Strong new characters are scheduled to appear in the fall broadcast of “SPY x FAMILY” during the two-court season, including a dog that is essential to the story.

|New characters who are also reassuring allies… but who also stir up the story and make a big impact. SPY x FAMILY,” which began airing in April 2022 and quickly became a very popular anime, ended its first season with 12 episodes, which depicted Anya’s trip to Penguin Park as …


【SPY×FAMILY】About Anya’s past! Is the ancient language related to her birth?

Anya is the daughter of Lloyd and Yol, SPYxFAMILY’s cute charge. Many people must be Anya fans because of her naturalness and her cute looks…! Anya can use her psychic powers and can read people’s minds. How can Anya do such a thing? Let’s take a look at Anya’s intriguing …


10 SPY×FAMILY Quotes and Sayings! A collection of memorable sayings!

SPY x FAMILY” is a very popular serialization of the webcomic distribution site “Shonen Jump +,” with a total of more than 12.5 million copies in circulation as of November 2021.In this article, we will summarize the quotes and sayings of “SPY x FAMILY. We will also introduce some memorable …