SPY×FAMILY: Who Could Be Anya’s Real Mother?


In “SPY×FAMILY,” Anya currently lives with Yor and Loid, but there is much curiosity about who her biological mother is. There is speculation that Anya has memories of her real mother, as she once muttered “Mama” and cried. Who are the characters predicted to be Anya’s real mother? This article delves into the possible candidates for Anya’s mother, including Handler and other significant characters from “SPY×FAMILY.”

Who Is Anya?

Anya is one of the most popular characters from the hit manga “SPY×FAMILY,” which has also been adapted into an anime. So, what kind of character is Anya? Let’s first check out some information about the “SPY×FAMILY” series and Anya’s profile.

SPY×FAMILY Series Information

Overview of SPY×FAMILY

“SPY×FAMILY” is a manga series written by Tatsuya Endo. It began serialization in March 2019 and continues to be published bi-weekly on Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump+” application and website, which are part of the “Weekly Shonen Jump” platform. This is the third serialized work by Tatsuya Endo.

“SPY×FAMILY” quickly gained popularity, becoming the first “Shonen Jump+” series to receive over 2,000 comments on its first chapter and surpassing 3 million views by the fifth chapter. Due to its immense popularity, the first volume saw multiple reprints shortly after its release, and by the 22nd day, it had sold over 300,000 copies. The anime adaptation aired from April to June 2022, followed by a second season in October of the same year.

In addition, a musical adaptation is scheduled to be performed in 2023, showcasing the series’ expansion into various media formats. The setting of “SPY×FAMILY” involves two fictional countries: Ostania (officially the East People’s Republic, commonly referred to as Ostania) and Westalis (official name not revealed, commonly referred to as Westalis).

These two nations are in a state of tension, neither fully cooperative nor completely adversarial, which has led many to draw parallels with modern-day Germany’s historical division into East and West Germany. The capital of Ostania, “Berlint,” is reminiscent of Berlin, and the settings in the series often resemble German towns and cities.


For over a decade, an iron curtain has divided the East (officially the East People’s Republic, or Ostania) and the West (Westalis), resulting in a fragile peace between the neighboring nations. Amid this tension, Twilight, a top spy from Westalis, is assigned a mission to infiltrate the prestigious Eden Academy, where he must adopt a child to get close to the Ostanian politician Donovan Desmond. This mission is codenamed Operation Strix.

This sets the stage for the formation of a makeshift family consisting of three strangers: Twilight, the spy; Thorn Princess, the assassin; and Anya, the telepathic girl known as Test Subject 007. Together, they must navigate daily challenges and work hard to maintain the appearance of a normal family, all while hiding their true identities and dealing with various troubles.

Anya’s Profile

In “SPY×FAMILY,” the character affectionately known as Anya is formally named Anya Forger. Anya Forger is a girl created as an experimental subject known as “Test Subject 007” by a certain organization. She possesses extraordinary abilities, including telepathy, which allows her to read other people’s minds and hear their thoughts and inner voices. Although she is estimated to be around 4 or 5 years old, she claims to be 6 years old to meet the admission requirements of Eden Academy.

Who Is Anya’s Real Mother? What’s Her Name?

Anya, a mysterious character in “SPY×FAMILY,” was created as an experimental subject known as “Test Subject 007” by a certain organization. Who could be Anya’s real mother, and what is her name? Let’s explore the candidates for Anya’s biological mother and the likelihood of each possibility.

Candidate for Anya’s Mother #1: Female Staff at the Research Facility

Who is Anya’s real mother in “SPY×FAMILY”? The first candidate is a “female staff member at the research facility.” Although neither the name nor the existence of this woman is clear, she is considered a highly likely candidate for being Anya’s biological mother. As mentioned in Anya’s profile, she was created as “Test Subject 007” by a certain organization.

Therefore, it is possible that she was artificially created in a research facility. Another possibility is that Anya was born as the child of a female staff member at the research facility and was entrusted to the facility. The reason this theory holds weight is that the only woman known to have been familiar with Anya’s early childhood is a female staff member at the research facility. Hence, it is plausible to consider this woman as a potential candidate for Anya’s real mother.

Candidate for Anya’s Mother #2: Olka Gretcher

Who is Anya’s real mother in “SPY×FAMILY”? The second candidate is “Olka Gretcher.” Olka Gretcher is a woman who has long ruled the underworld of the East People’s Republic. The Gretcher family, led by Olka, suffered significant damage due to internal conflicts, resulting in the deaths of most of the family members.

