In-depth explanation of “Blue Period”! A realistic coming-of-age story of a high school student aiming for art school (with spoilers)

Among manga lovers, “Blue Period” is gaining a reputation as “interesting! Blue Period” is gaining a reputation among manga lovers. It is a coming-of-age story of high school students aiming to enter art universities, including Tokyo University of the Arts. The title “Blue Period” is a word derived from the …


The Blue Period: How Animation Brings Out the Best in the Original Story: Explaining the Splendor of Movement, Color, and Sound

The 11th volume of “Blue Period” was released on September 22, and the anime started its broadcast on October 1. EIn this paper, I would like to look back on the anime version of “Blue Period” by comparing it to the original work. p.01: I Woke Up to the Joy …


Spoilers for “Blue Period” up to the latest episode! An art-fueled coming-of-age story

The Manga Taisho 2020 Grand Prize winner “Blue Period” will be adapted into an anime in 2021! The main character, who discovers the appeal of art for the first time in his second year of high school, aims to study at Tokyo University of the Arts, a difficult school to …