SPY×FAMILY: The Bus Hijacking Incident and Billy Squire


In volume 11 of the highly popular manga “SPY×FAMILY,” which is also enjoying great success as an anime, there’s an episode where a bus carrying first-year students from Eden Academy is suddenly hijacked by the terrorist group “Red Circus,” led by Billy Squire. This section will summarize the events leading to the resolution of the bus hijacking incident involving Anya and her classmates, and delve into Billy Squire’s past, exploring how he became a terrorist.

Billy Squire is a Red Circus Executive


“SPY×FAMILY” made headlines in the summer of 2023 by collaborating with the legendary spy series “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” starring Tom Cruise. The collaboration featured a brilliantly parodied poster of the original, helping to promote the completely original movie of “SPY×FAMILY,” which is set to release in December of the same year.

Overview of SPY×FAMILY

The anime adaptation of the manga “SPY×FAMILY,” created by Tatsuya Endo, aired its first season in 2022. Besides being broadcast on television, it is also available worldwide on platforms like Netflix, making it hugely popular overseas as well. Since the manga is still ongoing, fans were eagerly waiting for the continuation, and season 2 began airing in October 2023.

Synopsis of SPY×FAMILY

The skilled spy Twilight’s new mission is to create a fake family. To accomplish this, Twilight, under the alias of psychiatrist Loid Forger, adopts a young orphan named Anya and marries civil servant Yor Briar, who secretly moonlights as a highly skilled assassin. Loid and Yor believe each other to be a psychiatrist and a civil servant, respectively, while Anya, who has the ability to read minds, discovers their true identities through her powers. Thus begins the secret-filled life of these three individuals.

Profile of Billy Squire

Billy Squire, originally from the East, is a member of the far-left Eastern organization “Red Circus,” which was dismantled by Yor but not entirely eliminated. While hiding overseas, Billy Squire, a high-ranking member of the “Red Circus,” learned of his comrades’ dire situation. He decided to return to the East, bringing along his subordinates who were also in hiding abroad.

Although the “Red Circus” had lost much of its former influence, they took control of a bus carrying first-year students from the prestigious Eden Academy, attended by the children of the privileged class, to demand the release of their captured comrades from the government. Unlike typical terrorists who resort to extreme actions, Billy Squire efficiently executed the hijacking.

Billy Squire’s Tragic Past

Before rising to become a high-ranking member of the “Red Circus,” Billy Squire led a simple yet happy life in the East with his wife and daughter. During the ongoing war between the East and the West, his daughter Biddy, increasingly concerned about the situation, became devoted to a student group called “Red Circus,” which advocated for freedom and equality. Despite her father’s worries, Biddy remained steadfast in her ideals but tragically lost her life before achieving her goals.

The loss of his beloved daughter filled Billy Squire with hatred towards the Eastern regime. Consumed by this hatred, he joined the “Red Circus,” the group his daughter had been part of. As the “Red Circus” evolved from an organization advocating for freedom and equality into a far-left extremist group, Billy Squire, harboring his deep-seated resentment, had no choice but to continue living within its ranks.

Conclusion of Billy Squire’s Bus Hijacking Incident

Despite the weakening of the far-left organization “Red Circus,” Billy Squire and his subordinates, upon returning to the East, hijack a bus carrying first-year students from the prestigious Eden Academy during a field trip. They take the students hostage to demand the release of their arrested comrades from the government. Among the hostages is Anya, Yor’s adopted daughter, though Billy Squire is unaware of this connection.

Anya, using her special abilities, learns part of Billy Squire’s plan and successfully coordinates with her friends to throw a memo with an SOS message out of the bus window. Unfortunately, Billy Squire discovers this and attaches a small bomb to Anya’s neck. While this event allows Billy Squire to fully control the children, Anya, thanks to her abilities, realizes the bomb is a dummy.