Olka Gretcher has a son named Gram Gretcher, the only male of the Gretcher family. She once stated, “My husband was killed along with his relatives, so I only have this child left.” This statement makes it highly unlikely that Olka Gretcher is Anya’s biological mother.

Candidate for Anya’s Mother #3: The Shopkeeper

Who is Anya’s real mother in “SPY×FAMILY”? The third candidate is the “shopkeeper.” Although her name is not revealed, she is the woman running the clothing shop where Loid and Yor first met.

The shopkeeper seems to have a dark past, with indications of a criminal record. If she had a young child when she was arrested, it is highly likely they would have been separated. In such a case, it’s possible that Anya could be the child she was separated from, but this remains uncertain as the shopkeeper’s background is still shrouded in mystery.

Candidate for Anya’s Mother #4: Fiona Frost

Who is Anya’s real mother in “SPY×FAMILY”? The fourth candidate is “Fiona Frost.” Fiona Frost is an agent of the Westalis Intelligence Service (WISE) who is currently undercover in Ostania, posing as an administrative assistant at Berlint General Hospital. Her codename is “Nightfall,” and she is a colleague of Loid.

Fiona is known for her steely poker face, but she harbors strong feelings for Loid. Anya, who can read minds, has sensed Fiona’s deep infatuation with Loid, as her thoughts are often filled with love for him. If Fiona had a child, Anya would likely sense her feelings for the child as well. However, given that Fiona’s mind is always occupied with thoughts of Loid, it is unlikely that she is Anya’s mother.

Candidate for Anya’s Mother #5: Camilla, Millie, and Sharon

Who is Anya’s real mother in “SPY×FAMILY”? The fifth candidates are “Camilla, Millie, and Sharon.” These three women are Yor’s colleagues at her workplace. Considering that they are not particularly significant characters in the story, the likelihood of any of them being Anya’s biological mother is almost zero.

Candidate for Anya’s Mother #6: Handler

Who is Anya’s real mother in “SPY×FAMILY”? The sixth candidate is “Handler.” She is affiliated with the Westalis Intelligence Service (WISE) and is referred to as Handler by Loid, though her real name is Sylvia.

The term “Handler” refers to a supervisor. Although Handler is single, there is speculation that she could be Anya’s biological mother. This theory is based on an incident when Handler first met Anya and remarked, “I used to have a daughter about her age.”

This implies that Handler once lived with her daughter but is currently unable to see her. While the details of Handler’s daughter’s situation are not fully disclosed, it is suggested that the daughter may either be deceased or alive but in circumstances where they cannot reunite.

If Handler’s daughter has passed away, the likelihood of her being Anya’s mother is low. However, if the daughter is alive but separated from Handler for some reason, it is plausible that Anya could be her daughter. There is a possibility that Handler and her daughter were separated when the daughter was an infant, resulting in Handler not recognizing Anya. This scenario raises the probability that Anya could be Handler’s daughter, whose true parentage has not yet been revealed.

Does Anya Remember Her Real Mother? Analyzing the Reason for Her Tears

Characters such as Handler and a female staff member at the research facility have emerged as potential candidates for Anya’s biological mother in “SPY×FAMILY.” However, there was a moment when Anya muttered “Mama” and began to cry. This has led to speculation that Anya might remember her real mother. What is the truth behind this? Let’s explore whether Anya remembers her biological mother and the reason behind her tears.

Does Anya Remember Her Real Mother?

Interpretation 1: The Meaning of the Word “Mama”

The first consideration is the meaning of the word “Mama.” This scene took place during Anya’s interview for admission to Eden Academy. During the interview, one of the examiners, Murdoch Swan, asked Anya a particularly cruel question: “Which one scores higher, your current mom or your previous mom?”

Upon hearing this malicious question, Anya muttered “Mama” and started to cry. Anya usually calls Yor “Haha,” but the fact that she said “Mama” indicates that there was someone she referred to by that name. Anya has had four foster homes so far, so it is unclear whether the person she called “Mama” was one of her foster mothers or her biological mother.

Interpretation 2: Why Did Anya Cry?

The second consideration is the reason why Anya cried when she muttered “Mama.” There are two possible explanations for this. The first reason could be that Anya has fond memories of her biological mother and became emotional when she remembered her.

If her biological mother passed away or they were separated for some reason, it would be natural for Anya to cry out of a longing to see her again. The second reason could be that Anya remembered a kind foster mother who took good care of her, and she felt sad and nostalgic. This possibility also stems from cherished memories, leading to tears of sadness or longing.

