad games, he navigates through Shanfro. Eventually, his name becomes well-known among players, and he engages in numerous battles.

Profile of Setsuna from the Distant Past

Setsuna from the Distant Past is a unique NPC that appears in the hidden area known as the Secret Garden in Shangri-La Frontier. She is also a flag for obtaining Weathermon the Gravekeeper’s unique scenario, “From This Shore to the Other with Love.” Setsuna appears in the Secret Garden on nights of the new moon. Speaking to her unlocks the hidden field, the Inverted Grave Marker, allowing players to battle Weathermon the Gravekeeper.

Setsuna from Shangri-La Frontier is Weathermon’s Lover! What is Her Fate?

The Volffgang, a group of traveling wolves, set out to defeat the unique monster Weathermon the Gravekeeper in Shangri-La Frontier. To unlock the hidden field, players need to interact with Setsuna from the Distant Past in the unique scenario. Who exactly is Setsuna from the Distant Past? Below, we reveal the identity of Setsuna, her relationship with Weathermon the Gravekeeper and Arthur Pensilgon, and spoiler details of her fate.

Setsuna is Weathermon’s Lover

Weathermon the Gravekeeper is a unique monster found in the hidden field, repeatedly challenged by the Asura Guild. Due to his own lies, Weathermon caused the death of his lover, Setsuna, and has been guarding her grave out of guilt. Setsuna, on the other hand, is pained by her lover being trapped by her death. She created a copy of herself, Setsuna from the Distant Past, hoping for a player to appear who would stop Weathermon and release him from his torment.

The missed connection led to the eternal separation of Setsuna and Weathermon. Setsuna’s desire to save her remaining lover likely triggered the unique scenario.

The Relationship Between Setsuna and Arthur

Arthur Pensilgon, once a member of the Asura Guild, had previously challenged Weathermon the Gravekeeper. Contact with Setsuna from the Distant Past was essential for facing Weathermon, so the two were acquainted. After leaving the Asura Guild, Arthur set out as a member of the Volffgang to defeat Weathermon. A friendship blossomed between Arthur and Setsuna, leading them to affectionately call each other “Set-chan” and “Arthur.”

Additionally, Arthur’s relationship with Setsuna reveals an unexpected side of him. He empathizes with Setsuna’s plight regarding her lover and is even moved to tears, which is rare for him. Known for his ruthless and cruel nature in Shangri-La Frontier, where he doesn’t shy away from PK (player killing), Arthur’s emotional display surprised his comrades, Sunraku and Oikazto.

Did Setsuna Disappear in the End?

Setsuna, who appeared in the hidden area of Shangri-La Frontier as Setsuna from the Distant Past, had the goal of stopping her lover, Weathermon the Gravekeeper, and finding a player capable of defeating him. This meant that Weathermon’s disappearance would also lead to Setsuna’s disappearance. Thanks to the efforts of the Volffgang, Weathermon was defeated, and Setsuna too disappeared.

Just before her disappearance, Setsuna advised Arthur and the others on something important. She told them that if they wanted to uncover the truth of the world, they should seek Bahamut. What “Bahamut” is remains unknown at this point. Meanwhile, defeating the unique monster advanced the Volffgang’s progress in the Shangri-La Frontier storyline from 0% to 12%. It might be a crucial element in the story of Shangri-La Frontier.

Voice Actor for Setsuna in Shangri-La Frontier

Here, we introduce the profile of Asami Seto, the voice actress for Setsuna in Shangri-La Frontier, which started airing as a TV anime in October 2023.

Profile of Asami Seto

Asami Seto, the voice actress for Setsuna in Shangri-La Frontier, was born in 1993 and is from Saitama Prefecture. She began her voice acting career in 2010 after passing the 3rd Sigma Seven Audition. The following year, she landed her first leading role as Chihaya Ayase in the anime “Chihayafuru.”

Main Works and Characters Voiced by Asami Seto

Some of the main works featuring Asami Seto include:

  • Nobara Kugisaki in “Jujutsu Kaisen”
  • Asuka Takizawa/Cure Flamingo in “Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure”
  • Nene Saionji in “Yuri Is My Job!”
  • Mina Ashiro in “Kaiju No. 8”

Summary of Setsuna in Shangri-La Frontier

We summarized the identity, relationship with Weathermon, and the fate of Setsuna from Shangri-La Frontier. As an NPC crucial for defeating unique monsters, Setsuna disappeared along with Weathermon. Her tragic end is tear-jerking, while her meaningful words hint at deeper truths in Shangri-La Frontier. Setsuna’s final words highlight the mysteries of the Shangri-La Frontier world and can be seen as foreshadowing future developments.

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