Unaware that the bomb is a dummy, Damian, driven by a sense of justice, offers to have the bomb transferred to his own neck. However, Billy Squire attaches a small bomb to Damian’s neck as well. The bus, gripped by fear, gets surrounded by the security forces after its tires are punctured by spikes placed by the police. Facing unfavorable odds, Billy Squire and his men decide to barricade themselves in the bus without releasing the hostages.

Henry Henderson, a teacher at Eden Academy, boards the bus to deliver water and food to the students and the terrorists, taking the place of an ill colleague as a hostage. Pleading for the release of the students, Henry listens as Billy Squire begins to recount the story of his daughter Biddy, who died while advocating for freedom and equality, and his own descent into terrorism.

With the swift action of the Eastern State Security Bureau, the other hijackers are subdued, and their hostages are safely rescued. Realizing the failure of their plan, Billy Squire and his men plan to detonate the bombs if the police storm the bus. Anya, understanding the situation through her abilities, attempts to persuade Billy Squire in her own way.

Anya’s sincere efforts, reminiscent of the late Biddy, resonate deeply with Billy Squire. Guided by his daughter’s spirit, Billy Squire surrenders to the police. His subordinates, who resist in vain, are also subdued, and Anya and the other students are safely rescued.

Characters Related to Billy Squire

Yor Forger

Yor, Loid’s wife and Anya’s adoptive mother, is a civil servant who also secretly works as an assassin under the codename “Thorn Princess” for the sake of her country. She is not a freelance assassin but a highly skilled member of the legendary assassination organization “Garden” in the East. Yor was responsible for dismantling the “Red Circus” under orders from Garden, although Billy Squire does not know that it was Yor who brought down his organization.

Since the bus hijacking incident was not leaked to the media, Yor never imagined that the “Red Circus” she had dismantled was involved. While frantically searching the city for the missing Anya, Yor learns about the bus hijacking incident. By the time she arrives at the scene, the situation has been resolved, and she embraces Anya, who has safely returned.

Anya Forger

Anya, adopted by Loid from an orphanage to create a fake family for his mission, has the special ability to read people’s minds, though she cannot fully control this power. Despite this, Anya uses her ability in surprising ways, such as understanding Loid’s intentions and helping him meet Yor. With her unknown past and origins, Anya starts a new life as the daughter of the Forger family.

Caught in the bus hijacking incident, Anya tries to resolve the situation using information she learned from her favorite anime, “Bondman,” but her attempts do not go smoothly. Targeted by Billy Squire, Anya ends up with a small bomb attached to her neck. However, by reading Billy Squire’s thoughts, she discovers that the bomb is a dummy and strives to resolve the incident.

Henry Henderson

Henry Henderson is a highly experienced teacher at the prestigious Eden Academy, which is attended by children of the privileged class. Known for his strict, fair, and noble demeanor, Henry values elegance and disciplines his students with both rigor and affection.

When the police propose sending in a disguised teacher to deliver water and food to the bus, Henry refuses this plan and boards the bus himself to reassure the students. Taking the place of a sick colleague, Henry becomes a hostage and uses his long-cultivated teaching skills to try and persuade Billy Squire to release the students, although his efforts are initially unsuccessful.

Billy Squire’s Equipment

Billy Squire’s Equipment 1: Stun Gun

A stun gun, which incapacitates a person with an electric shock without causing lethal harm, is commonly used as a self-defense tool against attackers. However, it is also frequently used in criminal activities. During the bus hijacking, Billy Squire uses a stun gun to incapacitate the staff of Eden Academy.

Billy Squire’s Equipment 2: Shotgun

A shotgun, typically used for clay shooting, hunting, pest control, and by military and law enforcement agencies, has a limited range of applications. The pellets fired from a shotgun can hit targets at close range effectively, making it easy for Billy Squire to shoot at the vehicles guarding the bus.

Summary of Billy Squire

The determination of Anya, who bravely faced danger to save everyone, resonated with Billy Squire, linking her image to that of his daughter Biddy, who lost her life while wishing for peace. This connection helped Billy Squire to finally break free from the hatred that had consumed him for so long. Having committed numerous acts of terrorism, Billy Squire is at last liberated from the shackles of his past.

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