Interpretation 3: Is the Chimera Doll a Gift from Her Mother?

The third consideration is whether the Chimera doll that Anya always treasures is a gift from her mother. The stuffed Chimera toy that Anya holds dear is speculated to be a present from her mother. Although it has not been revealed who gave her the toy, it is possible that it was a gift from her mother, and Anya keeps it as a precious memory.

Is Anya’s Real Mother Alive?

In our earlier discussion on potential candidates for Anya’s biological mother in “SPY×FAMILY,” we found that her true mother has not yet been identified. This raises the question of whether Anya’s real mother is still alive. Since this detail has not been revealed in the series so far, it remains unclear whether Anya’s biological mother is alive or has already passed away.

Exploring Potential Candidates for Anya’s Real Father

In our previous discussion about Anya’s biological mother in “SPY×FAMILY,” we considered candidates like Handler and a female staff member at the research facility. Now, let’s explore the potential candidates for Anya’s biological father.

Candidate for Anya’s Father #1: Yuri Briar

The first candidate for Anya’s real father is Yuri Briar. Yuri Briar is the younger brother of Yor Forger (née Yor Briar) and a second lieutenant in the State Security Service. He is usually a serious and likable young man but has an extreme sister complex. When it comes to his sister Yor, he loses all sense of reason and believes whatever she says, no matter how implausible.

Although Yuri Briar has been considered as a potential candidate for Anya’s biological father, this possibility is highly unlikely. Yuri is extremely devoted to his sister Yor and shows no interest in other women. Therefore, it is improbable that Yuri would have a child with another woman, making it unlikely that he is Anya’s real father.

Candidate for Anya’s Father #2: Franky Franklin

The second candidate for Anya’s real father is Franky Franklin. Franky Franklin is an ally of Loid Forger, who operates under the codename “Twilight.” On the surface, Franky runs a tobacco shop in Berlint, but he secretly supports Twilight with information gathering and document forgery. Franky has also been considered as a potential candidate for Anya’s biological father.

However, this possibility is also considered low. Franky Franklin is single and has expressed a desire for a girlfriend but has had no luck in finding one. Additionally, he envies Twilight for having a family, even if it is a fabricated one. These factors suggest that Franky is unlikely to have a daughter, making it improbable that he is Anya’s real father.

Candidate for Anya’s Father #3: Donovan Desmond

The third candidate for Anya’s real father is Donovan Desmond. Donovan Desmond is a dangerous individual marked by the Westalis Intelligence Service as a threat to peace between the East and the West. He is also the father of Damian Desmond, a male student in Anya’s class (Year 1, Class 3).

There is speculation that Donovan Desmond could be Anya’s real father. Given his highly secretive nature, even towards his family, it is not impossible that Anya could be his illegitimate child.

Candidate for Anya’s Father #4: Male Staff Member at the Research Facility

The fourth candidate for Anya’s real father is a “male staff member at the research facility.” Although this candidate’s name and existence are not clearly defined, there is a high probability that this person could be Anya’s father.

As previously mentioned, Anya was created as “Test Subject 007” by a certain organization. Therefore, it is possible that she was artificially created in a research facility. Another possibility is that Anya was born as the child of a male staff member at the research facility and was subsequently entrusted to the facility.

Anya’s Current Mother and Father

We have discussed potential candidates for Anya’s biological mother and father in “SPY×FAMILY.” Now, let’s take a look at Anya’s current mother and father.

Anya’s Current Mother: Yor

Anya’s current mother is Yor Forger. Yor is a female clerk at Berlint City Hall with the codename “Thorn Princess,” and she is also a highly skilled assassin. She entered into a fake marriage with Loid Forger and became Anya Forger’s stepmother.

Anya’s Current Father: Loid

Anya’s current father is Loid Forger. Loid, with the codename “Twilight,” is a highly skilled spy for the Westalian organization WISE. In addition to his expertise in disguise, he possesses exceptional combat skills, memory, and information processing abilities. He uses various identities and names for each mission. To fulfill his mission, which required a “family,” he adopted Anya, an orphan, to pose as his child and enroll her in school.

Summary of Anya’s Real Mother

In this discussion, we explored potential candidates for Anya’s biological mother in “SPY×FAMILY.” The possible candidates include a female staff member at the research facility, the shopkeeper, and Handler, among others.

However, as of now, it remains unclear who Anya’s real mother is or if she is even alive. Anya’s mother is still shrouded in mystery. We will continue to keep a close watch on future developments in “SPY×FAMILY” to uncover more about Anya’s mother and her true identity.

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